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Fort Pierce MRAP courtesy

I’m sad to say that my hometown is the latest in the long line of small towns to pick up a “surplus” MRAP. Apparently they paid only $2,000 for the 30-ton armored vehicle, which has only 5,000 miles on the odometer. Now, my little city isn’t what it was 20-25 years ago, but it’s still not what anyone would call “crime-ridden.” I won’t deny it looks pretty cool in matte black, and it’ll probably be quite popular in the annual parade. . .

If anyone needs PMAGS, Palmetto State Armory is running a deal right now that if you buy 10 (Gen 3) for $149.95, you get a $50 PSA gift card. $10.70 each shipped is three or four bucks better than I can find them anywhere else online right now.

This one’s got a little age on it, but it’s too funny to pass up. Johnny Love, 22, tried to rob a Miami Gardens convenience store on Thanksgiving morning. After dropping his hat and going back to pick it up and then pointing a gun at the cashier, Brother Love struggles to open a plastic bag to put the money in. Once he gets it open, he pauses to shovel some candy from the counter-front racks into the bag, with his head down. If the cashier had his own gun, this story would be over right now. Instead, he goes on to drop his gun and fill a couple plastic bags with beer, which he then drops in the parking lot and proceeds to pick up one can at a time until cops show up. He tried to run, but didn’t get far. Click this link for the video. You want to.

Remember, the four rules apply no matter how big or small your gun is. That’s a lesson that was learned last month by the Indian Coast Guard, when a 30mm CRN 91 Gun aboard the ICGS Samrat went off accidentally while it was being repaired. The practice round that was fired hit the 3rd floor of the high security Western Naval Command headquarters building in Mumbai. Remember, don’t point it at anything you’re not willing to destroy. Although, it was flag headquarters…

I’m just gonna leave this here:

Following the election of anti-gun Democrat Terry McAuliffe, Beretta has announced that it has eliminated Virginia from the short list of states to move its company, writes Emily Miller in the Washington Times. “The anti-gun ads that McAuliffe ran in northern Virginia were particularly offensive,” Jeff Reh, general counsel of Beretta USA, told Ms. Miller in an interview. Beretta has been looking for a location to relocate its Accokeek, Maryland factory to after radical gun control laws were rammed through last spring.

These are raw clips from cancelled Carnik Con episodes of 2012/2013. They are in no apparent order and will make absolutely no sense. This video should not be viewed by anyone.

I think Dugan needs to work on his G36 reload drill with the SxS magazines.

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    • Purchase price was $2k… running costs will be a lot more. Fort Pierce taxes just went up…

    • About the MRAP: Matt in FL says “Now, my little city isn’t what it was 20-25 years ago, but it’s still not what anyone would call “crime-ridden.”

      Well, yes and no. Perceptions don’t always align with facts.

      From Wikipedia:
      “According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Uniform Crime Report (UCR), Fort Pierce’s overall crime rate has dropped 63% since 1985, and the violent crime rate has dropped 70% since 1997”.

      As far as it ‘hardly being crime ridden’, it looks like it was not too long ago:
      “In 2000, Fort Pierce was rated the highest in the United States for having the worst crime rate based on city size and population.”

      Still, no civilian police agency should have one of these. They’ll just be tempted to make up occasions to use it.

      • “Still, no civilian police agency should have one of these. They’ll just be tempted to make up occasions to use it.”

        Many people could look at that another way…

        “Still, no civilian should have one of these AR-15’s with the shoulder thing that goes up. They’ll just be tempted to make up occasions to use it.”

        Be careful what you start swinging around , chances are it will have two edges on it.

        • He is not arguing that individuals shouldn’t have MRAPs or ar15s including officers of the law. He is arguing against government agencies having weapons and tools not fitting their duties on the well proven grounds that said agencies tend to over act with their new toys. On the other hand with tens of millions of do called assault rifles in civilian hands it has been well proven that said owners are not “looking for occasions to use them” despite what some believe.

      • “Still, no civilian police agency should have one of these. They’ll just be tempted to make up occasions to use it.”

        My local Sheriff’s department has an M114. They have had it for years. Want to know how often they use it? Never. It sits in the parking lot and rusts. It just costs to much to run and maintain. I am sure the same thing will end up happening with these MRAPs.

