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ML sends this cri de coeur from The Golden State:

I feel trapped. I hate reading the comments under every post from people saying, “F**k California, and the idiots who vote for Feinstein, Pelosi, Boxer, bla bla bla.” I don’t vote for them, and I ALWAYS vote. I was born here. I have sunk roots here (to quote the guy in Pale Rider). I have an awesome f**king job where I make a s**t ton more money doing what I do than I could make anywhere else. And my family court order says I can’t take my son out of the state. It sucks here. It reeeeeally sucks here. On top of that . . .

now I feel I have to tiptoe around my ex (even more than before, as she has had me arrested for non-existent threats when she started losing custody), thanks to the new GVRO law.
And people like this are partly to blame. If this idiot wins the case, surely the only result will be more f**king laws that do nothing to criminals.

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  1. I feel ya..
    We fight the good fight here, and are trying but the chance of getting a balance in Sacramento is next to nil right now.

    • Yeah, you have my sympathy, too. I stayed there for the job until I retired, then was able to escape. Fortunately, I had no family or serious roots there. I lived up in NE Calif. (Lassen and Modoc Counties), which was ALMOST like being in Nevada, but the stinkin’ gun laws drove me out. I figured some day they would pass a law that would make my collection an “arsenal”, and turn me into a criminal.

      And that new “screw your ex-” law is an absolute nightmare. Don’t know what to tell you man, other than “stay under the radar”.

  2. I can’t tell if the family bringing the suit is looking for a payday, really believes that someone else is ultimately responsible for everyone’s safety (nanny state?), or a bit of both. I hope that lawsuit gets slapped down.

  3. I truly feel bad for you. However a line in the sand has to be drawn. For each of us that line is drawn in different places. For you, your family is priority 1. But one day, that line might be crossed for a majority of people in California and then things will change.

  4. Not sure I totally agree re the Santa Barbara suit. That involves one of the victims who were stabbed, the gravamen of the suit concerns ID’ing potentially dangerous mental cases, not banning guns (or even knives). Isn’t that the same line that the gun-rights folks are taking, it’s not about guns it’s about mental health? I did note that the writers managed to mention Elliot’s guns and ammo even tho they had nothing to do with the lawsuit’s subject.

    • Vetting and continued monitoring of tenants’ mental health status in exchange for compensation such as higher rent and application fees is one thing but this suit seems to assert that it is incumbent upon all landlords without such renumeration. Besides, it being CA, wouldn’t the nut have been able to bring a lawsuit for discrimination against the landlord had he been evicted for his potential mental health status prior to going on his murderous rampage? If the tenant desired such background checks and monitoring, the time to establish if the landlord did those types of things would’ve been when they were checking out the apartment prior to signing the lease. If they desired that kind of service, they ought to have sought it out and would probably have had to pay for it. When people want a gated community with thorough background checks and security personnel then they generally have to pay for it.

  5. I feel your pain. I live in cook county,illinois. It annoys the hell out of me when people write I should move when it isn’t possible rightnow. I had a crazy ex who made my life miserable. Hope your situation gets better…

    • I’m with you too: I live Chicago and have my whole life . But these days it has gotten better with the new laws. It drives me crazy when people say just move. Sure I’ll leave my job, friends and family.

      Not to mention the pizza pretty much sucks everywhere else. And those Chicago style pizza shops outside of Chicago are not really Chicago style and they suck even more.

  6. Yes, yes it does suck. I still have a year before I can move. Wife is hoping for HI, but their gun laws are no better. Ready to make my escape and hope to minimize any return trips. One can dream, right?

  7. I have to ask did this actually happen did your girl actually have u arrested on g bogus gvro because if this actually happened (I’m septic It did) YOU NEED TO go to calguns fox new any even remotely simpathetic media or orgs to get this story out stories like this or what is needed to get the laws changed to the courts and will change other people’s minds

    • Nowhere did he say that he was arrested on a GVRO violation. He said he was arrested on some bogus charge in the past, but now that GVRO is in place he has to be more cautious. At least that’s how I parsed it.

      • I read it the same way, especially because the GVRO law does not go into effect until next January. Further, an ex-spouse is not a “close family member” who is qualified to request one. But on the other hand, DV is a big deal, and there are far worse restraining orders and lifetime loss of gun rights associated with them.

  8. My wife and I (and our extended family) like to visit California from time to time. Many friends live there in and around San Diego, Tehachapi, and other areas of the state. We hear from them the insanities and inanities which occur there, particularly with the politics and laws. Oftentimes, it sounds like the inmates are running the asylum.

