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  1. She is naive or misinformed that a human’s natural diet does not include meat. In fact, the design of our digestive system is more closely matched by carniverous animals than omniverous ones and not even anywhere close to matching herbiverous animals. Based on that, it’s almost as though we were designed/developed/evolved to eat meat alone and not plants.

    • Setting aside the fact that humans only have one stomach, though, I don’t recall having a mouth full of molars.

    • We ate less meat in our distant past when most of our skull structure was designed to grind tough seeds, and vegetative matter. When we got into meat, our brains doubled in size and it opened us up to what we are today.

      • Pat brings up a point I’d like to expand on. How many creatures do we consider “clever” that are herbivores? Cats are (arguably) true carnivores. Dogs, pigs and dolphins will eat whatever is available. I cannot think of a trainable animal besides the horse (and do a google search if you are not familiar with their insane incisors, which are clearly a carnivorous adaptation) that refuses to eat meat.

  2. Well, that message at the end makes it all right. “These videos are not meant to be condescending or insulting.”

    • Typical PETA liberal garbage. You spend the whole presentation being as rude and condescending as possible and then say that you respect the opposite side’s argument. The really sad thing is is that they really have drank the koolaid and think that they are being reasonable in their arguments.

  3. My son has a habit of saying “no offense” before saying something offensive. Like to his sister “no offense but you’re an idiot”. Lol

    I’ve tried to explain to him saying no offense is not a get out of jail free card for saying offensive things.

    • I don’t mean to re rude, but…

      It’s like the word but. It’s magical. You can say something insulting, racial, condescending, whatever you want, and it’s like it never happened!

      • The Southern version is “Bless your/his/hers/its heart.”

        As in, “That has to be the ugliest baby I have ever seen, bless its little heart.” Or, “Wow, that girl’s all opinion and no brains. Bless her heart.”

  4. disdain and ridicule for those she clearly doesn’t understand. the arrogance to believe we care what she thinks. how open minded and sophisticated.

  5. This is an example of a stereotypical “bleeding heart” liberal. She disdains hunting because it intrudes upon the “rights” and happiness of animals. She equivilates their “rights” to those of humans, and in fact believes their “right to life” is greater than our collective right to hunt them, for food, sport or any other reason. And she feels this so strongly, she refuses to even acknowledge any validity to those that counter her views. “Feelings” only go so far in rational arguement, so we can just write this one off as being unrecoverable to a logical frame of mind

    • Even bleeding-heart liberals can see the need to kill to survive, I think they are more concerned with their fellow man.

    • Matches the vomit that PETA pushes to a “T”. “Animals are better and have more rights than humans.” Shoot, even the Oscar-Meyer-Wiener mobile is offensive to them.

      Wonder if they’d say that if faced with a rattlesnake or viper? Wonder if they’d feel that way when an animal took offense to them and tried to kill them. Or… would they die happy thinking of how well the animal expressed its true emotions and they got to witness it first hand.

  6. The girl with the gun had some good points, the one with the sideways punk hat, not so much. Seriously though, many of today’s youth that do not participate or know someone that participates in hunting or target shooting share some of these misconceptions, thankfully not to her extent. NSSF and Hunting Heritage Trust looked into this issue earlier this year and put out a report on the findings
    What can hunters and target shooters do:
    1) Take a kid to the range, teach them firearm safety and let them try shooting.
    2) If you have a child that is of age and has not been to hunter-education, take them and have them bring a friend. Lots of states now allow partial hunter-ed through on-line cources.
    3) This Saturday, 9/22/12, is National Hunting & Fishing Day. Spread the word. If youth don’t hear about the positives of target shooting and hunting from us, they will hear from people like her.

  7. the only population/reproduction control we should be worried about is the little starlet’s. to many more stupid people like this and the rest of us will be wearing helmets all the time.

  8. I made it halfway through this dimwit’s video. Then I hit her facebook page. She’s a tutor and a coffee barista in Ripon, Wisconsin. At that point I stopped caring.

  9. People like this live for the “hit” count of their video. I suggest in the future either summarize their points or quote them directly so we don’t add to their egos with more hits. I must admit that she was cuter than a speckled pup in a mountain lion’s mouth.

  10. And thus goes the “wisdom” of a teenage girl.

    Why would anyone care what she has to say about any topic?

  11. I watched some of her other videos. Rants about eating meat, global warming, etc. Fine, you’re entitled to your opinions. I stopped watching when I got to the one warning about the hazards of fluoridated water and toothpaste with fluoride.

  12. “Real men empathize with and blah blah blah” She’s going to be the type to sleep with Frat guys who don’t give a damn about her feelings and her brain won’t be able to process why she isn’t attracted to all those nice, sympathetic, scrawny guys.

    • Hey, I resemble that remark. None of my brothers would sleep with her. Hell, she would get scared off by all the panty adorned der heads in the parlor of the Fraternity house.

