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As demand for the Covid vaccine has begun to wane among those who still haven’t gotten the jab, cities and states have begun to employ incentives to coax reluctant holdouts into joining the ranks of the inoculated. Massachusetts is handing out $25 grocery gift cards.  Ohio is giving away the equivalent of a lottery ticket. The state’s Vax-A-Million giveaway is paying a few select vaccine recipients $1 million.

Anheuser-Busch has promised to buy the nation a beer if America reaches a certain percentage of vaccinations . . .

While Illinois is giving away free rounds of trap, skeet, or sporting clays, West Virginia is taking a slightly different approach. They’ve decided to give away guns (along with cash, scholarships, trucks, vacations, and lifetime hunting licenses) in a drawing among the vaccinated to take place on Father’s Day.

From the Washington Examiner . . .

The state will award five custom hunting rifles and five custom hunting shotguns during the Father’s Day drawing, in addition to $1 million cash prizes awarded each week for five weeks in a row.

It’s those firearms that have attracted all the news. You can probably imagine the very public reactions of many of the usual suspects . . .

Whatever. That’s the beauty of federalism. Each state can decide what, if anything, they want to use to motivate their particular populations. And the fact that West Virginia’s gun giveaway is causing so many hissy fits, torqued panties, and conspicuous face-palming is a good indication that whatever they’re doing is likely to work.

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  1. there is something very dark and cynical going on here, Biden has threatened the American people and now the evil dems are going to give guns and rifles to induce you get vaccinated and you know how much the dems hate guns. Looks to me like they plan on getting the guns back. Why? the dems do not want an armed populace!

    • The gun giveaway isn’t a plan of “the evil dems.” West Virginia’s Governor is a Republican and legislature is dominated by the GOP.

      • Many Republicans are just as much bought and paid for by globalist anti-American technocrats and the Chi-coms. Many are at minimum useful idiots, but quite a number are directly profiting from the pushing of the mRNA gene therapy shots. This is glorified lolipops given to take poison.

        • Vaccines should be administered by gunpoint, if necessary… 🙂

      • The usual gun control zealots are having a cow over a little old gun giveaway contest. They share the mindset of a lily white plantation owner following the thought of slaves owning firearms.

        • 🙂
          Now THAT was funny !

          …..”lily white plantation owner”…..

    • The Chi-com globalists Bill Gates and Fauci can keep their GMO bio warfare poison franken shots.

    • Yeah I don’t know where you got the idea the democrats want to give people guns. Reading comprehension. Good lord.

    • Governor Jim Justice was a democrat turned Republican during Trumps administration. Trump showed him the light.

    • “the evil dems are going to give guns and rifles“

      Watching too much Fox News makes one a dull boy, unfamiliar with the realities of American government.

      The Republicans have a super majority in the West Virginia legislature, and Governor Jim Justice is a Turncoat Trump Republican.

      Just like Donald Trump, he was a Democrat, before he became a Republican. Governor Justice was elected by the people as a Democrat, on the democratic platform. But six months after he assumed office, he switched parties to Republican, because Trump.

      Under his two terms as Governor, West Virginia has seen the greatest mass exodus of citizens leaving, seeking greener pastures elsewhere because the Republicans have not delivered on their campaign promises.

      • Well, Minor49er, it’s always good to see that for some, there is still life after being a bedwetting, red-diaper-doper-baby democrat…

        Like JFK, LBJ or even HHH or MLK would be allowed to be “democrats” today if one listened to their held general POVs in light of the progressive BS the democraps now stand for.

        Probably the primary reason to flee WVA is due to the trashing of coal production by the know-nothing regime currently pushing anything-but-reliable-energy in DC. What a difference an Alzeimer’s patient in charge can make in the US economy in a few short months.


    • Seriously, I’m in great shape for my age, or for a person even 25 years younger. I still put in about 5 miles per day running with my mutt, eat well and have no health problems. Probably the best thing that could happen to me would be to contract the Kung Flu- I’m confident I’d get over it quickly and then I’d have real immunity, not God-knows-what from experimental doping. If I didn’t, that would still be my choice- you know, like being a drunk, doper, or poverty ward of the state.


  2. All these goodies won’t do a person any good when they are dead. There is an international law that was passed after WW2 that prohibits forcing someone to take an experimental drug. This shot is lethal, sometimes in a short time but will lead to death later. Many doctors and researchers are saying not to get it. Not for me.

