David Chipman
Biden's nominee as Director of ATF, David Chipman (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)
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The past year has seen continued calls for policing reform by progressive groups — but the issue of gun control is one where progressives and police have frequently found common ground.

For example, the International Association of Chiefs of Police has been a “strong supporter” of banning assault weapons, according to one of the group’s position papers, as well as the creation of a national registry for people convicted of violent gun crimes.

Police experts have pointed to the fact that officers are often on the receiving end of gunfire from suspects possessing illegal weapons as a reason for their support of stricter gun control laws.

“Law enforcement officers know exactly how dangerous it is to work in a society in which gun ownership is so widespread, and they know the toll gun violence takes on individuals and communities,” said Rosa Brooks, professor at Georgetown Law Center and author of the new book “Tangled Up in Blue: Policing the American City.”

In their letter to the Senate supporting the nomination, the National Black Police Association cited Chipman as “an expert advising organizations at the forefront of gun violence prevention” and highlighted his work advising policy makers and testifying before Congress on firearms legislation.

— Josh Campbell and Paul LeBlanc in Law enforcement groups endorse Biden’s pick for ATF director ahead of confirmation hearing

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    • Absolutely, if they support Chipman and gun control. And they are idiots if they do. Anyone with an IQ over 10 knows gun control laws have zero effect on bangers and hoodlums getting access to guns.

      • Anyone with an IQ over 10 knows that gun control has nothing to do with keeping bangers and hoodlums from getting access to guns…….or stopping dead bodies in the streets, schools, or any place.

        Politicians with laws never stop bad guys with guns.
        They only control the good guys, which is their true agenda.

        The bodies in a local WalMart or grocery store or school or church……the bad guy with a gun…..or the gang member with a gun…. the mentally deficient guy with a gun……or the terribly distraught family member of a gun shooting victim…… or a gun violence survivor……or the Feelz-Gooder Social Do-Gooder….. or the the “hair-on-fire, we’re-all-gonna-die” contingent……or the skin color only voter…..are the politician’s easily manipulated Useful Idiot Tools to achieve his power and control agenda.
        The new agenda for humanity requires that no one will have the capacity to fight back. It has been said: “Our Task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.” No other explanation is possible.

        And there, boys and girls, is the Xiden/KamelHo/Pigloosi/Slummer/FineStain Gun Violence Prevention Plan in a nut shell. It’s all about protecting Libtard/Socialist anti-America tyrannical politicians’ asses, for what they have and are intending to do to America, from American Patriots with AR-15s.

        Shitman is to be a Useful Idiot Tool in implementing the Left’s disarmament of America in order to complete the transformation of America into just another Socialist shit hole.

        Prove me wrong…….

  1. The organizations mentioned in the story do not represent police officers. They are both political at their core representing senior management. Most of their members haven’t been policemen in decades.

    • The handgun roster, the assault weapons ban and magazine capacity limits exist in California partly because LEOs voted for them after they were exempted. I support police in a lot of things but when it comes to the Second Amendment, no. Just, no.

      • Pure Propaganda…Goes hand in hand with Jim Crow Gun Control. One of the reasons why Gun Control is not as brown shirt today as it could be is because “Cops” found out the Gun Control they were sucked into buying during clintoon/gore applied to them too.

        When cops were off duty or retired they too were subjected to the clintoon/gore and biden 1994 bigoted crime bill and assault weapon ban. Cops found themselves sitting at the back of the bus with the gun rights restricted deplorables. Such cops learned something the hard way about the sugarcoated Gun Control they were fed. However instead of admitting their “mistake” the assault weapons ban faded away. That sunset is why most people in states other than CA et al are free to purchase firearms to defend themselves today against dirtbags the criminal justice system will not keep off your streets.

        Look at clintoon and biden…One is a rapist pervert and the other is a hair sniffer and no telling what else. The very kind of scumbags who would hire a chipmonkey to do their Gun Control dirty work. And with ball-less wimps like mitch mcconell who will not defend anyone who speaks out against his “fellow colleague democRats” America is in big trouble.

        If Gun Control is not hit hard with its long despicable racist and genocide history then those who pillow fight Gun Control are the reason why chipmonkey is even being considered for such a position.

        Bottom line…Gun Control in any shape or form is an agenda rooted in racism and genocide and people who promote it might as well be adorned in brown shirts, sheets and pointed hats.

        • In at least a few of those states, retired career LE were exempted from those bans. They could keep them.

          That has resulted in knocks on the door the day after the funeral to confiscate those guns and magazines from the rightful heirs…

    • Jessie, you are 100% correct. Chiefs of police are almost always appointed by the citiy politicians. On the other hand county sheriffs are almost always elected by the counties citizens. The chiefs always say what they are told to say. Some of them may even be very pro gun, but to keep their jobs, their public stance is going to be the same as the politicians.

      In 31 years with a larger city police department, I only knew a handful of officers to be anti gun. The majority of the officers were very pro gun, a lot of them were gun nuts like myself.

      • Thanks for sharing that Marty. It is good to hear it. Unfortunately, even though they may disagree that a law is constitutional and ethical most, if not all will still enforce it, no?

        • I can only answer for me and a few friends. Many a time when I came upon an honest citizen (not committing other crimes) who had a firearm on his person, I would just admonish him about the law, and send him on his way. The state was horribly anti gun and it’s only gotten worse since I retired and moved to a free state. I didn’t talk about it, it was just between the citizen and myself.

