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“When you’re in an instance where there’s a gun is pointed at you and your life is being threatened for your property and no one’s going to help—and now I know that no one’s going to help—I want to feel more secure. I want to feel safe, and I have something to defend myself with.” Comedian Tim Young, quoted in Political comedian robbed at gunpoint changes stance on guns [via]

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    • Liberals talk about liberty, freedom and rights but they have a fundamental tendency cede those things to a governing authority, whatever that may be. Like a labor union, or in most cases, the government.

      Conservatives. and particularly Libertarians, tend to prefer to retain those things for the individual.

    • Not necessarily. Especially as people in that community start to shun him.

      Look at how Owen Benjamin has changed his stance and become conservative.

      • “Not necessarily. Especially as people in that community start to shun him.”

        His comedy ‘shtick’ is from a conservative angle, so he’s already shunned by the 97 percent of DC voters who voted for the HildaBeast last time ’round.

        Imagine the stress of trying to have some semblance of a social life (not to mention getting laid) living in an area where you’re out-numbered 97-to-3 by people who actively DESPISE you.

        He brought up an interesting observation as he described his mugging – He said 6 or 7 people witnessed the mugging, 2 of them called 911, the rest just *ignored* the mugging.

        Does anyone know how DC self-defense law is structured? Here in Polk County, Florida, it would be no problem whatsoever for an armed eyewitness to respond with lethal force, would have an armed eyewitness been able to legally assist him, in that Leftist hell-hole?

    • True. It does not necessarily follow that he’ll buy a gun, jump through all of the hoops and hurdles Washington DC throws in his way to exercising his civil rights and then starts favoring drilling for oil on US territories and deciding that vegans are just weird…
      But we can’t expect him to turn on a dime from being a Hollywood koolaide taster to a Fox News commentator in one step.
      Give him time. When his erstwhile friends in the major media start feeding on him in social media and he learns what their definition of “tolerance” and “diversity” really is, he’ll be ready for the next lesson.

  1. I can only believe that he wasn’t wearing that wolf shirt when he was robbed. Because, damn, you’d have to be a ballsy robber to rob a guy in a wolf shirt.

      • Glasses, beard, and a jacket over a wolf T-shirt. You can’t see his lower half but if I would not be surprised if he wore slacks and tennis shoes. No hat of any kind but the hipster is strong w/ this one 🙂

  2. Gun rights are not exclusively enjoyed or supported by conservatives nor does being pro-gun equal being inline with a whole slew of other issues on the right.

    • But they should be. History has shown us what happens when you arm a few hundred thousand socialists and set them lose on society.

      Cultural Revolution
      Pol Pot
      the list goes on.

      • History is filled with instances of both liberal and conservative forces committing massacres and other atrocities, and many socialists are far from anti-gun, especially historically. That said, I won’t even pretend to think most on the left in the U.S. aren’t either uninterested in firearms rights or outright hostile to them.

        • False. In modern history genocide is a tool exclusive to the radical left.

          National Socialist
          International Socialists

        • The liberal/conservative thing is a false divide, historically speaking. Europe’s right and left are both far to the left of the American mainstream.

          The Nazis were national socialists who wanted a strong ethno-state to direct privately owned capital toward socially constructive channels. They were conservative only compared to the Soviets, who wanted to abolish private property and capital altogether.

          In Europe, anyone who isn’t left of Lenin is right-wing. The Democratic party in the US has morphed into a bog-standard modern European conservative party — which tells you how different their idea of conservative is from ours.

      • My point is simply that becoming pro-gun does not make a liberal a conservative as this headline suggests.

        • It’s a ‘foot-in-the-door’ on opening his mind to whatever else the Leftists may have lied to him about.

          EDIT – If he does his comedy in bars, will DC law allow him being armed in bars?

  3. Unfortunately, liberalism is a serious mental condition that in most cases will not be cured with a simple one time shock therapy. Kate Steile’s family, even after the murder of their daughter, continues on the same path. Perhaps Kate herself would have been cured had she survived, but that is doubtful.

  4. Once he gets a gun and permit, that will only give him license to proclaim “As a gun owner and concealed carrier, even I agree with common sense regulations like [insert typical liberal litany of unconstitutional firearms infringrnents here].”

  5. Liberals say they “care” about saving lives (despite promoting unfettered murder of the unborn/unwanted aborted by the thousands), but what they never understand is that no one’s life is guaranteed, valued or protected except by their own action and preparation. Your life only really matters to you and hopefully your family, friends and loved ones, but to the State and society at large you are individually expendable. Sure the agents of the State will work to bring to “justice” the person(s) who killed or maimed you, but that is mostly for the purpose of keeping people from understanding the truth.* No State engineered punishment can ever restore your life and/or health once you are dead, permanently maimed or traumatized by someone else’s criminal attack.

