Our friends down under have to contend with what we’d consider horribly restrictive gun control laws. A buyer has to show a legitimate need before he can purchase a .22 rifle. Good luck trying to get your hands on a pistol. But as a Melbourne Herald Sun article details, they have one gaping loophole big enough to accomodate a Holden Caprice. You can get around a charge of possession of an unregistered handgun just by filing off the serial number. At least you can in the state of Victoria. Unlike in the US, they evidently haven’t made possession of a gun which has had the serial number removed a crime in and of itself. Which is curious given that they’ve enacted just about every other anti-gun law you can think of short of an outright ban. Oh, and about that jury-rigged laser on the Glock in the photo above…two words. Crimson Trace.


  1. Just goes to show how a blanket rule maker’s job just never seems to be done. The criminals always have the enterprising in their midst.


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