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  1. I think pink rhinestone cowboy hats should be outlawed. That’s gotta be the worst outfit I’ve ever seen on anyone outside the circus. My apologies for going off topic and if I hurt the feelings of any carny folk.

    • “I’m sorry, Madam Congresswoman. You’l need to remove the hat.”
      “Why’s that?”
      “Because I can’t take you seriously.”

  2. What the media did with the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin shooting is disgusting.
    They were obviously trying to incite racial tensions (and they succeeded).

  3. I gotta be honest, that video is kinda crap. The first part is alright, I guess, but the last four minutes with George Zimmerman’s dad is dull, boring, recounts nothing we’ve not heard, and is largely hearsay. Did I mention boring? Not real sure what the point of it was, and I kinda want my 10 minutes back.

  4. WHAT? I thought they were going to show some version of Martin that was evil, criminal, gangster. All they showed was a young man flippin off a camera, and being generally rebellious. Weed and girls are part of growing up, and the “burglary tools” were weak. If you believe martin was a thug/gangster/killer from those photos and information, then you might want to pull your kids out of school, and take your family to live alone on a glacier. Geez.

    • There was a lot more but it was cleaned off the internet pretty quick. I understand some was recovered by the defense but it’s largely been swept. No matter the verdict, Martin’s family will no doubt go after him civilly and you need a choir boy image of Trayvon to make your case stick.

    • Check out the two links in my post below. Then tell me whether Trayvon was evil, criminal, and a gangsta wannabe.

      You should watch your kids closely. A lot of bad stuff can go on behind your back, when you’re not looking. If your teen starts acting “out of character for him/her”, you better find out why, because the cause could be something very bad. (Trayvon started acting vicious, violent, moody and unpredictable at home and at school, and that is why his mother sent him to live with his step-father. His parents could not imagine how bad the problem really was.)

      • Trayvon was getting high off of cough syrup. He was coming from the convenience store with Watermelon Juice and Skittles to mix with cough syrup to make lean, to get high. He then started casing out houses (took him over 50 minutes to walk 6/10 mile, because he was casing houses. That’s why Zimmerman was following him)

        He wasn’t just a high school kid interested in weed and girls. The evidence points to him being a burglar. Not that that matters. All that matters is he punched Zimmerman in the face, followed him to the ground, pinned him, and started bashing his head against the sidewalk. Trayvon could have been an abstinent honor student and it wouldn’t have mattered. He tried to kill Zimmerman, so his lethal force was met with lethal force.

        • You sound like a truther: You have several observations and information that applies to outside events. Therefore, you know the full story, end of story.

        • Truthers are morons. Just opinion, on opinion forum. Only Zimmy knows full story, as you well know. I suppose we should just say nothing except “wait until after the trial”. Kind of boring on an opinion forum. And THATS the ‘end of story’.

        • Ok Matt, so it took me about five seconds to find the video in question on google, and it leads me to the conclusion that you could have as well but aren’t interested in sharing your weak-ass evidence with anyone. For those interested the link is below. There is no way to tell if any of the kids present are Trayvon Martin or if this is an organized fight club, but what is certain is that neither of the two kids fighting are Trayvon. Not that that matters… I got in plenty of fights when I was 12-15, sadly even older. It meant I was an idiot, not a murderer.

          I know neo nazi’s don’t tend to be very bright, Matt, but it’s called critical thinking. Maybe step outside of the racist paradigm you try to squeeze everything into and think outside the FLAME DELETED box once in a while.

    • I agree with you… this entire case is asinine. The media automatically paints Zimmerman as a KKK Grand Wizard and our side responds by painting this kid at a gangster because he liked weed, rap music and girls. Imagine, a 17 year old boy that’s angry! They’re almost as rare as 17 year old girls that like shopping.

      Just because we accept that Zimmerman probably isn’t a blood thirty racist doesn’t mean we have to assume Martin was a gangster picking a fight. Both of them had the right to be there, both of them probably failed to back down when they should have and now one of them is dead. Things would have likely ended a whole lot better for everyone if grand jury hearings were automatic in cases of lethal DGU’s. Of course, then Angela Cory would have to find a new past time.

      • . Both of them had the right to be there, both of them probably failed to back down when they should have and now one of them is dead.

        Failed to back down? Zimmerman lost sight of Martin. Martin then doubled back and attacked Zimmerman. Its not like it was a bar fight.

        Things would have likely ended a whole lot better for everyone if grand jury hearings were automatic in cases of lethal DGU’s.

        How? It just means the victim will be forced to hire an attorney no matter what, rather the only being forcedto do so if the cops suspect wrong doing.

        • So Matt, since you were there, can you please call the Florida Department of Justice and clear this whole mess up. Wait… what? You weren’t there? You’re just an admitted racist who’s going to side with whoever has the lightest skin?

          Zimmerman was told “We don’t need you to [follow Trayvon]”, that’s not backing down. According to Zimmerman’s story, Trayvon then confronted and attacked him. They both had a perfect, legal right to be there, and they both acted in ways that brought about the outcome we have today (outside of the ensuing media circus and legal chicken hawkery).

          In regards to your second statement, you must have heard the phrase “every bullet has a lawyer attached to it”, yes? The constitution calls for due process, and that’s exactly what a grand jury is. Further, being a TTAG reader (do you actually read or just look for pictures of brown people to comment on?) you should know well the proper DGU is STFU and hire a lawyer. End of story. The grand jury merely guarantees your fate is decided by your peers and not a vulture like Angela Cory.

