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After yesterday’s snow-shoot video, TTAG commentator DonWorsham kidded me about my restlessness on the range. “Whats with all that movement Far[a]go? You’re going to fall down and shot your eye out!” Don knows why I practice walking and/or running when I shoot: moving is the key to survival in a gun fight. Unless you’re a sniper out of the bad guy’s range, or relatively safe behind genuine cover (not visual concealment), standing still gives your enemy a stationary target. In this video from, the officer somehow got the idea that the hail of lead headed downrange made him invisible to the perp. Why didn’t he take his time and duck in and out of cover, aiming his weapon, waiting for the perp to reload? Our condolences to the wounded officer and his colleague. And a heads-up to everyone else. Move or die. More often than not, it’s that simple.

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  1. The clip at one time showed the officer taking the hit to his shoulder rolling over and being assisted by others. This has been edited out now.

    My son, who is deputy sheriff in Ohio, had only four words in response. “take cover, use rifle.” Guess that says it.

  2. Can’t tell from the report or the video, but it seems like the slain officer was making a soft entry when she was shot and she never had a chance to move nor to return fire.

    For a LEO, “take cover, use rifle” are literally words to live by. For civilians, I paraphrase Cypher in “The Matrix”: “You run. You run your ass off.”

  3. The Deputy that was shot and killed wasn’t making entry into the trailer. She and her partner had looked in the windows and didn’t see anybody or anything so they continued to investigate. When she was shot was when she bent over to take a picture of a shell casing and when she bent over the trailer door opened and he shot her. She never had the chance to even draw her weapon or know what was going on before she was struck.


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