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One of the biggest elections for a Governor’s race is in Georgia where voters will decide whether to keep Republican Gov. Brian Kemp or replace him with Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams. It’s a rematch from four years ago and this time, the #GUNVOTE will play a critical role in deciding the winner.

Election Day is less than three weeks away and the two gubernatorial candidates faced off in a debate to tell Peach State voters where they stand on the issues, including the Second Amendment.

Gov. Kemp’s Results

The Second Amendment played a prominent role in the only debate between incumbent Gov. Kemp and challenger Abrams. Gov. Kemp has made firearms and protecting Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Georgians a hallmark in his first term. He’s not only recruited firearm industry businesses to relocate into Georgia that are creating jobs but he also ushered through and signed into law major Second Amendment legislation, like Constitutional Carry.

Gov. Kemp highlighted why taking those political stands are important to all law-abiding Georgians. Georgians, like the rest of America, are buying record numbers of firearms and shattering gun owner stereotypes.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (AP Photo/Megan Varner )

“We’re going after the people that are doing these gun-related crimes. And the largest-, fastest-growing segment of the population that’s buying handguns and firearms is African Americans and females,” Gov. Kemp told viewers. “You know why? Because the criminals are the only ones that do have the guns.”

That statement is supported by firearm industry retail data noted in media, showing a significant growth in gun purchases by African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and women. Overwhelmingly, these buyers told retailers they were lawfully purchasing firearms for self-defense.

Gov. Kemp also highlighted the endorsement of several law enforcement organizations of his campaign. Abrams, couldn’t point to a single one, due to her support of soft-on-crime prosecutors and defund the police policies.

Abrams Anti-Gun Approach

Abrams ran against Gov. Kemp four years ago and her antigun platform hasn’t changed much since, even while law-abiding Georgians have purchased firearms in large numbers since that race. All told, more than 1.4 million Georgians have bought a firearm since 2020, according to NSSF-adjusted NICS data.

During the debate, Abrams attempted to blame the lawful firearm industry and Gov. Kemp for the rising crime across the state.

“Gang crime is up. Gun violence is up. Street gangs are one part of the problem but we have a governor who has weakened gun laws in this state, flooded our streets with guns by letting dangerous people get access to these weapons,” Abrams said.

Criminals do not get firearms legally from retail after passing a National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) verification, according to recent FBI data. Those convicted of crimes involving firearms admit to obtaining them illegally, including through theft and the black market.

Abrams vowed to repeal Georgia’s Constitutional Carry law. There’s more. She’d also push strict gun control, including enacting universal background checks for private firearm transfers and imposing so-called “red flag” laws lacking Due Process rights protections. She describes these proposals as “obvious and the common-sense gun safety rules that do not infringe upon anyone’s ability to carry.”

Not to worry… she has plans for criminals too. Just not good ones.

She would also enact a “clean slate” program that would wipe out offender criminal records if they don’t commit further crimes in a set time period.

Early voting in Georgia has already begun and Election Day is less than three weeks away. The #GUNVOTE will play a critical role in the outcome of Georgia’s gubernatorial race and voters will cast their ballot accordingly so they don’t risk their rights.


GunVote Lead

Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. “Leadership is about empathy. It’s about having the ability to relate to and connect with people for the purpose of inspiring and empowering their lives.”
    This quote is exactly what Gov Kemp has done. He has shown empathy for all citizens of Georgia and he definitely has the ability to relate to and connect with people for the purpose of inspiring and empowering their lives.
    The honorable Gov Kemp clearly demonstrated this by signing legislation that gave every Georgia citizen the right granted to them via the 2nd amendment which is the right to self protection when he signed the Constitutional Carry legislation into law.
    The Governor’s opponent is simply blaming him for her lack of empathy for the good citizens of Georgia. It is clear that she would rather keep the company of criminals pleased vs the citizens of Georgia.

  2. “A Thriving Life” brought to you by the people who last year said you should euthanize your pets to save money and this year you should abort your unborn child to save money.

    Save money in an inflated market their policies helped create.

    Sorry I jacked your bills up 40% but just kill your kids and pets and you’ll be able to afford oil this winter.

