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See all of the “I Am A Gun Owner” portraits here.  Please send your statement photo to [email protected] with the word PHOTO (all caps) in the subject bar. Let us know if you want us to use your name, a screen nic or remain anonymous.

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  1. A group of strong beautiful women. Nice job. Ignore all the ‘neckbeards’ who will no doubt blush at the mention of a breast, and rage at the idea of a feminist. The future is yours (and theirs).

    • +1

      It’s weird that some people are against breast feeding. I just don’t stare, similar to not staring any other time someone is showing a bit much. And feminism (lowercase “f”) is a fairly vague term that can refer to a general mindset or a specific wave. Haters be hating. And pretty single ladies be pretty.

      • OK, I think I’m open to change, but a story: I was at a conference for five days at a state-owned lodge in Georgia in the ’90’s. In the lounge a women was regularly breastfeeding her four-year-old son, who was standing up for lunch. There IS a line there somewhere. Isn’t there?

        • Yeah, that’s a little weird. I’m just talking about infants. I’d say a year and a half/teething would be a good time to transition. But this isn’t a parenting blog, nor does the lady in the picture specifically define what she means by “breastfeeding activist.” It is nice to see a pleasing-to-the-eye gun owner once in a while though.

        • Yes. If the kid can walk, it’s time for weaning. I’ve heard of even more extreme versions of this. How about a 5′ tall mom and a kid who was tall enough to walk up and latch on while both of them were standing up? {shudder}

          It’s weird not because it’s unnatural, but because little Jimmy might just end up with some freaky deep seated sex issues later.

        • True, but some people would be shocked to learn their are children as old as 5-7 still being breastfed in the world because there is no other reliable access to healthy food for the child.

          Most moms I know don’t do the crazy pull down their shirt and nurse in public – a blanket / towel / cover seems pretty universal.

          I do think it’s odd that there are people against breastfeeding when almost every study done about it shows:

          -Breastfed children are healthier, less likely sick, and slightly more intelligent (1-3 IQ points)
          -Moms who breastfed find they can lose their baby weight easier
          -Breastfeeding promotes a strong mother-child bond

          Both of my children have been breastfed. I used to joke with my wife about rigging up a fake boob so I could nurse. I mean seriously… breastfeeding is AWESOME. And it’s proven by science.

          Gun owners, can’t we go back to making fun of Feinstein, Bloomberg, Joe Biden, and leave breastfeeding alone?

  2. A beautiful family. Thanks for taking the time to submit your photo along with your comments. Further demonstrates the normalcy of the average American gun owner.

  3. I would never call myself a feminist, but it means different things to different people. Certainly women can be just as capable of men in most fields and certainly they more than any other sector of society should be armed and ready to defend themselves against those who would prey upon them. Women of all persuasions must be ready to defend themselves and their children because they are such common targets of opportunity for criminal psychopaths.

    I applaud this woman for being responsible enough to arm herself, she clearly has assets worth protecting and to do anything less would be offensively irresponsible. Anti-gunners should think of the children, their children, and what it would be like to watch helplessly as they died because you deferred your responsibility as a parent to the local police force.

    The protection of one’s family and property is not something we can afford to have the government monopolize. Further encroachment upon the legal market for firearms by the federal or state governments of the United States is patently unacceptable. The reality is that Public Indoctrination Centers (A.K.A. Schools and Mass Retail/Entertainment Centers) have come to attract psychopaths and this should surprise nobody given the downward spiral of our culture in general. I will not sacrifice my rights in order to prevent hypothetical actions by the lowest common denominator and anyone who would consider doing so is a fool.

  4. Welcome and thank you, ma’am!

    As for some of you posters, “feminism” is equality, plain and simple. And so what if she ranks “breastfeeding activist” high on the identity scale? It’s about freedom, people.

    Great exemplars of liberty some of you are.

  5. Welcome!

    It’s reaffirming to see another fellow single mother and schoolteacher. You’ve just given new meaning to the phrases “grow a pair” and “concealed carry”. To the lactivist-bashers: calm down boys, there are bigger fish to fry. Keep calm and carry on.

  6. To the Mother, PS teacher. Good for you. You have my respect and admiration. Please ignore the neanderthals who posted above. Not all of us are such judgmental jerks.

  7. It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again: the ‘I Am A Gun Owner’ series does not divide us. It is mean to show, flagrantly and without apology, that despite all our vast differences, we all value the 2A and the baseline freedoms it protects. Above all else. The fact that many commenters disagree with some of the poster’s statements just proves that point.

    If push comes to shove, and it’s getting close to ‘shove time’, we’re all in this for the same reason.

  8. Jonathan, about the kids: Having them in the picture might be her way of saying, without words, “this is why I have a gun.” Obama’s kidsploitation said “you shouldn’t have a gun. For the children’s sake.” Flanked by armed Secret Service. There is a difference. Being alone can make a man or woman “man up.”

  9. As a youngster I was raised in a hellfire and brimstone southern Baptist environment. That was a time when you could still see “Whites Only” signs in the South. Women breast fed their kids. Even in church. They had a baby blanket draped over and most of the folks were adult enough to handle it. Very few women bottle fed their kids.

    I say welcome to you, Ma’am. And these people who claim to be gun owners and are being critical of you? If they get this rattled over such a natural act they’ll be worse than useless in a real emergency. Wind up shooting themselves in the foot.

    • Laughable, all. I’ve read every comment on here (including the ones that were BS deleted) and have yet to see a negative comment about breastfeeding. The point I was making is that how can you be a breastfeeding activist if no one is against it? A point buoyed by the fact that you and several other posters are throwing haymakers at…no one. I simply find it funny that she identifies herself as an “activist” for a cause that is A. miniscule when compared to all problems in the world B. Without opposition.

      Find me an anti breastfeeding group or website and I’ll retract part B.

      And the last part is an especially dumb bit of nonsense. I can’t believe they delete perceived negative posts but allow pure nonsense as long as it’s positive. Don’t post unless you have something intelligent to say.

  10. Beautiful! The Armed Intelligentsia celebrates its diversity!

    We ARE “diverse” in the true meaning of the word–in our thinking. The drones on the Left march in intellectual lockstep.

  11. People disagreeing with your idiocy does not equate to a lack of tolerance. TTAG has done nothing to squelch yours or others criticism here that I can see. How do you defend your position other than claiming that which is natural is perverse?

    Frankly when I posted earlier it didn’t even occur to me that her statement on breastfeeding was controversial. Women should be able to feed their infants wherever the hell they please, modestly, and with few exceptions. If you find that inherently perverse then get your mind out of the gutter, because you’re the one with a problem.

    • Sigh, yeah cause we were swearing at each other and name calling…

      More like keep it positive about our IAGO posts are be deleted. Whatever

  12. I applaud you for being so open with your 2nd amendment rights beliefs. It is refreshing to see a teacher that is a true Constitutionalist as well. Please have discussions with students on this subject. Great children, picture shows lots of love in that house!

  13. Even though my comment was deleted, I would still shoot myself in the head with my concealed pistol if I found myself on a first date with a “Breast Feeding Activist”.

  14. What exactly is left in the “Feminism” movement? I was under the impression women had pretty much achieved their original laudable goals?

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