    The only person that can protect you is you. You may be unsuccessful in the attempt, but being prepared and determined to defend yourself physically is the only real defense you have against merely being prey at the mercy of whoever decides to make you their victim. It is your right to decide to be a victim, but it is never your right to dictate to anyone else that they, too, must be prey. This simple fact also chronically escapes Liberals.

    *In fairness there are people I have met who work as agents of the State who do care sincerely about the victims they pursue justice on behalf of, and I do not mean to deride them and their efforts or concerns. Unknowingly they perpetrate the meme that everyone’s life has value to the State and society at large.

  6. Only fascists need guns. Free men don’t.

    Still years later I don’t see Europe, Canada, Japan or Australia turning into 3rd world hellholes like the racist gun extremists on here said.

    There have been more attacks in the US caused by white supremacists and right-wing militia survivalist fanatics that some religious radical.

    Antifa does not count they never killed anyone.

    I was a victim of criminal attack too but I fought my attacker off instead of cowardly device that is more likely to be used on yourself or a loved one than stop a crime.

      • You tell me…Last time I checked.

        You supported a russian puppet in office.

        Your supported relaxing laws that allow violent criminals and the dangerous mentally ill to arm up.

        You supported violent riots, rapes and burnings and increases in hate crimes against minorities, LGTB people and immigrants.

        You supported a violent right wing militia groups and doomsday survivalist nutjobs to terrorize the american populace. They’re been far more incidents caused by these people than some religious extremist.

        • “You supported a russian puppet in office.”
          I can assure you that our dear Governor never supported Hillary Clinton.

        • Unfortunately TTAG only has incompetent ideologically adversarial commenters. It would be nice to have an intelligent ‘anti’ commenting. They are rare, I know, but I have met a few that are pretty sharp.

        • “You supported a russian puppet in office.”

          You missed the news – The only Russians paid off were paid by the Democrats via ‘Fusion GPS’…

          *snicker* 😉

        • 78% of all US murder, the entire elevation over developed democracy averages, occurs in 30 out of 3,000 US counties, and every one of them is DEMOCRAT.

          The Us has a much lower murder rate of non criminals than the countries you named. If you are not a gang member, felon or person with six or more arrests (career criminal) you are less likely to be a murder victim in the US than you are in Canada, Australia or Europe.

          And Australia proves gun control make things WORSE. Australia’s overall suicide rate went UP more than the US rate did. And Australia overall murder rate fell 41% in the past 25 years as it decreased guns, but the US rate fell 64% as the US increased guns.

        • Incorrect.

          Vegas = Drugged out leftist
          Charlotesville = socialists fighting socialists
          Charleston = Socialist
          Texas = Drugged out socialist

          Gee.. It’s almost like socialism is the problem.

      • Provide evidence or it did not happen.

        All of these killers for the past few years including the few incidents in this country were found to have been caused those with ties to right-wing extremists.

        I also demand people like your cowardly racist klanmaster robert farago take up a new challenge.

        Prove to me on this fake news hatesite that who is the bigger threat to this country.

        Survey says it’s people like you and him that preach violence and hate as real americans like me stand by and watch as you burn, rape, pillage and harm are loved ones while “Blaming socialists, immigrants and liberal”.

        • We have nothing to prove to you commie. Go suck start a Glock and make the world a better place.

          Oh, and a claim made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. You made the first claim. So… cya.

        • Oh trollish one.

          Has Robert ever advocated for an ethnostate? Ever?

          You can’t demand evidence and then level accusations like that as though it were proof. That’s not the way it works.

        • You would stand by and watch as we burn pillar and rape your loved one? I believe you (though I don’t think you quite meant to admit as much), but to see you admit to your own incredible cowardice is refreshing. Also proves that your fundamental values are quite far removed from those of anyone here (protecting your loved ones is literally the most basic responsibility that ANY able bodied adult has; if you lack that than you are a worthless coward who is utterly beyond redemption)

      • Wikipedia is not a reliable source.

        And as someone who has been to these countries over the past few years including back in 2017.

        You are a load of crap. These incidents which are EXTREMELY RARE and do not compare to what happens here EVERYDAY.

        There have been far more attacks caused by white supremacists and right wing survivalist fanatics that some religious radical.

        And it was found out the guns used in the paris attacks CAME FROM THIS COUNTRY cause the NRA and other gun reich groups think it’s “tyrannical” to keep dangerous elements from arming up.

        • Wikipedia is not a reliable source but a pseudonym-ed commenter’s claimed anecdotal experience is?

        • Feel free to get out of my country or get in the helicopter. You are so divorced from reality that arguing with you is an exercise in futility. You’re not banning guns. If you try, commies like you will be rounded up, stood up against a wall, and shot like the genocidal vermin you are.