  13. I seriously doubt there are any girls her age that would know a real Man if they saw one. I’ve known a few Vegans…they were always ill and sickly looking. They also spent A LOT of money taking supplements to replace what they would have gotten from meat and dairy products. And Venison is quite tasty in my opinion.

  14. The problems with most teenagers is the fact that they aren’t smart enough to realize they don’t know jack. I was a prime example when I was that age. I wish I’d have made my first million while I still knew everything, ’cause now I think I might be screwed.

  15. I love idiot kids like this because they’re the type who crash and burn hardest once they enter real life. I have no real problem with kids like this because…well, they’re like untrained animals, they’re young and ignorant and simply haven’t learned yet. They can’t help being stupid. The problem is that modern technology has given them a voice and given them the illusion that what they think or say has any merit.

    But, hey, as Francois Guisot said, “Not to be a republican at twenty is proof of want of heart; to be one at thirty is proof of want of head.”

    There’s a very good reason the left panders to kids…only idiots buy the ideology they’re selling.

    • I’m just glad they didn’t have the internet or youtube when I was a kid. VCR cameras were just starting to be popular, I shudder to think about any embarrassing videos that might still be out there…

    • I think Winston Churchill also said something to the same effect. “If you are 20 and not a liberal, you have no heart. If you are 30 and not a conservative, you have no brain.” I guess I never had a heart.

      • Yeah, I never went through that liberal phase as a kid either, but I still like the quote at least for its implication.

  16. Hunt does, huh? I think that’s a felony in California, and if it’s only a misdemeanor, it’s a heavy one, including things like weapons confiscation, fines, and hunting bans for various periods of time. In Arkansas, if I reall correctly, does are fair game. Not having had the opportuity to taste the difference, wouldn’t a nice youg doe be tastier than some old leathery buck with a huge rack?

  17. My son turns 5 in two days and will be going out for squirrel and rabbit with me this season. My daughter turns 5 next year, same story. I’ll probably only take them out for an hour or so, the first couple years anyway. They already fish and understand where meat comes from (proud pappa plug, this was him at 3 and he’s gotten much better: Daughter is singing the fishy theme song).

    Back when I was in the NRA I got the American Hunter Magazine, and it had a great article I often forwarded and used when arguing against non-hunters. Can’t find the article currently online, but it’s called “5 Steps to Convert an Anti-Hunter” and is in the May 2008 edition.

  18. I’ve never been hunting, so I’m not an expert, but isn’t it illegal to kill a doe? For those too lazy or unable to see the video, her first point is that if it’s about deer population control hunters should kill less bucks and more does.

    I also like the disclaimer at the end. Everyone knows that if you act and talk in a way that is “insulting and condescending,” but place a message at the end saying it is not intended to be, all is well.

    • It depends on the state. Some places have an all out ban on Doe hunting while others have Doe seasons. There may even be some that have no restrictions at all.

    • In Georgia, it’s buck restricted, open for does. Two bucks per year, one must have a minimum of four points on one side. Problem is, the deer population is STILL growing, last I checked.

  19. There’s one very good indicator as to whether a species evolved to be predator or prey: Where the eyes are located on the skull.

    Prey animals (ie, herbivores) tend to have their eyes on the sides of their skulls, so as to have the widest possible field of vision to avoid being attacked. Look at deer, cows, horses, etc.

    Predators have their eyes on the front of their skulls, with their overlapping fields of vision to enhance depth perception, which is of crucial importance in stalking and attacking prey.

    It doesn’t take much in the way of depth perception to be able to sneak up on a leaf.

    People who think that humans didn’t eat meat in our past are just ignorant. Humans are one of the most successful species on the planet because they can adapt readily to eat most anything – including meat, fish, eggs, grains, fruit, vegetables, etc.

    • Yeah, dammit! I didn’t claw my way to the top of the foot chain to eat vegetables! Besides, bacon is just tooooo tasty…

  20. just like molesting children is a sport

    She is damn right that child molestation is a sport, and a fun one at that. Anyone know where she lives?

  21. If someone gets enough hits on you tube, they get paid. So I just suggest that these probably shouldn’t posted. Unless you like some person like that getting paid via your views.

    Also, just two add my two cents, Vegans are silly. What’s wrong with milk, cheese, etc.? I don’t agree with vegetarians, but I understand the concept. Vegans aren’t healthy though, they just hurt their life with that crap.

  22. She wants the deer left in peace? Perhaps she’s unaware that most of the natural predators have been removed from the environment. She can mourn the loss, but it’s a fact. Here’s a suggestion for her: Go out in the woods during tick season, then tell us how many deer you want running around unchecked.

    And if she ever takes English from me, I’ll drill into her head that it’s not less deer, but fewer, since we’re talking about something that can be counted.

  23. She’s a typical lill girl who thinks she knows it all. Shes insecure about herself &life. & thats why she thinks its ok to bash other peoples traditions &sport. I bet she wouldnt be able to put down her I pod or cell for even 2sec. Shes probably be one of those girls who crams her finger down her thhroat to make herself look purdy for the boys. Shes obviouly a snob whos very bitter and angry with herself &life life. Shes basically a shallow bitch.

