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We here at TTAG produce a superior product — the best gun blog on the internet, hands down. And while we’re seeing an increasing number of readers every week, we’d love it if you guys helped spread the word a little bit. All you have to do is like us on Facebook, and we’ll reward you with behind-the-scenes peeks at the TTAG crew in action, pictures from upcoming gun reviews, and more. Stuff that, while nifty, just doesn’t fit into our already busy posting schedule. Check it out, like our page, and spread the word!

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  1. You guys don’t show up in my news feed anymore unless I check from my phone and switch to desktop mode. Same goes for other gun related and military pages like SOFREP.

    • A while ago Facebook switched to a new system in an attempt to limit the number of fans pages can reach with posts in order to promote FB’s commercialization. Pages now have to pay to reach more than a certain amount of people with each post. In order to get all your liked pages in your News Feed, do the following:

      1. Go to the page
      2. Click the “Like/Liked” button
      3. A drop down menu should appear – click “Show in News Feed”
      You can also click “Get Notifications” to be notified when the page posts

      No anti-firearms/military conspiracy here 🙂

  2. No way, Jose. Have not and will not facebook. Outrageous invasions of privacy, and once you post there, they claim they own it–forever. I may not have much privacy left, but I protect what I can and will not broadcast my “details” to the world.

  3. I use the Facebook. And liking your page could be fun considering 99% of my friends are extremely anti-gun liberals. Don’t think it will result in more page views for you, but it may entertain me.

  4. Checked it out; just regurgitated news from here, but a crappier layout. I only have Facebook because of distant family and friends.

  5. Used to have Facebook, not any more. I realized it had to go when events too closely mirrored the plot of a South Park episode about the aforementioned social networking monstrosity. Not worth my time.

  6. LOL

    Are the AI luddites or the wisest sentient beings on the planet?

    As soon as I saw this I thought TTAG might face some backlash.

    Persinally, I do not share much of anything on FB.

  7. Fakebook = Fail. Sorry to be so rude, but no one I know uses it, except PTA mommies who need to impress their friends. Oh, Anthony Wiener too.

  8. While there are those that will join TTAG on FB, I will fall in line with the majority before me NICK. I love TTAG, even though there are times that I may disagree with a particular post or some of the trolls that decide to blemish our page. I am the only member in my nuclear family who does not currently, nor has desire to in the future be a part of facebook. My reasons are varied, but I guess the predominant reason is-once you join-all you add onto facebook becomes available to facebook (and others) to do with as they please. While I may share a part of my life on the internet, I would rather do it on a forum where there are like-minded folk. I do not need to have potential future (or current) employers asking me to allow them to friend me on a website. My life is (for the most part) a closed book, I like it like that, facebook takes that away from you. I will remain on TTAG and I shall leave that other website to those who would friend the world, I am just not a “friending” kind of guy.

  9. I don’t use Facebook. I don’t ever plan to use Facebook. I actively boycott organizations and websites that try to force me into using Facebook. PLEASE don’t start putting exclusive material on Facebook.

    You’ve got me signing into the site, the Forums, and now to Facebook. What’s next? KISS works for me.

  10. Just wondering, what’s the point in announcing that you don’t use Facebook? Most of you seem to express that opinion every time social networking is mentioned on TTAG, and commenting here that you won’t be “liking” seems kind of pointless. Your opinion on FB won’t affect anything, unlike say condemning DISQUS. The TTAG FB page will exist anyways, not affect you, and for all intents and purposes you could just ignore the article.

    You’re all free to express your opinion of course.

    • I’m under the impression that “exclusive content” is going to be offered to those who choose to participate in FB. In fact it sounds like someone says he is too busy to post this stuff here, but he has time to do it on FB.

      Letting the powers-that-be know that we aren’t happy about this move to FB gives MOST of us an opportunity to try and nip it in the bud.

      That’s why we’re sharing. It’s just like caring.

      • Hmm, I see. A fair point. However, I don’t think you’d be too upset missing the exclusive “content.” I’m not sure how familiar you are with Facebook, but most pages just post captioned pictures or a few sentences ever so often. In TTAGs case, these would be things like a picture of a gun to be reviewed posted while the range test is taking place, or a short update about Leghorn’s standings in match. FB allows these posts to be made very quickly and spontaneously through mobile devices. You can snap a pic with your phone and upload it in seconds. Blogging in the traditional fashion, if it’s even possible on the go, is more cumbersome. Making whole TTAG articles to convey information that could fit in the headline or a single picture would be more trouble than it’s worth and clutter up the stream of fleshed out articles on the website.

