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D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham (courtesy

“It’s easier, but it’s not easy in the sense that any Joe can get a license to carry . . . The city is not safer with more guns but we respect constitutional rights, and our law conforms.” – D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham quoted in Hundreds apply to carry loaded, concealed handguns in DC [via]

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  1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    Take him to the woodshed.

  2. avatar Joe R. says:

    Much cop whining with this one.

    Not any Joe. Hunh.

    So. . . it’s easier if you:

    1) Know somebody
    2) Pay somebody
    3) you’re a felon and you don’t even bother to know the law [see 1 & 2 above]
    Or. . .
    4) You’re Mexican and the ATF&E compels a LGS down south to sell you a full auto one cause fV<K it, we have too many transferable full auto weapons in the country, and too many border patrol agents that do their job.

    1. avatar JasonM says:

      He’s talking about carry permits, not guns.

      The courts just forced DC to create a shall-issue concealed carry licensing system, and he’s complaining that any Joe can exercise a constitutionally guaranteed right without having to know the correct people in city hall (like they do in a may-issue system).

      1. avatar GS650G says:

        Let’s force the 8 states with maybe issue to shall issue through the courts

  3. avatar 7.62x54r says:

    Only two stars? No authoritah!!

  4. avatar Ironhead says:

    Loaded and concealed? Whats the point of concealed carry if its unloaded?

    1. avatar Hank says:

      I’ve met idiots that carry an unloaded gun.

    2. avatar anonymoose says:

      European militaries, Israelis, and old rednecks carry their GLAWKs without one in the chamber.

    3. avatar John in AK says:

      Cross-examining Lawyer: “You came at him?”
      Rooster Cogburn: “I did.”
      Cross-examining Lawyer: “With the revolver in hand?”
      Rooster Cogburn: “Yes.”
      Cross-examining Lawyer: “Loaded and cocked?”
      Rooster Cogburn: “Well if it ain’t loaded and cocked it don’t shoot.”
      –“True Grit,” 2010

  5. avatar Vic Nighthorse says:

    Is that a future million dollar pensioner I hear toeing the line?

  6. avatar FedUp says:

    In other words, We at DC Metro PD have to obey the law, but we don’t have to like it.

    Which, believe it or not, is a huge step up from Chief Lanier, who didn’t think laws applied to her department.

    1. avatar BLoving says:

      To paraphrase:
      “I may not like having negroes, Jews, homosexuals, Asians, brownish-people, free-thinkers, uppity women and Gun Owners in this town – but the law says I need to put up with it.”

      1. avatar Sam I Am says:


        Racism is not the only, nor most prevalent, reason for “putting up” with laws we don’t like. Your comment does not mark you as a hero of the revolution.

      2. avatar JS says:

        I thought that was pretty clever. It is exactly the same.

    2. avatar Mark N. says:

      What happened to Lanier? Did she get the axe after “shall issue” came to the City? Or did she quit in horror and and revulsion, fearing the day when the streets run red with blood?

  7. avatar MamaLiberty says:

    Still trying to figure out why any sane person wants to go to D. C. I’m sure the cops could find SOMETHING to charge you with, regardless of how helpless you allowed yourself to be.

    1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

      ‘why any sane person wants to go to D. C.’

      I hear the stank just won’t wash off..

    2. avatar FedUp says:

      Geez, Mama, you act as if they’d charge a guy with having an empty shotgun hull or something…

  8. avatar Howdy says:

    “any joe can get a license to carry…”. So does that mean that someone named Tom, Dick or Mary is out of luck. Seems kind of unfair.

  9. avatar Gordon in MO says:

    Looked at the application.

    One requirement is training in DC. Training outside DC does not count.

    Still finding ways to make it hard.

    1. avatar CZ Peasy says:

      16 hours training is required with 2 hours specifically covering DC law. I took the training in Maryland. I never thought it would be easier to get a permit in DC than in Maryland.

  10. avatar Kenneth G Maiden says:

    “We respect CONSTITUTIONAL rights”? What utter lying B.S. Just getting to this point took decades and decades of battles. Likely during this A-HOLES entire career. Where was he then? Pissing on the very Constitution he now holds dear?

  11. avatar Ragnarredbeard says:

    Why is it douchebags seem to always have slicked back hair with too much product?

  12. avatar Fed Up says:

    …if the SS uniform fits…

    Is it just me or does he look like the textbook definition of jack-booted thug?

