Richmond armed Black Lives Matter protesters
(courtesy Jeff Hulbert)
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By Dennis Petrocelli, MD

The latest Lancet Psychiatry editorial mixes several poorly articulated ideas in a swing-and-a-miss effort to impugn American gun owners by suggesting that current gun purchase boom is fueled by cowardice in the face of economic adversity. Given The Lancet’s outside-the-United States focus, it isn’t surprising that it woefully mischaracterizes us.

The Lancet’s screed titled, “Home of the brave?” links economic hardship with firearms sales, and even resurrects President Obama’s foot-in-mouth “bitter clingers” epithet, a turn of phrase he came to regret. Their conjectured emotional logic goes something like this: an economic downturn breeds anxiety, and guns are a salve for unhealthily worried minds.

The purported association between gun purchases and anxiety misses the mark. People typically aren’t quivering in fear when they purchase home insurance, for example, and I’ve not seen either panic or anxiety in guns stores over the past months. I have, however, met people who are appropriately concerned about possible bad outcomes. Rather than outsourcing the responsibility to prevent those outcomes, new gun owners are taking it upon themselves to be as self-sufficient as they can be.

In contrast to anxiety (often, “an irrational reaction to a stressor”), concern is a thinking-and-feeling state that arises from accurately appraising the world we live in. This includes the realization that the police cannot arrive fast enough. Even in the best of circumstances, there will be a delay, and we are not currently living in the best of circumstances.

People buying guns have taken a brave first step towards becoming their own first responder. That’s the opposite of cowardice. Although debate rages among internet lawyers and tactical experts regarding the legality and strategic wisdom of the St. Louis couple who confronted a crowd of 300, what cannot be questioned is their bravery. They neither hid nor waved a flag of surrender.

After attacking gun owners, The Lancet changes it up more by attacking the guns themselves: “We can be confident that . . . guns will play a primary role in pushing higher the US’s already high preventable death rate.” Depression mixed with suicidal ideation is a dangerous condition, not gun ownership. We know this because other countries with far lower gun ownership have worse rates of suicide, nationals like Japan and parts of the former Soviet Union. In fact, deaths involving the use of guns have been falling while the number of gun owners and guns has skyrocketed.

Finally, the Lancet’s editorial makes the leap to institutionalized racism and “the role [it] plays in the US’s attitudes towards guns.” Although the editorial notes that “gun violence” largely impacts minorities, rather than addressing poverty and disparities in education and job opportunities related to racism, it proclaims the solution is “advocating for fewer guns.”

richmond robert e. lee statue
Statue of Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Virginia (courtesy Jeff Hulbert)

People protesting institutionalized racism every night around the monuments of Confederate generals here in Richmond would take exception to The Lancet’s position. Why?  Because they are armed. Some have open-carried AR-15s and conceal-carried pistols. Even the local news, which is typically aghast at public displays of civilian gun ownership, gave them a pass because the logic of wanting to defend oneself is unassailable, in these current circumstances.

Given the genocides that have occurred around the world for generations, why can’t The Lancet see the importance of minority gun ownership? At this year’s historic Virginia Citizen Defense League’s Lobby Day, every ethnic group was well represented. Placards that stand out in my mind read: “Armed Minorities Are Harder To Oppress” . . . “I am UNARMED today due to GOVT. OPPRESSION” . . .  “The easiest way to enslave people is to DISARM them.”

Pro Gun Rally Virginia
A man walks in the crowd during a pro-gun rally, Monday, Jan. 20, 2020, in Richmond, Va. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Unfortunately, chronic hoplophobia is a treatment-resistant condition characterized by blind allegiance to a fairytale that reads “. . . all the guns were banned and the people lived happily ever after.”  This affliction keeps otherwise intelligent people from seeing how defensive gun usage vastly outweighs criminal usage, or experiencing the challenge and fun of the shooting sports.

The Founders of our country understood human nature at a level that the great minds at Lancet Psychiatry cannot grasp. These ivory-tower academics put the blame for violence on the weapon, not the person wielding it. Isn’t it curious that such mental health “experts” are more concerned about the tool than the perpetrator? Is it so hard to fathom that once disposed towards violence, a person will weaponize whatever is at hand?

Rather than slighting the literal and cultural descendants of the Greatest Generation who freed Europe — with guns. The Lancet would do well to learn from them.


Dennis Petrocelli, MD is a clinical and forensic psychiatrist who has practiced for nearly 20 years in Virginia. He took up shooting in 2019 for mind-body training and self-defense, and is in the fight for Virginians’ gun rights.


This article was originally published at and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. So…that also applies to the blacks buying guns to protest themselves and their families?
    Most people are seeing the writing on the wall…defunded and eliminated/reduced police forces…RIOTS…arson…assaults.
    Add to that wanting to eliminate cash bail…and a reluctance to prosecute… .
    I’m surprised that more have not exercised their right to self protection.
    Those that have? Welcome. Train and stay safe.

    • The writing on the wall is literally “kill whitey”. I think this is an easy one to figure out.

