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“A domestic dispute over space aliens escalated Saturday morning when a lingerie-clad New Mexico woman allegedly pointed a silver handgun at her boyfriend, a weapon she retrieved from her vagina, where it had been placed while the accused was performing a sex act, police allege.” If that’s not enough to make you read on, check your pulse. The, um, accused is Jennifer McCarthy, ex-wife of Pulitzer Prize winner, Cormac. “After removing the gun from her vagina, McCarthy pointed it at her boyfriend’s head, investigators charge. Fearing that he could get shot, the man grabbed the weapon from McCarthy and put it in the toilet.” ‘Cause where else would you stash an over-lubed heater? The only question is, did she use Rem Oil or Astroglide? Oh, and you’re welcome. [h/t Kirk K.]

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    • Not possible. All those driver license checks on sudafed purchases completely eliminated the meth problem in this country. You just don’t believe enough!


  1. Well, at least someone has solved the conundrum of shower carry. But there’s no way that a guy is going to shove up pistol up his coolie. Anyway, not this guy.

    The quest for male shower carry goes on.

      • The fact that your link includes the word “tripod” does not persuade me to click on it. Please, just stop.

        • HA! Call me a fool, but I clicked it.

          Not casting aspersions on your…er…tripod, Rich, but there was nothing to see (just a white screen and a logo).

        • Couldn’t find the picture.

          However, I did find a link to a very interesting Social Attitude Test based on the Eysenck methodology. It seems like a very well-constructed test. I’ve always been fascinated by this sort of thing.

          It told me:
          Your test scores indicate that you are a tough-minded cultural centrist; this is the political profile one might associate with a jaded materialist. It appears that you are skeptical towards religion, and have a balanced attitude towards humanity in general.
          Your attitudes towards economics appear capitalist, and combined with your social attitudes this creates the picture of someone who would generally be described as a libertarian.
          To round out the picture you appear to be, political preference aside, a sensible radical centrist with few strong convictions.

          Interesting. No telling how accurate these assessments really are, but I’m willing to own that result.

          • “Interesting. No telling how accurate these assessments really are (it might only be assessing my wishful self-concept rather than true attitudes), but I’m willing to own the results.”

            Some of the answers should have been “it depends.” I believe it’s impossible to make enough “rules” to cover every situation, that’s why we have both a brain and a will – to evaluate each situation right on the spot, as it were.

      • Your picture doesn’t work.
        I’m not digging through your website to find it.
        You will never be elected president with the same haircut as Legolas.

        • Hey, I’d vote for Legolas. (My wife probably would too, but she just has a thing for that British pansy Orlando Bloom.)

        • “Your picture doesn’t work.”
          I’m sorry to hear that.

          “I’m not digging through your website to find it.”
          It wouldn’t work anyway – I haven’t put the link in /images/index.html yet. It’s no great loss. Imagine a holster hanging from a loop of rope, a la “soap on a rope,” I just paint-shopped “gun on a rope.”.

          “You will never be elected president with the same haircut as Legolas.”
          So, if I cut my hair, I will? That’d almost be worth it! 😉

          BTW, who or what is ‘Legolas?”

  2. all i could think of while reading this was Bullwinkle pulling the rabbit from his hat….as we all know it wasn’t a rabbit

  3. The Road has been rough to her. Lots of miles on that face. One question. Was it a 5 shot j frame, a double tapp or a Deagle .50? Bored minds want to know.

  4. That opening sentence started out great, got even better, and then went totally awesome.

  5. That’s straight out of one of Cormac McCarthy’s novels, like something a silent cartel hit-woman would do to assassinate a crooked oil man.

  6. Wait one second…this apparently started with a dispute over SPACE ALIENS. An inquiring mind wants to know. Do these two have the keys to the ET question? Btw I would have much preferred Laurie Holden as Marita Covarrubias.

  7. A silver gun???? Wait just a minute; was it a revolver, pistol or rifle? Some pertinent facts shouldn’t be left to the imagination.

    • The article said it was a S&W so I would guess revolver. That poor pistol suffered through a great ordeal first being used as a sex toy by her, then being thrown into the toilet by the boyfriend followed by being thrown in the trash only to be recovered by the police to be locked up for the rest of it’s life.

      • Yes. But was it an S&W made during its ownership by Bangor Punta?

        ” My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought, cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives…”

        • Wow, that never occurred to me. A joke 30 to 40 years in the making just waiting for an incident like this to happen. Gotta say that Taurus’ influence did improve S&W during that time.

  8. Now we have an answer for why cavity searches are conducted that doesn’t involve trying to find drugs.

  9. I think I’m starting to understand the trend toward smaller ‘pocket’ pistols.

    I used to think Cormac was creative. Now I get it; He’s just a crusty SW version of Hemingway, writing what he knows.

  10. The ultimate in undercover deep concealment back up gun. Your carry gun should always be on your person, or in your “safe”.

  11. It was a goose gun and they were discussing the best caliber/weapon to use to shoot down a UFO. She said 50 cal she said 20 ga. Then she said I got your 20 ga right here, as she brandished it.

  12. Well, with all that talk about phallic symbols and dick compensation from the left, some idiot was bound to take it literally sooner or later.

  13. Damn. We are not all like that in New Mexico. Promise.

    Gives a whole new meaning to the acronym POTG.

    • No can do…some folks on here find it offensive. But stories about guns jammed in the female nether regions is a okay.

    • I suspect Shannon Watts will quietly remove her charter member founder and president of the santa fe chapter. . . . this mom apparently got what they demand.

      • Dirk, it’s so awesome that you show up when people ask where you are. It’s like in the old cartoons when the people cry for their hero and he suddenly appears.

        “Oh somebody please help!”
        ::Superman lands on a rooftop:: “This looks like a job for…. Superman!”

  14. She was walking down The Road, in No Country For Old Men, when she saw a disenfranchised Child Of God and pulled a Deagle from her Blood Meridian.

  15. Whoa, whoa. Say what? Huh? Cormac is a great writer. His ex is … A special case. I bet that she has an awesome Kegel regimen. Extreme concealed carry.

  16. In every man’s past, there is at least one totally batsh!t crazy woman. For some of us, however, that list may get a little lengthy…

    Luckily, beer, guns and the internet (in no specific order) can make better companions than women for the modern man.

  17. For some terrible reason, this made me think of the line from the song Bad Company: “I was born, a six-gun in my hand…”

    Now we know how it got there.

  18. Are you sure that gun was not to force the guy to have sex with her. It would take a cannon and I still would not want that hag ! The cops felt sorry for her and charged the guy ,, always the guys doings .. Just saying..

  19. Gives “shoot your wad” a whole new meaning.

    The article in “” said she had INNER course with the gun. Ummm… what?

  20. Please tell me that she pulled a similar move during Cormac’s courtship, producing a Colt Mustang that was the inspiration for All The Pretty Horses.

  21. Well, fashizzle my bizzle. She put a gun in her hoo-hoo, at which point the boyfriend says ‘let’s see if I can get her off . . . .I mean, get it off . . . I mean, off her . . . I mean get it off her . . . . I mean, get it out & get off her . . . I mean, get off her, get it out & get out!”

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