LeBron James Hires Armed Guards For His Family While Promoting Gun Control For Yours
AP Photo via Houston Chronicle.
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NBA star LeBron James loves his family, naturally enough. And when bad guys recently targeted them, he took steps to keep them safe. Specifically, the Los Angeles Lakers dribbler brought in some heavy-duty firepower – a whole team of armed guards. He’s taking “every possible measure” to protect his loved ones, as would anyone.

Meanwhile, as far as the little people are concerned, LeBron says “there is no room for guns.”  And he wants to increase penalties for carrying firearms – “legal or illegal.”

LeBron James Hires Armed Guards For His Family While Promoting Gun Control For Yours

Yes, the hypocrisy of gun control advocates like James, shooting a full-auto machine gun above, knows no bounds. Gun control for thee, but never for me. We’ve seen it plenty of times before. Civilian disarmament doyenne Shannon Watts is protected by armed guards, just like David “Camera” Hogg.

Incredibly, even Chicago’s anti-gun priest, Father Michael Pfleger, has armed guards. Of course, Pfleger claims he has no armed bodyguards. Yet despite Pfleger’s prevarications, one of his favorite bodyguards caught was arrested for carrying a gun without a license not long ago. Right on the steps of Fr. Pfleger’s church.

If anti-gunners didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any at all.

If gun control is such a noble pursuit, why don’t they practice what they preach? Why do they have to lie and conceal the truth if the cause of gun control is so righteous?

No doubt Shannon Watts, Alyssa Milano and David Hogg will claim they need armed good guys. Why? To protect them from violent, deplorable gun owners, of course. But they’re drinking too much of their own Kool-Aid. If gun owners were half as violent as they claim, logic dictates there would be no gun control advocates left.

So former Cleveland Cavaliers baller LeBron touts gun control for the little people while hiring a platoon of guards to patrol his palatial Los Angeles estate.

TMZ has the story.

LeBron James has beefed up security at his L.A. home in a major way — bringing a team of armed guards to patrol his house after learning he was targeted by a team of burglars.

As we previously reported … the LAPD arrested 4 people who had hit more than 24 homes of the rich and famous, including Yasiel Puig, Rihanna, Christina Milian and others.

Cops say the bad guys had a list of 12 more celebrity targets — including LeBron, Matt Damon and Viola Davis.

The TMZ story goes on to read, “LeBron is taking the situation very seriously…and is taking every possible measure to protect his family.”

Don’t the rest of Americans deserve the same for our families?

While the NBA’s “King” might have the resources to pay ten or twelve armed guards to patrol his property, most of us don’t. Nor do we live in the ultra-high-end part of town.

In the end, LeBron James stands as yet another hypocritical celebrity hack, advocating that everyone – except his fellow elites, of course – live on the gun control plantation. He should shut up and dribble.

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  1. Do WE deserve the same? Not according to the high and mighty and politicians, etc. The utter hypocrisy seems lost on them, or they see themselves as — I guess obviously — superior to us, in a very different world. Except when it comes to crime, they are not. Thus, THEIR guards and guns … This is a fight we need to always fight, because they will not stop coming for our guns, for OUR right to defend ourselves and our loves ones.

    • Let us all kiss Ok THe shooting Gurage or The Gun store is were thi FH shot the MG in Vegas.a Hypocrite for Hilaye and Bill on a new me too#campaign #message and hopeful F:LOTUS run again, campaign trail along with Taylor Swift after the 11-06-018 midterm election cycle..The KIck off will begin in Broward CO FL.

  2. Will Mr. LeBron pay for guards for my family?
    Gee thanks mister. I can’t afford it on my salary.

    • “Will Mr. LeBron pay for guards for my family?”
      If you listen to the grabbers, the answer is “Yes.”
      Those guards are called Law Enforcement Officers, or Police. These are the armed guards we rely on when we need their protection.
      Of course, they don’t see the hypocrisy of claiming they need the services of the guards 24/7 yet we can get along with a response time that ranges from 10-15 minutes to hours. To them, that’s OK because they are more important than we are.
      The real hypocrisy is that many of these people with 24/7 armed protection rail against those who think they are more important than everyone else.

