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Gun Tweet of the Day: What DOES Nick Gordon Stand For Edition

According to, Nick Gordon [above] is Whitney Houston’s “unofficial adopted son.” Rumor has it he’s the late singer’s secret love child. Which makes the website’s contention that Gordon’s the “boyfriend” of Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown way creepy. Anyway, Mr. Gordon Tweeted the above pic posing with what he later called his “registered gun.” Yes, well, I wonder if Mr. Gordon has a carry permit. I kinda doubt it. According to . . .

In 2011, Nick allegedly broke up a fight between Bobbi-Kristina and her then boyfriend, pulling a gun out to stop the brawl. Nick was later arrested for weapon possession.

Bobbi-Kristina’s Tweet of support (since deleted) claimed that she and her bro-friend have “always been” gun collectors. A theme that Mr. Gordon continued with his Tweet-a-culpa.

All of which begs the question: what DOES Mr. Gordon stand for, relating specifically to firearms? I’m not entirely sure I want to know but WTH. If he can outline it in 140 characters or less it might be worth a read. Might.


  1. avatar jwm says:

    A collector’s item that you keep loaded and in reach in your vehicle? At least his booger hook ain’t on the bang switch.

  2. avatar Bob says:

    I don’t care what he thinks. Being a celebrity does not give one credibility about any subject except as pertains to his chosen career. In other words, so he’s a celeb; that doesn’t mean he knows anything about guns. Even less so when you’re an illegitimate son of a celeb.

    He has nothing to say that I want to hear.

    1. avatar Brad says:

      He’s a celebrity? I didn’t know he existed until this post.

  3. avatar Henry Bowman says:

    Should we really care whether he has a carry permit?

  4. avatar Lemming says:

    On the bright side, the finger is off the trigger.

    1. avatar NWGlocker says:

      That’s what I was thinking. That plus the “Charlie’s Angels” pose.

  5. avatar Jwhite says:

    Any “Non-Celebrity” would get scooped up within a day or two… Right? Or am I missing something?

  6. Carry permit or not, isn’t that brandishing?..and the picture self incriminating, unless he’s on private land I suppose lol.

    Either way by acting like that, let alone advertising it, is irresponsible and reflects poorly on all gun owners.

    1. avatar Levi B says:

      And if someone got arrested for ‘brandishing’ we’d be decrying it as an overstepping of bounds by an authoritarian police state.

      Young people are by-and-large morons groping their way through the darkness. Being the son of a poor role model of a celebrity should not incur a penalty simply because he behaves like most people his age.

      I believe that the second amendment is a sufficient license to carry for anyone. I abide by the law, but “brandishing” is a poor excuse of a law in states that have it codified.

      1. avatar Floyd D. Barber says:

        “We” wouldn’t be decrying over stepping of bounds, if they were doing like the pictured nimrod.

  7. avatar sdog says:

    apparently he stands for idiots who enjoy brandishing firearms in their cars while driving, what a ****ing idiot. lets hope he does not ccw either.

  8. avatar Sammy says:

    Throw his ass in jail. This is one of the things wrong with our gun laws and laws in general. Inconstant enforcement. Painfully stupid people must be held accountable regardless of their questionable heritage. Book ’em Dan-o!

    1. avatar BlinkyPete says:

      For what exactly?

      1. avatar Pete says:

        For brandishing exactly.

  9. avatar ST says:

    Silly Gun Blog, gun laws are for working people!

    Seriously, gun control regs do not apply to celebrities. When you have millions of dollars in the kitty, you can afford a lawyer slick enough to dodge a felony rap. Bonus points if you make a trendy video promoting gun control;that alone will get the charges dropped or reduced to probation.

    As for the law abiding citizens of Illinois and Los Angeles, they’d better get started on those mixtapes if they want to carry on this side of a SCOTUS ruling.

  10. avatar Silver says:

    I’m sorry…am I missing something that should make me care at all?

    1. avatar Bob says:

      Nope. There isn’t any reason to care about this.

      I can’t believe RF thought this was news-worthy…

  11. avatar brigo50 says:

    dont worry guys, his methods of carry like having a revolver up next to his head to pose will hopefully end his curse on this planet.

    1. avatar Floyd D. Barber says:

      Probably carries front waistband w/o holster. Hopefully he’ll get a self administered FMJ vasectomy.

  12. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Nice trigger finger discipline!

  13. avatar Greg Camp says:

    So he’s the no-talent son of an auto-tune celebrity who left this world much too late? I’m searching for the reason to care. The point to be made here is that these idiots thrive on attention. The sooner we all deny that to them, the sooner they will melt down and self-destruct.

  14. avatar RIGHT! says:

    Can anyone hazard an EXACT ID on that firearm?

    1. avatar AZRon says:

      Colt Python 6″ ?

      1. avatar Rob says:

        It’s not a python. The barrel isn’t ribbed on top. Near the muzzle it looks like porting that sort of reminds me of a taurus. The way the barrel is slab sided also points to taurus. Yes you can get a slab sided barrel for any revolver but I figure our genius pictured guy isn’t the sort to go that far.

      2. avatar Robert Farago says:

        Looks that way to me.

        1. avatar jwm says:

          I’m going with Taurus. From the outline of the barrel and the front sight. A fine “collectible” for the man that uses the term “bling” on a regular basis.

  15. avatar bontai Joe says:

    I really don’t care what he stands for. Never heard of him until 5 minutes ago, but based on the links you supplied, I gather that is a pseudo-celebrity? And from the looks of his attitude with guns and interactions with people, I’d hazard a guess that he will be behind bars within 2 years for either drugs or shooting someone, or shooting someone over drugs. I don’t wish this on him, but it sure doesn’t look like he is making really good choices in life.

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