    1. avatar ironicatbest says:

      I was thinking the same

  13. avatar Oh noes says:

    “It’s easier, but it’s not easy in the sense that any Joe can get a license to carry . . . The city is not safer with more guns but we respect constitutional rights, and our law conforms.”
    No you don’t, and no it doesn’t…………….I CAN win the lottery but I won’t. Try carrying a firearm in that shit hole, The police will hem you up faster than you can say police brutality.

  14. avatar MyName says:

    I have an idea that might streamline the whole national reciprocity thing. Since DC is not a state, and houses the federal government which includes the representatives from all the states, and now has to issue CC permits, I propose the following:

    1) Pass a law that requires all states to recognize a DC CC permit. (the politicians will like this – they like to be special)

    2) Pass a law requiring all states to offer a DC compatible CC permit option. (the politicians will like this – they like pushing the states around)

    Then, everyone who wants to can get a DC CC permit (kinda like a supersized Utah permit) and then be licensed to carry in all 50 states and DC.

    Now, I’d prefer to just have the feds enforce the constitution and remove all those infringements but, this seems like a possible path forward.

  15. avatar Sam I Am says:

    “Officers work on split-second decisions. At what point do you ask, ‘Do you have a permit?’ The delay could lead to danger,” she said.”

    OK, I haven’t had my first martini yet, so what am I missing? Why is asking about a permit more dangerous than asking for ID during a traffic stop? And the “problem” can be cured by amending whatever law to require a permit holder to self-identify.

    1. avatar Ben says:

      That’s hilarious that you think self-identifying would solve anything. All those rules do is hem up people who have zero ill intent. If you’re carrying with or without a legal permit, and have no ill intent, nothing should happen. If one has ill intent, why would they volunteer that incriminating information? Oh, wait, why would they have a permit in the first place?

      1. avatar Sam I Am says:

        You missed my point, entirely. The claim of “danger” is just stupid.

        1. avatar Ben says:

          Should have made your point plain, rather than requiring mind-reading to figure it out…

        2. avatar Sam I Am says:

          It was.

          Always good to stretch your abilities.

  16. avatar anonymoose says:

    Okay, Chief New-Sham, what are you going to do about it?

  17. avatar C.S. says:

    Well, he’s better than the last D.C. Police Chief…

  18. avatar Freeheel says:

    Ok chief your city is a crime ridden sh*thole. Fix that first and leave the law abiding citizens alone. Simple

  19. avatar Jim Bullock says:

    Officer Earnest there seems interested in his team n the independent thugs not getting shot, while “Joe” who only might maybe shoot back is a problem.

    Interesting to see what counts as “safe” and for who.

  20. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    Dude looks like a two star rent-a-cop!

  21. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

    “it’s not easy in the sense that any Joe can get a license to carry” – Somebody didn’t read the Wrenn decision. The decision said that the law has to allow the average citizen to be able to exercise the right. If “any Joe” is anything like “average Joe,” he just handed the lawyers challenging this iteration of the law a loaded weapon (I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist).

  22. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

    From the article (my comments in parenthesis):

    “It’s concerning on many levels,” Hollinger said. “It changes the culture.” (We call this winning).

    Newsham stressed that the law does not permit open carry and that those with permits must keep their handguns out of public view.

    “To the extent it’s exposed to the public or the police, there will be a stop, there will be an inquiry and they will be asked to show a permit,” the chief said. (So, open carry is legal, but results in a “papers please” encounter)?

    In her new role at the Wharf, a lively location where many people are imbibing, Groomes also worries about greater access to handguns and the potential for people to overreact in arguments. (Blood in the streets, blood in the streets)!

    The measure, passed by the House, would treat concealed-carry permits like driver’s licenses, making permits issued in one state valid in all other states. (A common mistake on what the law does).

    Even though the city waived the $75 application fee for individuals who had already paid it when they were originally rejected because of the “good reason” standard, Grace was told that the new review process still would take about 90 days to determine whether his permit will be approved.

    He – and Wrenn – are still waiting. (Grace is the other guy in the consolidated case known as Wrenn. There’s justice for you).

  23. avatar Aaron says:

    It appears that fool doesn’t recall that when DC was the murder capitol of the world in the early 90s, guns were completely banned and had been for many years.

    To put it mildly, it didn’t work.

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