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Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn.(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
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There’s a common theme I’ve seen among people who support giving in to Democrats on guns. While the details differ, the basic idea is that we should be afraid that, absent some sort of “reasonable” compromise, Democrats will take action to finish off gun rights for good.

How precisely would they do this? The fear is that they’ll decide that Republicans aren’t working with them, and they’ll feel the need to finally scuttle the filibuster in the Senate. This would lower the threshold for strict gun control laws to 51 votes (which they barely have). Then, when the courts strike these blatantly unconstitutional laws down, they’ll make good on their threats and start adding judges to the Supreme Court who will vote to keep strict gun control laws in place. This, they argue, would mean the fight is over and we’ve lost forever. To ward off this threat, some ostensibly pro-gunners argue that in the face of such grave threats to gun rights, we should give a little as “damage control” to keep something worse from happening.

What these people miss is that we seem to do this every few years, “compromising” with anti-gunners, and could end up with more limits on our rights anyway. They don’t see that the right to keep and bear arms is aways on a salami slicing machine, and that this strategy has done nothing but further the march to civilian disarmament in slow motion.

‘But This Is A Grave Threat!’

Yeah, I get that. I get that as far as the law is concerned, ramming through the Democrats’ gun legislation and rigging the Supreme Court to declare them constitutional would mean we’ve exhausted our last lawful appeal and we’d be stuck with strict federal gun control.

But the law doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Passing strict gun control and getting the top court to sign off on it using a move of questionable legitimacy wouldn’t be the end of the fight. If anything, it would push the fight over gun rights out of the political arena and into other arenas, some of which the Democrat Party knows they wouldn’t stand a chance in.

Where The Fight Would Go Next

The obvious first arena is public opinion. While there are many people who would support such moves, there are many who would consider it a direct attack on their way of life. When even the “Fudds” who think the Second Amendment only applies to duck hunting end up affected and there’s nothing left to do but get laughed at by the dog, the opposition to gun control would coalesce and expand. The next time there’s a “red wave” election, these laws could easily be repealed and the court could either be shrunk back down to size (or packed even further).

we will not comply
Dan Z. for TTAG

Another arena is the simple refusal by gun owners to comply. Even people who deeply care about the rule of law in normal times would probably see the end of the filibuster and a packed court as moves completely lacking any legitimacy. Many people would then simply refuse to follow the law.

Just as during prohibition, many law enforcement officers wouldn’t care too much to help enforce it. In the few places where it was actively enforced, images of police shooting old men and women who refuse to give up their firearms would look just as bad as school shootings. There would be significant momentum to do something and repeal unworkable, unconstitutional bans.

Actual Violence

A third arena that should frighten anyone with an IQ greater than their shoe size is the possibility of widespread armed insurrection. If only a few thousand people decide they’re done with the current system and conclude that it’s time to fertilize the proverbial tree of liberty, the results would be devastating.

Before I go on, I want to make one thing very clear: I’m not calling for what I’m about to describe. I’m not going to engage in this stuff, nor would most readers here. The goal here is to explore something that I think could happen whether we want it to or not, because as anyone knows who spends much time on the internet, people talk about armed resistance to further the cause of gun control.

Yes, as some of our greatest legislative minds have pointed out, the U.S. military has everything from nuclear weapons to stealth fighter jets to tanks. What they never seem to mention, though, is that most of that weaponry was brought to bear in Afghanistan for almost two decades against goat herders with limited education, training, and economic resources.

The result? The U.S. military left in shame and chaos, putting the Taliban are back in charge.

Add in the fact that, if violence broke out here, many in the military wouldn’t go along with orders to do battle against fellow Americans over gun control — in addition to the fact that many of those opposing the government would be veterans themselves — and the federal government has even less of a chance at successfully using a military option.

John Cornyn
Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Would law enforcement mop up a rebellion? Anyone who thinks that obviously forgot about the chaos of October 2002. When random people were getting shot near Washington, DC, all hell broke loose. People (wrongly) started calling police every time a white van or box truck parked anywhere, because initial reports said that a van or box truck fled the scene after several of the shootings (hint: box trucks and work vans are always everywhere).

Kids were kept indoors for most of the month. Tarps were put up to block the view of gas stations to avoid more shootings at those. Many people just stopped leaving home altogether.

