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The Clark County Sheriff’s Office have released an 81-page report on the mass shooting on October 1, 2017. Click here to read.  As The New York Times reveals, the document contains several surprising details, including the promise of an indictment . . .

Mandalay Bay room where Stephen Paddock opened fire on a concert below

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said in a news conference that while he was confident that Stephen Paddock was the only gunman, there was another person under investigation who is likely to be charged in the next two months.

Not Paddock’s girlfriend. So who? Someone who knew about the attack beforehand and did nothing to stop it? A gun dealer? Private seller?

Paddock was no stranger to either. From the report:

From 1982 through September of 2016, Paddock purchased 29 firearms. These purchases consisted of handguns, shotguns and one rifle. From October 2016 through September 2017, Paddock purchased over 55 firearms

Here’s the cops’ inventory of Paddock’s firearms and related items:

The report also contains a description of  SWAT officer’s negligent discharge as the team breached Paddock’s hotel room.

Approximately 2326 hours

The Strike Team made a second explosive breach from inside of room 32-135 into room 32-134 through the connecting doors . . .

SWAT Officer Hancock breached the door.

Immediately following the explosive breach, SWAT Officer O’Donnell, had one negligent discharge of a three round burst from his rifle.

Officers in the hallway heard the shots fired and broadcasted shots had been fired inside the room. Officers flooded into room 32-134 through the breached adjoining connector door.

While the mainstream media is saying that investigators still haven’t found a motive for the attack, The Times let’s this slip . . .

Law enforcement officials believe Mr. Paddock had recently lost a “significant amount of wealth,” and that may have led him to open fire from his hotel room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

This is the theory I mooted at the beginning: that Paddock opened fire on the crowd below his room to take revenge on the casinos/city he held responsible for his [previously reported] gambling losses. Aggravated by his psychopathic nature (analyzed by our JWT) and general descent into madness.

Mr. Paddock complained often to friends and family members about pain and fatigue. But the doctor who had been his primary care physician since 2009 said that the only major ailment he had was from a slip and fall at a casino in 2013, when he tore a muscle.

View out of Stephen Paddock's Mandaly Bay room

The doctor told investigators that Mr. Paddock was “odd” and showed “little emotion.” While he believed Mr. Paddock may have had bipolar disorder, Mr. Paddock refused to discuss it or take antidepressants, though he did accept anti-anxiety medication. Mr. Paddock often refused to take medication, he said.

I wonder if Mr. Paddock told the Doc about his homicidal urges or his taste for child porn. Here’s an excerpt from the fourth official timeline for the incident. (This one has Paddock firing into the crowd before shooting at Mandalay Bay Security Guard Jesus Campos.)

Approximately 2205 hours

– Engineer Schuck was contacted by the maintenance dispatcher via his radio.
– Paddock fired two single gunshots into the Las Vegas Village area.
– Paddock fired an undetermined amount of gunshots into the Las Vegas Village area.
Approximately 2206 hours
– Security Officer Campos ended the phone call and hung up the house phone. After
hanging up the phone, Security Officer Campos heard what he described as rapid drilling
– Paddock fired approximately 100 rounds into the Las Vegas Village area.
– Security Officer Campos began walking down the 100-wing toward Center Core.
– Engineer Schuck was told by his supervisor to go to the 32nd floor.
– LVMPD unit 169SE broadcast over the Convention Center Area Command (CCAC) radio
channel, “169SE, we got shots fired, 415A at the Route 91. Sounded like an automatic
– Paddock fired rounds down the hallway at Security Officer Campos. Security Officer
Campos was struck in the left calf with a bullet fragment. He took cover in the alcove
between rooms 32-124 and 32-122.

We now know the identity of the two LVMPD officers who were in the Mandalay Bay Hotel when Paddock opened fire on the crowd and then Security Guard Campos: Officers Hendrex and Varsin. And why they were there. From the report:

As the active shooter incident was occurring, two LVMPD officers were in the security office of the Mandalay Bay handling a call for service reference two females who were in custody for trespassing.

The officers heard the radio broadcast of gunfire at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. Both officers, along with security personnel, exited the security office and responded towards the Las Vegas Village.

As they were making their way through the casino, security personnel advised the officers of an active shooter on the 32nd floor of the hotel.

