Amanda Marcotte Tells Us She Doesn’t Understand How the Law Works Without Telling Us She Doesn’t Understand How the Law Works

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Amanda Marcotte
By  BDEngler</a> – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Among the many decisions where the court will likely go full Infowars is New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, a challenge to New York’s law requiring people seeking a concealed carry license to demonstrate “proper cause.” Unsurprisingly, the much-ballyhooed conservative commitment to “states’ rights” only applies when states pass laws that the far-right likes. State legislatures controlled by Democrats have no rights, it seems, to pass laws. It is widely expected that the court will lay waste to New York’s right to regulate guns more stringently than, say, Texas. 

Unfortunately for those committed to the prevention of mass murder, it’s already easy to see how the federal ban on convicted girlfriend-beaters getting guns could face a legal challenge leading directly to an overturn at the Supreme Court. As the Kansas City Star reported on Tuesday, Missouri just passed a law in 2021 preventing “local and state law enforcement from enforcing certain federal gun laws.” And Missouri wants to make sure every man who beats women can collect as much lady-killing firepower as he desires: “[S]tate legislators in 2016 voted to allow convicted domestic abusers to carry firearms.” 

Never let anyone bamboozle you into thinking that GOP enthusiasm for abortion bans is about anything but hating women. It certainly isn’t about “life.” 

While it’s still a little unclear how this could end up in litigation, one should have little doubt about the dangers ahead. Regardless of who sues who, Missouri has set up a showdown over whose law-making power around guns matters more: Congress or the states? And they have a Supreme Court whose answer will likely be, “depends on which government makes it easier to shoot up a grocery store or elementary school.” 

— Amanda Marcotte in Congress May Actually Get Somewhere on Gun Safety — But Republicans’ Misogyny Is Getting in the Way

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  1. This is gonna almost as fun as Nov. 9, 2016, when the Leftist Scum collectively lost their shit for 4 solid years.

    And I’m gonna laughing my ass off for probably just as long…. 😉

    • Makes for fun all staff meetings and water cooler entertainment. Also found a few range buddies from who didn’t go off the deep end. Could be interesting when some of the most opposed to owning a firearm realize they can’t buy a vest for protection and plates are not the easiest to conceal in business casual.

      • She’s not aging gracefully, that’s for sure.

        Looking downright haggard, she is… 🙂

        • Geoff,

          Umm, . . . pardon my lack of chivalry, but Amanda Marcotte was NEVER anything but (on her best day), not hideous. But, no, she’s not aging well. Perhaps, like “The Portrait of Dorian Grey”, all that evil inside just naturally has to come out, somewhere.

    • You’re not kidding, it’s going to be fun to watch. We should have a barbeque. Once it cools off.

    • As far as the rest of the civlised political world is concerned there is nothing even remotely LEFT WING about either of the two main political contenders for power in the USA. Legislation concerning both ABORTION and GUN CONTROL legislation whether you like it or not cut’s across the political divides. Being America the idea of a truly independent JUDICIARY is also somewhat of a mute point. After all those that sit in the highest seats of Judgement are politically selected are they not??

      Meanwhile the entire political SYSTEM, regardless of party of the USA is far more LEFT WING even if they do not know it – just as it is in any modern DEMOCRACY, if that means following QUASI- MARXIST principles than you might think.

      For a start lets take ‘ from each according to his means- to each according to his needs.’ If that’s not bloody taxation I do not know what is [personal taxation was hardly known when MARX wrote his political tome and what there was was pretty damn minimal ] IF UNEMPLOTMENT BENIFIT and HEALTHCARE, if it’s only at the moment a right for the elderly, is not a MARXIST principle I do not know what is. I could say the same thing about State and Federal Funded PUblic Health Initiatives, ditto disaster relief and State Old Age Pensions and these are, as I say, just for starters.

      Every body who disagrees with you and your kind are not, of nessessity, a LEFTIE, a COMMIE or a DEMOCRAT.

      As for myself politically my best description would be ,I think, somewhat to the RIGHT of centre. In other words here in the UK a CONSERVATIVE . But my own opinion whiuch is shared across the whnole spectrum of UK Society is the NOBODY should own any type of firearm without ‘JUST CAUSE’, and that does NOT include self defence, and stringent conditions of LICENSE.

      I can assure you that nobody in the UK or indeed most of the rest of the civilised world thinks that this infringes on their freedom and liberty. Even the Police remain unarmed in the UK though we do have probably THE best trained and selective ARMED POLICE UNITS extant when nessessary.