The whole country was on edge for a month, and people living near DC lived in actual fear for their lives. Hysterical media reports told people that the use of 5.56mm rounds meant the shooter must have come from a military or law enforcement background. Others said it could be the work of Al Qaeda, following up after 9/11.

Some of the media coverage was made up entirely because a reporter for a prominent paper wanted to feed off of the hysteria and mystery.

The truth? The panic was the work of a man and a teenage boy who were firing at people through a hole they had cut in the trunk of an old Chevy Caprice, then driving away to go shoot someone else.

This isn’t the only time a very few people bent on violence have caused so much widespread chaos. Whole cities were put on lockdown during the manhunt for the brothers who bombed the Boston Marathon and got in subsequent gunfights with cops. Violent riots in Minneapolis in the wake of the murder of George Floyd led to lockdowns, and police started shooting random people with paintball guns. The hunt for a cop-killer in Southern California who had declared “unconventional and asymmetric warfare” on the LAPD had area police departments in a panic for more than a week.

If a relatively small number of idiots could cause that much mayhem, what would be the result of more widespread violence? Government officials would have no choice but to either back down on gun control or double down on it in a knee-jerk reaction, putting the general public under lockdown with door-to-door searches, and other oppressive measures that would only magnify the violence.

Gun owners who initially weren’t going to comply, but didn’t want any part in the violence would feel they had no choice. If it got bad enough, people who never cared either way about guns or gun rights would probably enter on both sides.

The truth is, no one knows what that worst-case situation and it would likely spin further and further out of control. It wouldn’t be pretty, and it wouldn’t be pleasant for politicians or anyone who isn’t prepared for hard times.

The Right Answer To Calls For Compromise

When facing a political threat, compromise might seem like the best way to avoid losing entirely. I get that. But, the slippery slope argument seems more and more likely. The gun control community isn’t hiding their desire for more, no matter what happens in the Senate. We can’t assume that even a rigged Senate and a packed Court would be the end of it. They know as well as we do that the push for full civilian disarmament would be far from over, even at that point.

Instead of cast our pearls before the legislative swine, we should realize that they only intend to come back at us again after the next mass shooting. As such, the appropriate response to threats of filibuster manipulation and Court packing shouldn’t be a partial surrender. The only sane response to demands for “compromise” is, No…try it and see what happens.

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  1. I think the Republicans should play along but stall until Nov. After that they can tell the Dems (especially Joe and the Ho) to jump up their ass.

    • Failure to Properly Define Gun Control by its History of Racism and Genocide is what provides standing for Gun Control. The results of that failure are now seen again on the floor of congress, etc.

      In other words, thanks to Gun Owner silence your 2A rights hinge on what the next criminally insane individual decides to do. It is silence that allows democRats to ride in on the coattails of murdered children and use such things as age discrimination to justify knee jerk Gun Control. The democRat Party brings to the table a form of the discrimination the kkk deomcRat Party used to deny rights to those born Black.

      So like nazis singling out Jews for train rides to concentration camps all you 18 to 21 year old Americans step forward and strip down…by orders of der fuhrer.

      • You can yell and whine about racism, genocide, knee-jerk gun control, KKK, Jews, and concentration camps ad-fucking-nauseam and solve NOTHING or play the political game to WIN.

        • Agree. These gun control laws have fuck all to do with racism. The D’s want to ban guns for EVERYONE, not just people of a particular race.

      • One thing time is not, in relation to Fireamrs control is on your side . Sooner of later there WILL be much toughetr gun control legislation and YOU will suck it up.
        And why? Because the American Gun freaks [and I do NOT include those that have, in all probabilty and with reluctance a single hand weapon for, as they see it, HOME DEFENCE] will not accept any limitations on their delusions and will not make any sensible or workable suggestions themselves.
        All they can see is imaginery enemies usually LIBERALS, COMMIES and LEFTIES what ever they are meant to be. Mostly they have not the slightest idea as to what any of them actually are. Just convenient labels for the ignorant and illiterate for anybody who does not have their world view. Some seem to actually believe that the rest of the CIVILISED world with very strict GUN control legislation live in thrall and virtual slavery . They really should travel more!

        • We have one thing no one else has, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill-of-Rights. Individual rights that can’t be infringed upon by the govt.

          Been to the UK many times among other places and loved it. Didn’t see any slaves, just a shitload of people that can’t defend themselves against criminals or terrorists.