The officers then directed security to escort them to that location. The officers and security personnel entered the Center Core guest elevators and were again advised the shooter was on the 32nd floor.

The officers made a tactical decision to respond to the 31st floor and take the stairwell to the 32nd floor.

The report provides an explanation for the officer’s “tactical decision” to respond to the wrong floor.

There was conflicting information on the exact location of the shooter(s) whether it was on the 31st, 32nd , or the 33rd floors.

While on the elevator they decided to check all three floors.

As the door opened on the 31st floor, Security Managers Oelke and Umstott and LVMPD Officers Hendrex and Varsin exited and walked up the 100 wing upon hearing gunshots coming from an unknown direction.

Security Manager Sottile and Engineer Alsbury continued to the 32nd floor on the elevator.

So we have the hotel security team going to the correct floor via elevator while the LVMPD officers were on the 31st floor.

Which they reached at 22:16. They then walked up the stairs to the 32nd floor and “posted up to block any possible escape by the shooter.”

The report says the gunfire had stopped by the time the LVMPD officers arrived at the 32nd floor.

As LVMPD officers arrived on the 32nd Floor, they proceeded up the 300 wing, officers made entry into rooms and searched for occupants.

Engineer Schuck redirected the officers to the 100 wing where the shooting had been coming from. The sound of gunfire had ceased so the officers conducted slow and methodical evacuations as they moved up the hallway.

The report fails to answer the key question about the police and hotel’s response to Mr. Paddock’s attack: could the two LVMPD officers and/or the armed Mandalay Bay security team have made it the killer’s room before he stopped firing?

Call me Mr. Skeptical, but did they arrive in time to [potentially] save at least some of the lives lost on the street below?

It’s a question that’s going to play a central role in the inevitable lawsuit against the Mandalay Bay Hotel and its parent company MGM Resorts International. Watch this space.

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      • Could be, but looking at the pictures of his body made me think that he had a co-conspirator who killed him and then slipped out in the few minutes before the police got to the room.

        • There was more than enough guns and ammunition in the room to arm two shooters, maybe more.

          Remember there was a receipt for Paddock that was something to the effect of “room service for two” and there was a woman who was going around the festival telling people they were “going to die tonight.”

          It’s been obvious from the get go that Paddock did not act alone. Does that mean there was a second shooter? IDK, but it could have easily been someone who aided him with finances. If the guy was broke and in debt, how the hell did he pay for the guns, ammo, materials, hotel room, etc.?

        • They can’t very well say publicly that anyone other than Paddock was involved without having that person or persons in custody.

          I don’t buy the ‘gambling debts’ motive. This is (allegedly) a professional gambler that still had assets. Arms broker, money launderer, cooking the books for a criminal organization… those could certainly drive a ‘descent into madness’. My bet would be that he was laundering money through gambling for some criminal enterprise and got in way over his head.

  1. He had “blue plastic hose with funnel, fan and SCUBA mask attached.”

    I don’t get it. I guess to keep down smoke but that doesn’t make sense in that configuration. That is some serious premeditation, I would never have considered smoke build up in the room.

    • I couldn’t figure this out – if the scuba gear was for smoke/tear gas, he could have easily just purchased a gas mask (certainly had the money and time)

      Drugs Maybe? Either on drugs in constructing this thing or for inhalling drugs?

      His girlfriend claimed he had a sensitivity and aversion to smells, could be connected

      • You have obviously never attempted to accurately fire a rifle while wearing a gas mask. i know the Army has worked on improving this problem, but I do not know if their new masks are available for civilian purchase/use.

        With most gas masks it is nearly impossible to bring the rifle to your cheek and get a decent sight picture. JWT may have more up to date information on this point.

        • Considering he was using a bump stock and no sights on a lot of his rifles I doubt he aimed at all.

    • My initial assumption is that he wanted to have fresh air pumped to him as he fired hundreds of rounds in a confined space. He didn’t want to have trouble breathing and seeing.

      They said he wasn’t a gun guy and didn’t go to the firing range. How did he figure he would need a breathing system?

      • Pedophiles will be added to the GLBT…. category soon, the next time democrats control congress. They will be protected from prosecution and given SSI for life.