  3. Stupid politically inept history illiterates vote democRat. Only thing worse are Gun owning slackers who do not vote.

  4. It seems many of you on this list were right, the school shooting at Uvalde was indeed a false flag.

    There is evidence now that the police were indeed told to stand down and not enter the school, even as the mass shooter was killing kids.

    I must apologize for doubting the accuracy of those here on this list who have repeatedly stated that the police have been ordered to stand down for mass shootings, there is verifiable proof that that was exactly the case in Uvalde.

    The Texas department of public safety, under the direct control of Governor Abbott, intentionally blocked the SWAT rescue team from going in to save the children.

    “A Texas state police captain tried to delay a law enforcement team entering the classrooms to end the Robb Elementary massacre and is now among those under investigation after an account from someone at the scene that he ordered his officers to stay out of the school in the initial response to the shooting, sources tell CNN.

    CNN has obtained a new audio recording of Capt. Joel Betancourt ordering a strike team to wait, more than 70 minutes into the attack. Betancourt says he thought a more highly skilled team was on its way. Separately, police memos highlight criticism of Betancourt, a 15-year veteran of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).“

    So far the DPS captain has claimed he was just “waiting on another team”.

    Yep, you guys were right. Now the only thing that remains to be seen as why Governor Abbott ordered the police to stand down at this school mass shooting event.

    • minor49iq…Easy to see you are getting your jollies by pointing the finger at the police, Abbot, etc. Unfortunately for you the tragedy did not start or begin with the police. It began with incompetent parents and a school that made sitting ducks out of defenseless children and their teachers. And whether the perp was bare handed or armed makes no difference when he was met with no school resistance whatsoever.

      The entire event is what happens over and over when accident waiting to happen bozos like you create a bloodbath and then stoop to point fingers at everyone but yourselves.

    • It seems that waiting may be warranted in some instances, but waiting 70 minutes by any standards appears to be absurd and an excessive wait time, no matter what they are waiting for. Had a mutiny occurred perhaps some lives could have been saved.

    • @Miner49er

      Where exactly in your linked video does it say “Governor Abbott ordered the police to stand down at this school mass shooting event.” ?

      “The Texas department of public safety, under the direct control of Governor Abbott”


      You really need to learn what words mean. The governor of a state is not in “direct control” of any agency that reports to him/her. People are appointed/selected/installed to be in control of those state agencies but not go out and do the work themselves to be in direct control. The video never makes mention that “Governor Abbott” was in “direct” control of the DPS during there actions at Uvalde nor does the video say that “Governor Abbott” gave the order to stand down.

      Col. Steve McCraw is the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). He is the one in charge and he works for the governor. I find it odd that you are trying to claim that a lesser functionary, a Texas DPS captain, somehow got an order directly from Governor Abbott to stand down and not enter the school while Col. Steve McCraw was kept out of this ‘loop’.

      The video you posted makes it clear that this Texas DPS captain (Joe Betancourt) gave the order, it also makes clear by the absence of the mention of Abbott that Abbott was in fact not in “direct control’ as you claim.

      After some more research that you obviously did not do: Betancourt claimed that he was acting on information from the Uvalde sheriff that the shooter was no longer an active shooter but rather was a barricaded subject and another swat team was on the way to handle a barricaded subject. Thus gave the order to not breach waiting for the other swat team. He never indicated that Abbot gave him any such order or that Abbot was in ‘direct control’. He gave the order on his own.

      Your words and lies betray you.

    • You’re ignoring the fact that Gov. Abbott was not informed of the attack until after the incident was over. Look at the timeline.

  5. Kemp will need to win this election three times, first at the polls, where things could be pretty well split with Atlanta and other urban areas vs rural, pretty typical. Next he must win in court, as I bet Stacy is already mobilized to contest the results; and unless it’s a landslide this likely won’t be decided for a while. And finally win in the media and Internet, no doubt if he wins it will be proclaimed as illegitimate, and in Dem’s minds, Saint Stacy is already the rightful governor and will remain so.

  6. So another Fat Fugly Cow endorses another Fat Fugly Cow that looks like she ate her own twin in utero. Are we supposed to be surprised?

  7. Finally, if he wins in the media and on the Internet, he will be declared illegitimate, and in the minds of Democrats, Saint Stacy friday night funkin is already the rightful governor and will remain so.

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