        • you’re in the wrong place dude. If these so called politicians wanted to stop school shootings they’d place armed guards at schools. But they refuse to do so.
          We The People giving up our 2nd A rights isn’t going to solve the problem at all. “Gun Free Zones” are nothing more than a bunch of sitting ducks. Guns in the hands of law abiding citizens are not the problem. The criminals and nut jobs are the problem. I suggest that is where the law needs to concentrate. Not removing law abiding citizen’s 2nd a (or any other) rights .Evidently you’re not too bright. maybe you should travel the US more?

  2. You CANNOT bargain or compromise with dems!! Do you not understand this yet?? Yeah, I’m talkin to you, alleged conservatives, grow a set!!

    • It is one thing to play the game but republicans are not playing the game they are paying protection money. Playing the game would be “okay we will consider extended background checks for 18-21 year old but suppressors are taken out of NFA.” Not saying a trade like that is worth signing on the dotted line but I don’t see pro gun group gaining ANYTHING from this deal. Make it where the antigunners are just as likely to cringe and walk away as the pro gun side to be considered a “negotiations”. “You want red flag laws just as soon as the atf is disbanded”. For those concerned about packing the court. First, Joe Manchin already said he is not in favor of getting rid of the filibuster. Why won’t he change his mind? His voters and he sees the red tsunami on the horizon. Without that you can’t pack the court. Let’s say changes his mind tomorrow. Then they have until November to do so, minus breaks. How long did it take to confirm Brett Kavanaugh? Can’t get much packing done. After November everyone expects the republicans to regain the senate, maybe even the house and they don’t have to confirm anyone at that point. Depending on the number of republicans elected to the senate and house, it would not be impossible to conceive that President oatmeal brains would be spending the majority of his time trying to keep his son out of jail or prevent himself from being impeached. VP BJ would could easily find the same fate as she is handling the southern border remarkable well. So it would not be impossible to see a Republican controlled house, senate, and WH without an election in sight and Dems having removed the filibuster safeguards to repack the court with double the amount that the Dems put in.

    • Dennis……the only two answers that i can come up with regarding calls for gun control are, No! and Hell No !

  3. quote———— They don’t see that the right to keep and bear arms is aways on a salami slicing machine, and that this strategy has done nothing but further the march to civilian disarmament in slow motion.——–quote

    A display of the typical paranoia of the far right. When the Brady Bill was passed the Far Right screamed that this would enable the Feds to start banning and confiscating firearms even though there was nothing in the bill that allowed the Feds to do this. Now that Universal Background Checks are being discussed the same lies are being pushed by the Far Right. In reality Universal Background Checks would only be an extension of the already existing Brady Bill law that would now vet the purchase of second hand guns.

    • But by saying the new legislation is an extension of the existing Brady law, you have proved the salami slicer metaphor to be apt.

    • They already have background checks…and they don’t prosecute. “Universal” means registration…and then Concentration camps, gas chambers, ovens…in other words all the “Statist” “Big Gov” evil from the neo-Marxist, Commie, Fascist left.

  4. Leftists always fail to comprehend that they’re not the only ones who can pack the court, and they’re not the only ones who can nuke filibuster. It’s like they think only the Democratic Party has these magical powers. I like to remind them that if they do follow through with that, republicans can and will do the same the next time they are in charge.

    As far as civil war goes, there’s nothing wrong with examination of such a conflict as an academic exercise. It should be quite obvious to anyone in power that going down the road of gun confiscations in the US will result in non compliance and eventually violent conflict. And organized violence is also a real possibility. Full on states, countries, and LE agencies have already declared they won’t enforce hard gun control laws and many have also become second amendment sanctuaries. Will the federal government attempt to send forces into those locals to force those agencies fo comply? If so, then we’re talking about outright conventional conflict on US soil and this is a real possibility. Those who desire hardcore gun control methods like confiscation and others need to understand that will cause more violence not less of it. And it would be this way for any of the amendments to bill of rights should an authority outright molest them. The left itself has already shown they’re willing to throw the 1A under the bus too, for perverse political gain. I’ll use that as an example to the left: Imagine an actual “right wing authoritarian” president taking power and severely limiting 1A rights for only left wing people. Violence would surely erupt.

    The left has lost its right to complain about violent talk. Lefties had absolutely no qualms calling for violence during the Trump administration over perceived threats to cherished leftist causes.