        • That’s already the rule within the Colorado Department of Corrections. If one inmate beats up or kills another over a gambling debt or an insult, it’s fine. But if he beats up/kills a pedo purely for being a pedo, boom. Street charge for a hate crime. Let that sink in….

    • Kinda how the CIA puts kiddie porn on the computers of anyone they don’t like as an effort to discredit and demonize the person? I don’t believe its his for a second.

      • It could simply be pictures of a family member’s baby in a bathtub.

        You can’t believe the government or their propaganda outlets.

        I have seen news stories that contradict the video proof that is attached to the report. They literally will tell the viewers that the suspect shot first, then the police returned fire in self defense, as they play the video showing the police shooting first.

  2. I cannot understand the thinking — even demented thinking — for why the attacker had 23 rifles at the ready (according to my count of the list provided in this article). And he had them sprinkled all over his suite.

    I can see where he would have wanted multiple rifles in case one jammed as well as for instant reloads. How many would that be? I don’t know, six or seven? I cannot wrap my head around 23 rifles.

    To put this in perspective, let’s say he could achieve an average rate of fire of 7 shots per second with his bumpfire stocks. Those rifles with 100 round magazines could therefore fire for 14 seconds continuously before running out of cartridges. Assuming an additional 3 seconds to toss an empty rifle aside, grab another, and begin firing, he would have been able to fire for 102 seconds — just over 1.5 minutes — assuming six loaded rifles. Even if he doubled to 12 rifles for 3 minutes, 20 seconds of uninterrupted fire, he would have to think that the concert area would have been cleared out by that time.

    Who knows, though: I am a rational and decent person who is not demented trying to imagine what an irrational, evil, demented person was thinking.

    • I can’t see how he managed to get 2,,300lbs of ARs (23 x avg 10lbs per rifle including accessories like bipods) into a hotel without anyone noticing. Then, you have to add in the weight of his ammo.

      Bottom Line, he managed to get approximately 4,000lbs of gear into the hotel room by himself?

      • Not hard to do. Twelve or so trips up to the room spaced out over a couple days. Who’s going to notice or say anything if they did? The people who work in those casino resorts are expected to balance a deep, respect for the guest’s privacy with a concern for security. As long as you keep quiet and discreet nobody wants to know anything.

      • I believe you meant to say 230 pounds of rifles and over 400 pounds of gear which is still a large amount to carry up by yourself, although I’ve had to carry my wife’s suitcases up to our room before so I do know how he would feel after that.

      • Math is a bit off, 23×10 is 230lbs. Not 2300lbs, and based off the reports that he would stay at casinos for a month or two at a time he probably had 10-15 suitcases if not more.

      • Add weight for 6300 rounds of 5.56 loaded into polymer and steel mags. More for whatever he was using to carry them because there’s no way he paraded them through the front doors open-carry style.

        Now… why haven’t any of the reports contained any toxicology information so far? I want to know what was floating around in his bloodstream.

    • Well,, if *I* wanted to carry 200+ lbs of stuff to my hotel room, I have just the thing: a wheeled soft-sided duffel.
      I bet many of us have one, too.
      Golf bags serve the same function.
      Not hard to do at all.

    • I still think Paddock was making a statement. He was a registered Democrat and purchased the guns used at Mandalay Bag since Hillary lost her coronation. His statement was to say “look what I can do” with buying so many guns and so much ammunition, taking it all to the motel room, and conducting a reprisal attack on those mouth-breathing, hillbilly, redneck, Trump voters.

      He had an apparent exit strategy but this was stymied by the actions of the security guard.

      • I don’t see any escape plan.

        He sealed himself in the room and drilled closed his only escape. He even had cameras and a breathing system for an extended stay. He brought along his revolver to shoot himself with. Don’t forget he also sent his lady friend away and transfered large amounts of money as a farewell gift.

        There is no way he would have escaped with his identity on everything. You don’t buy guns legally if you want to get away with an attack. He wasn’t a dumb person. Even gang members know better. The FBI and CIA would have found him within hours or days.

