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We love dedicated suppressor hosts! For the last couple years, chopping down the barrel length on Ruger Mark series .22 LR pistols short enough that the addition of a silencer brings it back to “normal” length has become increasingly popular. That has all been done aftermarket, though, at great expense and complication. No more! Enter the SSH, also known as the Ruger Mark IV Silencer Shop Host. Silencer Shop’s press release follows . . .

Silencer Shop Announces Suppressor-Optimized Ruger Mark IV Silencer Shop Host (SSH)

Austin, TX (05/05/2023) – Silencer Shop announced a new firearm in collaboration with Ruger, the Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Silencer Shop Host (SSH). Available exclusively at Silencer Shop, the SSH builds on the famous Ruger Mark IV platform and is optimized for use with a suppressor. 

The Ruger Mark IV SSH features a 3” cold hammer forged threaded barrel with a 1” profile to match most .22lr suppressors. This barrel length is designed to stabilize all .22LR ammunition and to keep velocities subsonic to maximize suppression. The Ruger SSH is equipped with rubberized grips, ambidextrous safety, and a Picatinny accessory rail for mounting optics.  

The blued alloy steel receiver ensures durability and longevity and includes a special edition laser-engraved Silencer Shop logo. The full-size frame integrates serrated front and back straps and checkered 1911-style grip panels. The Ruger Mark IV SSH includes three 10-round magazines and is packaged in a hard-sided carrying case. 


    • Comfortable, precision-molded polymer grip frame with a serrated front strap and checkered back strap
    • Cold hammer-forged barrel results in ultra-precise rifling that provides exceptional accuracy and longevity
    • Ergonomic bolt stop
    • Checkered, 1911-style grip panels for a great appearance and comfortable, non-slip hold
    • Internal cylindrical bolt construction ensures permanent sight-to-barrel alignment and higher accuracy potential than conventional moving-slide designs
    • Contoured ejection port and easy-to-grasp bolt ears allow for durable and reliable operation round after round
    • Factory-installed Picatinny rail for easy mounting of optics
    • Ambidextrous manual safety can be converted to left side only with included washer
    • Conveniently located push-button magazine release on the left side of the frame
    • Magazine disconnect prevents discharge when the magazine has been removed
    • Three 10-round magazines.


    • Length: 7″
    • Height: 5.5″
    • Width: 1.22″
    • Weight: 29 oz
    • Barrel Length: 3″
    • Receiver Material: Alloy Steel
    • Grip: Polymer, Checkered 1911-Style
    • Finish: Blued
    • Grooves: 6
    • Twist: 1:16 RH

For additional assistance, contact us at [email protected] or 512-931-4556.

About Silencer Shop: Silencer Shop, founded in 2010, is the nation’s largest NFA distributor and processor. Silencer Shop is responsible for submitting more than half of all ATF Form 1 and Form 4 applications annually. The Powered by Silencer Shop dealer network extends across America, with more than 5000 participating dealers, strengthening local gun stores, and giving responsible gun owners the easiest method to purchase NFA items. To learn more visit

For all media or press inquiries, please contact Silencer Shop Marketing at [email protected]

About Ruger: Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. With products made in America, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 40 product lines, across both the Ruger and Marlin brands.


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  1. Most of the ammo in the ballistics by the inch listing shows that 22lr would be subsonic at 3″ barrel length for most loadings if not 4″.

    I certainly question the need for a 1″ barrel in this case. I think I’d rather just buy an integral upper honestly.

    • I think they are talking barrel diameter, but I agree that I’d like an integral silenced upper if they’re about the same cost.

    • Specs in the article are 1″ profile, 3″ barrel. Looks about right from the pictures given the extension back into the upper receiver.

      Would be very interested if they eventually offer this as an upper only that could be used with a lower that you have already been pouring Volquartsen parts into for a few years; have enough lowers already.

      • You’re right. Whoops, reading is hard.

        Still thinking I”d rather have an integral with a skinny barrel. Even if it was the same weight (and not a slight savings) I’d think you could make better use of that area as blast chamber.

      • The upper in the Ruger MKs is the serialized part. It would need to be shipped to an FFL, form 4473 filled out, and state appropriate background check/waiting period performed. I don’t think Ruger has ever issued a stripped down firearm that didn’t include the grip frame, bolt, and magazines.

  2. “Suppressor Optimized” sounds like the same silliness as ‘optics ready’ to me.

    This looks more like a snub nose Mark. The barrel was a major point of interest for me when I purchased my MkIII. What’s funny is I can put a suppressor on that just as easily as this one and I’d likely get better accuracy. It’s optics ready too.

  3. Shooting any of my .22 pistols with a suppressor I notice a fireball and pop spewing out of the ejection port because they are blowback. If companies wanted to be truly innovative they would create a delayed .22 to make sure most of the gasses and noise go through the suppressor. The only real option at this point is a bolt or lever action which is typically only offered in rifle format.

    • For me, a better option would be a lever to flip and lock the bolt from cycling.

      The same thing could be accomplished by a hole running through the frame and bolt. That way, the shooter could simply slide in a pin to lock the action when desired…

      • My dad’s first rifle was a Stevens 22LR semiauto that had a locking bolt. He bought it when he was 12. It had a ribbed knob on the side, for cycling the action, that would lock it in place if you pushed it in about a quarter inch. That rifle just loves Remington golden hollow point bulk back cartridges. I refinished the stock, and used it to teach my wife how to handle and shoot rifles. One of my brothers has it now, and I hope he’s taking care of it.

      • I’ve been thinking this myself. I have a couple of Squires Bingham/Armscor 20P kits I want to build and this is what goes through my mind.

      • Rubber bands around the back and in front of the trigger gaurd, theyll eventually work loose, or on a Ruger you can hold it closed with your thumb

  4. I would never ever buy a pistol that doesn’t have iron sights. Years ago I cut several MKII target models down & threaded them 1/2×28 before Ruger made suppressor ready models. I left the barrel just long enough to re-mount the front sight. Then I made custom knurled thread protectors .875” diameter. I always wondered why their front sight screw was threaded 6-40 instead of the industry common 6-48.

  5. Suppressed weapons are kind of cool, but you give up a lot of ballistics. When shooting feral hogs in a trap with a suppressed Ruger MK II the subsonic rounds would often glance off the skull. It is a very short barrel. The suppressor just makes it look long. Not so much with the suppressed 10/22. It works ok. Not my guns, just what I had available to kill the pigs with at the time. Obie’s Winchester 94/22M was the shit. A pig might as well go ahead and crawl on the grill. It isn’t quite, but it is deadly.


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