    • Your comment is awaiting moderation
      quote———-It should be quite obvious to anyone in power that going down the road of gun confiscations in the US will result in non compliance and eventually violent conflict.—-quote

      History has already proven you wrong. None of this has come to pass in other countries and that includes are own when the various Eastern States and also California passed gun and magazine bans, all of which were blessed by the gun hating courts proving once again what a total joke 2A has always been.

      Blow heart Rectum gas is cheap on the internet but when your ass is on the line and you stand to go to prison, lose your gun rights for life and lose your job and all of your assets the blustering rectum gas floats away on the wind.

      A truck with a loud speaker blaring throw your guns out into the street would net hundreds of guns on many streets as smiling black shirted jack booted storm troopers protected front end loaders as the scooped up the newly decarded scrap iron soon to be loaded on to railroad cars headed for the smelter, just as happened in Australia.

      I might add that when David Koresh and his Far Right Religious fanatics did not throw their weapons out into the street the smiling jackbooted Feds simply vaporized them (Waco’ed them) and the majority of Americans who are not even gun owners watched it all on the evening news while they yawned, drank another 6 pack of beer and ate 2 pizza’s and farted up the room. For them it was great entertainment. That’s modern day reality like it or not.

  5. It’s obvious what is behind the mass shootings. Coincidence that when things don’t go their way we have another one? Ever heard of the Manchurian Candadate? Really think it’s a mistake people who should have been caught by nics weren’t?

    • Holy Shit Redneck, you figured it all out, exposing the Government’s grand conspiracy to trick people into killing school children while shooting at and often killing law enforcement so the Government can can pass a gun law. How did I miss it all this time? Have you also checked out QAnon! They told me all about a cabel of Washington Democrats who organized a pedophile demon canibal cult. It’s true, but don’t worry Donald Trump
      will catch them all and put them behind bars. You should do your research it’s all TRUE!!! QAnon Lives!!!

  6. If they had the votes to scrap the filibuster, ram through legislation, and pack the court, they would have already done it. Why would they bother trying to extract some small compromise when they could get the whole loaf?

    • It’s not about getting any clear legislation. It’s about showing the radical base how much they care and tried, but for those Evil Republicans. Remember its an election years and this year like never before, they need to keep their Acolytes riled up. Because of inflation, high fuel, heating and cooling costs and fear of the coming Recession. Democrats are pulling out all the Stops in an effort to distract away from the economy. As with the January 6th Hearings. Knowing full well that they are going to get Tsunami-ed in November. Even Bill Clinton understood. “It’s the Economy Stupid.”

  7. “If only a few thousand people decide they’re done with the current system and conclude that it’s time to fertilize the proverbial tree of liberty, the results would be devastating.”

    I got news for you, “a few thousand people” have already decided “they’re done with the current system and conclude that it’s time to fertilize the proverbial tree of liberty”

    • “Our SCOTUS has an empty scrotum.”

      Patience, grasshopper.

      Let’s wait for the turd to drop in the punchbowl before we draw conclusions.

      By the way Thomas and Kavanaugh were treated during their confirmation hearings, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least they might be interested in some payback by a ruling that makes their pointed heads spin.

      If they do dump on us, I’ll join you in condemnation…

  8. Compromise requires us to get something in return – like deregulating suppressors in the same of health and safety.

    • Compromise is just another word for Surrender. You never Compromise when Your Rights are part of the discussion. “A Republic…If You can Keep IT.” Benjamin Franklin

    • Compromise – You repeal all unconstitutional gun laws and we won’t come after you traitors or something like that.

    • You can’t compromise with the left for they have proven that “enough is never enough”.
      As long as we give they will take and hide behind “compromise”. Yet, they give Nothing!

      • Some people have a lot of trouble with comprehending that issue. Some people only use compromise as a method to slowly get their way with no benefit to the other party and loudly proclaim it to be mutually beneficial somehow.

  9. They are not Republicans doing the compromise with the commiecrats, they are the Rino’s in the Republican party with no back bone that cave every time something like this happens. It has happened a few times since 1999. The commiecrats only solution to these things is gun control and the further elimination of firearm rights a little bit at a time. The commiecrats are thinking the long game in reducing our 2nd Amendment rights. Rino’s are just willing to give in and assist the commiecrats instead of solving the problem by real physical security, hardening schools, and arming teachers.

  10. The next negotiation meeting should open with Texas Rep Cornyn dropping a “Total Repeal of the NFA act of 1934” draft in front of every person at that conference room table.