        • I hope you are correct and I am wrong. I sure wouldn’t want to be right about this. Thanks again.

        • Sadly its pretty common for individuals to ignore their personally beliefs to maintain consensus with the group. A pro gun police officer may likely ingnore his or her personal pro gun beliefs to maintain consensus with the anti gun LE organization the person belongs to. This is further reinforced that memberships in LE organizations gives its members higher rights and protections which they would not want to risk losing along with loss of employment and ostracization from other police officers for not towing the group’s stance.

        • think they still remember that

          Politicians have the memory span of a cat (about 16 hrs or two news cycles)… Much like those pushing for Socialism, they believe THEIR ideas are better than those of the past AND many actually believe those bogus poles that Beijing Biden uses to claim 92% of ALL Americans favor stricter gun controls (or was it 76% or 85% or 97% or…?)

      • Very interesting conversation here today…some revealing points as well when you examine the function, purpose, and history of policing. First always remember, just because a person’s occupation/profession is Policing, there has always been a ‘false’ pretence of the police being something ‘special’ in the general social context of life, thus elevating the personal status and self-esteem of individuals (cops) rising to the ‘call of duty’ and joing the ‘Force’.

        The psychology is similar to that of religionism. It’s a methodology whereby people of insignificant nonentity can suddenly become ‘Somebody important and Special’ simply by choosing/joining a certain ‘group’ concept in a low level, not high paying job occupation absent the requirement of putting in the prior personal ‘investment’ o years of formal education, practice, and internship to eventually own an expanded ‘experience’ and knowledge base for genuine self-esteem and social prestige.

        So it must be considered, when understanding the problem with the rapidly emerging ‘Police State’, that most cops come from the common populate gene pool. They were just like everyone else in the junkyard of masses of asses. until they saw the ‘words of the prophets written on the shithouse wall’, saying… ‘When you be’s the PO-PO, you be Da MAN! Just like, the religious meme where all you have to do is ‘accept JEEsus as your Savior and join the flock…and you will be in hog heaven. You will immediately be baptized in holier-than-thou social superiority!

        Even military recruitment marketing uses this psychology. “Be ALL that You Can be…join the Army”.

        But that’s why you hardly ever see a big shot businessman, or Senator’s son or daughter, or the children of the wealthy becoming cops. In reality, cops, regardless of their speciously perceived status, must still be on a common basic Peon (pronounced pee-on) social level in order to effectively be controlled by the Powers-That-Be. Otherwise they might develop an enlightened ‘mind of their own’ and not comply with the current anti-Constitutional status-quo.

        So cops and their ‘unions’ have to be threatened with ‘De-funding’ and rigorous stressful workplace constraints unless they comply with the disarmament agenda. They can justify it morally and pragmatically, even though they know it’s all unconstitutional deprivation, and when it all melts down to the purest reality, The individual cop’s paycheck, job security, and pre-programmed mental misperceptions of their fundamental occupation’s purpose will always trump YOUR rights to firearms.

        Even the most vocal PRO-2nd/A Officer and apparently ardent supporter of your absolute right to bear arms will cave with the logic fallacy of…

        “We have to ‘regulate to Limit or Ban such firearms and accessories for private individuals so that criminals who might engage in a shoot out with police DO NOt Have a firepower advantage. We simply can’t have that, right?”

        It’s just the human survival nature to think of yourself, above all else, especially if you have the ‘authority to get away with it. So cops, as a departmental collective, will always ultimately support any higher efforts at gun control. Mainly because it doesn’t deprive any of Them of their gun rights. During the assault weapons bans, their own personal ARs were exempt and they all could have Hi cap mags. But they could be off ‘The Job’ if they refused to deprive YOU of your choice of firearms even if it is unconstituional and in violation of their oaths. Oaths mean squat when you have bills to pay and mouths to feed.

        Moral of the story is that the whole problem is rooted in our very flawed system of Authority which includes our thoroughly corrupted justice system.

        The only way to fix it is…to…well, FIX IT! The perspicacious Framers developed a governmental system exactly for this problem so that we wouldn’t have to have another violent revolution.




        The Marxist totalitarians have been manipulating this system for decades and now have almost total control…

        Only the cognitively debilitated cannot see or know that these communist anti-American criminals will not stop at anything to achieve their total disarmament goals, except when they lose their authoritive government power that ‘We, the people’ only consented to proxy to them, not relinquish!

        It’s also pretty obvious nowt the whole media bloated threat of defunding police and cracking down on individually deficient ‘bad cops’ with hard prosecutions was a ploy to leverage the police to become MORE anti-2nd/A? compliant?

        And the big one that everyone might be missing is the emphasis on ‘creating a data base for potential illegal fireams possession by all violent criminals’. They already have that kind of info in law enforcement records. So, what exactly does That really mean?

        Which is coming first? Making all the illegal (violations of USCC 18-241-242) deprivation of our rights laws/ATF administrative ‘rulings’ faking it as Federal Laws, WHICH MAKES EVERYONE A CRIMINAL FELON AUTOMATICALLY? Or mass midnight no-knock explosive home invasions by swat-teams on everybody who already has questionably ‘illegal’ firearms or accessories or merely the unwarranted Suspicion of something illegal, under the criminally fraudulent justification of proactive crime prevention for public safety–which by case presedent- the police are not actually required or legally accountable to guarantee police protection?