    • Yep, the Nuremburg code. These vaccines are the bio weapon that is part of a globalist plan for mass depopulation and the complete collapse and takeover of the US. Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and other prominent globalists are on record fulling admitting the takeover plan. People in the west are being told having kids is evil, it causes “climate change” etc, meanwhile China has lifted the one child policy and is not endorsing making eunuchs of young boys.

      • After what those assholes did to sick children over a supposedly racist tweet Carson King made when he was a teenager, I’m not holding my breath for a free Budweiser.

      • To BlueLightning / BlueGaslighting:
        That is the stupidest and funniest thing I’ve read on the Internet all year!
        What have you been smoking? It’s such hilariously over-the-top lunacy that I’ve got to repost it elsewhere as an example of the kind of wacky conspiracy theories people come up with when they’re high on LSD and magic mushrooms.

        If your post was intended as humor, it worked, as it has everyone doubled over with laughter and rolling on the floor with laughter! If it wasn’t, then get yourself to a psychiatrist quickly, and lay off the magic mushrooms. With drug rehab and appropriate therapy, you may someday come back to reality.

        • Yes, some of the comments on here are entertaining. Sadly, many of these opinions will lead to negative outcomes.

        • Depends on your POV. I, for one, feel that some deaths would not be a negative outcome.

        • Really, I’m pretty sure this guy’s risk of giving himself a brain aneurysm is the highest threat to him. Can’t even imagine what that level of paranoia does to a person’s health.

          I got my first dose 5 months ago, second around 4. Somehow, I still haven’t melted into a jelly. Nor have any of my family and friends, who all have as well. If I happen to find my skin falling off or whatever I’ll let everyone know.

    • “This shot is lethal, sometimes in a short time but will lead to death later.”

      Yeah, it’s in all the news that the corpses are stacked 2,000 deep at every morgue.

      Life is lethal, dude… 😉

    • Friend of mine, his wife and her mother got covid shots and 3 days later they all got sick with the disease. His wife died this past friday from complications related to it. All of them took precautions to not get sick, but because they had planned on traveling to other countries, they got their first shots(but not 2nd ones yet) and it’s very coincidental they got sick only a few days after they got their shots.

      What’s worse is that all these trained lapdogs that were gushing over how those who didn’t wear masks were killing people and that 1 death was 5 too many and now saying that those who are dying from the shots are acceptable risks that come with taking vaccines

      • A wife dying is a tragic loss. My condolences to your friend.

        Weep not for what we have lost, but rejoice in what they have gained.
        Life is eternal.

      • You are absolutely right! No sane person should get the Covid vaccination, it’s a very bad idea and part of the globalist strategy to take over the world.

        And ignore the mask mandate and other social distancing guidelines, there’s no truth to any of what the CDC says, it’s all fake news.

        The whole idea of infections and germs is total BS, why do you think they call it the germ THEORY?!?!

      • The vaccine has no effect on whether you contract the disease 3 days later, since you already had it before you were vaccinated, and vaccine *begins* protecting you after a week or 2. Friend of mine, he and his family got the vaccine, and 3 days later they were in a car wreck. Same answer, “so what?”

  3. ALL these BS vac promotions should be challenged in court. What happened to equal treatment before the law.

    • I don’t follow. How is this not equal treatment? This is not force, it’s an incentive.

      • Cable weed, your mistake is actually being familiar with logic and reason, you won’t get much traction utilizing those tools with this crowd.

  4. OK, there’s the “carrot”, here comes the “stick”!! Wait for it……..

  5. I don’t understand the anti-vaccine sentiment? Are you people not giving your kids the Polio shot? Do you not get Tetanus shots?

    I know someone who died of COVID, and two more who had to be hospitalized and probably would have died without Remdisivir. Do you really want to get something that either came from a disgusting Chineses wet market OR escaped from a Chinese weapons lab?

      • Then get the JnJ.

        Dude- I’m a doctor. Endocrinologist. The mRNA spike protein in Pfizer and Moderna are safe. Israel gave its citizens the Pfizer. Would they do that if it was dangerous? I know how much people love the Israelis here.