    Time to start taking back some restrictions to the 2nd A.

    The RINO are being found, and WILL be kicked to the curb. It’s long overdue for real Republicans to negotiate from a position of strength.

    The “appeal to the left” type of Republican leadership has gotten us here. This BS needs to stop.

  11. The problem with compromise is very simple, at the end of the day all you are left with the empty hollow promises of a politician. The very same politician surrounded by heavily armed bodyguards that your tax dollars pay for using the very same weapons that you were forced to surrender.

  12. You cannot comprise with someone who has nothing or offers anything in exchange.

    You cannot coexist with those who wish you dead.

    The Democratic Party is not offering compromise. The Republicans are not asking anything i compromise. Quid pro Joe knows what compromise is.

    The Left wants anyone not aboard wth their insurrectionists agenda either dead, jailed or re-educated.

    The issues with the Left goes beyond the 2A. It is the very founding of the Country. The Constitution to them is a vehicle to destroy it and replace it with their far left fantasy of a utopia.

  13. I live in Colorado and in 2013 they enacted a 15 round magazine capacity limit, Red Flag Law, and increased background checks for all firearm transfers except within a family. I searched today to see how violence in Colorado has increased or decreased as a result of those laws.
    Guess what? A 25% increase in violence since those laws were enacted. I would presume they have been totally ineffective and not a significant part of the reason for violence in the first place. So the issue here has nothing to do with safety and violence reduction. It has to do with control of the American People. If Democrats were really concerned about safety they would not permit open boarders, defunding of the police, releasing/not charging people for crimes, etc. Their policies are a total failure but intentional.
    As for the analysis of what might potentially happen I agree with the author. The US military is not suppose to be employed against the American Public. We outnumber them by about 150 million to 3 million (military, reserves, law enforcement). Basically around 50 to 1. Most military and law enforcement are not trained for dealing with large groups of armed people in a guerilla type situation. They can’t even put down unarmed rioters at times. The author is correct in saying that many would not obey an illegal order to fight with our own people over gun confiscation and those who did would learn quickly how costly it would be to them. This government has pushed even their supporters to the brink. You see it amongst the Democrats themselves at this point because they know their policies pushed by their leaders are extremely unpopular. With over 30 Democrats retiring in the House and the normal first 2 year turn over in the House towards the other party, they are cooked in the House and very unlikely to have a majority. There will be consequences to pay in a variety of areas but they really don’t seem to care, so they deserve whatever they get.

  14. The Dems’ “next move” is going to be an electoral loss not seen since the Reagan era. There’s no reason to give them anything whatsoever. They’ve run the economy into the ground faster than anyone since Carter and they’re about to be annihilated as a political force for the next decade.

  15. Another issue not mentioned that would make many police and military refuse to do confiscation on any kind of large scale effort is they have families to worry about.
    The left has made “Doxxing” into a sport. Do the honestly believe if it comes down to it that some on the right wouldn’t use their own tactics against them? No soldier or cop is going to put their own families in harms way to enforce illegal, or questionable orders to confiscate privately owned firearms.
    The left likes to claim the minor riot in DC on Jan 6 2021 was some sort of insurrection. If they continue on the course they are on, they may find out what a real armed insurrection really is.

  16. Compromise has been tried. A lot. And we have seen, a lot, that it never stops them from wanting more. Many of us, especially those who have been through this many times over many decades, are at the point where we will no longer obey any new laws or regulations.

    We no longer believe that anti gun people are honest. We no longer believe that anti gunners believe their own rhetoric. We are quite convinced that anti gunners real goal is total disarmament of private individuals. And all of the evidence to date backs this up.

    Never once do they offer repeal of any existing laws before trying new laws.

    The systems they have put in place are not utilized for their stated purpose.

    Criminals are not being prosecuted, and are being quickly released with little or no bail.

    Cops repeatedly don’t do their jobs, and try to cover up their failures.

    So no. Those new to this need to STFU and listen to those of us who have been through it. Compromise won’t save you. Saying “NO!” loudly and clearly is the only thing that has a chance. And we need to be prepared to water the tree of liberty when we say “NO!”