        So yeah, even though they really aren’t obligated under any penalty of law to protect you, they will ramp up the effort if they can wantonly violate your general privacy rights, anytime they feel like it, especially in the totalitarian priority of a mass public disarmament agenda? (see Reno Mays well done you tube vid on “How the police are currently confiscating guns”–if they didn’t already take it down in the latest youtube DEmonetizing of gun videos)

    • Exactly, don’t confuse the boots on the ground officers with these LE organizations that kowtow to leftist agenda. Most officers that I know and worked with do not agree with these police chief organizations. Marty’s comments are spot on.

      • Same as most public sector unions, or any union really. They are primarily interested in advancing the interests of the union and the AFL-CIO overlords at large, not you. They just want your 20-40 bucks of each paycheck and for you to shut the hell up.

        • if they’re there for you when you really need them…then it’s money well-spent…

        • What evidence do you have to support the contention than most cops won’t enforce these laws. I looks to me that they enforce them with enthusiasm. I have direct experience with this. They didn’t give a shit, they did as they were told.

        • Vic, my evidence is the common knowledge that confiscating guns from everyday citizens would result in many dead cops and many dead citizens, with absolutely zero positive accomplishments. Out of a nation with 330 million citizens, there wouldn’t be 100 dead cops and 100 dead citizens before the confiscation was halted, possibly because all the politicians who voted for it are dead, between being killed by cops and being killed by citizens. Hell, nobody obeys or enforces the law NOW, never mind such a totally unconstitutional law and defunded police!

  2. International Association of Chief Political officers sounds and functions much like something you would have found in the old Communist USSR. But as a famous group of musicians use to sing “Back in the USSR!”

      • I am not sure what a “beatle” is. It’s only entry in the dictionaries I checked said it was a member of a specific band.

        • A “beetle” is a bug. A “Beatle” is a member of a band. The name “Beatles” is a play on the sound of “beetle”, and the sound of “beat” of rock and roll. Thus the conflation indicating a band “hip” to the beat of the music.

        • Wow, that’s neat. They lied about banana peels though. ” bitter” even when smoked, strawberries are good. I’d like a whole field full, probably live there forever.

        • “I’d like a whole field full, probably live there forever.”

          How do you roll strawberries to smoke, anyways? 😉

          “Smoking in strawberry fields, forever. Let me take you down, to…Strawberry fields, not one Banana peel…” 😉

        • Strawberry Fields, Orange Sunshine, Purple Haze, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (LSD), Window Pane, Purple Microdot…. You don’t “smoke” in them, you drop them as in halucinogenics (aka acid)…

  3. often on the receiving end of gunfire from suspects possessing illegal weapons as a reason for their support of stricter gun control laws.

    So they want a couple hundred million more “illegal” firearms in the hands of a hundred million plus freshly minted “felons” thanks to a potential ban on any rifle that looks OR functions like a “weapon of war”? Makes sense… Anybody STILL believe that cops will stand with POTG if confiscation becomes reality?

    • Yes. I believe that, without question. About my cops, anyhow, I couldn’t guess what NYPD might do.

    • cops tend to do as they’re told…and that goes for sheriff’s deputies, as well…they may extend some personal courtesy if they know you, you’re a mason etc….but they will follow orders…

  4. As a fund raiser for United Way in a middle sized town in Texas, got to see several state and federal LEOs, up close. They were so jaundiced that they had almost no interest in supporting community service organizations (this was late 80s/early 90s). The consistent theme seemed to be that “civilians” were of two types: the criminal element; criminals not yet discovered.

    Usually after making an appeal for donations, some of the group members of non-LEO entities would stop by to ask questions. The members of the LEO groups simply fled the meeting room/auditorium.

    • Sam I Am,

      “The consistent theme seemed to be that ‘civilians’ were of two types: the criminal element [or] criminals not yet discovered.”

      That is human nature–related to the cognitive/confirmation bias feature of our intellect.

      We state the same principle in the maxim, “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

    • We know politicians are self-serving scum bags, with very few exceptions, so it should come as no surprise that these appointed civil servants known as “Chief of Police” are no different. Very few of these guys come up through the ranks and most bounce from department to department, as stepping stones, trying to become head of a “Big City” Police department, where the “Big Money” and power is to be found.

      With the rank and file, you do have the problem of “Cop Culture”, Cop Bars, Cop Credit Unions, Cop Picnics, Cop Weddings/Funerals and other parties/social events open to Cops only for the most part. This self-isolation only seems to be broken by a few and the ambitious ones who become Masons to further their careers. This is of course the opposite of what you need in a community.

      Furthermore, the arrival of the Patrol Car, killed the Beat Cop in most cities and towns. This is a big problem, as if you don’t know the community and they don’t know you, you can’t build trust. This impacts intelligence and pro-active policing and you can’t succeed as a reactive force.

      Most departments don’t have a Strategic Plan outlining the problems in the community and laying out strategies and tactics that lead to measurable goals and victory. Its like Vietnam, the police arrive with overwhelming force, make arrests, seize property, get convictions and call it a day. One to two days later, the criminals are back in business on the same corner, therefore, rinse and repeat.