    I feel bad for those who live there are remain somewhat powerless to make changes to balance anything. I do wish to encourage you. I live in a state which was dominated by nothing but a one party system from time memorable. Something changed by the grass roots efforts of a few and the recognition of many who followed the words of Ronald Reagan: “I did not leave the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party left me.” Today, some 30 years later, we have few Democrats in statewide government, and only a few enclaves such as major cities which have that stronghold of the Democrat Party remaining.

  9. Most not all people in the people republic of california are crazy, and anti gun. I know I was born and raised there. That’s one of the reson why I left.
    This is what I posted on the mentioned story.
    “Her son was stabbed to death. So the firearm had nothing to do with it. You CAN NOT ban knives. Sorry for their loss, however, with or without the firearm her son would still be dead.”

    • The other night I was walking after class with three of my fellow graduate students and the talk turned to guns. It turned out that three of the four of us have CCWs. Yes, in California. (Not on the coast, obviously.)

      The state is salvageable, but something needs to be done to break the LA/Bay Area stranglehold on statewide politics. A viable non-D candidate would be a good start.

      • I was thinking of something more along the lines of a “State of Jefferson”. This state will get nowhere unless the stranglehold of LA/SF/Sacramento is broken.

        • Unless the state divides, it is lost. As soon as it divides, the Northern state will charge the southern state for all the water it steals from the north… so it will never happen. Which means the state is lost.

          The strangle hold that LA/SF/SAC has on everything in California politics is rooted in the corrupt, and literally bloody, water wars that began over a century ago. Because they still rage today, albeit on a political level these days, the chances of salvaging CA are void, short of actual war, and even then only if Northern CA was able to win their water back (i.e., blowing up the aquaduct, among other things). There is a long history behind it, but you only get a good education in that history at the university level, and only if you happen to major in a topic as unprofitable as history (California history is taught at the 300-400 level in the CSU system). I have never heard of it taught in k-12 classrooms. Therefore, the voters are usually none the wiser, always bewildered by the decisions made by their politicians.

  10. I hope for your sake and for the sake of all in the uber-oppressed states that some court cases restore some rights, since it seems obvious the legislatures won’t.

  11. California could claim some “compelling government interest in public safety” and pass a “public safety” law about anything. Would you honor a “public safety” law requiring you to:
    1) perform a “post-birth abortion” on your son?
    2) hogtie your son and leave him unattended on an Oakland street corner?
    3) wear a straight jacket when you were out in public with your son?

    The obvious answer to all of those is a resounding “NO!” Then why would you see any reason to follow firearm laws that endanger and can quite literally cause the death of your child or yourself? What good is your sh**ton of money if you or your son are dead?

    More importantly, why are the 8+ million firearm owners in California so stunningly silent? If just 1 in 50 firearm owners marched in Sacramento with openly visible and loaded long guns in protest, what is California going to do about it? Try to arrest all 160,000 demonstrators? Try to kill all 160,000 demonstrators?

    While you may not have a majority of the votes in California, you have way more than enough people in California to stop the madness. The real problem is that the firearms owners in California lack the collective will to fix the problem.

  12. Stay and fight! That’s all you can do. Maybe those who can’t leave will be the ones who can somehow bring the ‘left coast’ back to sanity. Make friends and convert people.

  13. I am also a born and raised ca slave. Lucky I’m still young and see a possible escape route in the near future. I know running from these problems is not always a good option, but I’m sure AZ can use another pro gun vote 🙂

  14. It’s a pain in the a$$, but CA is home for awhile. When I retire I’ll move to a state with good gun laws and low tax rates.

      • I dont hold out hope for Oregon over the next decade when I will retire. Portland has a lot of nut jobs who keep throwing anti gun laws out there like tossing spaghetti at a wall. Eventually some will stick. I have a lot of Fudd relatives that vote and love the D. Even when the person they voted for resigns, but they knew he was crooked before the election and chose to ignore it. I am thinking Texas, especially if they pass the open carry partial restoration law.

  15. I lived in Bezerkeley for 3 years and ever since I am astonished when I meet people who seem fairly rational and then find out they live in CA. I am usually at a loss for words for awhile and it gets kind of awkward.

  16. Okay I got it.

    Inpsired by the crap state of most big cities and the idea of breaking up CA into different states, let’s do this. Every city above a certain size MUST be it’s own state, haha. Then they can’t dominate the politics and screw everyone else over. :p

  17. The Sheriff has no liability, and did not violate anybody’s rights to due process of law. The federal court should so rule in short order. (P.S. the suit was filed in federal court because California Supreme court has ruled that Sheriffs are state employees for the purposes of 42 USC section 1983 and therefore immune under the 11th Amendment. The federal courts disagree.) I cannot see any duty of the landlord to do any sort of background investigation, and there does not seem to have been any arrests for or even evidence of violent behavior that it could have used to evict what’s his face. Even then, I don’t think there was any sort of a duty. There was a case in my neck of the woods where one scumbag ex-felon murdered another scumbag in a drug deal gone south. The heirs of the dead scumbag sued the landlord for renting to an ex-felon. The court agreed that there was no duty–to find otherwise would mean that anyone leaving prison could not rent a place to live and would become one of our roving bands of homeless. So my guess is this lawsui will go nowhere.