    • uncommon_sense says: “I cannot wrap my head around 23 rifles”

      Based on the list of rifle manufacturers in his collection, it almost appears that he wanted to diversify the leading producers and sellers of AR style rifles. Almost like he (they) wanted to spread the blame on to as many companies as they could. You know, because it is always the gun’s fault…

      • I think you’re on to something here Ragnar. If he’s aim was political, a lawsuit against all those scary AR manufacturers would be the dems wet dream. Thankfully we still have PLCAA.

  3. Why do we need a “why”? It happened and it won’t raise the dead. I’m thinking that the dealer(s) who sold him 55 guns knew “something”. His galpal too. It’s a hoot watching the pink things protest Trump😄😘😏

    • Paddock was one of those crazy pinko “pink things.” He went to the Women’s March and other protests with his vagina-hat on. By taking their March there they are showing solidarity with that disgusting killer.

      • Don’t know if that is true. However, he was educated in California schools and spent many years in that state.

        We know how most people turn out when they are “educated” in California.

    • Of course we need to know why, that is a core question that creates perspective and understanding of the overall event. When you know the why then you can predict and make real solutions. Skipping the why and going on to “solutions” is not problem solving it just creates problems.

  4. The negligent discharge was a three round burst? I guess I knew that full-auto was available to SWAT, but I can’t imagine how it is a good idea to breach a room with a selector on auto.

      • Nay, if I’m room clearing, my fingers on the trigger. Once you do some opposing force training, you will understand that the people on the other side of the door already have their weapons raised at it. SOP before going on a nice and soft UDP to Japan was to put a burst through the door, straight into the fatal funnel. Naturally this was only for combat zones were we were getting shot at.

  5. My take on this is a law on weapons owned, I think it was under Clit on in 94 they had that 20 guns and 1000 rounds is an arsenal and you’d need a permit. Paddock’s actions are hurting more then just those involved with the shooting, Bumpfire, and now weapons arsenal

  6. Stephen Paddock left handed?

    Search for “Stephen Paddock Pictures” and you will find several pictures of him using his left hand indicating that he may be left hand dominant.

    You will also find one of his personal checks for $14K written to a car dealer. The handwriting shows that it may have a backward slant on some of the hand written letters, indicating that it may have been written by a left hand dominate writer. See pics showing Paddock holding drink, sign, reaching for food with left hand. Pen on table in his hotel room placed to left of note.

    All weapons with bump stock is for right hand shooter and would be difficult to use for a left hand shooter as it requires excellent dexterity to be as effective as audio recordings of shooting.

    Counterargument: It is possible that Paddock is not left handed, and that pictures are reversed, however the pen on table pic is not reversed. Other pics of Paddock using his left hand (e.g. also show a female with a wrist watch often worn on left hand, supporting that the picture is of Paddock using his left hand).

    Other pictures show Paddock holding a sign with right hand dominant stance, show him holding his tennis racket with right hand in team group photo like other teammates (but his grip appears weak, possible for picture symmetry and not his actual grip portraying right hand dominance).

    Also, if he did write the aiming trajectories on the note using his left hand this may explain placing the pen to the left of the note, and give evidence that he was the shooter and/or involved in this part of the plot.

    Alternatively, maybe something else was written on the note, someone else wrote the note or the note was staged and the placement of pen is irrelevant.

    There may be other explanations, such as the right hand configured firearms were not used or intended for Mr. Paddock’s use (e.g., he was a guns dealer).

    Trying to be objective, but if Paddock was left handed that would pose significant question to his effectiveness of using all right handed configured weapons with bump stocks.

      • Yes, I agree. But there are left hand configured bump stocks by the same manufacturer. He apparently had the money to purchase the left hand version, if he was left handed.

      • Exactly. I write and shoot lefty. But as a child there were no left handed baseball gloves available.

      • Meanwhile, I shoot guns, bows, and hockey pucks lefthanded, but I do everything else rightie. My left eye is dominant (my right eye is lazy), and I like having my right hand at the top of my hockey stick. I can switch-hit in baseball though.

      • Exactly. I’m right-handed, but left eye dominant, so I shoot rifles left-handed. It’s not hard to train yourself to do so.