        • Because they and all the vaccine manufactures have been granted legal liability immunity by our government therefore they have no incentive to produce a vaccine that has been proven to be safe and effective.Also these are facts that are not covered by the fake news media.Why should they? You can’t bite the hand that feeds you!
          Fact #1 None of these vaccine manufacturers claim that their vaccine give you immunity.
          Fact#2 The FDA has not approved any of these vaccines as safe and effective.All they did was issued an EUA(Emergency Use Authorization) this not the same as an approved vaccine.
          Fact#3 If you get vaccinated you can still contract covid-19 and spread it while vaccinated and infected.
          Fact#4 All these vaccines do is relieve the symtoms of Covid-19.
          Fact#5 It takes on the average 10-12yrs to develop an effective vaccine.Vaccine manufactures have been trying for decades to develop a vaccine for SARS but have been unsuccessful.Covid-19 is a SARS variant.

        • Please refrain from stating the obvious, you’re just annoying these people.

          Just like everything on earth, God created Covid as well, it’s all part of the plan and it would be wrong for mankind to interfere with the Lords plan of creation.

          If Jehovah or Allah or Zeus or Shiva or the spaghetti monster wishes to depopulate the earth of the lower functioning humans, it is Her will and we should not interfere with the plan.

        • Hey, you forgot “Wearing a mask does exactly nothing.” One of the symptoms relieved by the vaccines is untimely death.

      • Same reply – I looked into this and, if I hadn’t already had COVID, I’d be choosing the JnJ vaccine since it is a traditional vaccine. I’m a bit leery on the mRNA vaccines in that they really rev up the immune system and possibly may lead to lots of auto-immune diseases later on. Just my opinion…

        • the little brochure they give you with this shot does seem to have a lot of disclaimers…just sayin’….

      • “These mRNA shots are NOT traditional vaccines.”

        They’re *better*. More effective… 🙂

      • No, they are not. And even with the higher numbers of complications and death reported by conservative news (which are probably high), mRNA vaccines have a comparable, or even lower, rate. People have complications, or even die, after getting a flu shot, but you never hear about it.

        • I got a flu shot once, under pressure from an employer who hired a NP to come out to give them. I got sick from it a few hours later and it was worse than the flu, to me anyway, for several days.
          Not gonna do it again. Rather have the flu.
          Not getting any china-virus vax, either. Originally just because, well, I didn’t want to. Simple as that. Now, there’s too much pressure to get one and I’ve already dug my heels in.
          So now it’s pretty much “nope”
          “‘Cuz fuck you, that’s why.”
          It totally worked when I refused to wear a mask this entire time, too, after getting sick of explaining how masks do nothing to prevent viruses.

      • I see our resident “I’m an endocrinologist but talk in ways the receptionist at an endocrinology office would laugh at” troll is back.

    • Most people seem to simply be anti forced vaccine. Which the US isn’t doing but sone countries are, through direct force or through indirect force like segregation or forming a cast system.

      I’m personally very pro vaccine. I’ve had just about every vaccine you can even think of. I’m purposely not getting this one because I already had COVID and because it’s my right not to.

        • Actually no. Travel to Hawaii requires testing 72 hrs prior or quarantine. You are not exempted from these even if you have a “vaccine passport”. I should know, the family is about to get tested in a few days for an upcoming vacation even if all of us have been vaccinated.

        • Yeah, I’m a firm believer in “vaccine passports”, if they’re required I’ll be printing them on my HP and selling them for a dollar postage, anywhere in the world by return mail. How stupid a requirement can we dream up? I’m also considering prohibiting sales of automobiles which have not mailed me a dollar for a permission slip, first. That’ll work, right? I’m counting on 8-10 million bucks a year! What could go wrong?

    • Do you REALLY know someone who died from covid-19? Hospitals all across the country have been coding cause of deaths as covid-related, due to direct payments from the fed for covid patients. CDC’s recently released numbers for influenza deaths fell to under 2000 for this last flu season, as compared to over twenty thousand plus in previous years. Other diseases also showed similar downward
      counts.Manipulation of numbers like these are supposed to be taken as “facts”, so don’t question “gun violence” statistics either. Like everything else in life, weigh your options and make your own informed decision… if you need to be bribed to get something, be especially wary.

  6. Can’t wait to get Twitter replies from some of these snowflakes… You want to make yourselves heard, do the same. You probably won’t change their minds, but feels good once in awhile to tells folks their comments make no sense whatsoever.

  7. Much medical ignorance here is demonstrated.
    Medical science not their strong suit must be.
    All those deaths and morbidity from what, they wonder not.

    • I don’t understand your extraordinary naivete.

      The mRNA gene therapy is not a traditional vaccine. It is a radical new type of treatment that has never been used before. This treatment has not been.approved by the FDA. It has not been properly safety tested. It has only been granted a special emergency use authorization.