      I don’t see any of this changing in the short term, The Leftist/Maoists have been with us since the 1960’s. They are older, better financed and organized than they were in the past. The Police are just low hanging fruit, on a tree (our nation) that they want chopped down and burned. Once they “Win”, the police will be their tool and they will care nothing for any victims of their own oppression.

      The thing that has changed is that the Police as an organization, have lost a lot of support among the tax paying public for their illegal actions in support of Covid orders. The police have proved to all that they will take care of themselves first, their family, their pay check and their institutions with the population being last on the list of considerations and the law being whatever they are told to do, by the political masters.

      Although we have seen a lot of officers quit or retire early, we have not seen “Sick Outs” or other protests against these illegal orders, like we do when a police union/labor dispute is happening. “I was just following orders” is no excuse for illegal and immoral behavior.

      • “…the Police as an organization, have lost a lot of support among the tax paying public for their illegal actions in support of Covid orders.”

        I am convinced that the same type cops who would tackle and arrest someone for not wearing a mask will not hesitate to enforce public suppression and confiscation of firearms. LEOs have families to feed, which cannot be done if out of a job.

        • How about killing a man for selling loose cigarettes? To people who wanted to buy them?

      • I see no evidence that the police won’t enforce any law no matter how egregiously bad. Does anyone here have evidence otherwise. I suspect that that is why they are so insular. They know they are the enemy other citizens and it is difficult to be friends with someone you know you will ruin if ordered to and they know it too.

      • “Furthermore, the arrival of the Patrol Car, killed the Beat Cop in most cities and towns.”

        Well, the horses tend to shit everywhere and need to be fed.

        The ‘Iron Horse’ was an upgrade…

      • cops are often behind the loop when it comes to weaponry…and have to play catch-up…that goes all the way back to the thirties…giving them military surplus is a fairly recent thing…

        • Totally agree. Although I’ve been retired for some 16 years, as a young patrol cop, we were required to carry .38 specials with 158 grain round nose bullets. We were not allowed to have shotguns, only supervisors carried shotguns. If we needed a shotgun, we had to request a supervisor?? This was back in the mid 70’s. This round was later updated to a 158 grn. +p semi wadcutter. Years later we were authorized to carry 9mm, however we had to purchase them ourselves and then go thru semi auto training. By this time every officer was able to check out a shotgun prior to going in the field. It was a dark time for my agency. Many years later, we were authorized to carry our own AR’s, with additional training. Surprisingly, it was a horribly anti gun chief who finally authorized this. Thank God I’m retired.

  5. Last I recall police in the United States are not drafted and do their jobs voluntarily. Their job is to enforce existing laws and not to advocate for new ones. If they believe the job is to risky because Americans have too much freedom then they should quit the job and find other employment. Just imagine how many police officers would suport repealing the Bill of Rights in its entirety all in the name of being able to fight crime better.

    • “If they believe the job is to risky because Americans have too much freedom then they should quit the job and find other employment.”

      Well, you’re getting your wish, there’s a hell of a lot of that going on right now in large cities near you…

    • Bill,

      “Their job is to enforce existing laws …”

      Friendly suggestion: the job of police–and the courts as well–is to apply justice in our civilization, which may or may not comport with existing laws.

      • By Statute in Texas the job of the police is to enforce existing law. On a department by department basis they are given some discretion. If police officers and sheriff’s deputies cared anything about Justice they would not make a single arrest for a malum prohibitum type law.

        The courts on the other hand are tasked with Seeking Justice but they never do. The only thing prosecutors care about is there when versus loss ratio.

    • Bill, I never knew an officer who believed the Bill of Rights to be a problem for them. We swore to uphold the Constitution, and for the most part, we did. I think you’re talking out your ass.

      • Do I need to post links for you to comments from police Chiefs saying the Fourth Amendment, the Fifth Amendment, and the Second Amendment are impediments to law enforcement and should be eliminated? Didn’t you read in this article how an association of police Chiefs says the second amendment should be effectively eliminated? There are literally examples of this within the past few days detailed In articles written on this very website.

        • Did you not read my comment that the police chiefs don’t represent the police officers? Police chiefs are political, they are appointed by politicians.

    • PR here’s an interesting sidebar to that… In some counties on the East Coast where the Amish are ‘well-established’ Maybe PA was where this news came from, when the Amish per capita pop reaches about 50 percent of the county pop the roads and streets load up with enough horseshit to cause an irritating nuisance to bike riders, joggers, and other recreational road users resulting in a situation where the Amish are starting to lose their status of a quaint novelty of tourism. So they have to choose to either vote for equitable consideration or suffer one sided political suppression to thin out their herd, so to speak. if the local municipalities have their way.

      Since they are trapped in a seriously intransigent religious cult of anti ‘English’ non government compliance which precludes voting a lot of the hard core old school Amish intentionally escape to less populated areas like in the midwest rural areas where the roads are less traveled. Fleeing to escape is futile, I tell them. Big government will always prevail in their onw agenda, if left unchallenged. And of course, the ‘freedom’ of religious practice will be one of the next right to be ‘disappeared’ after the 2nd/A,
      Their brainwashing just can’t let them understand that reality. They got really pissed at me for asking them why they accepted the stimulus payments if don’t want to have anything to do with the government? Quite a hefty sum for the couple down the road here with 10 kids under 17 ! Isn’t it dishonest and un-JEEsus-like Not to give it back? No more friendly waves from their buggy passing my truck on the road anymore!

