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One of the more exciting and talked-about products of SHOT Show 2018 is sure to be this one: The Genesis Z9 from ZRODelta. It’s Monday morning and the cat’s out of the bag; TTAG has the scoop, the photos, and the press release on “The World’s First Fully Modular Pistol” . . .

With easily-swappable dust covers, front straps, back straps, magazine wells, and more, the end user can quickly convert from a compact carry gun to a full-on race gun.

How quickly? How easily? RF challenged ZRODELTA’s Production Manager, Chris, to do it blindfolded — something he’s never attempted. We got it on video:

Not too shabby!

Here’s the official press release followed by a big ‘ol photo dump:

ZERO Delta Logo


January 23, 2018 – Lubbock, TX – ZRODELTA is pleased to announce the Genesis Z9 as the world’s first completely modular pistol that will allow users to convert from compact to a full long slide race gun in seconds thanks to its Patent Pending design.

The Genesis Z9 frame is Billet 7075 Aluminum and is compatible with several common Glock® parts on the market. The Genesis will be offered in 9mm base models to include Compact, Service and Race (Long Slide), with additional parts available direct through ZRODELTA to give users the ability to easily reconfigure the pistol based on application.

ZRODELTA will announce collaborations with key industry partners that will offer a multitude of parts accessories. These collaborations will ensure customers have a wide selection of customizable options from other respected brands in the industry.

“The Genesis is emblematic of a new perspective at ZRODELTA, one that seeks to develop the pinnacle of what a striker-fired pistol can be, and ought to be. The Genesis Z9 is more modular, ergonomic, accurate, cross-platform, and cross-application compatible than any other pistol of its kind. The depth and breadth of our intellectual property surrounding its utility is truly groundbreaking.” – Pat Harrigan

“The Genesis pistol platform allows the customer to build and customize their pistol to their comfort, environment and ability. Our team has effectively given users the ability to build on a “receiver” the perfect firearm much like they build an AR15.” – Clint Walker

“The Genesis pistol is the first product that shows our innovative ability. Extensive R&D, coupled with high quality precision machining, and testing, proves our ability to become a leader in this industry.” – John Birk

Stock Glock® parts that will work on every variation:

Gen 3 trigger packs
Gen 3 trigger housing
Trigger pin
Slide catch
Gen 3 Slide catch spring
Slide stop assembly
Trigger housing pin
Mag release spring
Glock/aftermarket magazines
Glock/aftermarket gen 3 slides
Glock/aftermarket slide internals

Proprietary for Compact variation only:

Recoil spring

Proprietary parts for all configurations:

Mag release
Locking block
Locking block pin
RMR plate/Dummy plate (if using our slide)

Proprietary for Race (Long Slide) variation only:

Recoil spring

Limited quantities of the Genesis are available immediately. ZRODELTA plans to ship the first production pistols beginning the end of Q2 with the ability to deliver 2,000 complete pistols per month thereafter.

Price: TBA


ZRODELTA is a U.S. based manufacturer of scope mounts, tripods, and other precision shooting accessories best known for its DLOC scope mounts, HEAD-S tripod shooting platform, and Cowl Induction Muzzle Brake. ZRODELTA’s recent acquisition of Critical Capabilities and War Sport Manufacturing has expanded its ability to provide high-quality parts to large OEM, military, and retail customers across the world.

Genesis Z9

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  1. One size fits all engineering efforts aren’t always what they initially promise. I’ll wait for the full review.

    Especially if it uses Glock trigger parts.

    • Agreed. Reliability is key. There’s some pretty solid aftermarket Glock triggers out right now, especially if it’s fitted to the gun.

  2. Oh look, another company made parts for Glock that should’ve been made for the P320…


    Oh look, another company tried to turn a Glock into a shittier P320…

    • I should perhaps explain my comment here…

      I don’t mean to say this is a bad/stupid idea for a product. It’s very neat, and obviously in demand.

      Notice I didn’t say “unique.” Why? Because this isn’t even the only company debuting a “modular,” metal-frame pistol specifically compatible with Gen3 Glock internals at SHOT 2018:

      And the problem with both of these products, beside potentially being lost in a sea of companies advertisinging to finally fulfill the Glock promise of Perfection(TM), is that in order to buy into their supposed modularity you STILL have to buy their serialized frame – Which means jumping through the hoops of an FFL and “Mother may I” form 4473.

      As soon as a company figures out that there’s a market for these types of products for the P320 (and others like it), that DON’T require you to buy another complete firearm, that CAN ship straight to your door without any hoops to jump through, and that will serve the pistol that is in the process of inundating our armed forces, they will have a market cornered and their retirement set…

      • you are exactly right. whether you like it or not the p320 is the future. mark my words in the near future we will see rifle stocks or sub compact frames that accept p320 chassis.

        • ^ Precisely! I’m amazed no one has jumped on this yet. Is it because the SIG’s tech is still protected by patents? Are the SIG lawyer’s super defensive with their cease and desists? I feel like I should be seeing P320 accessories everywhere, so what gives?