  2. There’s several States besides MO, that have similar laws on the books about enforcing Fed laws & regulations. My State has had it on the books for several years. We are also a permitless carry, and castle doctrine State. Her fear mongering is unwarranted.

  3. She also doesn’t understand abortion – a higher percentage of women are anti-abortion than men. Or are the women misogynists?

    • “Misogynist”
      I never really heard that word being used prior to the 2016 election cycle. Now it’s everyday. Ask people what the word is for women hating men. People don’t know that word because that isn’t part of the propaganda that’s constantly pushed on us.

      • Not to worry…wacky democRats cannot define what a woman is, one day it’s this and the next day it’s that, whatever fits the narrative. I.E. If an abusive boyfriend slaps his gal pal around all he has to do is put on some lipstick and he becomes a woman. The whole thing winds up being just a squabble between two hens.

      • Misandry – noun
        hatred, dislike, or mistrust of men.

        I had to look it up, I always thought people who hated men were known as lesbians. I think I’ll start calling people misandrists instead.

      • Your comment is awaiting moderation
        Misandry – noun
        hatred, dislike, or mistrust of men.

        • Dammit, Gov!! Would you stop with the whole “common English words”, and “logic” thing??? You know damn well neither of those things has ANYTHING to do with the TTAG “moderation” policy. But, look at the bright side – we get all the on-line hookers, and daily blather from dacian the stupid and MinorIQ, so what are you complaining about???

      • For as much as liberals carp about “mysogyny” they’re fine with misandry – especially when applied against white males – and have made it one of the cornerstones of their orthodoxy.

  4. I guess the Dems bamboozling is about hating men, then?
    Funny since they relish using men to boot women out of sports, business, politics and anywhere else they can cash in on the elitist cache of trendy mental illness.

    • That is pretty close to right. Democrats hate heterosexual white Christian males with a passion. They’ve invented words and phrases to describe us. Things like ‘toxic masculinity’ and ‘patriarchy’ and more.

      And, yet, they insist on electing nominally heterosexual white Christian males to offices of power. I don’t think Joe Biden is black, brown, female, gay, Moslem, Jewish, animist, or whatever.

  5. Firearms ownership and use is enumerated in the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. With the passage of the 14th Amendment after the Civil War, much the Constitution became equally applicable to the states (it’s actually complicated what is and isn’t “incorporated” against the states).

    The Supreme Court has decided that the 2nd Amendment is one of those rights where states are as equally constrained as the federal government. Just like it isn’t legal for a state to ban free speech, it isn’t legal for a state to ban guns.

    The fact that we will have to litigate obviously unconstitutional state legislation forever is a testament to how uncooperative states can be when they don’t like federal law.

  6. Amanda sez: “Never let anyone bamboozle you into thinking that GOP enthusiasm for abortion bans is about anything but hating women. It certainly isn’t about “life.” ”

    And yet, many of those who are most adamantly opposed to abortion are . . . WOMEN!

    This woman is far too typical of Democrats. She views anyone who doesn’t buy into the entire extremist left-wing package as a fascist, a Nazi, a woman-hater, gay-basher, etc ad nauseum. She should grow up, and get a real life.

    Meanwhile – it’s already against the law to beat your woman. It’s already against the law to abuse her, physically, emotionally, mentally, or sexually. Enforce those laws, alright? Lock a man up for a year for slapping her around the first time, he’s got a conviction, he no longer has a right to keep guns in the house. Enforce existing laws, and you’ve got all the tools you need to save lives.

    But we won’t do that.

    • She complains about a law that allows men convicted of abuse to retain their Constitutional protected right to keep and bear arms but refuses to admit that the victim of that abuse ALSO has that Constitutionally protected right to bear arms AND has an established case where she can legitimately claim to have been in fear of her life if that guy shows up at her door again.

      The solution is to encourage her to exercise her right, not to prevent him from exercising his right.

  7. My body my choice for dems only counts for women who want to kill their babies. Or if you want to be sexually immoral. Not if you don’t want to inject an experimental drug that has no effect on the spread of disease. Obviously they want to kill our children, no formula, bill to abort up to 28 days old,crt, experimental drug for disease that doesn’t kill children. Our children are the arrows in our quiver. Ever seen a worthwhile woman happier than when she is with children? Either her own children or grandchildren, or even someone else’s?

    • SOlid stuff, there, Redneck. Someone has their eyes wide open.