      But as far as the ‘iron horse’ being an upgrade. the Extreme anti-carbon leftists say the current fossil fuel gas guzzler vehicles are now like the old horses. Obsolete and an environmental health hazzard. EVs is the new ‘upgrade’. So what trots around comes around.
      I almost hit an Amish buggy klip kloping through a stop sign in my town last year. I stopped and said, Hey! I know you people don’t have driver’s licenses but you should still pick up a rules of the road booklet to operate safely in traffic?
      He said with a smirk: ‘Aw, it wouldn’t do any good, the horse doesn’t know how to read.”

      The smart ass

  6. Funny all these representative bodies working against those they represent.
    First all those trades unions shafting their members on Biden day one.
    Now all these police unions are setting their members up to die in doorways to potentially enforce arbitrary, pointless and unconstitutional legislation.

    When will people get tired of being used as pawns and fodder for a handful of powerful and wealthy elites? It’s not like your pensions are worth anything anymore.

    Join your little collective. Funnel your autonomy, independence and wealth up to somebody else and die when they tell you to. Yay, unions!

    • Shire-man,

      “When will people get tired of being used as pawns and fodder for a handful of powerful and wealthy elites?”

      People must actually realize that the Ruling Class is using them as pawns and fodder before they can object to being pawns and fodder.

      Of course that is no guarantee of anything either since the Crown in the United Kingdom managed to convince their people subjects that it is somehow glorious to be pawns and fodder.

      • And, the reality that both of you must try hard to realize is the frightening fact that far, far too many are actually willingly embracing the practice of ‘pawnship’ in the great new government ‘Pawn Shop’ of exchanging liberty and choice for an over the counter hand out as good government compliant customer.
        So they are surrendering their liberty in full awareness and realization because of the generational social and educational Brainwashing and large scale behaivior modification in the Marxist oriented educational system agenda.
        Much more dangerous situation.

    • Union leaders/rank-and-file members have the same relationship that politicians/citizens enjoy. The leaders/politicians use and abuse the members/citizens for their own power. control, wealth at the expense of the members/citizens. Always “for the good” of the members/citizens…so says the leaders/politicians. I was never into unions. Always believed I was better able to present my value added to my customers myself than letting someone else “use me;abuse me” to bargain for me to get the average of the average. My “retirement nest egg” shows I was right

      • “Your comment is awaiting moderation”

        Oh, TTAG Masters. Please, please, shine yo’ benevolence on po’, po’ me to grant my comment publication. Thank yo’, Masters. Thank yo’.
        WTF, ever heard of First Amendment???

        • The first amendment does not pertain to private property like TTAG’s forum.

          Have you never heard of private property rights?

          Or do you want the government to force TTAG to post your comment on their private website?

          Authoritarian fascist…

    • “When will people get tired of being used as pawns and fodder for a handful of powerful and wealthy elites?”

      Only when it affects them personally. Of course, by then it is too late.

    • cops tend to be loathe to give up union support…too easy to make a major mistake in this line of work…

      • Frank, totally disagree. At least in my case. My department did not have a so called union. We had an association, and my 31 years as a member, was always very pro gun. Don’t know about now, I’ve been retired for 16 years. Don’t cast a stone on all law enforcement organizations. However, if your talking about the likes of the police chiefs associations, I totally agree. The sheriff’s associations, in my opinion have always been pro gun. Not all the sheriff’s. but the associations.

  7. “Police experts have pointed to the fact that officers are often on the receiving end of gunfire from suspects possessing illegal weapons as a reason for their support of stricter gun control laws.”

    This statement is obviously a smoke screen:

    No, cops don’t often find themselves on the receiving end of gunfire from “illegal weapons”. Those firearms, which would be legal in my hands, are being manipulated by criminals and convicts who are in illegal posession of a firearm. (Even if the person does not have a criminal history, shooting at cops is generally “illegal” in any type of incident world-wide.) In all likelihood, these cretins have committed many violent crimes in the past and have been released on the general public by either politically-appointed LE heads or a revolving door judicial system (remember that one?) to repeat their wanton acts of mayhem yet again and again with impunity, often to be re-released after aprehension from the current go-around.

    It’s the crooks, stupid, and the leadership in law enforcement know it. I have many friends and acquaintances who are active duty LE that vehemently disagree with the laxness of the judicial system and the political aspirations of their own bosses. It’s wrong, for the most part, to paint duty cops with the same brush you paint their politician bosses. Derek Chauvin and Lon Horiuchi are anomalies.

    • Not its not…how do you subdue a giant high as f##k black man who plainly was sitting cuffed in a squad car?!? Chauvin was normal but an azzhole. Cops ain’t your friend. If your wife/other narcs on you or accused you of hitting her they will treat you like a criminal even if she’s a lying be-yotch. I too have known a ton of cop’s. Mostly just dude’s on a power trip…

      • If you’re replying to my last sentence, it’s ludicruos to suggest that even a measurable minority of cops are inherently bad. Really?

        I can’t think of anyone in the LE community I know who would agree with how Chauvin handled his situation and none would’ve taken the shot at Vickie Weaver even if ordered to do so. Too easy to claim all cops, or minorities, or women, or ex-wives or everyone of any group is bad. It’s laxy and there is no way to factually back up your premise.

