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We’ve been reminding you about filling out the 2014 TTAG Reader’s Choice awards survey all week, and now it is your last chance! Sometime today (a couple hours after this post, at least) I will be closing down the voting system and beginning the process of tabulating a winner. Which should take only a moment, as I coded a page in the system to show me the results live as they come in. It has been one heck of a roller coaster, with a couple guns battling it out throughout the week for that top spot. For those who haven’t voted, you still have one last chance . . .

Embedded below is the voting system. I have pre-populated it with all of the new guns and gear from 2014 that I can dig up. It will guide you (yes, you!) through the process of selecting which firearms and accessories you think are the best for 2014, and record your answers. If you don’t see something listed that should be considered (as long as it was first released in 2014), you can enter it. If you don’t like any of the choices, click “No Preference” and move on. Simple! Just be aware that you only one vote and we will remove any items entered that weren’t released in 2014.

The contest will run for the next week, and we will announce the winners here shortly thereafter. As we did last year, we’ll present the winners with their awards at SHOT Show 2015. That’s the plan — now get voting!

REMINDER: The SIG SAUER pistol brace came out last year, and already won this award. Any and all votes for the SB15 will be removed, as this is for 2014 only.

Can’t see the voting system? Click here!

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  1. Looking at the awards that TTAG presented last year, it’s clear that it was a very good year for new guns and accessories. This year, not so much. Next year? Well, I’m hopeful about next year.

    It’s no secret that after last year’s buying frenzy, sales have slowed this year (although sales are still strong). If the industry wants to have another banner year — which will be good for the industry and for us — the firearms establishment will need to innovate.

    The Taurus Curve, whatever it’s shortcomings, is an innovative design. I’ll withhold judgment about the execution until TTAG gets one to test, but whatever happens I applaud Taurus for the attempt.

  2. I missed the voting this year. No, I don’t necessarily have an hour for TTAG every single week of my life. I’m sure a lot of people with jobs (at which they work instead of read TTAG) and people who are casual fans but don’t log in every night or every other night are in the same boat. I think 2-4 weeks would have been more reasonable to get the whole TTAG readership (A.I.) including more casual fans and not just the addicts.

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