      • ~~ There’s a book: “Dial 0-1-1 And Die”, in which there’s about 2 court cases for every state wherein the courts have determined the cops are in NO way req’d to respond to a 9-1-1 call.
        Their job is NOT to prevent crime, but to investigate it after the fact.
        That they do respond is SOMETIMES a blessing, but as often NOT, and by that we can conclude the only time they prevent “crime” is when they shoot an innocent, usually unarmed person is when they “fear for their lives”, which I can understand, seeing
        these illiterate insouciants, or vice-versa, cant even go on a donut run without backup….

        • CIVIL war is here.MOLON LABE Come and Take it African First Niggas ! The over burden of proof that the Bump Stock law in FL will stop gun crime, is beginning of gun control via the States, but again The NRA will challenge it as Brett Kavanaugh will through it out! Lebron can throw away his money to a better cause then Defying a Bill of right given to Mankind by God !

  3. “Shut up and dribble.” Exactly.

    You are also right about him doing a good job keeping “his people” on the plantation. The gun control plantation.

  4. Dems/libs …hypocrites…
    fine with 600,000+ abortions…but not gun deaths…go figure

  5. And yet fucking hypocrite #KingJames loves him some M249 SAW action:

    • I wonder why so many “gun owners” support Machine Gun ownership for rich people???
      But they don’t support Bump Stock ownership for poor people.

      Maybe they really don’t believe the Second Amendment is for protecting yourself from a tyrannical government. They think it’s only about hunting or Three Gun. And they really support the 1934 NFA law. They just won’t admit it in a public forum.

      It was Obama who sent thousands of select fire M16s to thousands of police departments all over the country.

      Bump Fire Black Rifle vs Machine Gun YouTube

    • obama was big on the militarization of police…until they started using some of that stuff against black people…then it suddenly became a big no-no….go figure…..

  6. Oh piffle nothing new here lets move on.
    Just another overpaid person playing a child’s game.
    Hes one of the reasons I gave up watching or going to ANY professional sports game since the mid 70s.
    I refuse to help support these type of people in any manner.
    I dont have any kids. If I did. I wouldnt want my kid to look up to any of these klownz,

    • If only we could get a few million more like you and I to completely boycott professional sports. Then these self absorbed goons would see how much their ‘skillz’ are actually worth and how moronic and utterly worthless their opinions truly are.

      I have so little respect for most professional atheletes that it would give me no small amount of joy to see the entire industry collapse.

      • With me it all started with Reggie Jackson and the Yankees. He was signed to a multi million year contract. To do what??? Something up till then a guy like Willy Mays got what $50K from the Mets!!!!!!!!!!!! Same with Mantle etc. Maybe 50K was alot even then but millions for a kids game……No way.
        Shameful. Id have played for free back then……………..Hell I did.

        • The baseball ‘strike’ did it for me.

          Millionaire owners and millionaire players were arguing about money…

        • +1 on the 97 strike. I never looked back. Been to 2 games since and that was part of a company outing.

        • Mantle made a top salary of $100,000 in his prime. I don’t know what Mays or any of the others back then made, but it’s ridiculous that today’s players make millions and most are nowhere near as good as Mantle, Mays, etc. I know times and salaries change, but they have priced the “average” fan out of the sport.

  7. Raise you hand if your shocked that some pro-gun control celebrity is hiring armed security for himself and his family.

    note: If your hand is up, you need to tap yourself with a tack hammer stat!

  8. Shut up and dribble? Sounds to me as if he is already “dribbling” (down his chin). Moreover, he hired armed guards to protect his PROPERTY from burglars–not one word that they were ARMED burglars or that these were home invasion robberies.Most burglars break in when you are not there. I guess he doesn’t want to lose his championship rings, though why a safety deposit box or a really good safe won’t do escapes me.

  9. Yeah and James thinks his opinions are important. A proud GED hs graduate who hates us little people. It’s pretty EZ to never watch the NBA. Sure hope da Bears don’t kneel…

    • This guy has always been a joke. Hes no king, at best a court jester. Haven’t watched any professional sports in years, besides the NHL. Pro basketball, football, and baseball are dead to me.
      No one should be surprised hes a hypocrite.