    • It’s also possible he didn’t actually use a bump-stock, but an illegal fully automatic. Frankly, I have a hard time believing that, using a bump stock for the duration of individual bursts that he fired (based on audio recordings), he could keep his shots in a tight enough grouping to kill that many people, even with them all packed together. Plus, it’s hard to argue for more gun control when a highly illegal and tightly controlled weapon is used in a high profile crime. Of course, if a legal product was used (or “used”), well… we all know how much the Left likes to lie to get their way….

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to run to the store as I seem to be out of tinfoil

    • I’m left handed. I do ALMOST everything left handed. Except, shoot a gun, shoot a bow and arrow, use a mouse and play guitar. Most left handed people I know still do most of these 4 activities like a right handed person.

    • Yep, my take is it was a gun running deal gone bad and possibly hijacked by a group that knew the deal was going down and a lot of money was to change hands.

      Questionable items, issues in addition to the handedness of the rifles…no particular order:

      1) Who brings 23 weapons to a shootout?
      2) Who brings pistols and pistol ammo to a long-range shooting?
      3) Who brings a bolt action rifle with a scope to a massacre which require autos or semi-autos?
      4) Who pulls a hard drive from a computer before offing himself after committing a massacre?
      5) Who brings tannerite to a massacre?
      6) Who breaks out two windows when one was perfectly suitable for the task of massacring others?
      7) Who brings so many calibers to a massacre when the intent should have been just to have a few very capable weapons all of the same caliber so that staged loaded magazines would be accepted by all of the weapons?
      8) Why wouldn’t a gun running operation want to operate right under the noses of the cops when they were otherwise preoccupied by a rambunctious country music festival almost next door which provide what amounted to the perfect distraction?
      9) Why would the shooter have attended an almost identical outdoor concern at a different hotel in L.V. a few months before? Did he really like the noise that much (reports are he complained about the noise from the first one)?
      9) Why did he own two light airplanes like a smuggler might own?
      10) Why did he claims his income was from gambling when he’d have had to be one of the most successful gamblers in human history to become and remain a multi-millionaire because of just gambling?
      11) Why were the FBI agents all but body-crushing the Sheriff when he gave his on-camera interviews about this?
      12) Why did a highly trained SWAT member have a negligent discharge into the door of the suite with an automatic weapons when, well, they’re highly trained?
      13) Who is famous for planting child porn on someone’s computer to frame them while living and tarnish them once dead? FBI.

      Absolutely none of this fits with the FBI’s scenario. Instead, it stinks like a dead rat.

  7. A couple of backpacks padlocked to a street light, and filled with Tannerite, surrounded by chopped up rebar, and he would have done more damage.
    (Add a bit more powdered metal to get the oxygen balance right- that orange smoke? Those are nitrogen oxides- if they were reduced to metal oxides, etc, they would be more powerful, but, probably not bullet sensitive).
    Go look up the Munich bombing- One asshole and fix this shit.

  8. I still think there was also a political motive behind it. Let’s say he shot up a gay pride rally. Everybody and there mother would know what his motive was. The media would be all over it. It wouldn’t even be questioned. But he shoots up a country music festival, and everyone sits around wondering why. The media has effectively buried this story. It took the media over a year to just slow down on sandy hook. I’ve noticed a trend here, The minute a mass shooting doesn’t fit the narrative, it gets buried. Chattanooga, San Bernadino, Orlando, Dallas, Baton Rogue, the GOP baseball game, and the navy yard shooting. Obviously the media reports on all of them, but as soon as certain facts come out, the shooter was Muslim, black, ANTIFA, or used a shotgun, suddenly the media starts to slowly bury the story. I distinctly remember it being reported that this guy had a hatred for Trump, and voted for Hillary.

    • Hey man, if anybody to the right of stalin gets killed it is just a killing. Or something like that. If someone kills conservatives(or probable conservatives) then that just means that conservatives should have less freedom. If leftists die then there should be less freedom for conservatives. See how that works?

  9. Since this idiot was obviously mentally ill, any “reason” he could come up with would make no sense to us anyway.
    It’s the media always looking for a motive after law enforcement gives up, because that sells.

  10. Finally have a official count of rounds fired: 1050 5.56+8 308. With 59 killed (Injured numbers include injuries from trampling and other non-gunshot injuries.) That’s less than one kill per 18 shots fired. He would have gotten far more kills if he concentrated on the scoped 308s.

