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More than 550 faith leaders have asked President Joe Biden to declare Mother’s Day an occasion for Americans to pray for an end to gun violence.

“While some may throw up their arms and say that this is a battle too large to win, we, an interfaith coalition, made up of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and other faith traditions, remember the miracles of ancient times and remain optimistic that this scourge can be overcome,” said the signatories of the letter organized by the Fellowship of Reconciliation.

Signatories and leaders of the organization that seeks nonviolent alternatives to conflict say that legislation, in addition to prayers, is needed for the country to reach a new juncture in addressing gun violence. They thanked Biden for his signing of a March executive order that increased background checks before firearms sales and urged additional action in the wake of shootings that killed students and staff at a Tennessee school and employees of a Kentucky bank in recent months.

“We appeal to you to declare this Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 14, 2023, to be a national day of repentance, mourning, prayer, and reflection to address the culture of gun violence that is staining our collective soul,” their letter continues. “We ask for our lawmakers and faith institutions to reflect this Mother’s Day on how we are allowing gun manufacturers, the gun lobby, and a culture of gun worship to hold our country hostage.”

Recalling female figures in the Bible, they wrote of Mary, mother of Jesus, who “stood at the foot of the cross witnessing brutality, inhumanity, and death being inflicted on her child.” And, citing the courage of Queen Esther, the letter asked, “Will you squander the demand of this historical time, or go like Esther into the fury to save lives and people?”

Fellowship leaders also pointed out ties that have been found between Christian nationalism and opposition to gun control legislation.

— Adelle M. Banks in Faith Leaders Ask Biden to Mark Mother’s Day With Prayer Day Against Gun Violence


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  1. This is such BS. Sometimes a sheepard must protect his flock by taking up arms, as my ancestors did for the past 350years.

    • The American, broke. jogging culture is fundamentally flawed. It’s defined by fatherless, misogynistic, violent, hyper-sexual grifting, as preferred behaviors.

      Want to live-next door to that? OK. U go grrrl.

    • 550 of the nations faith leaders? Then I read this is ALL faiths together? Very insignificant number. Total BS.

  2. I thought they got rid of mother’s day because it offended birthing and non-birthing persons or non-traditional groomer clans or some other brick on the road to intolerant tolerance.

    • If not for double standards they would have none.
      If not for doublespeak they would have nothing to say.

    • Shire-man,
      That’s exactly what they’re doing here (getting rid of mother’s day). They’re asking for an official declaration that turns Mother’s Day into anti-gun lobby day. They don’t want people to honor mothers. They want people to think about mass shootings. As usual, they’re doing their work under the cover of something you aren’t allowed to complain about. “What, you don’t care about mother’s losing their children to mass shooters? We’re religious! Are you anti-religious, bigot?”

      Yet, in typical left wing fashion, the entire thing is anti-Mother’s Day and anti-Christian. From the article: “In the wake of mass shootings, the constant refrain from these Christian nationalists is only that Americans need to pray more while acting as though it would be sacrilegious to consider any limitations at all on gun access,” said FOR Executive Director Ariel Gold in a statement.

      In case you haven’t noticed, “Christian nationalist” has been used for the past year or two in a derogatory manner in the same vein as “MAGA Republican.” It’s a way for them to put down Christians. “MAGA Republicans” are Republicans who don’t agree with Democrats. What do you think “Christian nationalists” are? Once again, they’re using cover to attack their enemies.

      And what is it we’re supposed to be thinking about instead of honoring our mothers? From the article: how we are allowing gun manufacturers, the gun lobby, and a culture of gun worship to hold our country hostage. In other words, nothing is sacred. Everything has to be political, and those politics must follow left wing orthodoxy.

      • Agreed. This is despicable and robs the significance of the one day every year to honor our mothers. Yeah, just how I want to spend the day in “repentance” and “mourning” about gun violence when all this is a whitewash on not capturing criminals and not putting them away for a long time to keep them away from the majority of law-abiding people.

        • My mom likes gunms. She thinks without gunms we might be really screwed someday. She remembers her brother fighting in WW2 and why he was there.