      Yes, watcing a woman, or even a young girl, and the ay she takes to children is an amazing thing. That “thing” called a “mommy heart” is sorely lacking in our culture. Much of our “entertainment” (the kind you want to keeo yur growing chidren away from) has been intentionally denigrating this trait, and lifting up the “tough” loner model for girls and women. No wonder so many of them want to kill their babies instead of cuddling, nurtiuring suckling, loving, them. I know thirettn year old young WOMEN who are far more mature, capable, emptionally balanced, and just plain delightful to be around. than many of the “women” being touted in the public sphere. Watching these young ladies and their reactions to people like AOC, Cameltoes, Lightfoot, The Pelosi Unit, the Clinton She Unit, doing their schtick is pretty amusing.. THEY see what these creatures are, and despise them. They also wonder how it ever came about that these creatures are in the positions of power they have usurped.

  8. Marcotte is, and always has been, a shrieking goony bird. She’s been spewing her unhinged bile as far back as the Duke Lacrosse Case, if not earlier.

  9. This is an article from Salon which is a nonpartisan news publication.

    “Salon is an independent publication covering news and politics through a progressive, nonpartisan editorial lens”

    Amanda Marcotte is a senior politics writer at Salon and the author of “Troll Nation: How The Right Became Trump-Worshipping Monsters Set On Rat-F*cking Liberals, America, and Truth Itself.”

  10. And Missouri wants to make sure every man who beats women can collect as much lady-killing firepower as he desires …” — Amanda Marcotte

    Newsflash: a boyfriend/husband who wants to kill his girlfriend/wife can do it easily with a knife, ax, bludgeon, poison, or even his bare hands. Firearm rants in this context are a distraction.

  11. Never let anyone bamboozle you into thinking that GOP enthusiasm for abortion bans is about anything but hating women. It certainly isn’t about “life.” — Amanda Marcotte

    There are countless men who cherish, adore, and support women and babies and thus oppose ending the life of babies in the womb. They truly are in favor of life and most certainly do NOT hate women.

    Ms. Marcotte’s statement is one of endless examples of how Progressives attempt to downright deceive the masses. Note how they always play up the emotional distress of carrying an unwanted baby to full term–and yet never mention the massive emotional distress that eventually comes to virtually every woman who ends the life of a baby in her womb. But remember, according to Progressives, sparing a woman from devastating emotional distress (of realizing that she killed the baby in her womb) is somehow “hateful”.

    This demonstrates how Progressives will go to any length to advance their agenda, whether that is “legalizing” the murder of babies in the womb or criminalizing the ownership and possession of firearms.

  12. Law of the Land: The Constitution of the United States, which ALL the states signed up to, says in no uncertain terms about the government – means federal, state, and local does NOT have the power, permission, or jurisdiction to infringe on the the people’s right to bear arms. Period. Anything else passed by these governments is blatantly unconstitutional and unlawful. People want to change it? Then there is a lawful process for amending the U.S. Constitution that must be followed. Are you listening Supreme Court?

    • even if corrupt politicians think they have brought that pesky Second Article of Ammendment to an end, our RIGHT to arms preexists all government, is given by the same God who gives us breath, and cannot be denied rightly.
      Let them ‘terminate’ that pesky Second…. our RIGHT TO ARMS will remain. Oh, some of us may well face consequences for failing to bow down and worship the nutjobs “in charge”, but that will not change OUR right. Sooner or later, they will ALL be brought into the dock and their own actions judged.

  13. And what use to be “common sense gun control laws “ has become “common sense gun safety laws.” Who’d a thunk it.

    • controlled gun is a safe gun. I try hard to keep BOTH hands firmly on my gun whenever it is not holstered. That is good gun control. I also don’t leave it lying about where anyone happening by can access it. Used to be no issue, but with so many roaming about thinking the world owes them a living AND endless pleasure it now is.

      We DO now one thing for certain.. ALL the recent (past five years or so) brutal criminal acts perpetrated by the misuse of firearms have ALL happened IN SPITE OF some 23,000 laws regulating and restricing GUNS. NOT ONE of those 23,000 gun laws nor all of them together prevented any of those illegal acts.
      Yet the politicians and screaming harpies are on a whinge to invent yet ANOTHER 23,000 restritive gun laws that wont stop any of the violence anyway.
      What was that definition of “insanity”, anyway…. something about doing something………. that something not working…… and continuing to do that same something……… deluding yurself that “this time” it will WORK. They’ve been trying that with socialism and communism for well above a century now And “they” cal US insane?
      Nah. Imma gonna be keepin MY guns right here. They keep failing to DO their job and “keep us safe” (that never has been the job of government anyway) but then tell ME I cannot have the tools best suited to keeing MYSELF safe.
      When will they get that new asylum completed?