    • Sadly true. How about all the rifles that have bump stocks that don’t have sights. No wonder he didn’t kill as many as he could have, he didn’t have any idea where impacts would be.

    • Well, he was infinitely better than US troops in Vietnam, where it was 1 in 50,000, in GWOT were at about 1.8billion rounds a year and kills in the 20k a year average, which includes arty, air strikes, etc.

  11. I know this guy was a mental midget psychopathic piece of crap. And I know we don’t want to start conspiracy theories and stupid stuff like that. But if you look at the Firearms this fellow had he has an AR-15 or a 308 version of an AR-10 almost in every major manufacturer name brand. My question is this guy anti-gun and a leftist and did he do this stuff to cause a huge gun ban or to outlaw firearms? I would love to hear what anyone has to say about this thought.

    • It really does seem like he went all out to “cover all the bases” of the gun control check list. Almost like an advertisement to try and show how “easy” mass murder is.

      • This. This is what I have been screaming since the beginning!!! The guns are the show, not the shooting. Two rifles and a bag full of ammo would have done many times better at killing but he conveniently brought every rifle with every feature the left and big brother have wanted banned for decades!

        I still think hes a fall guy and the real criminals ran free.

      • Pointless in the here and now, but he had tannerite, if he was to kill many he would have done something similar to Oklahoma City. Pay attention to timing every time a vote for reforming gun control is put up for vote it’s literally days or weeks before vote a person like this does something similar. Sad callous truth more would have died if he used semi-automatic. Question videos after shooting, why are FBI cleaning ground and why is the trailers whitenesses say we’re shot at untouched with windows intact? Interagency coup? Or hatched plan for a list of fuck ups like Waco, Ruby Ridge, and Unabomber? Expensive fuck ups that cost taxpayers money. Look into these things LGBTQ club in Florida has a single man shooting according to news and a piston operated rifle. The club had to many casings to make for a single rifle without multiple reloads.

    • One of every type, most without sights, yet was using dope charts… also covered every hicap mag base besides D60 drums.

      Now that we know the exact models of gun and magazine, can someone with one of each try to duplicate the rate of fire we heard, as well as its consistency?

      You know where you find lots of guns that don’t have sights on them? Gun stores. +1 on the arms dealer theory in my book, but I still think it sounded like an M240

  12. Sorry, not buying it…To much Deep State…Fake News, and false flags..Report looks more like a Politicians, and Law Enforcement community report for a laundry list of Future Gun control (re: Civilian Disarmament)
    More Deep State….”What happens in Vegas…Remains Secret in Vegas…..”

  13. Take a look at the last few pics in that report – The shots into the ‘Jet-A’ tanks – It sure looks like some of it ignited.

    If he had done a few mag-dumps into the tanks and then into the pool of fuel accumulating below, he might have started a nasty fire that would have been problematic to put out…

    • Highly unlikely. Contrary to Hollywood Belief, standard FMJ or HP bullets do not ‘spark’ when they hit ferrous or non-ferrous metals, nor do they have any incendiary capabilities. Only bullets designed to be incendiary or tracer have the capability of igniting material. Just MAYBE, a steel bullet on a steel target might result in a tiny spark, but not one with enough energy to ignite Jet A.
      Jet A is basically kerosene; It has a high flash point, far higher than gasoline (more like Diesel). It won’t even catch fire when one tosses a lit match into a pool of it, unlike gasoline.
      If one got up REAL close, and fired a large-capacity-cartridge gun with its muzzle stuck in a vaporized cloud of Jet A in warm temperatures, the direct flash MIGHT set that off.
      Shooting a tank of Jet A with a .308 is about as effective, fire-wise, as shooting a 48″ oil pipeline with a .338 Winchester. It’s been done. Crude oil is HIGHLY aromatic, chock-full of volatile gas liquids, and very inflammable. Doesn’t matter. It just leaks.

  14. Looking at the pictures, it looks more like 10-15 guys had been standing around with loaded weapons and then just dropped them and left than someone with any organized formal plan to shoot at the concert. For someone who thought through this enough to worry about bullet drop, the layout of his ‘resources’ doesn’t make a bit of sense.

    • This, they are tossed everywhere, almost seems like someone wanted to make it look intentionally careless and menacing. Or someone dropped and went. I wonder how many rifles actually have Paddocks fingerprints on them?