        It’s too bad you’ve had some adverse experiences with law enforcement but you might also have to look in the mirror for some of the answers, especially if you conduct your everyday life as you comment. Just sayin’

        • Just sayin you’re FOS…I have NOT had many adverse interactions with 5-O in 67 years. But my black friends have. And white friends. And in-laws. And I lived in Chicago for 6 years. I know how to act but it shouldn’t matter if I don’t “respect” some low IQ kid in his 20’s who doesn’t believe me when I tell him we had gunfire across the street. Or they were cowardly a year ago when BlackLootersMurder ransacked my city. Or when an Illinois State cop gave me a bonus speeding ticket. Too many ex-military yahoo’s who think they’re still on Baghdad…

        • Well, FWW: putting your “experiences” against my own hardly proves your point nor makes me FOS…

          But you go right on- you’re in great company with the rest of the “Defund the Police” gang. The biggest problem is, however- you’re not bright enough to realize you’re joined up with them and feeding their frenzy, which has now just about run its course with the more sane amongst the American public. Personally, I choose to work with better people than the woke, anarchist communist Leftists.

          You do make one point that will likely prove to come to fruition: There soon will be none, to very few, people of any raw intelligence willing to go into law enforcement other than those seeking power- you know- Those who wish to get into the beaurocratic and politically-appointed leadership.

          They’ll never have to actually deal with a dangerous crook or situation, get in a car chase, try to quell an idiotic domestic squabble that leaves them maimed or try to protect a bunch of people in a neighborhood that wishes they were dead because of the color of their skin. The powerful get to just sit behind a desk, have their own secretary, meet only with the movers and shakers, attend all the correct social events and make a lot of money off the backs of the general working taxpayers whom they’ve basically forgotten or just cast aside.

          The same thing happened in public education about 20 years back when it became obvious to smarter kids graduating from high school that there was no frickin’ way they were going to go into teaching and be treated by their prospective students the way they themselves treated their teachers. It left public ed with a bunch of “low IQ 20 year olds” with the rest being those smart ones who aspired to be administrators, never having to work with students again.

          And BTW- some of us were never unintelligent enough to live in, let alone spend serious time in Chicago (or other large leftist urban areas) over the past 40 years. I used to take some high end trumpet lessons right downtown in the 500 block of S. Wabash under the L with a real master back in the late 1970s. Have had no interest to return down there since he died. Again, just sayin’…

    • Craig, thank you. Although long retired, I always appreciated those who think like you do. The vast majority of the officers I worked with were very pro 2nd Amendment. The administration, not always so much. But, folks, please don’t confuse the two.

  8. Well…if King Dribblecup was “chosen” as the perfect head of the United States, it just stands to reason that ” fuck it — burn the place and let God sort it out” Chipman would be the logical choice to head the left’s new SS.

  9. @Bfitts
    “Sorry we can’t all be socialite tea sips…”

    I don’t drink tea. Tea requires water, and fish screw in it.

  10. @Old Guy in Montana
    “How can you tell when an Aggie has used the computer…by the Wite-Out on the screen.”

    Always thought that one applied only to blond, female Aggies.

    • Isn’t that something? Our country elects a doddering senile old life-long politician to run things, turning out of office a relatively intelligent, active, brash businessman that understood power and how to use it effectively but who wasn’t ‘nice,’ and expects the doddering senile old life-long politician to go up against an ex-KGB spook who rides a bull moose, bare-chested, in a snowstorm in the Arctic while hunting Polar bear with a knife.

      I exaggerate; He’s not an ‘EX’-KGB spook.

      • He’s not an ‘EX’-KGB spook.

        Yeah that “EX” thing WAS going a bit TOO far… Anyway “The Big Guy” is scheduled to do a face to face with Vlad next month so he can personally hand over whatever China doesn’t want… Ahhh good times…

        • Yup, kind of like Phillip K. Dick’s novel “The Man in the High Castle”.

          Instead of the former-USA inhabitants speaking Japanese / German we’ll be divided between Chinese / Russian.

          The traitorous Democrats will serve at their Master’s feet as barely tolerated “lapdogs”.

          Rosetta Stone for the win!

          Note: for those Lefties reading TTAG who think that China will be a benevolent, tolerant, inclusive, diverse Overlord…please study Chinese history and their current approach to “inclusivity”.
          Don’t forget to check Russian history for the past couple of centuries…real warm and fuzzy softies.

  11. Chipman was a very visible participant at the Branch Davidian fiasco at Waco, in effect a mass murderer of children because of their faith, not a law enforcement officer. A leopard does not change his spots. If this guy is confirmed, this is what you get. Another SS wannabe. Write your Senators now and demand that they oppose his confirmation at all costs.

    • Absolutely! Start small neighborhood PAC groups and send a registered letter signed by all of your group to your local and Federal representatives signed by all your group members stating that a sponsor of the Nazi sniper murderer L.H, at Ruby Ridge, the insane government as mass shooter terrorists WACO debacle, and 4th/A violating extremely dangerous and unnecessary for profit Swat raids for alleged crimes that are NOT actively placing anyone in imminent great bodily harm to justify and initiate such dangerous violent attacks on citizens, and other SS acts should never be allowed such authority to continue his ‘mission’ in a Nation of guaranteed liberties and civil rights.