    • California doesn’t just rely on precedent, they’ve codified the police (or any other government agency) not being liable, California government code:

      845. Neither a public entity nor a public employee is liable for failure to establish a police department or otherwise to provide police protection service or, if police protection service is provided, for failure to provide sufficient police
      protection service.
      846. Neither a public entity nor a public employee is liable for injury caused by the failure to make an arrest or by the failure to retain an arrested person in custody.

      Maybe suing the state for all the insane gun laws which prevented any of the victims from having the effective means to defend themselves? Nah, they’re still not liable, but at least it might raise the issue of why are we denying law abiding citizens the means to defend themselves.

  18. Hmmmm……..maybe all the dang snow piling up in my driveway and -2 degrees in the morning is not so bad.

  19. I feel your pain as I am from Connecticut Gulag — everything I have read about CA I hear about CT.
    I understand as well that it is not easy to leave.

    Gun owners hating on other gun owner I will never understand.

  20. Lived under the Caliban for 30 years. Watched it get worse and worse as time went by so I finally fled to free America. Much happier now.

    • Everyone that moves out of CA, even if the household income is 40% lower after the move, get a huge raise in standard of living and quality of life.
      I move from MA to NC. Wife doesn’t work now. And we live so much better. Best move we ever made. And every gun we own can’t be bought in MA.

  21. Well the legislature is a waste of time. So the kourts ( sic) are your only hope. Sorry… You’re screwed

  22. I actually have zero respect for you. Bad State, bad choice of women. “You don’t understand, I like firearms, it is just the people I hang out with”.
    Let me call you a Whambulance.

    • I am the one who wrote this letter when i saw the article. it is assholes like you that made me write those comments. every so often i send in an article, to keep awareness up.

      i choose to be a father in his son’s life, not jumping ship because the laws suck. keep your respect, i’ll keep my son

  23. Fug this fugging comment box…skip out to new tab to find link, and come back to paste and its empty. Arg.
    Ok, I’ll keep it short, for the ADHD sufferers, and TapATalk mobile readers. Too many points in this lede to address at length.

    1. Anon Whiner who wrote TTAG moaning about how life ain’t fair:
    How much $ and time you given to NRA, SAF, Cal Guns Foundation and CRPA, who ARE doing what works in CA, lobbying, litigation, and education, BEFORE b1tching to TTAG?

    If the answer is ZERO, then leave CA now, ya wuss. If you aren’t part of he solution you are part of the problem.

    • 2. Sorry to seem cold, but…Mom and lawyer are typical ambulance chaser looking for money, despite the reality of law. They will get a settlement, from SBSO, to avoid more bad PR, and ego pacifier, for the children, as they well know.

      Like Elliot Rodgers parents, maybe more adult supervision, and closer involvement daily would have helped. Rodgers filed charges of theft against one room-mate for using his tupperware, or something equally weird, and if Wang Jr wasn’t smart enough to move out, maybe Tiger Mom should have done so.

      Maybe the parents should sue one another, or Rodgers shrinks, and the hired “life coach” that was Rodgers new age nanny…

    • 3. The real criminals here in CA are the hucksters, cons, and progtards with the nds justify the means tactics to use any tragedy to fulfill the left-progtard agenda in CA, which is gun control, to eventual confiscation.

      Its not about mental health, or more training for cops, or more money for facikities and earlier detection, as Assymn Nancy Skinner claimed she was working on for months prior to Isla Harbor, in the sleazy NPR radio show she was featured in, vs RF for a couple of tidbits as “balance” from the gun rights side.

      Proof is the abortion known as the GVRO which just adds another cop confusing layer of poorly thought out legislation for the ego boost of Sacramento Dems.

      Here is proof one; ironically from the most left wing academic source, here;

      • Here is proof two: Steinberg is the Senate Prez, who post Uncle Yee, jumped on Assywn Nancy Skinners “months of working on mental health bill” (her words in NPR bio for RFs radio spot, see comments on that for more) to turn it into a gun control law, for glory to the Progtard left, here in CA.

        Maybe the next victim mother can sue Steinberg for his complicity in turning REAL solutions for the obvious PROBLEM: Mental Health, into yet another useless and counter-productive gun grabbig law…

  24. Well then, shrug, Atlas. How much more false guilt will you allow yourself to bear? Can’t take your kid with you even with custody, and a criminally insane ex who will only continue to poison your lives. A state that will rapidly devour more and more of your income, that will punish you more and more for being a male gun owner, and ultimately destroy your entire future. How much worse can it get? How much will you allow yourself to bear, having done nothing to deserve this?