        • You do know that the vast majority of firearms used to kill people were designed for military service, or in many cases were actual service weapons? You do know that right? That the if the governments of the world, and government supporters like you, did not want so many weapons in the world then they should stop making them! How many people killed in Africa with Soviet/Russian AK’s? How many of the attacks in Europe were perpetrated with firearms designed as “weapons of war”?

          Governments have weapons powerful enough to scratch the entire earth (paid for w/ tax dollars BTW) and you have a problem with regular people procuring (with personal funds) a stick that goes “bang”. All the countries you mentioned have weapons. Are they fascist states? See the hypocrisy?

        • Mass spree killings are EXTREMELY RARE even in US. It is only that every one is blown out of proportion by media that makes them look like everyday occurrence in order to push gun grabber’s agenda. What does happen here EVERYDAY is black and hispanic gang bangers killing other black and hispanic gang bangers. Spree killings on which you seem to be so fixated are so rare, they are statistically irelevant. You should quit lying.

        • Listen pal – my family visits the remainder of our family in Greece every year.

          We’ve seen the decline as migrants flood the shores of the Greek isles.

          Don’t tell me how to interpret what we see with our own eyes.

    • “Only fascists need guns. Free men don’t.”

      Tell that to every government that is armed against their disarmed people.

      Telling them they’re free doesn’t fly when they are ‘free’ under threat of state violence.

    • Ummm… There are more white people in this country. So therefore there are a higher number of violent assholes amongst them in terms of raw numbers.

      If you have a bag of 20 apples and 2 bananas and 3 apples and 1 banana are rotten which one is more likely to be rotten an apple or a banana?

      And you flat lied about where the Paris weapons came from. These weapons are sourced from Slovakia, leftovers from the Bosnian wars.

      Following the Path of the Paris Terror Weapons – SPIEGEL ONLINE

    • Congratulations on fighting off your attacker. Seriously. It’s always a good day when the bad guy loses. One question. Do you think you could do as well when you are 80 years old and need a walker to get around? Then, it might be good to have a gun.

      I grew up in Canada. It’s generally a safer place than large US cities, not because guns are more tightly controlled, but because there are fewer criminals against which you have to defend yourself. On another forum, I compared risks with a resident of southern Ontario. In my safe, upper middle class American neighborhood, my next door neighbor has had two cars stolen out of his driveway. Last fall, a thief broke into another neighbor’s car as it sat in his driveway overnight. In the Ontario resident’s neighborhood, crime is so rare that nobody needs to lock his doors. If you want to reduce the number of guns in the US to those used for hunting and target shooting, get rid of the criminals. Of course, that would require putting them in prison and I suspect you disapprove of that, too.

      • He once claimed to be a 50 year member of the NRA. He makes all kinds of claims.

        All lies. He never fought off an attacker. Period.

    • You have it completely backwards. Free men get to decide for themselves whether or not to choose to arm themselves. Subjects under fascist regimes tend not to have a choice in such matters.

    • “Only fascists need guns. Free men don’t.”
      You wrote lots of bullcrap on this site, but this one gets the cake. Let me fix it for you: Only free man carries gun. Slaves don’t.

      Oh, Europe is such a great place, not shithole at all! Hell, even France rrcently canceled their ‘state of emergency’ (read martial law) after just two years! Not before borders were closed first, and 1,500 soldiers, armed with – you guessed it – GUNS, were called in to help the guns carrying police maintain order in Paris.
      In Sweden no-go zones grow and not only guns, but also grenades are being used by religion of pieces followers.

      But you’ve never seen any crime there, which of course means there isn’t any. Just like me not seeing any crime in Chicago today proves that local gangs gave up their NRA supplied guns and started new carriers knitting scarves.

  7. Note he is still more concerned about he ‘feels’ than how he is. A gun doesn’t make you any safer unless you have the will to use it and have adjusted your behavior to account for the new option.

  8. It’s only a “come to JESUS” moment if you come to JESUS. Plenty of leftards with a gun for me but not for thee attitude…

  9. Welcome to the party pal.

    “and now I know that no one’s going to help”

    We’ve been telling you that for years but I guess some kids just gotta burn their hand to believe the stove is hot.

  10. Where is his apology? Nothing in the article about how remorseful he is about denigrating those of us who already knew for a fact what he recently learned. Nothing about how ridiculous the lefts position on the 2nd is. No contrition whatsoever.


  11. In North Korea, no mass shootings without government approval. And everyone is a vegan. A more progressive country hands down.

  12. From the source article,

    “That level of fear and that level of helplessness that you feel, it doesn’t compare to anything else I’ve felt in my life.” — Tim Young

    This confirms the claim that FEELINGS are paramount in gun grabbers’ lives. Facts, data, and reasoning did not get through to this person. It took intense FEELINGS to get through.