  10. I’ve been contemplating how to craft some state legislation in Washington that would either ban armed security for individuals or their families outright, or make it so onerous to jump through the hoops that it would be nearly impossible to do. Our state constitution guarantees the right to bear arms in defense of oneself (the WA constitution is far less vague and much stronger than 2A in this respect) but goes on to state that this right in no way guarantees a right for people or corporations to employ private armies.

  11. I stopped watching NBA thugs about 20 years before I stopped watching NFL thugs..

    I’d love to see a law passed that if you publicly advocate for gun control, and hire private security, you have to pay a “hypocrisy tax” of one million dollars, per armed guard, per eight hour shift.

    I know it would never pass, and possibly wouldn’t survive survive constitutional scrutiny, but one can wish.

  12. ‘And he wants to increase penalties for carrying firearms – “legal or illegal.”’ – Um… there are no penalties for carrying firearms legally to increase.

    • He’s a sub 80 IQ moron who can bounce a ball.
      What makes you think he understands how the law works?

  13. ‘No doubt Shannon Watts, Alyssa Milano and David Hogg will claim they need armed good guys.’

    Alyssa Milano’s been huffing a lot of jenkem lately.

      • To be fair, I don’t have personal knowledge that it’s actually jenkem that she’s been huffing, but I use the term as a generic reference to any mind altering, stupefying substance. Whatever it is she’s huffing, I’m sure it’s some nasty shit though.

  14. “Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. . . . They think, deep in their hearts, that they are better than we are because we had to discover the compensations and refuges of life for ourselves. Even when they enter deep into our world or sink below us, they still think that they are better than we are. They are different.”

    — F. Scott Fitzgerald

    • They can live in their self absorbed fantasy land but when their day of reckoning comes, which it will, it comes down to simple numbers of people and firearms, which is what they fear most. All the armed guards in the world will be useless at that point.

      • If the shit hits the fan, I doubt the armed guards are going to be hanging around the James estate. Those guys have families, or at the least, personal property that they would need to attend to. It’s the same idea with police. The other shoe drops, the cops are staying home protecting theirs…

    • “They were careless people…. – they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together and let other people clean up the mess they had made”

      – F. Scott Fitzgerald

  15. People like LeBron James are why Black Guns Matter will have a mission far into the future. Racist gun control laws are a problem that is currently being over come in at least Red States.

    But it’s the black unelected leadership and black government Bureau Rats and are the biggest block to Liberty in the black community. Malcolm X called Blacks like James “traitors to your Race”. And I say the same thing about these hypocrite race traitors.

    • Malcolm X a very misunderstood hero. An untold or slightly hidden but great event in American history, The Black Panther Party of the 60’s, and the persecution of it by the U.S. .gov

      • If the shoe fits wear it. If it doesn’t fit, then don’t worry about it.

        It’s very easy to criticize black people when they’re wrong. But for some reason when you try to criticize a white homosexual when they are wrong, all of a sudden it becomes wrong to criticize them.

        I wonder why???

  16. A well regulated Police State being necessary to the security of the Social Elite, the right of the super rich to hire and employ heavily armed security, shall not be infringed

  17. Hey, I’m important, and you racist white people (all whites are racist, if they aren’t me) just need to hurry up and die. That’s why you don’t need guns.

  18. LeBron James [has to] hire armed guards to protect his family due to the violence in America,Even though he opposes guns. Twist of words

    • so he thinks that he deserves protection than you and I. just like Obama thought so etc.

      The data show that celebrities, sports figures, the wealty left who almost always have armed guards yet oppose your right ot have a firearm, and politicians are LESS not more likely to be victimized, so don;t say he is a bigger target, He is not.

    • LeBron James [has to] hire armed guards to protect his family due to the violence in America Even though he opposes guns.

      Only about 18% of criminal violence is with guns.
      Civilians with guns prevent about 8 times as many crimes as committed with guns.

      What LeBron james doesn’t care about in his selfishness and hypocrisy is for example a 5’1″ woman attacked by two guys, or the average person attacked by a knife wielding criminal. Why does he want the victims to be disarmed??