      Covid might be an “emergency” to an obese elderly diabetic person with asthma and heart disease. It might be reasonable for him to take this treatment.

      On the other hand, anyone who is under sixty-five and healthy is at virtually no risk from Covid. They need to evaluate the risk reward tradeoff for the treatment. The covid risk is minimal and the risk posed by the experimental treatment “vaccine” is unknown and cannot be quantified. That is troubling at the least.

      My wife and I both had covid a couple months ago, and it was roughly comparable to a cold. It was not an emergency.

      Note that we do take vitamins, and that zinc and vitamin D are very important for dealing with covid (Fauchi and crew never told you that).

      This is totally different than the tetanus or polio vaccinations which have been approved by the FDA and used for decades. Moreover, those vaccines prevent serious and deadly diseases.

      If you are afraid of covid, go ahead and take the treatment if you want.

      Quit trying to push it on people who have rationally concluded that it is unwise to expose oneself to it.

      Also, giving this treatment to children is child abuse. Children are at almost zero risk of covid.

      • Art Out West,
        The first use of mRNA vaccines was in 2006. Look up BARDA’s “Project Greenvax” It is not new, it’s just new on this scale and for this virus.

        • I’m generally staying out of this whole argument because I’m tired of it on other sites and also the timing of this shit in my life is both ironic and nearly unbelievable. But that’s another topic for… not TTAG.

          [I really don’t have a dog in this fight, simply an opinion overall. However, I note that virtually no one who talks about this seems to be able to pass a basic college level biology course. While some of the arguments against this tech are flimsy the overall hesitation for it is not due to the way this whole thing has been done. Which is NOT scientifically or medically supported in the manner the pro-vax people want to make it sound. Mostly because they don’t understand it at all either.]

          So, all that said, I’m going to point out here that you are incorrect here JWT. GreenVax is an entirely different technology than an mRNA “vaccine” (In quotes because it doesn’t meet the strict technical definition though this definition may be changed, and reasonably so. But I don’t think we have to go over my penchant for using words correctly).

          GreenVax uses a GMO bacteria to infect plants and cause those plants to express an antigen protein so that it can be extracted and used as a vaccine. This replaces the traditional method of growing the culture in live eggs. It is therefore far, far, far faster at producing the vaccine. It is, essentially, a faster and better way of making traditional vaccines. It’s run into some controversy because “GMO” but… it’s not what’s going on now.

          The mRNA “vaccines” people discuss vis a vis CoV-2 are a various methods for getting an mRNA message into YOUR cells so that your ribosomes produce a protein that’s been tagged for expression as a cellular surface protein.

          That’s entirely different in delivery method (which varies), intent, method of action, immune system interpretation, potential issues with blood serum and a host of other things which are entirely untested. This should raise certain concerns too long to get into here because we already know that the S1 sub-unit of CoV-2’s spike fucks with blood clotting factors and control mechanisms for vasodilation/constriction (specifically because it attacks ACE2, which has the function of cleaving Angiotensin II into angiotensin (1-7), thereby changing a vasoconstrictor into a vasodilator.

          It’s also entirely demonstrable that the FDA should never have granted Emergency Authorization for this tech under it’s own rules. The various studies that were done needed special rules to get these things an EA and also required the FDA to ignore dozens of other, valid and peer-reviewed studies along with reams of other data.

          Long story short, yes, for all practical intents and purposes this is the first time an mRNA “vaccine” has been deployed for a population, it’s been done under questionable circumstances and with questionable authority and without proper study. The most exciting mRNA modification for people, which cures retinopathy and macular degeneration, has been under study for 17 years without being granted approval because of fears that adeno-assisted mRNA (which is what Sputnik V is) modifications may cause unforeseen problems down the line.

        • Strych9,
          I have direct, first hand knowledge of the subject. mRNA vaccines have been in people since 2006. TAMU got the BARDA contract for the strategic pandemic influenza development and stockpile project because of project greenvax. The the infrastructure, ip, and faculty gained from that were directly responsible for some of the mRNA technology we are seeing today. If you would like, you can go to TAMU today and your the facility. You’ll see my photo up on the wall.

        • S9, obviously our friend JWTaylor is part of the globalist conspiracy, implanting microchips into innocent American citizens for their own nefarious purpose.

          Who can you trust?

          No one.