  3. I too would like to live in a society that is free from violence(gun or otherwise). The problem is that there are LOTS of bad people in this world and individuals need to protect themselves from said people. Simply praying isn’t going to end humans being violent to other humans.

    Making new laws that simply re-state older laws isn’t going to do anything either.

  4. Guns don’t have rights. People do. Your kid has the same human and civil rights that I do. Teach them to use a gun responsibly and safely.

    If you are afraid of a criminal using violence against your child then quit voting for the dems. They’re the criminal party.

  5. why would any faith leader ask Biden to declare anything that’s holy? the man is a Democrat piece of garbage and he’s a spawn of Satan. him and Obama both do nothing but go against God in every way so I’m confused why they would even ask him to declare something like that.

    • Why? Take a look at the usual suspects:

      Signatories on the letter include the Rev. Jesse Jackson of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, Bishop Vashti McKenzie of the National Council of Churches, Rabbi Jill Jacobs of T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, Shane Claiborne of Red Letter Christians and the Rev. Liz Theoharis of Kairos Center for Religions, Rights, and Social Justice.

    • Somebody should cut off your hair Samson.
      Our President Biden is the Greatest President america ever had.
      People who say negative things about Our President are going to be sorry they didn’t say good things.

  6. But, what about knife, fist, baseball and, car volience? Not going to do anything to stop those problems?

    • …and don’t forget abortion, which has been the leading cause of death among children in the U.S. for decades.

      • But child sacrifice is a virtue. Peter Singer, a highly credentialed philosopher, says if abortion is a right, then so is infanticide (he’s for both). He understands that a baby in the womb is just as alive as a newborn. Only the anti-science idiots are still trying to argue about whether or not an unborn child is alive. Singer says just because it’s alive doesn’t mean it has to go on living. It comes down to the preference of the mother because the newborn lacks autonomy. You can see where this leads.

        He teaches bioethics by the way. He also believes humans aren’t any better than other animals. He doesn’t like to eat meat because of the cruelty to animals aspect. Yes, really. Sound familiar?

        • “Singer says just because it’s alive doesn’t mean it has to go on living.”

          I wonder if he feels that there should be an age limit on post-partum abortion.

        • Life is an irrelevant criteria for him. All that matters is if the human fits his definition of a person. Certain young infants or disabled people don’t fit his definition, and therefore, they have no right to life. This type of philosophy leads people to believe that not only are humans no better than any other animal, they may even be worse. Singer believes it would be wrong to kill an adult chimpanzee, but fine to kill a newborn or an adult with Alzheimer’s or certain disabilities.

          In order to be a person, you must be self-aware, autonomous, etc. You often see this same argument used by pro-abortionists.

        • “…should be an age limit…”

          You mean like, he’s not too old yet? Or maybe it’s flipped the other way, and he’s too old to be of any use to society? Either way, I wonder whether he would argue for us to throw him out of the lifeboat?

          Grub first, then ethics.

  7. This is a good example of why the church is fading away. Much to the great Danger that this places to the United States. As well as the rest of the western world. They’re not following what the Bible States, with the many examples of righteous self-defense. And especially the open carry of arms. Because back in the day, an honest person openly carried their arms. Only a criminal would conceal carry.

    And people need to read the Bible for themselves. That is what Martin Luther said 500 years ago. Please DO NOT rely on a “church leader” to tell you what the Bible says. And DO NOT rely on an atheist, to tell you what the Bible says either.

      • Any Europhile in America needs to move and go live over there. Permanently. And they should be banned from being able to come back to the United states.

  8. Oh thats rich, religious organizations wanting to stop violence.
    Miracles. Like walls of Jericho, or an angel protected me while I was killing muslims, christian’s, jews or buddhist.
    Gimme some of that old time religion. Uhh huh

    • possum…A funeral for an atheist is one where the deceased gets all dressed up and goes nowhere.

      • Funerals, regardless of the beliefs of the guest of honor ain’t for the guest of honor. They’re for the other folks still above ground.

        • I’ve been to way too many and I can tell you not one has been about me, for me or anyone else attending. If it were about those above ground I wouldn’t show up.

      • Good joke DebbieW.
        To eliminate confusion I am not an atheist however.
        Organizations tend to control those whom are members of the organization and condemn those that do not belong.