    • “So…that also applies to the blacks buying guns to protest themselves and their families?”

      I would hope they are protecting themselves, not protesting themselves and their families. 🙂

    • “So…that also applies to the blacks buying guns to protest themselves and their families?”

      Absolutely. When a leftist says “racist,” what they mean is a person who does not express full and open support for collectivist authoritarianism.

  2. Extraction is a pretty good movie with Chris Hemsworth….. Netflix, just saying, great looking weapons hey, if you’re tired of politics, check it out, and got a damn good ending

    • “Let us all hope that the dark clouds of racial prejudice will soon pass away and the deep fog of misunderstanding will be lifted from our fear drenched communities, and in some not too distant tomorrow the radiant stars of love and brotherhood will shine over OUR GREAT NATION with all their scintillating beauty.” -MLK Jr.

      It was on it’s way out, but the democrats chose to use identity politics to create fear, hate, and division. It’s a whole lot easier to get people to vote for you when they fear the other guy. Plus, you never have to worry about actually coming up with good policy ideas to help people. It even works out better when you DON’T help them, and just blame their troubles on the other guy.

      • Globalist Plan.

        Great Fiscal Reset coming Q1 2021 just after Trump Second Inauguration.

        This is what Bill Gates’ PLANNEDEMIC and the racial upshot was mostly about.

        WE the Peeps will NOT be voting our way out of this one. The Globalist Elite Deep State has seen to that after Trump got elected. They just don’t trust their Voter Fraud and Urban Plantation voters anymore.

      • Just like the republicans do to us with the democrats and guns.

      • Everyone of you snot nosed Trump bashing crybabies who does not vote votes democRat. If you cannot help pull the wagon you need to stfu and go lay your guns at the feet of beto o’rouke et al and take up knitting.

        TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

  3. Support your fellow POTG!!!

    call Oakland Country Sheriff and voice your disagreement with the racially motivated arrest of the pregant women and her husband at Chipotle parking lot.

    here is the number( non-emergency). (248) 858-4950

    • I’ve been the victim the the same kind of sh*t before myself. F you bitc#, I ain’t racist, I’m a bigot. I hate stupid people looking to start trouble.

    • huh?

      Why wouldn’t you list something- even a name- so we would know what you’re talking about?

      • Just google “oakland couple”. They were 100% in the right. Especially now days. Brandishing is sometimes the only way to stop these racists. A fucked up situation and no idea what started it, but it honestly does not matter the way the black mother and teen acted.

        • Just watched the video. The white lady should have shot the black lady. She should never have been arrested.

        • If she had been attacked, yes. But the brandishing did enough. It got the point across and the fact is, that’s how it’s going to be now days. Cases all over the US popping up like this and in reality, not a single one are guilty. It’s the only way these idiots understand. Universal language if you will.

        • Yeah brandishing got them both felony charges and him fired from his job. Yes the black family was playing them but the white couple could have driven away and called the cops. They had enough room to pull forward after the girl slapped the van. We all need to chill and deescalate these kind of situations. Now some MI lawmaker is going on about “sensible gun restrictions” for all.

        • Are you thick? They tried to drive away… They tried to de-escalate. They got in their cars and tried to leave. Cops are minutes away when seconds count… your “could have done this” is not practical. No shit they got doxed and charged… that’s the problem we face with defending ourselves against these racists and their marxist ideologies carried through by the democratic justice system. Especially in that area. It’s the cops fault in the first place, is it not? Tyrants kill some black man, race baiting ensues, tyrants gonna tyrant and all the sudden forget the phony oath they swore, then they come after you when you are forced to de escalate through universal language. Welcome to the fucking shit show dude. Calling the cops and de escalating by walking away will get you fucking killed.

        • Also, why do you think the headlines are “white couple pulls gun on black mother and daughter” and the like? Why are headlines never reversed? The fact is the black mother and daughter escalated and refused to de escalate with constant accusations of racism. Try to find another story to defend, cuz this one is politically correctly fucked and a fine example of how black racism is rampant in this country, and white people get fucked no matter what they do.

    • You mean the stupid woman who provoked an incident and then escalated the event to guns drawn because she felt entitled to barge into other people in a doorway?

      • Bullshit. You have no idea what happened before the videos. If she did nudge into someone it did not deserve the response from the other two that happened. You cannot and will not justify their actions and the gun being drawn was a response to the crazy lady trying to stand behind their vehicle when backing up and then hitting it. Honestly, judging by their actions, do you really think the older couple started anything? We are talking about a black mother and daughter who INSTANTLY resorted to saying “you racist” and “you ignorant” etc etc… they escalated. Not the other way around. Prove me wrong.

  4. The Lancet diatribe is NBFD and should be laughed at for what it is. Have you ever met a shrink that didn’t need one, badly, for his/her/itself?

    Par for this course…

  5. The Lancet is way left leaning. I have relatives in England, you can kiss England goodby.

    • The Lancet?
      Didn’t they just have their Kung Flu study results thrown out by the international scientific community. Pure junk science, searching for proof to support their beliefs, not looking for truth/facts.