      • OK, stay with me, Frank. It’s because he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the 5’1″ woman being attacked by two guys or someone being attacked by a knife wielding criminal. You see, IT’S ALL ABOUT HIM. Class dismissed.

        • It costs Facebook $20,000 a day to provide security (personnel, services, etc) for Mark Zuckerberg, for reference.

          In his eyes, because we can’t afford such things, we should just die, I guess.

          Similar situation in Japan actually. Firearms are de facto illegal over there. However, it’s no secret that the big industrialists have armed security.

      • Not disagreeing on the wealthy and falsely entitled. I was giving an example of media double speak. My opinion of over paid sports players is, “its the fans who’ve put them their”. WithvTrump holding a replica of a black powder rifle one day then okaying a bumpstocks ban the next, along with all the media I’m trusting little on the Constitution

      • He’s a moron. Why anybody pays ANY attention to someone whose only lifeskill is chasing balls up and down a court is beyond me.

  19. If it makes it more holy, I will pay myself $1 a year to carry fully automatic weapons to protect my house.

  20. “But if there’s some stipulations behind it or some penalties, some big-time penalties or rules or regulations about carrying firearms, legal or illegal, people will second-guess themselves.”
    -LeBron James

    Pentalies for people who carry legally . . . yyyeeeaaaa.

  21. You know I lives in a fancy mansion, keeps a private jet and have a platoon of armed guards at my disposal. Y’all busters are my lessers. Put another way, I am your better. I need guns because I am important. Y’all don’t need them because you’re not. You could disintegrate right now and the world wouldn’t stop or care. If I went away, the world would stop and take notice with accolades pouring in from every corner of my globe. Y’all lessers are busters, and you can’t see me!

  22. A year or two ago, Kim K answered the whole armed guards bit that we push. She claimed her bullyboys supported gun control and were “highly trained”.

    Now yeah, grant it, there’s definitely some ex-military or ex-SWAT guys making a great living doing private security, but the realistic thing is that private armed security personnel are no more well-trained than law enforcement for the most part. Basically their role is to be mass with a gun.

    Also, consider this, some of these guys choose to forgo the hassle of hiring trained professionals and just outsource the work to their “boys”.

    LeBron and the like are jokes though. They act as if their own lives are more valuable than ours. Hey LeBron – when you die, you’ll look just like I will when I die. In the end, we’re all worm food.

  23. ILake County Examiner: Lakeview, Oregon for Wednesday, February 18h, 2018

    In Agreement

    I’m in 100 percent solidarity and agreement with Sharon Fitzgerald’s Wednesday, Jan. 31 Lake County Examiner letter: “Boycott Super Bowl.” Lets call it for what it really is, “The Stupor Bowl!” If the football fanatics of America who maintain a meth type addiction to football, sports, and athletics would instead divert the same time, effort, and money (citizen activism) in holding our elected state legislators in Salem (Bolshevik legislators?) and our treasonous repeat offenders in Congress in Washington, D.C. accountable, we collectively could “take back” our state and republic!”

    Perhaps this addiction to sports is best confronted by Charlotte Iserbyt’s YouTube video: “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.” No, football, sports, and athletics have absolutely no link to freedom, liberty, personal autonomy, safety and protection of community, and being an armed deterrent to criminal and outlaw activity. Historically what does though is the Second Amendment and private gun ownership. This is deliberately ignored, censored and concealed from the masses via our government controlled socialist public schools, colleges, universities, and academia who walk in lockstep with the establishment news media. Perhaps Thomas Jefferson stated it best:

    “A strong body makes a strong mind. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise, and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks.”

    James A. Farmer, Merrill

    Merrill, Oregon in Klamath County is a semi-rural farming community of about 860 local
    residents located 21 miles south-east of Klamath Falls along Highway 39.

  24. Definitely agree he’s being a hypocrite. But if he should shut up and dribble (do his job), shouldn’t everyone who isn’t a paid political commentator shut up and do theirs? We’ve all voiced our opinions on this stuff. But let someone tell us to shut up and do our jobs. We wouldn’t like it very much. The First also covers those with foot-in-mouth syndrome. Exhibit A: hypocritical gun control advocates.

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