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From the CCRKBA . . .

A brand new Rasmussen survey indicates that 64 percent of likely U.S. voters say “it’s not possible to completely prevent mass shootings,” and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms says this is proof voters are smarter than Joe Biden and his anti-gun Democrat colleagues on Capitol Hill.

“We’re not surprised that a majority of likely voters have this one figured out better than Biden,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “After Georgia and Colorado, fewer than one in four (23%) believe mass shootings can be completely prevented, and those voters must live in the same fantasy land as the president and his Congressional comrades.”

The Rasmussen survey shows 51 percent of voters don’t believe stricter gun control laws would help prevent mass shootings. Only 39 percent think tougher laws are the answer, the survey said. A majority (49%) also thinks the United States does not need stricter gun laws, the poll revealed, while 46 percent think the country needs tougher laws.

“As one might expect,” Gottlieb observed, “Democrats by a 77 percent margin favor stricter gun control laws, but 71 percent of Republicans are against tougher laws, and so are 60 percent of Independent voters, according to the survey.

“What this tells us at the Citizens Committee is that Joe Biden and the Democrat leadership are out of touch with a majority of voters,” he continued, “and Democrats as a whole actually make up the so-called ‘fringe’ of the electorate when it comes to guns and the Second Amendment. We have said it before, and will continue repeating it, Democrats have become the party of gun confiscation and prohibition, not just gun control. The farther Democrats drift toward an anti-freedom, anti-liberty agenda, the farther the party, and its leadership, move away from traditional American ideals.

“We have been saying for years what a majority of likely voters are now telling Rasmussen,” Gottlieb said. “It must drive Biden and the Democrats crazy—although they would never admit it—to learn a majority of likely voters agree with us rather than with their extremist gun control agenda. Biden and his gun grabbing allies have been wondering for years why they can’t push their anti-gun schemes. Looks like we’re standing in their way.”


With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

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      • I polled a large number of Democrats that stuffed 100’s of thousands of fake ballots into voting machines and they were 100% against you. So take that!

        • Ask the average joe blow who supports Gun Control what Gun control is and 99% of them think it is something it is not. They assume it is something to make them and everyone “safer.” No one will ever find “safer” in a sick agenda that is rooted in racism and genocide.

          The torture, imprisonment and murders of millions of defenseless people attributed to Gun Control makes Gun Control nothing more than a deranged agenda that needs to be eradicated.

          While pasty mouth Jim Crow Gun Control zealots go around everyday calling Americans exercising a Constitutional Right, “racists” the fact is it is Gun Control Zealots who are up to their eyeballs in an agenda that is rooted in racism and genocide.

          Gun Control Zealots at the top know the despicable history of Gun Control and they know the chances are good gullible history illiterates who support Gun Control won’t ever figure out they’ve been played. Every legitimate Gun Owning Patriot needs to speak up and change that.

    • That is usually what a COUP is…a minority taking control. The complete opposite of a Democracy, much less a Constitutional Republic. That minority? The NWO: Corporate Fascist and the dumbed down sheep of Communism. Mao killed how many people? 75-90 million? And that same China played a huge roll in the take down of our REPUBLIC. But it would not have been possible if not for the Treason of the 1 party duo-oppolly.

  1. Democrats steal an election and a few of the more feckless, unarmed MAGA people at a rally on the Mall are lured into a Capital that was open to the public a few days before by some operatives more than likely paid to start a false flag situation. All at once there are thousands of National Guard and lots of fencing around the Capital that (and I repeat myself on purpose for emphasis) was open to the public just a few days before. The simple answer is they do not care what the voters think. They are very afraid of the voters and want to disarm them. They realize that those who don’t support more gun control are mostly the gun owners they wish to neutralize. These BOZOS really have read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and understand the Second Amendment is meant to offer a last resort in the case a Tyrannical Government arises. Since the deep stater’s and Democrat’s aim appears to be to to develop a Tyrannical Government, gun control leading to confiscation is a perfectly logical next step, but with in excess of 400,000,000 guns and billions upon billions of rounds of ammunition in civilian hands one could argue using the old cliché “the horse is already out of the barn”. The American public is better armed than the US Military by two orders of magnitude and the combined US Police forces by a factor of 400. I wish this situation could be resolved peacefully, but ever since January 6th I have fears that the last shoe has yet to drop and the current situation will not end well when it does.

