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Every time I hear Neil Conan, I can’t help think how much he sounds like TTAG’s head honcho RF. But if you don’t want to listen, click here for the transcript (darn copyright notice…).

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  1. Also listening now (only 6 minutes in)…

    “You don’t want to extrapolate from any one incident”.


    • The only purpose of martial arts is to hurt people; they should be banned. Think of the CHILDREN! Why doesn’t anyone care about THE CHILDREN?


    • Yeah, and the “clicking” noise because the safety was on? I don’t have any guns that do that. You just cant pull the trigger its pretty silent. I call BS on that first caller. I also have my doubts about his claim that he uses an “assault rifle” for home defense. An MSR maybe, but what real gun owner calls their AR-15 or whatever an “assault rifle.” and if it really was a real assault rifle. That’s some serious(expensive) hardware for not being able to move out of the bad part of town.

      • The antagonist was probably tweaking his balls off. If there’s any play in the trigger, it’ll click if you try hard enough.

        • Even if some parts of the “assault rifle” story were cringeworthy, and others embellished, I count it as a win because only gun folk would notice any of that.

          Think about it: this guy called into NPR with a legit-sounding DGU involving an “assault rifle” and he was treated with respect and thanked for sharing. That’s a serious fracking win right there!

  2. It’s certainly an interesting story but it’s bugging me that he’s saying “assault rifle” and then talks about “warning shots”.

    • Yeah. To me, he fits into the mold of someone who doesn’t “get” what defensive gun use means. Warning shots are definitely NOT part of the procedure.

  3. Ugh. Another embed that doesn’t work on iOS. I was really hoping to listen to this on the way home.

    Anyone know if there’s an NPR app that would let me stream this while I drive?

    EDIT: Never mind — there IS an actual NPR app, and it has a working search function, and I will be able to listen to this on the drive home. Win.

    • I thought you did a great job of delivering a consistent, authentic message, Rob. I really liked that you emphasized how responsible use of force differentiates “can” from “should” as that’s sometimes lost in these discussions.

      I hadn’t realized you are based in Bexley — my sister and her family live there. Small world.

  4. Awesome Rob! Looking good on NPR like that you will reach a lot of thoughtful people who may not know much about guns and give them a view of reality in this debate. Excellent!

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