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Miltac Alpha, c Nick Leghorn

In about a half an hour (2:10 PM Central), I’ll be on the air in Phoenix thanks to Kate Kreuger’s weekly radio show. We’ll be gabbing about the latest guns and gear, and possibly discussing some of the things I’m currently in the process of reviewing. You can listen live using a link on this page, and I do believe they’ll be taking calls if you guys have any questions. See you guys there!

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  1. ARRGH. I keep looking at that pic and it is driving me nuts. Get your thumb off the top of that forearm. Sweet bleeding Jeebus, optics or not that just irks me.

    • And what’s the point of the vertical forward grip if you’re using that HSLD Magpul Rifle Dynamics “operator grip of the week”? There’s a reason that the Army didn’t train us to handle our weapons that way, that’s all I got to say.

      The thing about a standard grip on a rifle is that its universal and not only for rifles but shotguns, too. Muscle memory and all that. Once you start using special grips for individual weapons you have done yourself a disservice.

      This is one of my pet peeves, sorry for the flame.

      • I once broke a troop’s thumb on a training range. Did not mean to. Had told him twice to pull that digit down, 3rd time passing by it was up there again, I whacked the top of the handguard with a cleaning rod I was using as a pointer and his thumb happened to be between. Worst part? 6 months later on qual range he was doing THE EXACT same thing, all he learned was to flinch each time I walked past. Some people’s chiderens. He also dragged his feet when he walked, errrrrrr.


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