      • I think they’ve been taking other “medicinal substances”.

        But some are also blinded by their faith.

  9. Source; “Religion News Service”?????
    I’m about to drop TTAG all together for trying to make up content out of nothing. All the things in the world firearms, sporting, hunting and defense and this is what they choose to write about? This is literally as bad as over hearing two people at the supermarket and creating an anti-article about it.

  10. How about first we release the manifesto from the tran-nee Nashville murderer?

    • Followed by the Louisville shooter whose writings show his actions were to demonstate how easy it was for a nutcase to purchase a firearm. Done on the behalf of giving Gun Control a Push following Nashville. Fitting to label it Gun Control Violence which is probably why Gun Control zealots are laying low on Nashville and Louisville and worse, pro Gun orgs. are just as silent.

  11. Someone steals an SUV and plows through a schoolyard full of kids. Do we blame Ford, the dealership that sold the truck. the vehicle itself, or the person committing the crime?
    Someone shoots up a school and the idiots blame the hardware instead of the person who committed the crime.
    Any act of violence is by the hand and mind of the person committing the crime. The hardware is nothing but the tool used. Are people killed with other implements any less dead than those killed with a firearm?

    • “Are people killed with other implements any less dead than those killed with a firearm?”

      No — it’s just that their deaths can’t be used to promote the narrative.

      • Well, they DO hate autos and are going to force you into a silly damn POS EV (or walking).

    • “Are people killed with other implements any less dead than those killed with a firearm?”

      Sometimes. 45 ACP has entered the chat.

  12. Left’s definition of “Faith Leader” only means faith in ‘Govt’ and outlawing all firearms.

    • To paraphrase my risen LORD JESUS: They say they are Christ’s but are not but are the church of satan. Sell your cloak. Buy a sword!

  13. If they were true “faith leaders” they would know that the Bible says violence and evil will always be a part of this world…That is until it ends by Gods hand…Folks this Earth was given to Satan, for a season, by God, to test the faith of all…God will decide when to end that reign one day…Protect yourselves and your loved ones as best as you can UNTIL THEN..

  14. Guns don’t have rights dumbass.

    People have the right to the most capable means of defense and that tool just so happens to be a gun.

    Also, “rights” are nothing but some make believe thing that can be erased just as easily as it was written on a piece of paper. So what is stopping them from doing so? Oh yea… armed revolution, that’s right.

  15. What about we, an interfaith coalition, made up of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and other faith traditions, that truly believe that we have a duty to protect ourselves, our families and friends from the woke propaganda that is broadcast at us on most every form of media in this country.

  16. Leftist “faith” leaders? That is an oxymoron if there ever was one.

  17. ‘Recalling female figures in the Bible, they wrote of Mary, mother of Jesus, who “stood at the foot of the cross witnessing brutality, inhumanity, and death being inflicted on her child.”’

    I am a Christian. I am a gun owner. Jesus didn’t die by the gun. So they’ve proven it’s not the gun, it’s the evil people.

  18. Hummm…..isn’t asking the President to declare a ” National Day of Prayer” a direct violation of the same Constitutional Amendment these so called Religious “leaders” are so hide behind??
    Maybe if these “leaders” were more apt to teach their flocks the idea of “Thou Shall Not Kill” the world would be a safer place.

  19. It is not the firearm that is a threat to society it is wke Moonbat Soros D.A.s who refuse to enforce the law and gun free zones. We don’t have a gun violence problem, we have a criminal violence problem. What about those unregulated motor vehicles used to plow down dozens of innocent people at a time??? Or the drunks that get behind the wheel and inflict mayhem upon the community??? Has anyone yet blame Ford or Toyota or Jim Beam or Coors??? If you want to control crime enforce the law and stop infringing upon the 2nd Amendment. And instate the death penalty for anyone who takes a life with malice.

  20. Unfortunately what this Stupid Idiot ( Biden) wants to do is not going to solve the problem.

  21. How about declaring it a day to honor genuine women and mothers over “trans” men pretending to be women and birthing persons? Oh wait, that’s not the Democrat voting base, is it? They have to appeal to “wokeness” and their socialist agenda.

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