        Currently, the FB page contains mostly links to TTAG articles. It’s convenient for people who use FB to coordinate their media, as they’ll be notified when a new article is posted. Since you regularly check TTAG anyways, this is irrelevant to you.

        Additionally, having a TTAG FB page allows people on FB to quickly share articles with their ‘friends’ and therefore lets TTAG reach a much wider audience than with just the blog. This is the main reasoning behind the FB presence. Surely you don’t object to the growth of the TTAG readership.

        If you really think you’re missing out, you can always view the FB page without an account. Just google it or follow the link:

        • I would not put a sign on my front lawn saying “Lots of guns inside”. Why am I going to do the same thing on Facebook?

    • But a comment here would never be detected, traced, and used to help “them” build your profile? Your right, I am sure that your 3 levels of anonymizing proxies and spoofed MAC address will shield your location.

  11. I am betting that the tune of more than a few here would change if TTAG were to, say, give away another pistol to some random “liker” on Facebook (hint hint hint). I added TTAG on Facebook early on.

    Similar to a few comments above, I have quite a few liberal, gun-ignorant friends and acquaintances there. However, I feel it is my civic and patriotic duty to attempt to show them the error of their ways. In a couple of cases, I may be making progress.

    It is surprising how many people who “don’t like guns” don’t really know any real facts. They just parrot what they have heard from the mainstream media and their equally ignorant (on the subject) liberal friends and family. We will never turn the minds of the would be grabbers by hiding in bunkers wearing aluminum foil helmets.

    • “It is surprising how many people who “don’t like guns” don’t really know any real facts.”

      Why is it surprising? People make decisions and draw conclusions from positions of ignorance all the time. Why should guns or gun-related subjects be any different? All we can do is try to educate them.

      As an example, I broke my self-imposed rule about no longer arguing about the Zimmerman case last night at my local taco joint. A neighboring table was talking about it, and it was clear they held a different opinion from mine about guilt/innocence/punishment. That’s fine. But they were also quoting the law wrong, like “it’s against the law to follow someone” and “SYG means shoot first.” They are regulars there, and so am I, so I interjected enough to correct them on the law, and show them where they could find it on their smartphone so they’d know for sure. The conclusions they draw from there are still their own, and may still disagree with mine, but at least we’re starting from the same foundation of law.

      • You are right (as usual) Matt (in FL). “Suprising” was a poor choice of words. Better choices could have been “shocking” or “depressing”.

        I also share your frustration with people who oppose the so called stand your ground law, on the basis of ignorance. I had an exchange with an otherwise intelligent friend on Facebook just the other day. She was urging her friends to sign some online petition to abolish SYG in Florida. She claimed that she could shoot someone because they looked at her wrong and she felt scared. I called her attention to the part about “meet force with force” in Florida statutes 766.013(3), which says:

        A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in any other place where he or she has a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

        I got her to admit that, “I must have skipped over that part…Oops!”. I felt just a little better.

  12. You guys are rock. Great resource on The Truth About Guns related to Media/News/Publishing. I daily read your each and every posts and i have already follow on your twitter account. I always use Facebook and it’s better for me. I am have good number of Likes and that helps to convert into sales too. My Gun holsters unlimited Facebook Page:

    Like you long time! Let’s get into done!

    Arhur Rouse

  13. I do not “do” FB like most severely addicted to others knowing their business every minute of every day. In-fact, I haven’t posted a single thing in years, but I shared TTAG. I went about 3yrs before iI accepted new friend invitations. That being said, I do not care what others think about me & mine being in support of my Constitutional RKBA. if others have a problem with it, it is there problem. I am out in my community every day prompting the 2A & everyone who knows me knows my possition. If TTAG gets visiters & expands their viewer base, then so be it.

    It is time to stop playing the laughing boy & get serious about changing mindsets. This is just one more tool to do that with.

  14. Will the exclusive content include Ralph wearing an apron and posting his Cornbread Stuffing with Sage Recipe? OK, I’ll settle for the recipe without the pictures.

    • I retract my earlier refusal. I would join and Like if it meant that I got the recipe for Ralph’s Cornbread Sage Stuffing.


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