  12. What a headline, “Law Enforcement Groups Agree, David Chipman is the Perfect Choice to Head ATF.”

    That’s like saying,
    “Girl Scouts of America Agree, Jeffrey Epstein is the Perfect Choice to Head a Girl Scout Troop!”

    Or “Boy Scouts of America Agree, Michael Jackson is the Perfect Choice to Head a Boy Scout Troop!”

    Or to use a living example, “Boy Scouts of America Agree, Kevin Spacey is the Perfect Choice to Head a Boy Scout Troop!”

    Or “Farmers agree, a fox is the perfect animal to guard a chicken coop!”

  13. “Black Police Association”? That’s the most racist thing I’ve seen this week. (Including the BS celebration last night on ABC and PBS crowning that POS druggie Floyd).

    • Yeah, he’s semi-retired now and left the day to day running of the company to a coven of b!tches. He’s still owns the controlling interest and is the “Chairman Emeritus.”

      FYI, the stock price over the last year has almost tripled.

  14. Some true words on POS Stack –

    “A former Trump White House official who also confirmed he heard talk about the Stack polling told Breitbart News the former CEO should not run as a Republican if he decides to pursue political office. “Ed Stack isn’t a moderate Republican. He’s a Nancy Pelosi Democrat and if he wants to run for Senate in Pennsylvania, it should be with a D next to his name,” he said.

    “Stack proved that he is nothing more than a weak and woke corporate CEO when he folded to the radical left and banned sales of guns at Dick’s Sporting Goods,” the official continued. “The last thing Pennsylvania Republicans want is an anti-gun corporate insider representing them in the United States Senate.”

    • Umm… that would be the “white Chiefs of Police Association”, capitalized color letters have become a protected copyright of BLM Inc.

  15. After watching the Chipman thing it’s nice to know we have some good Senators.
    If I was scoring a boxing match Chipman lost 9 out of twelve rounds.
    And the winner is, BY Unanimous decision, Chipman by way of Biden

  16. Just Remember the illegal Attack in WACO, TX This Scum can suck my Barrel of my Guns The idiot in Cheif and those who want this are true blue KKK DemoRats, and any black officer who supports this is a lying Uncle Tom!

    • ATF is one of those govt. agencies where incompetence usually gets you bumped upstairs…just to get you out of the way…

      • where incompetence usually gets you bumped upstairs

        Exactly what happened to Chipman and his cohorts after the Beijing Biden led Waco hearings…

  17. How come the opinions of “bureaucrats”, people who drive a desk, always get the play, undeserved play, that they get?

  18. Chipman belongs behind bars for his actions in the Waco murders, not as head of the ATF, or the D.C. dogcatcher.

    • Agree. He says he knows how to handle gun owners. Yeah being a mass murder of children qualifies him for that. If he has his way the same thing will happen to us. I think he needs to be in Scat Francisco (as Kurt Schlichter calls it) being a pooper scooper and even that is too good for him.

  19. Here we go with the suspects are using illegal guns so we need more gun control. The usual stupidity of the politicians, gun control idiots, and the police associations. More gun control will stop the criminals from getting their illegal guns. Ha,ha, ha. As usual the criminals won’t get or use a gun because big brother says it’s illegal.

    • I said above- the guns are not illegal. The cretins who have been turned out and let go from incarceration (that’s “prison/jail” for some of you…) are illegally using them. It’s a big difference and we ought to be intelligent enough to use the right language, especially on a site that supposedly airs our POV.

  20. UHHH . . . let’s see. MORE gun control LAWS, and the CRIMINALS DON’T obey these laws. It makes sense – if you’re a RETARD. The POLICE have NO problems with law ABIDING gun owners. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  21. YOU cannot scrape the bottom of hell deep enuff to find the lowest of low…..tell ur reps to deny this scumbag….toss him back to HELL!

  22. Well then by association these police organizations are all in favor of destroying an individual’s 2nd Amendment rights which include the right to self defense because when seconds count the police are minutes away!!! This zealot is in favor of “precrime” arrests and believes that legal gun owners are future criminals and should be dealt with accordingly so as to prevent a gun crime from happening. If you own a gun you are a criminal except, according to Chipman you just don’t know it but he does!! He would effectively engage in gun confiscation until such time as the Supreme Court stops him! Every long gun that has a caliber greater than .22 and accepts a detachable magazine is a gun to be banned as an assault weapon!!

    How the hell did the rank and file put assholes like these gun grabbers as the face of their organizations? Sounds like we have to go to sleep at night wearing body armor and our rifles by our side because the No Knock warrants are going to be a feature of this gun grabber’s organization!! His disdain for gun owners has been evident in every public interview he has given! The ATF has already been slower in issuing Form 1 stamps! Mine was requested more than 6 months ago and although they took my money from the git go I have heard nothing. This is what New Jersey and other anti gun states have done so as to deny people their nd Amendment rights. They are slow rolling until the ban is enacted.

    • Yup, that’s their tactic. At the same time, they’ll flank us with these new ATF changes to firearms and parts definitions by Administrative Decree from Unconstitutional FIAT rules that literally register everything connected to a firearm AS A Firearm so that their underhanded, denied, and disputed primary agenda, and now ONLY main Agenda of the government to Register all firearms prior to the set up for mass disarmament by mandatory gun surrender, buy-backs, or straight up confiscation by making laws that everyone will be violating due to simple possession of even something like a part which can’t by itself shoot anything.