          “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, show me a vaccine a man can trust… “

        • jwt:

          OK, I’m going to go out of my way to be very clear and detailed here in asking you a few things. [At this point in my life I’m a lab credit away from a B.S. in cell bio (thanks to diabetes resetting my entire life, but that’s not why I picked cell bio, that’s a long story about α-bungarotoxin), probably going for a Ph.D. this Fall because otherwise I have to start my old program over starting with another entrance exam that I’d have to pay for. Also, I’m married to a microbiologist.] As such, I have a pretty good set of reasons for this. Not the least of which is that I’m quite well aware of certain scientist’s proclivity to “hype” what they’re doing.

          That said, I suspect that, rather than hype, we’re talking about different things due to imprecise language here. Please clarify based on what I’m about to ask.

          What do you mean by “mRNA vaccines”?

          This term has evolved and the language here, in some regards, has turned into “assault rifle”. As in, do you mean an actual assault rifle or are you accidentally using assault weapon interchangeably?

          There’s a big difference between the former use of the term “mRNA vaccine” which referred to a modification of another organism and the current “mRNA vaccines” which are using mRNA to “take over” and use your own cellular machinery. The former does not cause your body to express a protein for your immune system to learn about while the latter does. The former uses another organism to express this protein and then introduces this to the patient.

          For example, something like Ervebo (the Ebola vaccine) used to often be called an “mRNA vaccine” (possibly because “rVSV-ZEBOV” is unwieldy and means nothing to most people) because it’s made by editing the RNA of Indiana vesiculovirus in such a manner that it expresses the same glycoproteins as the capsule of Zaire ebolavirus. This gives your immune system something to “look at” which has an identical protein structure to the capsule of Ebola but without actually giving you the Ebola virus. This trick creates robust immunity to Ebola and does so fairly safely. This tech came to market ~2014 and it’s testing precursors go back to around 2003.

          Now, the current set of CoV-2 vaccines come in a few flavors in terms of mechanism but mostly the do something entirely different. Something like Sputnik-V or Moderna’s mRNA-1273 provide an mRNA code to your cells which is then taken into the cytoplasm of your own cells and translated by your ribosomes to produce a foreign protein which is expressed as a cellular surface protein by your own cells. Now, unless there’s something here that is not being taught in modern biology courses at major universities, that basically wasn’t possible until 2018 because there was no good way to create a stable mRNA message that could reliably survive to get to the subjects ribosomes in vivo.

          Again, the difference here is which organism creates the protein, you or something else. Old “mRNA vaccines” were often called this as a shorthand but were using other organisms to create the desired protein. This is what GreenVax (which we actually covered because it’s a fucking brilliant idea) was doing. So far as any paper we were presented, GreenVax used a bacterial agent (initially) to induce changes in tobacco plants. The modified bacteria added mRNA to the cells of the tobacco plant. The tobacco plant then then produced the desired protein. Then the plant could be harvested and the desired protein could be purified and used to make a vaccine. This was ingenious in that it greatly increased the amount of vaccine produced and shorted the time frame to do it as compared to using a traditional egg-based method. Ultimately however, it was not an “mRNA vaccine” in the same vein as Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZenica etc.

          Now, am I to understand that what you are saying is that as early as 2006 the University of Texas was involved in introducing mRNA directly into the cells of human test subjects for the purpose of causing their cells to express the desired protein? I ask because as far as I, my wife, and two entire (and separate) biology departments at major universities are concerned this was essentially impossible until breakthroughs in stability were achieved in 2018.

  8. Custom hunting rifles and shotguns? I thought the dems were only after weapons of war?

    Maybe they believe no firearms in the hands of the citizens is the best.

  9. I don’t know anybody that has had the covid. I didn’t get the shots because I don’t think I need them.

    At my age I don’t stress over it too much. No one gets out of this life alive.

    • I had it. My wife’s had it. My son got it. I was moderately ill. Wife & son not so much. My brother-in-law had it and DIED. Last April 2020. I won’t take a vaccine I don’t need. Getting cataract surgery next week and “require” a negative covid test but not a vaccine. You do you…a well known man at my church got the vaccine(at 66) and died 2 daze later. What W Virginnie hillbillies do has no pull with me.

      • You’re gonna love the results of the surgery, and the blue tint goes away after your brain re-calibrates to what white looks like. Age turned your old lenses brown-colored…

        • The weird part is the 2 weeks between the first and second eye, when you see a yellow tinge with bad eye, and blue with the good one. Kind of like a soft yellow light bulb vs a natural light one. Sure is nice to see clearly without glasses or contacts though.