  15. Of course he recently lost a lot of money. He was carrying out his year long plan, which in the end he would die. You can’t take money to the afterlife, but you can give it away to your girlfriend and family before you die.

    You know some Muslim terrorists party before they commit their attack? Paddock didn’t stop gambling up until the end.

    I don’t think his motive was to attack innocent people at a specifically scouted concert because he was mad at a certain casino or the State of Nevada. His plan was too well done and the hard drive with all the evidence for his motive disappeared. He did not leave a revenge message or make any overt declarations to establishments; nor did he write a manifesto about America”s gambling world.

    What Paddock did was buy a lot of AR-15s and AR-10s, bump fire stocks, exploding targets, air piercing, tracers, hollow points, frangibles, 100 round magazines, etc. He did this all within a very short period of time while he scouted acceptable targets and planned his attack. He was obviously smart considering the surveillance cameras, the barricading, the improvised gas mask, the bullet drop calculations, the murder holes, and the shooting stations. To me, the evidence points to this being a political attack that was being done to give the government the best event they can use to repeal the right to keep and bear arms since Sandy Hook wasn’t strong enough. Hence the destruction of the hard drives that contain the proof of his motive and the odd interviews the brother gave after the attack.

    Some people are smarter than you can imagine or want to give them credit for. Don’t underestimate the creativity and cunningness of manipulative individuals with an endgame. Sometimes you get outplayed; you shouldn’t refuse to acknowledge that it happened. If you continue to be in denial, they have won.

  16. Interesting that all the rifles at his homes didn’t have bump stocks. Seems most of the weapons in the room had bump stocks. Odd he didn’t seem to bring the rifles from his local home. I can see bringing loaded magazines. But over 5k rounds of loose ammo? It would take hours to re-load with only one person.

    Too many rifles of varying type. Looks like a dealer making a sale. To much inventory for one or two to manage. I smell an ISIS plot gone wrong.

  17. Brings 6 rifles that don’t have optics, but leaves rifles at home that have optics? Yeah ok. What a joke

  18. From what has been written/divulged about him the pictures shown don’t make sense.
    Weird photos, not enough information about them .Wacked out or not the guy was compulsive and orderly. You would think to see the firearms in a less haphazard order regardless of having been fired or not. Unfired I’d think they would be grouped and stacked for quick access – possibly through out the suite, fired weapons would still be discarded in pretty much the same general direction, what is shown is pointed every which way. The fabrics look untouched by any oil,carbon, heat stains, no mags dropped, carpet looks vacuumed, no shell casings visible stc.

  19. Of course no optics – it was night! And without some serious optics at night they cant see crap. shooting at night (flame-ball out of front of rifle, flash blinding the field of view) into a dimly lit area with a bump fire that might have 1 out of 20 bullets even going anywhere close to a supposed target… oh, and the cover guy was 1/4 mile away from the group. — it just doesn’t fit with several victims being double-tapped. What makes sense is if he was providing noise cover for suppressed snipers working from other closer locations. Bumpfire stocks are a toy and introduce so much error at 25 feet that most dont hit an 18” round target. Now take that out to 1/4 mile, at night. I’d really like someone in Texas with enough land to stage a test and just see how many rounds even hit the field of 100 yards with unsighted bumpfire, non-tracer round ammo – from 384 feet in the air and 1/4 mile distance at night with no optics. He would have needed belt fed – full auto on a turret with a 5000+EUR night vision scope from that distance, which several audio analysts said belt fire to best fit the rate of fire but no belts or BFA upper guns were listed or found. So odd how all crowd videos were taken off youtube. Sure seems like a fast and furious gone wrong again…

  20. Btw – bumpfire and bipod dont mix. Makes no sense at all. Also only a few extra magazines were found.. Huh ? It’s like a gun show demo of all options so they all get onto a ban list.. Sorry – tyranny, you wont have our guns and we kiss the 2nd amendment that was invented to suppress you from ruling our country ever again !

  21. 422 hit by gun fire
    58 killed
    1100 rounds – spent bass
    480 total victims shot
    43.6% hit rate @ night @ 1/4 mile distance

    They should have had this guy training Navy Seal snipers.

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