  24. Grateful we are indeed this unarguably beautiful young lady has so graciously documented herself while articulating her arguably erudite opinions.
    Foregoing any remarks on the obviousness of stereotyping the intended targets of her emotively reasoned rant, she follows her talking point statement, — ‘it helps bring in revenue for the U.S.,’ — with the following question: “Seriously, where do you think the money was before? It didn’t just materialize, it was already in the U.S.”
    Not quite true. Actually, the greater part of the fiat currency often referred to as ‘money’ is, in fact, ‘materialized’ out of pure ether under the fractional banking system as conjured up and implemented via the privately-owned, non-Federal, non-Reserve, Federal Reserve Bank.
    The point being that, every person in the U.S. has been quite effectively indentured to perpetual debt service to repay ‘money‘ loaned that never actually existed in the first place. Given the current course of unchecked borrowing and spending by those in government, a time may well come about that a bambi in the freezer will be of far greater actual value than a thousand bucks in the bank.

  25. I’m sorry I don’t see why anyone should expect that I respect this really immature persons opinion. The fact is, I like eating deer. My body is designed/evolved in a way that I should like eating deer. I will continue to shoot deer and eat them, while respecting them for the wonderful animals that they are. I will abide by the existing laws that permit me to harvest these animals and not really care about the opinions of immature vegan twits.

  26. “hey, i have never fired a gun or shot a bow or been hunting or fishing, but let me take a second to tell you how wrong and stupid you are.”

  27. I don’t think there is a state in the union where hunting does not occur, so it’s interesting that she chose to adopt a silly and extreme southern accent when portraying the hunter. I’ve basically split my life between Massachusetts and Virginia, and while Virginia ain’t perfect, I am disappointed by the extent of knee-jerk anti-southern feeling in the north, which her video reflects. It’s a pseudo-cultural thing – by which I mean, a lot of the time, when people are anti-gun and anti-hunting, it’s not so much the fact that they abhor “gun violence” or care about animal rights, as it is that they want to belong to “the better societal group,” and they define both that better group and its lesser counterpart.

    • If you thought that was bad wait ’til you read the upcoming post about NPR’s visit to Texas to check out American gun culture.

  28. Hmm, a 16-year old, lesbian, fruit-centric vegan on a mission to inform the rest of the world of her opinions on various topics. Not sure why anybody would care about what she thinks.

  29. Age 5: She is touched inappropriately by her Uncle Paul. Hunter father wishes he had a son and is trapped in an estrogen hell.

    Age 8: After three years of inexplicable behavioral issues she begins taking a massive dosage of aderal.

    Age 11: Now a high achiever in school, she is brainwashed by some a$$ clown teacher’s double speak to hate hunters and meat eaters. Ultimately a rebellion against her father’s lack of love.

    Age 12: Indoctrination continues. Gets her first boyfriend who is a 14 year old avid hunter because she’s damaged goods and deep down can’t understand her own duality. Quickly becomes the creepy, stalkerish, madly in love girlfriend no one can stand.

    Age 13: Gets dumped due to excessive clinginess and is broken hearted. Produces this video as revenge. Ex BF doesn’t give a sh*t because he’s dating an 18 year old stripper named Magenta. Ex BF gets high fives and fist bumps everywhere he goes.

    Age 14: Broken hearted and rejected she begins giving hand jobs liberally (see what I did there?) to boys around school in a desperate bid for attention and affection. Becomes known as the hand job queen.

    Age 17: She is routinely meeting and sleeping with older men online. Becomes addicted to crystal meth. Parents throw her out of the house. Application to join PETA rejected.

    Age 21: Living on the streets doing tricks for meth. Had to knife another hooker to get her coat because it’s cold outside. Doesn’t care that it’s a fur coat… too busy hustling and smoking meth to even recognize it’s a fur coat. Afterall, it’s cold outside and baby’s got to eat .

    P.S. Your dumb hoodie was made in a sweatshop by indentured workers working for two cents an hour.

    • Woah dude! Too much Lifetime for you! I recommend a good strong dose of Top Gear and Gun Talk TV. Get out more, shoot the roses. You don’t know what you might be missing….

  30. Embracing My Inner Frugivore
    Nothing special….Just a collection of thoughts from a small-town girl as I learn about life, love, growing up…and fruitarianism. ツ

    Earlier videos:
    I Suck On Cow Tits!
    I Hate It When People Kill Flies.
    Animal Consumption Is Genocide!
    Just Say No… To GMO!
    Woodstock Fruit Festival 2012!
    Flouride Warning!
    DIY Tutu Time!

    She’s 16, gay, and out to “change” the planet. Whatever.

  31. I hope her teacher gave her a good grade for her speech. I’m not convinced, but I’ll bet all of her liberal friends are.

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