  25. I worked up in Cook County, IL for a year. Made the decision to live in Indiana. Sacrificed a lot…2 hour back and forth commute, gas consumption, and I think it is safer to hunt ISIS in Iraq than drive the Dan Ryan every day. I sacrificed because I choose not to live in a place that considers me no better than a slave. Some here have legitimate reasons why they cannot move but if your reasoning for not being more free is related to a job, friends, or good pizza I don’t know what to tell you.

  26. there is a reason people from other states hate on you, because of what kalifornistan has become, it has become all that we hate, sounds like you need to take that shit ton of money and spend it all on a competent lawyer. you people have no excuses, you are reaping what you sowed, sunny weather, big money and big tits are awesome but if you are not free than its meaningless, its just stuff. we cant save you, we are not going to feel sorry for you, i will take my low salary, along with my full capacity magazines and the host of freedoms i have any day over being a slave. get your head out of your ass and stop “playing”, attack that bitch from all angles, like an insurgency, win the right to get the fuck out of there and live free

    • The dude makes a s**t ton of money, sure. Problem is a gallon of gas costs $4.70+ (because:taxes), property values are 4x higher than everywhere else (because:taxes + fees), property taxes are 12X higher than everywhere else (because: corruption and stupidness), everything at the stores are twice as high as everywhere else (because: see above), income taxes are 5x higher than everywhere else (because: fascist insurance laws, corruption, greed)… almost forgot 8% + sales taxes…

      So, sure, he makes a fat wad of money, but there’s nothing left to pay the lawyer… who is a Californian, too, and is NOT cheap. Just like everyone else that makes $200K annually out there, ML is probably barely able to make the utility bills every month.

      It is VERY VERY DIFFICULT for Californians to understand that their income can be slashed by 60% when they move to a low population state, yet they will actually be rich by comparison.

  27. How much is a “5hit ton” anyway? In CA a salary of $250K in very middle class due to the extremely high cost of housing within 2 hours of any tech hub.
    Less than that means you get stuck living in crappy neighborhood.
    Even if I was offered double what I’m making no in NC, it would not come close to breaking even and I’d be an instant criminal if I brought my firearms with me.
    I’d have to make over $1M to afford a home the size of the one I have now in a safe neighborhood in CA. (2700sqf, 5BR, half acre)
    CA is not salvageable. The best this the middle class can do is pack up and leave. At some point the state will just implode.

  28. Sad for that family, but they ought to be suing Rodger’s family before anybody else for failing to raise their nutcase son right.

  29. For what its worth, Congressman Kevin McCarthy is leading the charge in Congress to stop the M855 ban by the ATF. Part of his district is Kern County.

  30. I feel ya living in CT where they are trying to pass the same sort of laws this legislative session.

    I’m also tired of being told I’m the problem just because I want to stay in the place I’ve was born and grew up.

    Stay strong!

  31. The only possible way to save California now is to reign it in on the federal level, and I sadly don’t see that happening. Maybe split it into two or more states? I don’t know. The way it’s going now it’s headed for eventual and inevitable disaster.

    Good luck.

  32. So the state of California has you trapped there because of your child. Just damn. I’ve changed my mind now. I love California.

  33. Do what I did and move out. When I first moved here (KS) I made less than half what I made then, but the cost of living outside CA is almost always dramatically less, because: EVERYTHING. Especially housing, fuel and taxes. (I bought a 2200 SQFT-3 story-brick house for 37K, a fixer-upper that is now fixed; property tax was 1000 for the year, and a gallon of gas right now is $2.39)

    I no longer surf, but everything else in my life is better. We even have constitutional carry now!

    … But then, you have your son. So… sorry bro. Someday he’ll be 18 and you can both escape.

    • Sadly, after 18 years in CA his son might not want to leave… Not until the son’s malicious ex-wife holds his child(ren) hostage through the legal system and he has a job at which he makes a $hit ton of money. The cat’s in the cradle and all of that. 😉

      As parents, we often teach by example. All of the reasons the father might give the son for leaving one day might be washed out by “But Dad, you didn’t leave for the same reasons.”

  34. well, it basically comes down to you having to ask yourself: is the life i have here worth what i lose by staying in this state versus what i will lose by leaving this state. if i lived in a state that made me a pawn for someone i despised, i would move.

  35. I too have family roots here. Add to that my future professional license (Bar Membership) is linked to this state. Once I pass the bar, I have to put in 3 years of time in state before I can take the Bar elsewhere. Once that time passes, I am moving to Free America.


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