        • BlinkyPete, you never listened to the original 911 call, did you?

          If you had, you would know that the 911 operator’s SUGGESTION did not come until THE END OF THE CALL.

          I repeat, the 911 operator’s SUGGESTION did not come until THE END OF THE CALL.

          Just to summarize, the 911 operator’s suggestion for Zimmerman not to follow the goblin came AT THE END OF THE CALL, right before Zimmerman said that he had lost visual contact anyway.

          My source? The original 911 tapes from

        • Ok, so I pulled up the tape and at 2:30 (0f 4:17) the operator suggests that Zimmerman does not need to follow him. Is that the end where you come from?

      • Grand Juries always indict. I served on one, we indicted every swinging di@k. The defendant has no right to appear before the GJ to give testimony or present evidence. So, what good would putting DGU’s through a GJ? The prosecution will not present a grand bill unless they want an indictment The GJ is used to force testimony and subpoena material evidence, not to investigate. You watch too much TV.

        • Oh, okay. I had been under the impression that Grand Juries are intended to determine whether or not criminal charges should be filed, but based on your random sample of 1 grand jury I can see now that every single grand jury always indicts, every single time.

          Regardless of the type of proceeding, it’s clear I was talking about a fair hearing to determine if lethal force was justified; clearly in this case it would have been a grand jury, which the prosecutor (here’s a quick legal quiz for you: what person in the criminal justice system has the most control over the proceedings?) chose to waive in order to proceed with charging Zimmerman… I wonder why she did that when she could have just allowed the GJ to indict him. I mean, since we’ve proven that they always do.

  5. Here are a few things none of the media told us about, possibly that it can’t be proven. The facts support (but do not prove) these conclusions.

    Sorry that they are such long reads, but WOW! They really explain a lot of the unanswered questions about why Trayvon attacked George.

    • Boy, I sure do love me some Grade-A propaganda film. Good thing that Fox News—and The Conservative Treehouse (must be fun up in that place)—are trying to tell us how it really is, because, you know, they were there. Just keep in mind that some of this evidence ‘possibly can’t be proven.’ But that’s actually okay, because it must be true. Trust me.

      Seriously, how do people complain about the ‘mainstream media’ and then go ahead and propagate this crap as some sort of alternative?

      The bottom line is that there is only one person alive who knows exactly what happened that evening. Everything else is conjecture.

  6. I couldn’t care less about this farce of a trial. To me, the greater plot has already been dismally resolved. The real people who were on trial were the American people, and they utterly failed at being intelligent, rational, and supportive of justice.

    The general public’s reaction to this case is what finally pushed me over the edge to totally loathe and disdain the scum that pass for my “countrymen.” They’re as foreign and untrustworthy now as anyone beyond our borders.

      • I’d use other words, but the filter would get me. It’s my filter-approved placeholder.

        The ease with which people were led about and successfully manipulated was staggeringly pathetic. I don’t know what you mean by “approve” since I don’t hold people to standards set by me, I hold them to standards set by our Constitution. So rather than approve, I “expect” people to act like rational, intelligent, decent adults.

  7. I agree with Silver.

    And I blame it all on our education system. Thank God I got out of school shortly before the Hippie generation started going into leadership positions in our schools and universities.
    They have created two generations of people with poor thinking skills, poor knowledge of history and the structure of our government, etc. People who think that how you ‘feel about’ an issue is more important than rational thought and discussion of the issue. Our schools have created two generations of IDIOTS.

    I have tried to tell a few young adults how little they know about the world, and they act like I’m crazy because I have the courage to tell them how incorrect they are. They tell me that I’m just a cranky old man, then they go back to watching the mindless drivel on their televisions. The world is quickly becoming an Idiocracy.

  8. Were missing the point here. Does not matter if Trayvon is a total sh*t head and Zimmerman is an alter boy.

    Zimmerman pursued when he should not have. Period. Go to jail. Sorry. If you want to pursue shitheads, be a police officer. Zimmerman should have stayed in his car and drove away.

    • Did you miss the part about him breaking off and heading back to his vehicle, or are you just trolling? 😉

    • Funny, because the 911 call from paints a different picture.

      First, Z said that M was acting sketchy and then coming toward him.

      Then Z followed M. The “break off the chase” thing did not happen until the last 5 seconds of the phone call. The phone call concluded with Z saying that he had lost visual on M.

      If Z had lost visual on M, that means no matter whet danger M had been in (playiing Devil’s Advocate here), there was no need for M to defend himself against Z anymore because he had gotten away.

      But M came back and attacked Z.

      So M was not retreating, he was getting ready to launch an attack, as supported by all the physical evidence and Z’s testimony.

      And there was a bunch of stuff from M’s FB account in the basement of the internet. I should have taken screenprints. He was a violent gangbanger and pretty proud of it.

  9. Zimmerman would have been just another IGOD winner, if it weren’t for the fact that the national media got wind of the story and the moonbats and wingnuts picked sides.

  10. Trayvon, trayvon, give me your answer do,
    I’ve been waiting on the verdict of this DGU,
    I’d buy you a horse and carriage,
    and maybe your hand in marriage (Vermont),
    But now you’re dead and Zimmerman bled,
    and only Hell awaits you!

    Seriously, Trayvon fatigue.

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