    • If she has a gap between her teeth to go with those bangs, she could play Jim Carrey sister in the next “Dumb and Dumber” movie.

      Dumb, dumber, dumbest?

  14. More proof that politically hard-left people have absolutely no understanding of the political right, or even moderates. She has built a straw man of the Republicans that she feels good attacking. Completely detached from reality.

  15. Amazingly stupid. In fact I disagree with laws that take away guns and prevent gun ownership by felons convicted of non-violent crimes. The 2nd Amendment does not say “shall not be infringed except for felons” I would assume someone who was convicted of a non-violent crime could also fear for their lives from a violent intruder. Once someone convicted of non-violent offences has served their time in prison, I would think their rights as citizens should be restored. I am not advocating for the same for a criminal with a violent background, because they are more than likely to obtain any weapon they can illegally anyway.

    • I happen to agree with you. Especially after the debt to society is paid. Frankly, if a violent Felon is enough of a risk that they can’t have there 2nd Amendment rights restored, then why the hell are they being released. Because with a right restored or not, if the felon want a gun, they’ll find a way to get one.

  16. Once again Grace Stevens is ignorant of the issues. The issue before the court is not what you have to put on a NICS application for a firearm because you are disqualified if you have a domestic abuse record. The issue is may issue vs shall issue. Some states will not issue a license because they make you justify why you want the firearm which is unconstitutional (may issue). Other states have to issue you a firearm if you don’t have some form of criminal record or are not an American Citizen, etc. That is the primary issue, Government determining whether or not you can own a gun in the absence of those items that disqualify you on the NICS application. The joke however is that the Government itself, Federal in particular, does not actively pursue each case of lying on the application and also those application turn up a fairly sizeable number of false positives. That is, they disqualify people who should not be disqualified. So even the NICS system has its flaws at both ends of the spectrum.

  17. Considering that 1st time Female firearms owners is one of the main drivers of the current rise in firearms ownership. Her comments about Republican Misogyny getting in the way is quite humorous. Further proof that the Radical Liberal Progressive wing of the Democrat party continues to abandon the Rights women of all races.

  18. How did I guess that the indiocracy of the article would lead me back to Where the dumb congregate and graze on stupid ideas like cattle in a field.

  19. Your hair smells nice.
    Let’s go out for ice cream sometime.
    Do you have an adolescent sister?
    Long live theBiden.

  20. This cop hating Democrat white feminist will be very happy when the big muscular and well-armed male police officers, come to rescue her from a rape gang, that has had their way with her for the past 20 or 30 minutes.

    When seconds count the police are just minutes away. But if she was carrying her own firearm, she wouldn’t have to wait for the police to arrive. And stop the criminals from attacking her.
    Feminists like her are working to keep rape victims disarmed.

    1. Colorado College Advises Students to Urinate, Vomit to Stop Rapists

    2. Colorado Sen. Evie Hudak responds to criticism over comments to rape victim

    A feminist will always be far more comfortable with women being gang raped by men. Instead of the victim shooting to stop their attackers with their own gun.

  21. “[S]tate legislators in 2016 voted to allow convicted domestic abusers to carry firearms.” Why?!? This seems like a group that should be barred. What am I missing?

      • Domestic Abuser = “A person convicted in state or federal court of a domestic violence crime.” There’s no reason to get all bent about the status of the relationship. If there is a conviction then there’s a prohibition. No conviction no prohibition. Want to possess guns, then don’t get convicted of a domestic violence crime.

        • Yup, hows about this.
          Your co habitator wants to get even because your just not the guy she thought you’d be, she has no car and no place to go. So she slaps herself, rips her blouse and calls the law.
          Off to jail you go and no gunms for life over a misdemeanor. And when you get out of jail, your cars gone and so is she.
          That no gunms for life needs to be changed. Even a felon can get their rights back, but not on a domestic violence charge.
          It was a Bill Cliton gunm grab idea anyway. And it works.

  22. “Unsurprisingly, the much-ballyhooed conservative commitment to “states’ rights” only applies when states pass laws that the far-right likes. State legislatures controlled by Democrats have no rights, it seems, to pass laws.”

    And the question here, Amanda, is what?



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