        • I’m willing to bet that if all the armored vehicles in police hands nationwide were called into service at one time in one spot fully a third of them would not make it. And I’m being generous. Probably more than half is closer to right.

          These mraps are seen as a symbol of what a lot of people feel is wrong with our government. Constant handwringing, panty wetting and mush mouthing has elevated them to boogie man status.

  1. They’d have their nerve parading that little piece in the parade. Emblematic of the Police State that it is.
    I could put it to better use than they ever could. And it would be impressive in my apartment complex’s parking lot: Don’t EFF with the citizenry, you bastards….

    • You would think it would takes some nerve, but I’m not so sure about that. I’m am constantly amazed at the number of people around me who are still oblivious to examples of the Police State or even welcome such.

      • For the record, the parade I was referring to occurs every February. Fort Pierce is the eastern terminus of the Florida Cracker Trail, and every February the Florida Cracker Trail Association holds a week-long cross-state trail ride that ends with a parade through Fort Pierce into downtown. Horses, but also floats, and Shriners, and usually several emergency vehicles with lights and sirens going. Some of the floats and things do throw candy to the kids, so the person who mentioned throwing candy from the top of the MRAP isn’t far off.

  2. lol yeah $2k for an MRAP, AND I’ll sell you my broken ACOG for $100. Cuz both deals actually exist…somewhere.

  3. I get all the hubbub about the militarization of the police. But after using one for cover in a call over a DV where the boyfriend shot at responding officers as they arrived, I have to say I felt much better standing behind this thing than my patrol car… Just sayin’

      • Yes. Actually, with solid cover we were able to slow things down. We were there for 2 days attempting negotiations. No one was hurt. When officers don’t feel safe they are quicker to escalate force. In a strange way, this ugly beast gave us the cover and ability to de-escalate.

        • Thank you, sir, for that calm and rational retelling of your experience. That certainly does help shed some light on the issue.

        • Well I’m glad that ordeal went well for you, and that user of an MRAP does make a lot of sense. I do have a nagging doubt that they can feed a “soldier” mentality though.

          But I am glad you and your department set a good counter example.

        • You know, I’d rather have cops sitting in MRAPs than cops in black jumpsuits and skimasks kicking down my door.

          Police militarization has to do with police tactics, not police toys. If the gear allows the cops to do their job better (like, negotiate safely and without fear), then cool. If it inhibits police work, then it should be cut. No brainer, right?

        • I am with PistoleroJesse on this one.

          Just fasten some polycarbonate panels on a simple platform (such as a Gator or pickup truck frame). It is inexpensive and a cinch to maintain. And it won’t weigh 30 tons and destroy our roads and bridges.

  4. where can I pick up a surplus MRAP with 5000 miles for 2k? seroiusly. It’ll look great in my suburban driveway, plus its great for hauling a gaggle of kids to the mall. It’s a lot cheaper than a Ram 1500 with 5k miles.

    Wait… are you going to tell me there’s government subsidies involved- because, I dont need the leather seats?

  5. Lemon lime stripe that bastard and have candy being thrown from the “turret” during the parades. Mount super soakers in it and patrol the beaches with it. Otherwise, what good is it?

  6. Back in the 80s a NATO Sea Sparrow crew on the USS Saratoga accidently fired a live SAM during a drill. It hit the bridge of a Turkish destroyer killing the CO and a number of the bridge crew. The Sara’s skipper was releaved and he retired. His next job was as a Carnival Cruise Line Captain. Fortunately, such vessels are unarmed.

  7. “Daddy, why is that woman touching mommy like in those movies you have under the bed?”

    “Mommy, I can see inside daddy’s pants on that machine. You married him for his looks and money, didn’t you?”

  8. The part in the TSA video where the dad says “stop here and hand our travel documents to the officer” gave me the chills. That could have come out of 1930’s Germany.

    • Flew out of Atlanta after the holidays and I had this horrible urge to say, “Papers, Comrade.” I resisted because I wasn’t sure how funny the TSA agent would find it.

        • Oh, the First Amendment protects my right to ‘say’ it but it doesn’t prevent the TSA agents from “randomly” selecting me for a more intrusive screening.