    Unfortunately, we cannot go around staging fake armed robberies of gun-grabbers to convert them to our side. Any other suggestions?

    • That is a good question and I don’t have any good answers but I have pondered the same dilemma. I have tried to have reasoned discussions with staunch antis and their conversation ender is always something along the lines of, “Well, I just don’t like guns.”

      To that I reply along the lines of, “That’s fine but stop trying to force me to conform to your likes and dislikes.” That fails though because they still push for and vote for policies that run counter to my interests.

      We have the facts on our side. Try as they might the antis cannot change the fact that there are hundreds of millions of gun owners and hundreds of millions of guns and in excess of 99.9% of both are never involved in a violent crime. Those facts, however, only sway a certain percentage of the population. I would note that this is true for many things, not just guns. When presented with facts, no matter how self evident, some people will still rely on their personal perception and resultant feelings to make decisions. Some portion of those people will then advocate for public policy that addresses those feelings while ignoring or outright rejecting demonstrable fact.

      I admit that this has been an annoying conundrum for me, in many arenas, for some time. For many years, I was a professor in a STEM field trying to teach students various techniques in mathematical modeling and analysis. Some of these students, who were (or at least should have been) predisposed to accept the math, when presented with an analytical result that ran counter to their instincts about a solution, would often reject the concrete analysis and trust their subjective gut. I’ve never been able to fully understand that and don’t really know how to “red pill” these people.

      • There’s no way to red-pill people who are that inflexible. If they’re eventually mugged by reality like Tim Young was, then the emotional upheaval might be strong enough to shake them into a new frame of mind…maybe. Even then, they could find it more comfortable to double down on old dogma.

        Gun control is a perfect example of this. Every mass shooting — heck, most murders and robberies — are failures of gun control to deliver the goods promised. Yet the more spectacular the failure, the greater the cry for more of what already doesn’t work.

        The truth is, emotion rules the roost with all of us. Reason can help push us one way or the other, but emotion is what makes facts and logic matter. Emotion is what gives us our core beliefs; reason is how we (usually quite poorly, logically speaking) justify and explain them.

        • I’m not sure that emotion governs all of our beliefs. There are things I believe, that I have no feeling about, that I believe because the factual evidence indicates it is so.

          For instance. 66 million years ago, dinosaurs roamed the earth. I have no feelings about this but the evidence is overwhelming that it is factual. I believe because I see the facts.

          Similarly, the tangent of 45 degrees is 1. No feelings at all.

          Also, less than one one hundredth of one percent of the U.S. population is killed by gunfire each year, therefore, I don’t fear being killed by gunfire.

        • Not necessarily all of our beliefs, but the ones that really matter. The core beliefs that determine how we live our lives.

          Fossil evidence may be a take-it-or-leave-it kind of thing to you and me, because we’re just not emotionally invested in it. But to a lot of people with fundamentalist religious beliefs, it’s an emotionally charged subject because it contradicts a deeply held conviction — one so strong that it’s impervious to what we’d consider convincing evidence. To paleontologists, it’s a big deal because they’re passionate about digging for the evidence (if you’ve ever heard scientists argue about a controversial theory, you’ve seen how emotional they can get about something that’s seeming only about facts).

          I assume you’re a gun owner and a supporter of the Second Amendment. You probably have all sorts of logical and factual reasons for it (as I do, too), and they’re important. But if you look for it, you’ll find plenty of emotion packed in with your facts.

          Facts and logic helped lead me to my current position, but the emotional connection is why I believe that I’m fundamentally right in supporting the Second Amendment.

          To put it another way, I spend so much time and effort on the logic and facts of the Second Amendment argument not because they’re the only things that matter, but because I’m emotionally invested in the argument. The same goes for all of us here, I’d bet.

    • “Unfortunately, we cannot go around staging fake armed robberies of gun-grabbers to convert them to our side.” Well, it’s not like they’re going to be armed to defend themselves.

  13. Baby steps.
    The first one is any realization that one can’t count on one’s parents or the government to take care of one under all circumstances. Once that fantasy balloon is popped, other stuff starts to follow.

  14. So another white socialist suddenly discovers he needs a gun to protect himself.
    I don’t expect this white socialists to support gun rights for law abiding black people. He and his type have a history of supporting government disarming the civilian population.

    I’m sure he supports the Welfare Industrial Complex, and its “gun free zone” public housing projects.

  15. This is all a little harsh — the man had an epiphany. He saw the light. He is now in favor of gun rights, and he said so on a publicly available DC-based podcast. Give the man a break — he is on our side now. Maybe he does not agree with every (or any) conservative political position. So what? Why belittle him? The focus of this blog is gun rights; he is now in favor of concealed carry in the nation’s capital. He is motivated. As a DC resident, that makes him a voice that will likely be heard at DC Council meetings. We need more like him. Welcome to the club, Mr. Young.


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