          • Why are we giving the P320 credit for the serialized chassis here? They didn’t invent it or do it first. Not by a long shot. Heck, they’re being sued for infringing on a Steyr patent.

        • Reply meant for Jeremy S. but it’s not letting me reply directly to his comment: We’re giving the P320 credit because it’s the most commercially successful rendition of the serialized chassis concept.

          Argument could be made Steyr abandoned their patent when they chose to take no action for (nearly) ten years while Sig sold small quantities of the P250, only making noise when a company’s serialized chassis product became truly commercially successful.

          Not to mention the fact that Sig’s patent predates Steyr’s patent…

        • By a similar line of reasoning, Glock shouldn’t get credit for being the best polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol – That honor would go to the first iteration of that type of pistol, the HK VP70:

          But no, we do give Glock the reverence it deserves. Not because it was the first of its kind, but because it was the best, most successful, and most influential iteration of its kind.

          Which is exactly how I believe we will start to view the P320 in years to come

      • This obsession over a defective Sig product is something I’ll never understand. They weren’t the first, they weren’t even the first success story, and it’s not even remotely close to the level of modularity the ZRODelta has. Sig’s current CEO is the same guy that ruined Kimber, and Sig’s current QC shows it. Every time we get something new and interesting in the gun community and industry, which has been legislatively forced into stagnation, assholes like you rise up to shit all over it for no discernible reason. People like you won’t even take the five whole minutes of googling it takes to show that your opinion is garbage, but you’ll write half an essay directly from your ass. Fuck you, and fuck off.

        • Me thinks I struck a nerve…

          Allow me to clarify further; I sincerely apologize if my posts/opinions offended anyone, that was certainly not my intent. And I had absolutely no intention of denying that this is a very neat, innovative, and interesting product. I was simply stating my wish (albeit with a serving of pointed sarcasm and dry humor, no doubt) that some companies would branch out from making aftermarket Glock components (a market which I think we can all agree is becoming as crowded as the AR market), and make parts for other platforms that also have a demand for these types of components but dismally lack supply.

          This is an AWESOME product, and I’m glad it’s being made – I wish something similar were being made for the P320, which has attributes that make it a preferred platform for me personally over Glocks.


        • For some reason I can’t reply directly to your reply.

          Fair. I’ve seen nothing in the past two years of commentary -except- people going out of their way to encourage people not to support new, neat concepts or ideas. My fault for making the assumption you were doing the same.

        • I think there’s some kind of reply-stacking limit in their comments system.

          I can see how it came off that way, unfortunately another case of sarcastic humor not translating well by written text. I absolutely support this and products like it – So much so that I want to see companies expand and offer these types of things for different platforms in addition to Glocks.

          I’ll put it this way – If this company made an exact carbon copy of this product that was designed for a P320 FCU to drop into, I’d already be signing up for their pre-order list and saving my nickels and dimes!

    • Other way around. Glock is still the aftermarket king, and the 320 is never going to surpass them. Military contracts not withstanding. Having a contract with the army doesn’t mean as much for aftermarket support as people think. 320 sales were slow until they won that contract, it’s the only reason the gun didn’t turn into just another glock clone.

  3. I’m really liking this pistol. Especially since I can config it just the way I want it.
    Very cool!

  4. Seems like theres an awful lot of “I’m not a Glock” Glocks out there these days. Interesting all the same though.

  5. I am not sure I fully understand this post.

    Headline says its the ‘first fully modular pistol” article is unclear as to whether or not it requires a host glock.

    Is this truly a serialized firearm or is this an accessory?

    • It’s a serialized firearm, requiring a background check and FFL hoops to jump through.

      Which is precisely why I made the comment “Oh look, another company made parts for Glock that should’ve been made for the P320…”

      • It’s an interesting concept for sure. My questions is this – Since this is a serialized firearm then this gun carrys full warranty/service and support like a glock or a sig?

        Or is it more like buying an AR lower where once you build it up, if you have malfunctions – it’s up to you to figure it out and fix it?

        • Total speculation but I’d guess that if all the parts are theirs, a warranty should be provided no different than any other manufacturer.

  6. Meh….it depends if the modular parts are as expensive as a whole new gun. Great for areas that limit the number of firearms you can own but for the US market just buy the gun you want up front, then the next complete gun you want. A short slide config is fine until you want the long slide config and you have to buy a long slide, long barrel, and longer mags. This one ain’t for me.

  7. Cool concept, I hope they function well. Look forward to seeing some reviews. Although I’ve gotten use to brand bashing nowadays, I’ll never fully understand it. “I hate this gun, the one I bought is the best”. Glock vs Sig vs HK vs FN vs . . whatever. After owning and/ or shooting just about every brand out there I feel the majority of striker fired pistols are pretty solid, it simply comes down to personal preference. These modular guns, along with the 320, are not for me but I’m sure they’ll make some people happy.

  8. Being totally aluminum will pose problems in both extreme cold and extreme hot conditions, I think. Jeremy noted that the aluminum grips on the BRNO pistol were almost too hot to hold during his range session. This looks like it could be even worse.

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