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Kel-Tec’s Sub-2000 carbine is a hit. The inexpensive folding rifle takes standard handgun magazines, shooting bullets with increased velocity and accuracy and minimal recoil. It’s the single best argument against a home defense shotgun for shooters scared shitless by a hand-held cannon (cough women cough). And now Kel-Tec re-re-invents the shotgun. charts the strange ch-ch-ch-changes . . .

“The shotgun bears a stunning resemblance to the South African designed Neostead pump action scattergun. The operator is able to move a switch located near the top of the grip to select the right or left tube, or move the switch to the center to eject a shell without chambering another round. The bull-pup design results in an overall length of only 26″ with an 18.5″ barrel while the bottom eject design makes the firearm truly ambidextrous.”

The best part?

The incredibly short overall length makes it more nimble than a sawed off shotgun, and with a 14+1 capacity you don’t sacrifice ammunition capacity to get a shotty in a small package.

Ammunition capacity is 14+1 with 2 3/4″ shells. The KSG is shown with a factory installed Picatinny rail with flip up sights and a pistol grip. MSRP is not known at the moment, nor is there an expected date of availability.

TTAG will look for this bad boy at SHOT and report. Meanwhile, click here for more pics.

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  1. The bullpup design looks very familiar to their RFB-looks like an adaptation of the same design. Sounds very cool, but I am somewhat leery of having to activate a switch to change tubes in a defensive situation. Very interested in shooting it.

  2. Oh yeah! With 7 shells per tube, the S would have to be hitting the F by the truck load to have to switch tubes, so I’ll take my chances. Plus what is it semi-auto, I don’t see a pump. What exactly cycles the action?

    • Zealot: From the picture it appears to be a slide (pump) action. I don’t see an operating rod/cocking lever/charging handle. If you look at the picture (especially the top one with the model holding the gun) it appears that the slide mechanism is the handguard that wraps around the barrel and both magazines.

  3. Color me confused. If it holds 14 + 1 in a magazine (even if the magazine is internal), why does it need two barrels? Or am I misreading this and it has 2 lever selected 7 round internal magazines?

    • Bob: Yes. Two mags, one barrel.

      I guess the idea being you could have buck or birdshot in one mag and slugs in the other, switching as needed.

  4. I’m not that enamored of fancy shotguns nor am I a fan of bullpup weapons, but I have to admit this one intrigues me. Would be interested in shooting one, although I can imagine the sensation of having a 12 gauge round being fired right next to one’s face could be unpleasant.

  5. I’ll definately want to go hands on with this one. I am not seeing an ejection port. Bottom dumper? That could be an issue in a bullpup and heavy clothing…

  6. That is freakin awesome, but if it hits the stores before 2015 I will be shocked. I have still only seen one RFB in real life (it looked fantastic btw).

  7. We got to handle one of these at Oleg Volk’s last month (he’s the photographer). It’s very handy and fairly comfortable to shoot given it’s a bullpup. We’ll definitely be getting two (his and hers) as home-defense guns when they’re available. From what we understand, dealers can start placing orders for them after the SHOT show.

  8. I was trying to figure out what it reminded me of and then it hit me: It looks similar to the guns used by the Imperial Marines in the move “Aliens.”

    “Game over, Man! Game Over!”

  9. Accroding to the Kel-Tec forum on it (It takes a quick google search to find), it is coming out in 2011, which means you’ll see it on shelves by 2013

    • Update:
      Kel-Tec KSG bullpup Shotgun
      -Yes, it’s civilian legal (18.5″ barrel, 26″ OAL), identical size to the RFB, just a little wider.
      -Cylinder bore 12 gage-2.75″. 14+1 rounds.
      -manually switched dual-tube mag (7 each), switch is behind the grip, at the front of the loading/ejection opening. Switch can be centered to un-chamber a round without re-chambering.
      -bottom ejecting and loading
      -Available 2011
      -MSRP not yet set, but certainly under $1k

  10. @Martin Albright – those were Colonial Marines, not imperial. 😛 And yes, I do see the resemblance to the MP-40 Pulse Rifle. I’d wager good money that these things start showing up on the big and small screen in sci-fi and action movies.

    @Kyle – not terribly surprised that it’s marketed for the general public. I don’t think Kel-Tec would be as big as they are if they only relied on military/LE sales. That market is dominated by FN Herstal and Colt for the most part. I do like the central downward ejection. And if the anticipated price is in the $600 range, I’ll definitely be putting one in the safe when it hits dealer shelves.

  11. I forgot to ask if they are offering the same deal as the viper and barrett combo. I’m interested in the “bullpup and girl in blue T-shirt” combo. I could then take her in my new viper along with the barrett and the bullpup.

  12. my mother, sister, her boyfriend, my wife, my best friend, and i all plan on buying one. i laughed when i saw the picture. the woman looks exactly like my sister!

  13. The MSRP is being given out as being in the lower 800 range. I’m going to also have to try it, but my all time favorite for sentimental reasons will always be my 1897 trench gun with the attached Enfield 1917 bayonet. We still issued those relics to the end of the Charleston Light Dragoons, America’s last cavalry. We disbanded long after we had become a more social organization but can still claim to making the last cavalry charge by US units, when in WWI we charged and routed a group of Polish Uhlans fighting for Germany. Unfortunately horses don’t do well against Maxims. I would see off our last survivor in the late 1970’s when we buried him in Atlanta. He was as I recall a Lt. at the time of the charge and commented that like most Southern cavalry there was a preference for the shotgun but that the trench model of the 1897 was preferred becuase of the bayonet lug that when hooked to the saddle ring with the sling setup made one hell of a fine sickle!

  14. I’ve tried unsuccessfully several times to forward specific information on Neostead comparisons and several other South African military shotguns. Let me know if you are interested or want such things.

    N. Mellen

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