      • I recently had to spend the night in the Houston Airport and literally every 15 minutes a TSA PSA would play over the loud speakers. The message ended each time with this chilling tid-bit; “…and you are reminded that ANY inappropriate jokes or comments concerning security may result in your arrest.”

        I SHIT YOU NOT!

        I kept asking myself, “what country am I in now?” I didn’t get much sleep, which is why its burned into my memory.

  9. I’m having trouble figuring out what to say about the TSA video. Here’s my short list:

    – Maybe they should make TSA agents watch it so they understand their job.

    – Change it to ‘Stop, Scream while Groped’.

    – Thank you TSA for (select as many as apply) touching my junk, looking at my nude image, being rude, fondling my toddler in wheel chair, having up to a 70% failure rate at screening for weapons and explosives, throwing away a woman’s breast milk, making me miss my flight even though I was here 4 hours early on a Wednesday, acting like Officer Barbrady, removing nipple rings with pliers, stealing items from passengers, making me never want to fly a commercial airline again, and the general waste of tax dollars.

  10. $2k may seem like a good deal on the surface, but at 700 feet to the gallon, $1000 per tire, and god only know what a service costs on that thing, and let’s not forget, ITS 30 TONS, what do you think that’s gonna do to the city streets?

    How many police officers out there have ever ACTUALLY needed something like that on a call? In Detroit, ok, I’ll give you that one, but in most towns that are getting them, most have never had a use / need for something like that….. ever. For what it will cost to keep and maintain one of those monsters, up-armor your squad car, or get a few surplus Hummers, a hell of a lot more affordable in all aspects, and certainly more suited to American towns if you guys really think you need some sort of tactical vehicle.

    • I know the area, having grown up there. There are quite a few aging bridges that I know can’t take that weight.

    • well when you do not have to pay the bill it is easy to get stuff you don’t need . Why bother trying to save the taxpayer money it ain’t coming out of your wallet. It is funny how the police somehow got a long fine without MRAPS in the past. Give some one a hammer and they will look for a nail

  11. So now every terrorist who’s capable of Googling “TSA” knows that kids under 12 don’t have to have their shoes checked when they board planes. What could go wrong? And where’s the part where the dog family gets cavity searched?

    That’s what I love about Carnik Con, safety always comes first with these guys (sic).

  12. Being very familiar with Federal Surplus Property, the problem is getting parts and service for em. lots of specialized parts only available thru the FSS which usually isnt too accessible to the Civilian side

    • Reupload it using a similar title and description. Enable comments. Problem solved!

    • In an even more hilarious twist, so are the ratings.

      I suspect they weren’t initially, but they’ve learned their lesson very quickly.

  13. I know it’s not related to the article but I did it! Bought my first gun, a used Marlin 336 in .30-30. Saw the JM proof mark but serial number starts with 23 so gotta figure out if that’s a good thing or not. Hand currently reeks of gun oil and solvent from spending the past few hours cleaning the thing. Can’t wait to shoot it.

    • Congratulations! If the serial number starts with 23, that makes it a 1977 gun. Back when the Marlin name actually meant it was a quality firearm. If it’s in decent shape, it should be a great rifle.

      • Sweet, good to know. So far things look pretty good, it was dirty but got it cleaned up pretty good. The finish looks oh though there are some scratches on the wood near the butt but pretty unnoticeable once shouldered. Now I gotta figure out how to brighten the sight up a bit, from practicing sighting it, it’s kinda dark and it’s pretty skinny.

    • Sweet! Welcome to the levergun brigade. Great choice for a first gun. You’re going to love shooting it.

      I’ve got a Marlin 30-30, but it’s a newer model — near as I can tell, made just before the Freedom Group buyout. I don’t hunt or do anything more serious than plinking with it, but man is it fun. It’s my favorite gun to shoot, hands down. I place milk jugs in random positions between 25 and 75 yards and do speed/accuracy drills. No better feeling than watching milk jug after milk jug explode as you work the lever and transition between targets: tk-ching BOOM…tk-ching BOOM…tk-ching BOOM, gets ’em all every time if I do my job.