  17. What our “friends” on the Fascist Left have overlooked is that, as their rhetoric has gotten more unhinged, reality slid right on past them. Many threats of gun confiscation and “assault weapon” bans spiked gun purchases, starting YEARS ago (remember the articles touting Barry Soetoro as “the greatest gun salesman ever”??). Two solid years of Antifa/BurnLootMurder f***tardery turbocharged that trend (and among what two groups were NEW gun owners most common?? Women and minorities. Oops, kinda shot yourself in the d*** with that one, dincha Antifa/BurnLootMurder?)

    Today we have (i) more guns in private hands than ever before, (ii) more first-time gun owners (hey, everybody (except dacian the stupid and MinorIQ) has to lose their cherry SOMETIME), (iii) more minority gun owners, (iv) more women gun owners (to all of which, I say, “Welcome, gun owners! Looking forward to seeing you at the range, and I can recommend some good training programs!!”).

    So, as usual, the Leftist/fascists are “doubling down on stupid”, and increasing the volume (but not the intellectual content) of their wailing, and making their proposals ever more intrusive . . . to the point where they can’t even get a FRAMEWORK agreed to, for compsomises that would have passed easily seven years ago.

    Sucks to be you, dunnit, Leftist/fascists. My sympathy for your plight is non-existent, and my disdain for your idiocy grows by the day. Now, with crime rates skyrocketing, they want to try to ram this weak-@$$ s*** through??? Good luck with that, Dimocrat hoplophobes.

  18. “ramming through the Democrats’ gun legislation and rigging the Supreme Court to declare them constitutional would mean we’ve exhausted our last lawful appeal and we’d be stuck with strict federal gun control.”

    This would be when the 2A comes into play, and in force. Kool & the Gang said it best, paraphrased. “Assaaaaasssinaaatiooon time! Come on!” Decap strikes abound. If acted upon widespread, they haven’t a chance. All the gloves come off, and there are no restrictions. There only need be a definitive line in the sand, where if crossed, all know it is go time. Collaborators and anyone who even remotely supports them are fair game. Infiltrate their communities and grab them by the belt buckle so they cannot bring their heavy weapons to bear without destroying themselves. The powers that be would never call in airstrikes on their own positions, their sense of arrogance, vanity, and indeed power hungry narcissism is far to great for that to enter into it, and those below them value their families to much to comply.

    In the end, even with 50:1 attrition losses we still have the numbers, and our ranks will swell as they start indiscriminately inflicting casualties on the fence straddlers and even supporters. People trend to getting a little pissed when you kill their family, and you will not simply lose support over it. Those victimized by will in no small part actively turn against you (see separatist regions in the UA for details where exactly that has occurred).

    For the rest, asymmetric warfare is still incapable of being dealt with by regular military forces. Many wars inclusive of a few recent ones have borne this truth out. Learn it. Use it.

    Meanwhile cut their supply chains, raid their supply dumps, delete basic services such as garbage collection, electricity, and water and many will crumple within a week. Inclusive of most mil bases.

    Bearing in mind most bases are nestled inside of communities, communities that by and large resent them being there at all. Some being more openly hostile to that existence than others, speaking from experience. That will grow, leverage it. Even still, most of the military are staunchly on the side of the people, and many upon exiting will be bringing their party toys with them for extra special fun time.

    For our part it is long past time to stop fucking around and bring this back to where the metal meets the meat with ultimate resolve. They are long past being reasoned with, or voted out, with all of the candidate choices being their own party cronies. All while removing the last vestiges of the 3 branch system of governance which by design was supposed to hold animosity towards one another as bulwark against the current trend towards totalitarianism & tyranny. And then we have the literal destruction of the Constitution & BoR that restrains the government all being their current objective.

    It’s time people, wake the fuck up.

  19. What everyone constantly fails to realize is, the Republicans want to take our guns as bad as the DemonicRats do. The DemonicRats just want it right now while the Republicans are willing to do it incrementally. When, even when the Republicans had total control, has a single one of them tried to repeal ANY gun control law.

  20. In your scenario of the military opposing American citizens (and law enforcement for that matter) is it too far fetched to think that a Democratic administration might call in NATO and bring NATO troops to our shores to ‘quell’ the rebellion? This should sound very familiar. We went thru it over 250 years ago. But it’s had to imagine too many countries wanting to send their people to get involved in another country’s civil war. But I wouldn’t put it past the Democrats to call for an outside military force to enforce their will on all of us.

  21. This latest legislation is NOT a compromise. Gun owners got nothing out of it. It is nothing more than a another gun control coup.


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