    • No , the American public are not armed better then the military. When I’ve got lazer beams from space, big ass boats with big ass missiles, a howitzer battery, tanks and bomber jets I might be getting close.

      • Just a reminder, shock and awe turned into shock and awe shit! , mostly because the Bush cabinet geniuses didn’t take into account that al qaeda forces didn’t want to be decimated and proved to be much more resourceful and resilient than assumed. Sleepy Joe may have these same delusions about the ease of disarming America…. guns are harder to steal than elections are.

        • Just how much armed resistance was there to the “USA PATRIOT Act”? Or for that matter, the Japanese-American Internment?

    • State legislatures were asleep at the wheel. A few are trying to right the ship which is why the dems are working overtime to bring elections under federal control.

  2. What country is this that’s referred to in this article? Certainly not the USA. By the way, where’s my check? I want my check! I want it now!!!

  3. Of course he is out of touch. So is she. So is the whole of DC. They live in their own little world. This is not news. We all new that BEFORE the 2020 election. That’s why Trump got so many votes. That’s why Trump contested the election results. These people could wreck this nation beyond our ability to repair. 70 to 80 million voters knew that.

    They do not understand the American people. And they don’t care to.

    • Prndll,

      “[Democrat Party] do not understand the American people. And they don’t care to.”

      Oh, they understand the people of the United States of America quite well. The Democrat Party completely understands that they can do pretty much whatever they want, no matter how heinous, obscene, and/or evil — and they know that the people of the United States WILL LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT.

      The Democrat Party does not care what the people want. The Democrat Party only cares about what the power-brokers within their ranks want. Anything that the Democrat Party says otherwise is just part of their game of bamboozling and exploiting the masses.

      Think about the 23 year-old womanizer scumbag who fauns over women in order to get them into bed and then privately laughs with his friends how he conned his latest victims. That is EXACTLY analogous to how the power-brokers within the Democrat Party view and treat us.

  4. Studies also show that most species of flora are more intelligent than the President.

    Wait until “injured magesty” laws are passed to ban ridiculing and demeaning the President, members of cabinet, and any other member of the ruling party.

    • If they do, there will be some interesting fireworks when their “majesty” fetches up against the First and Second Amendments. Besides which, any remaining majesty in this nation’s government suffered what may prove to be a mortal wound when the thief-in-chief and that communist whore were inaugurated.

  5. Polling results… voting results….are IRRELEVANT. The commies in power are going to
    force whatever they want onto us REGARDLESS of what we think, believe or want. And they
    WANT TO DISARM US. The only way to prevent that is to KILL THEM before they succeed.

    • A buy back program. Buy Back?
      So the United States government sold me the shotgunm? So that Gunm shop owner was a federal employee. Well hell, that sux.I thought something was fishy when he narked me out to the FBI with the phone call he made.
      Biden is a strong supporter of the second amendment, as in “Hell yes we’re taking your AR’s and AK’s” ,,,,shush
      Lucky for us Biden invented( yes he did, all by himself, with a little help from Dr. Leonard McCoy) the cure for coronavirus, and with a population of 400 million he’s already inoculated 14 million of us, great progress, never mind those reports of C19 spiking, that only happened when President Trump was in office.
      If my Grandpa lied like “Our” grandpa everybody would have thought he was a real chicken sht S O B
      Is it legal to hate someone in America? I mean if the guys white, senile, and a pervert, it’s okay then ain’t it, I dont know. I better look that up, dont wanna break any laws and lose my gunms before they get confiscated.

      • Nope, looked it up, it’s Not legal to hate someone in America, called a hate crime, you’ll get in trouble.
        Gee Whiz

  6. The 2nd amendment says “the right of the
    people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Should the Democrats efforts to
    register and confiscate fire arms be successful, then by president every where
    the word “people” is used in our Bill of Rights and our Constitution could be construed to be not an individual right.
    This would effectively negate those documents which has been the Democrats
    desire. Any law that contravenes the Constitution is illegal. Laws can be difficult
    to to pass so the governing parties have resorted to executive orders in order by-pass the approval process. Our’s is a Constitutional Republic, the rule of law
    not a democracy. Rule of law protects an
    individual’s rights. Democracy, groups
    rights, which frequently degrades into Socialism then Communism. This degrading isn’t just my opinion, it’s Carl Marx’s opinion. You know him, the author of The
    Communist Manifesto.

