EDC for a Day in Urbana: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Dave Canterbury, an outdoor skills instructor and author, submitted this pocket dump. Titled, “A Day in the Urbana Jungle,” he has a well-worn GLOCK. In the description of the contents, Canterbury has it listed as a GLOCK 17, but to my eyes, it looks more like a 19 carried with an empty chamber. Bad mojo right there.

Hopefully Mr. Canterbury doesn’t pack his gat Mexican-style, because bad things can happen to those who do. Even if he carries it on an empty chamber, what happens if he needs to use it?  Where does he put it then?  Back into his pants in a loaded condition with nothing covering the trigger guard?  Argh.

On a happier note, he wears the same watch I do, and also has the same ThorFire flashlight in his pocket.  Amazing coincidence as I just started carrying that one for a tertiary backup light to my two main EDC lights not even two weeks ago.

I’m old enough to remember it used to cost $500 for 500 lumens of light. While it wouldn’t fit in your pocket, it would burn through expensive CR123A batteries like candy. Ah, the good ol’ days.




  1. avatar Tim says:

    “….carried with an empty chamber.”

    It’s a black powder G29, my friend. It was raining there yesterday, so he carried it empty.

  2. avatar A O says:

    Finally get rid of Kat?

    Thank you.

  3. avatar The Dude Abides says:

    It’s a 17, look how much space you have after the rail.

  4. avatar strych9 says:

    Urbana OHIO? LOL he should be carrying a rifle for when the next great zoo escape happens. Then he can shoot a Zebra from Crabill’s Hamburgers.

    (A guy in Urbana who collected exotic animals let them all loose and then offed himself. It created a huge mess and a safari for the local PD.)

    Nice knife, pretty utilitarian setup. I would like to know the holster for that G17 though.

  5. avatar Gadsden says:

    Maybe he just took a picture of it while it wasn’t loaded.

  6. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Oh Hell! No spare mag……I’m tellin!

    1. avatar ZKahr says:

      That made me laugh.

  7. avatar Victoria Illinois says:

    How in the heck can you tell that there’s none in the chamber?? X-ray vision? Obviously I don’t have a Glock, but still….I can’t see it. Is the little part of the magazine sticking out?

    1. avatar ‘liljoe says:

      trigger is pulled back, but my guess is that he unloaded it for the picture and pulled back to make sure… I do that at the range all the time (with the gun pointed in a safe direction) before I store it in my bag. Doesn’t mean he carries it that way.

    2. avatar Kevin says:

      Because the trigger is all the way to the rear, which means the striker is released. So the chamber is likely empty. It is possible that there is a round in the chamber and it just got a light primer strike, but I’m guessing the chamber is empty. 😉

      In either event, the slide will need to be racked before it will fire.

  8. avatar Victoria Illinois says:

    Thanks guys. I never thought to look at the trigger.

  9. avatar Conrad Bradley says:

    It’s a G17, not a G19. Can we get someone who knows a thing or two about firearms to write an article on a gun site. Or someone who actually takes a moment to use to this handy dandy thing called Google to check. I mean I could write this article and be factually correct. Grammar and Punctuation not so much. How about I write facts and this writer ads commas and corrects my sentence structure?

    1. avatar Gadsden says:

      He was more interested in bashing this dude and making assumptions so he could grandstand. So in other words be a typical journalist.

  10. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    My own pocket dump has increased marginally due to what’s been shown here.
    I now have a WML and because of that, a different holster.
    Oh, and a tactical pen.

    1. avatar Specialist38 says:

      What caliber is the pen.? Do you you carry a spare or at least a reload for it.

      Just kidding…..

    2. avatar Victoria Illinois says:

      Oh, the joy to always have functional pockets. You guys are lucky. You don’t even need to think about them. Women’s pant pockets are getting smaller every year. Some not big enough for a car key/fob.

      1. avatar A O says:

        Why even wear pants? Don’t you hate pants? (H.S.)

      2. avatar TheMan says:

        Cargo pants FTW.

        1. avatar SoCalJack says:

          Cargo pants and cargo shorts are like a man’s purse. BTW I have several pairs of Tru Spec cargo shorts.

      3. avatar Specialist38 says:

        I thought women’s pants had no pockets.

        Get you some foreign military pants off gun.deals. cheap.

        You can start a style. They look kinda funky but they have good pockets.

        Or maybe wear a past the knee skirt with a thigh holster.

        If current style limit what you want to do….start your own style.

        Vests are always handy too. Pockets you can put on and take off.

        1. avatar strych9 says:

          If you don’t want to look like you shop at an Army-Navy store, which I don’t think most women do, there’s Duluth Trading Company’s new lines of pants for women.

  11. avatar TommyJay says:

    I like the ThorFire. I bought a couple and keep one next to the gun safe.

  12. avatar Mark-in-Indy says:

    Maybe he’s just that far ahead of the curve.
    He’s already fired a round and it’s orbiting the earth waiting to be called in like “air support.”

  13. avatar Joe says:

    I’m old enough to remember when firearms writers could tell a G19 from a 17. Talk about amateur hour.

  14. avatar Mike H says:

    Not sure why the invective here. If there’s anyone who knows how to handle a range of adverse situations, it’s Canturbury. There’s a lot of claimage going on here that assumes a lot from just a picture.

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