      Wish I could afford to do it more often… 🙂

      • Invest another $15.00 for the Pachmyer recoil pad. It fits perfectly on mine and my 11 year old son can take the recoil without flintching. It really makes it a please to shoot. I put a Bushnell elite 9×40 on some see thru rings and stock pouch that allows me a pretty decent chin/cheek weld and it is dead nuts on for anything from 25 to 300 yards. Using ballisitic capped rounds for the 30/30 and you can reach out to 500 easily. I got my 336 in 1986, so I know it’s pre-Freedom Group. Paid $125 for it at a pawn shop when I was a teenager. I have the action worn down smooth enough to cycle it with two fingers. The last guy I let shoot it, two weeks ago, said it was scary how fast that old lever action was. It was my first rifle, also the first rifle I got a deer with. It will always be something special to me and I hope to pass it down to my kids one day. Congrats on your purchase.

      • Yeah, tell me about it. Called 5 different stores in my area and only 1 of them had .30-30 ammo, for $20 a box. Currently it’s just gonna be a plinking gun but it’s also gonna be my hog guns once I get my hunting permit.

  14. There was a tank? I was too busy guffawing over that dumbass store robber to see it. What a freakin’ fool.

  15. Weapons of war have no place on our streets. – BHO
    MRAPs included.

    Posse Comitatus to limit the powers of Federal government in using the military to enforce the state laws.
    Now being circumvented by the Federal government giving local law enforcement agencies (and other ABCs) military equipment.

  16. Some years ago, the Canadian Forces bought LAV IIIs, and got rid of all of their M113s and 6×6 vehicles at auctions. I regret not buying one…but I already had no room in my yard. Really, I cannot fathom why a police department would need one, unless they had to wade through floods, like the one we had last June in Alberta. The Calgary Police Service used to have an M113 as a tactical vehicle, but now owns these sorts of vehicles:

  17. Wow, that TSA video “for children” is the most blatant piece of propaganda that I have yet to see coming from Big Brother. What a shame.

  18. TSA “Officer”…

    Getting looser and looser with that title, next thing you know baggers at the grocery store are going to be officers.

  19. Man… I just bought a “new” car on monday. I could have had a freaking fleet of MRAPs for the same price! I’m sure my neighbors wouldn’t mind them parked around my house.

  20. “Hey, do you like G36’s? Shut the f#$k up, I know you do.” HAhahahahaha. That line made me laugh very hard.

  21. If I were a police force that could get these tanks for $2000 each….I would buy as many of them as I could and drive them straight to the recycling scrapyard and turn them into some quick cash.

    Just like cars – you can sell the parts for more than that.
    The metal alone scraps for more than $2000
    tires and wheels have to be worth more than $500 apiece.
    Engine $1000+

  22. Just bought one out of the thirty offered on Craigslist, Ford Explorer all wheel drive…
    a little armor plating, glass, and engine protection, and it serves fine…

    Really, the police militarization is getting a bit out of hand.

    I used to deal with the Defence Property Disposal Office, while at Offutt AFB, as the appointed reclamation Officer for the flight line.

    Salvaged items are offered to all DOD members, and the DOT, first. Then, to States.
    Then to Cities, and finally, to non-profit organizations who have a justified need.

    Mostly, it is civilian vehicles in military service, and really worn out!
    Some are just at the ten year mark, and must be replaced, as parts become difficult to maintain.

    30 ton MRAP vehicles are really not so appropriate on our streets, bridges…
    There are much lighter armored vehicles, but, not at the low salvage price that
    is actually a token fee.

    If it is utilized as one commenter, a police officer, noted, as a defensive post for
    negotiating surrender of criminals, then it is money well spent. It it saves one officer
    from assault, it serves well.

    Still, having served with heavy military vehicles, it is intimidating to see it out and
    about, when a free people are not used to it!!

  23. Oops, didn’t mention, the price of a Ford Explorer from 1998 ($900, new battery, tires, AWD!) to 2004 ($700, but, needs a $400 transmission!) and there are about 30 of them! Mine is now fitted out for Hog and Deer Hunting, with a steel cargo carrier I can slide into the 2″ Receiver Hitch!!

  24. The “city” of Miami Gardens has one of these now. I spotted it in the yard at Broward Truck in Ft Lauderdale a couple of weeks ago. It was probably offloaded on the railroad siding there, awaiting its new LEOs….like they need it in Miami Gardens.

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