        • when you’ve worn “coke bottles” most of your life…that surgery is a blessing…

  10. The vaccines are so wonderful and safe, yet countless states have to bribe people to get them.

    I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.
    Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

    • This.

      When people’s rectums start falling out a decade from now they’ll make a commercial fitting for “better call Saul”.

      • Hey man, your descending colon drops down just about every single day, ain’t no big thing.

  11. Why not bribe people to drop weight, go for a walk and stop eating shit?
    If we’re actually concerned with the health of the nation.
    Instead a few people stacked with comorbidities ended their lives a year or two early and now everybody needs to early adopt an experimental emergency use vaccine. Makes sense.

  12. Billionaire politicians ain’t getting their cuts of what they thought so now its bribery

    • That’s all it’s ever been. Big pharma just wants to help tho… It’s TOTALLY safe. Totally.

      *Gets shot, gets sick

      Totally safe.

      No thanks. I’ll stick to a healthy lifestyle. Covid is a fucken joke. It ain’t no polio.

  13. If vaccines in general are so wonderful and safe, why did congress, back in 1986, give the drug companies immunity from lawsuits because of death or injury from said vaccines?

    • Because for once they actually thought about future problems as demonstrated by what happened to Dow Corning a few years later?

  14. Hilarious intersection of various politics. A true gem. Can we get this written up in Greek or Latin for posterity?

    It does bring up some rather interesting questions though. Like why they’re so fucking concerned that everyone should get the shot when we know for a fact that this is unnecessary to achieve herd immunity and has nothing but downside risk for a huge number of people who’ve already had CoV-2? In fact, a fair number of the issues people have had with this are likely due to the fact that they already had the disease and then got the shot.

    But hey, fuck it, amiright? Do what they tell you. I’m SURE there’s nothing untoward going on here at all. Fauci’s totally trustworthy. I mean, he can’t do any biochem to save his own life but he’s all that and a side of fries about this. I mean, he flip flops and demonstrably lies but… totally trustworthy. And dat CDC! It’s totally normal for them to advocate things that contradict their own published data. Totes normal. There’s NO political angle here at all. NONE! Also, there’s no inflation, ammo is plentiful and cheap and there are no shortages. Oh, and of course, it was wise to connect all of our critical infrastructure to the internet, nothing could ever go wrong!

    Smart people, VERY smart people are in charge. You should listen to them.


    There’s a general rule in the gun community that if the government tells you you’re not allowed to have it you should wonder why. I would say the inverse applies to this but, what do I know?



  16. THE VACCINE KILLS PEOPLE. Statistically negligible so far, but it’s effects are unknown so WE DON’T KNOW.

    VACCINES ARE TOTALLY SAFE, THEY’RE GOOD FOR YOU, I HAVE FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE. Also bullshit. It is a new technology, and I don’t care about your picture on the wall, and Geoff is a fucking Acolyte apparently. WE DON’T KNOW.

    You know how I know we don’t know? I spend every single working day surrounded by surgeons and nurses and anesthesia people and PA’s and we’re all friends. We talk. There is no consensus about ANY of this. 50-60% got the jab, 40-50% did not, some say it’s 100% safe, while our neurologists were absolutely freaking about that blood clot that is so rare, literally no other specialty had ever heard of it and none of them would take it.

    Point being, no one knows shit, and every one of you who says you are certain about anything is a goddamn liar, mostly to yourselves. If you want to take it, take it. Then join the cultists on TickTok crying and singing about their magical elixir. If you don’t want to take it, don’t. Then keep your mouth shut and let the people who thought it was best for them be happy. Because guess what? It might actually BE everything promised.

    For myself? I got my immunity the old fashioned way, and I was sick as hell. Sickest I’ve ever been. And the fact that I’ve taken every vaccine offered to me so far (RN, for God’s sake. And I help cut people open for a living, I bathe in the potential for blood born pathogen exposure), and as soon as I expressed doubt about ONE, I turned into a goddamn anti-vaccine nutcase, told me there was something fishy. No thanks. And constant propaganda and bribes have done nothing but raise my hackles.

  17. For the guy whom stated mandate the vaccination at gun point should try administrating that in the mountains where I live. Almost all of these guys own 338 lupus’s which have a drop range of around 1 to 1 1/2 miles. That’s right, I said that, up to a mile and a half. Oh yeah, the scopes are rated for 2 miles. Good luck with that!!!

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