  7. I try to avoid using cut-and-paste as much as possible here on TTAG, but I received an email today that deserves to be posted in its entirety.

    As a corrective antidote to the continual browbeating witnessed here by certain individuals pontificating their misconstrued “opinions” of what they “think” third party ideology represents, may I suggest just letting the words speak for themselves…

    “With the tragic deaths of over a dozen legally disarmed Americans in Georgia and Colorado earlier this month as a shield, Democrats in Washington, D.C. increased their push for ever more restrictions on legal firearms ownership. In addition to the usual targets of so-called “assault rifles” and background checks, President Joe Biden said the quiet part out loud and admitted that this was favorable “timing” for finding the authority to go after 3D-printed guns that “aren’t registered as guns at all.” Meanwhile, Republicans who remained silent and obedient as President Trump dictated his own gun control measures (“take the guns first, ask questions later”) stand on the sidelines and jeer, hoping the rest of us will forget the years of conceding and backsliding on the Second Amendment they have behind them.

    Libertarians stand against the uninitiated use of force and always will. However, we stand firm on the principle that the right to defend one’s self and property from those who intend them harm is as basic a human right as there is.

    So-called “common sense” restrictions at all levels of government have made the ability for the average law-abiding American to obtain a firearm for defensive or recreational use more and more difficult. Meanwhile, the violent in our communities, who are uninterested in complying with firearms regulations, prey on the unarmed masses.

    Just as the criminals in our neighborhoods welcome a disarmed and compliant community, the criminals in the halls of government couldn’t be happier to have an unarmed populace to rule over. While politicians in America debated on which of your rights to recognize, the powers that be in Myanmar killed non-violent protesters (including children) by the hundreds. “Security forces” slew 114 in cold blood on Saturday alone, following that by opening fire on mourners at a funeral the very next day. Immensely tragic by itself, it’s only the latest chapter in the millennia of state violence carried out on unarmed populations. History books are full to bursting with episode after episode of governments slaying their citizens after stamping out their right to arm themselves.

    The Libertarian Party is the only national party that stands for your unqualified right to keep and bear arms.

    We do not operate under the illusion that the state will protect you from violence or that armed state agents always have your best interests at heart. We understand that background checks, magazine limits, gun bans, and all the other “common sense” gun laws only disarm the peaceful and embolden the violent. Libertarians understand that all too often the difference between life and death is the presence of an individual with a gun.

    “We affirm the individual right recognized by the Second Amendment to keep and bear arms, and oppose the prosecution of individuals for exercising their rights of self-defense.” — LP Platform § 1.9

    Libertarians across the country need your help to push back the restrictions and red tape that make the right to keep and bear arms harder to exercise.”

    There is a principled, rational, freedom-defending party in American politics- and that’s why I’m a registered Libertarian.

    And I will defend your right to support whichever party represents your beliefs.

  8. These “gun control” laws are MORE about TREASON and SEDITION, taking away YOUR RIGHTS to BEAR arms against a ROGUE, TYRANNICAL government than it is about “safety”. FIGHT ON, Patriots! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  9. Smarter than Joe Biden? ROTFLMFAO!!!
    That’s not a very high bar to clear, considering Biden’s only a step above a Brussel Sprout anymore.
    Biden was never the sharpest Crayola in the box to begin with. Now, the Senile Moron can’t speak without a script. Even then his brain farts are unintelligible.

  10. “Latest Polling Shows the Average Homeless Mutt on the Street is Smarter Than Biden Or Anti-Gun Democrats”

    There. FIFY.

  11. Don’t confuse the anti-gun crowd’s lame excuses for ‘gun control’ as being dumb or naïve. They don’t believe those claims either. Those are just a ploy to try and get more people on their side in the public relations scam to take guns away from law-abiding citizens. It is the ‘death by a thousand cuts’ strategy. Their ultimate goal is to disarm us so that they can continue the power grab leading to a totalitarian dictatorship. Our Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment for a very good reason. It is to give ‘We the People’ the means and ability to overthrow a tyrannical government if need be. That time is fast approaching and the Communist Democrats know that. That’s why they are on overdrive to start the process of taking our guns. We fought one Revolution because of that. Will there be a second one?


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