      Even the most die-hard socialist Democrat has to see something terribly wrong with a government that is constantly saying that their first and foremost focus on crime prevention action is to attack so called ‘ghost’ gun making by private individuals which has the ‘crime prevention’ relevance as putting up street signs saying ‘bad guys, please don’t shoot anybody’ in real time law enforcement?

      This is so suspiciously transparent that everybody should be fearfully worried about this giant leap for the suppression of liberty in America?

      It all started when they went against all crime and punishment sanity with the big ’68 gun Control act with the permanant life-long prohibition of guns for any criminal felony, EVEN IF THOUGH YOU PAID YOUR DUES OR SERVED YOUR TIME AND WERE SAFE ENOUGH TO BE ALLOWED BACK INTO LAW ABIDING SOCIETY. Besides this going against every reasonable understanding of crime and punishment and rehabilitation and humanitarian redemption, it is a basic crime against all teachings of Christianity where forgiveness and atonement are manifest. In a society where ex-convicts are always prohibited from something makes it

      ‘Permanant prohibition for those deemed ‘safe enough to return to normal free society opened the evil door to what is happening NOW.

      All it takes now, to effectively disarm virtually all potential armed dissent or physical ‘resistance’ to government tyranny and over-control of the populate by the government is to simply make enough laws for people to violate almost automatically upon enactment, either simple behavior or possession of illegal items.

      Which is exactly what you are seeing with the plethora of bills before Congress and huge push for laws, rules, and mandatory administrative requirements that ban or make it impossible to afford through taxation and conveniently own any but the most rudimentary and weakly defensive firearms and munitions which must conform to government controlled safety and storage requirements after they are registered.

      Since the mold was cast decades ago when all convicted felons were permanantly prohibited from gun ownership, therefore technically ‘disarmed’ if they remained law-abiding, all it takes then is to make more people subject to criminal firearmprohibition with more specially designed laws for gun possession, or…

      for mental illness, medication use, abnormal psychological issues creating a ‘potential’ danger to yourself or others, Red Flag issues, political or religious Extremism, Hate crimes including simple non-physical speech. domestic violence, and last but not least, and the first one they’ll use when they go full bore Confiscation for Anti-government ‘insurrection’ activities is Conspiracy to commit Domestic Terrorism.

      And much like the Reno May youtube vid on California’s search and gun Confiscation police model for prohibited persons, all police state departments will utilize regular ‘status safety checks’ to ‘follow-up’ confiscations-inspections based on AI compiled profile and record data to justify an ‘investigation’ based on any of the above rationales. Including all your online purchases, social media postings and views, (even Google now does not allow anonymous youtube viewing anymore) chat room posts, and just about any other privacy information intrusion they could use to satisfy a specially created law or profile used to disarm you.

      Do enough of this psuedo target-focused gun laws , and in a few months, the true purpose of their agenda will be manifested in regular real time efforts. And it will be the effective end of 2nd/A protection from Despotic tyranny.

      Pretty embarrassing to realize how we all were totally duped into numb-minded stupidity with that ’68 gun prohibition act prohibition scam by the embedded government leftist Tyrannists to create a culture of permanently ‘prohibited gun ownership’ because of past convictions. One of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the free citizens of America.
      Even some ‘god-fearing holier-than-thou’ religionists were talked into believing-like everything else they just ‘believe’ in, that some people shouldn’t have guns. Yeah, well if they’re that dangerous, and doing bad things already, maybe they should just be incarcerated for a while, away from anything to facilitate ‘danger’ until it can be straightened out. But no free man NOT in the active commission of violent crimes should be denied the right to defend themselves from imminent life-threatening danger like anyone else just because he committed a crime in the past. Otherwise, it is a hypocrisy of justice and righteousness?
      Did all these Jesus loving followers forget what He actually said??? Like ‘there, but for the grace of God, go thee…’? Or, ‘Let those who are without sin cast the first stone’? Especially in today’s world where the average person who has any more than a modest monk-like existence commits at least a misdemeanor a week and likely a felony a week! Not counting dozens of traffic violations a month they just didn’t get caught in the act of doing!

      Shame on all of you out there who enabled this overabundance of tyrannical control in the form of totalitarian laws that all of us should have united against and repealed over the past years when we had the chance.

      Now there’s very little chance.

      So Coming soon, to a theater near you, if we don’t at least slow it down by taking back Congress during the next midterms. And supporting Court litigation to slow down the government goon squads from violating your rights, is a nightmare of a bad re-run of a horror movie with a historic plot … about a nightmare that we may never wake up from.

  23. The “flunkies with badges” cannot handle Bitching Loud Mouths or Antifart. Good luck trying to handle pissed-off combat veterans.

  24. “How about killing a man for selling loose cigarettes? To people who wanted to buy them?”

    Thought that was a case of resisting arrest, and cops trying to subdue the suspect using less-than-lethal means.

  25. The police officers I know are all against gun control and the Communist Biden regime. Its not the rank and file cops that are for Chipman and banning semiauto rifles. Its the communist chiefs and sheriffs and the national organizations of which every one is run by communists.


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