    • The lancet and England must think Americans give two chits of what they think, we had a revolution to cure that and today is the day we celebrate that INDPENENCE.

  6. What we need to do is arm the honest citizens of the democrat cities. Thugs will think twice about committing crimes against others when they have a legal means to defend themselves. A thug with a gun in these cities right now is a king with his gun.

    • And yet Chicago is shall issue. It actually works in some gang bordering neighborhoods to keep out the crackhead theives. But stopping the shooting would be like stopping the Montagues and the Capulets. Why in the world would the gangs stop shooting at each other is everyone else is armed?

    • Almost like an armed society is a polite society. There will be crazies, sure, but they’d take the room temp challenge eventually. Better to just let them do it to themselves. Easy way to control idiots from reproducing.

  7. The democrats are stopping pushing gun control? I want some of that special crack you’re smoking.

    • If anything The laws won’t be enforced against the Democrats brown shirts. Communists love guns when it’s them weilding them.

  8. Reminds me of two things that adults taught me when I was a child, and that was a long time ago. #1 – ” Consider the Source”.. # 2 -” Empty cans make the most noise “.

  9. The medical professions are flushing their reputations down the toilet. In this rush to be politically correct.
    The best way to combat this would be to cut higher education budgets. President Eisenhower warned about giving federal $$$ to the academic world. In his final address to the country.

    • btw
      Adolf Hitler had many professors in the academic world support his way of thinking. Both in Germany and in the United States.

      • The former King of England, Edward VIII, was a supporter of Hitler as well.

        • The jewish founders of the state of Israel were also fans of Hitler. Most were atheists who gave up on their religion. But they really, really like Hitler.

        • “The jewish founders of the state of Israel were also fans of Hitler. Most were atheists who gave up on their religion. But they really, really like Hitler.”

          What the…the things neo-Nazis will make up about Jews.

        • to Mister Fleas
          You need to listen to michael savage. A radio host with russian jewish ancestry. Who has spoken about the leadership of the Irgun. A founding group of terrorist jews who came to israel before the holocaust. He quoted an article from Time magazine in 1941. The Irgun leadership apparently agreed with many of Hitler socialist views. Now go look up the article yourself.

          The former mayor of Chiraq is the son or grandson of the founder of the Irgun. Speaking historical facts has never made me feel uncomfortable. But you and people like you are uncomfortable.
          And I’m ok with that.

    • LOL Ralph! Fear and loathing huh?!? Last night we had late night shooting less than a mile away at a local carwash. And riots & looting on May 31. The local po-leece were/are pathetic. Nothing raciss about protecting my non-white loved one’s!!!

  10. Under threat reasonable people take measures to defend themselves unless they have been conditioned to submit. Learned helplessness, nanny state, the government will protect you and provide, don’t resist assailants. I’m my own first responder. I wonder if they talk about people who buy fire extinguishers as having masculine rescue fantasies because they are wannabe firefighters who pretend their hero ideal will become manifest when the fire comes?

  11. Oh my, a Brit journal harping about firearms in the US…what a surprise!

    This from a country that has been overtly (and covertly) erasing existing laws on self-defense for decades…nowadays in the UK you are more liable to be prosecuted by the Crown for forcefully resisting crime than for committing it.

    Not to mention that one of their main offices is in CHINA.

    Alex, I’ll take “What is Propaganda” for $2,000.

    C&P from the Lancet’s site:

    The Lancet
    125 London Wall
    London, EC2Y 5AS, UK

    The Lancet
    230 Park Avenue
    New York, NY 10169 USA

    The Lancet
    Unit 1-6, 7F, Tower W1, Oriental Plaza
    No.1, East Chang An Ave., Beijing, 100738, China

    • There are so few Brits I care about, Tommy Robinson (a real stud) is one of them!!!


      This holiday is when Americans gave the middle finger to the British:

  12. The guy with the sub-2000 has an interesting way of carrying it.

    Not sure I’m understanding.

    • Makes you want to take him to the side and help him get his nylon square away.
      That drop holster is cring worthy.

      I think of you you have your kit together and look professional they are not going to take you picture and publish it. A lot of photographers are looking for that bit of Barney Fife in their pictures.

  13. This Lancet article is employing the same old strategy that Progressives have been employing since, well, probably forever: shame and/or bully you into compliance with them. And this is their only possible play since they failed to persuade you with facts and reasoning.

    To be specific this Lancet editorial is saying to people who do not want to side with them and divest themselves of their firearms:
    1) You have a character flaw (fear) that drives you own firearms.
    2) People with character flaws are stupid, crazy, and/or corrupt.
    3) Everyone will reject you if are you stupid, crazy, and/or corrupt.
    4) No individual wants everyone to reject them.
    … therefore …
    5) To avoid total rejection/isolation, you must renounce your character flaw and divest yourself of all your firearms.

    That, ladies and gentlemen, is ugly on several levels.

    • Strange. I did this in reverse, that is, I rejected other people as being ignorant and corrupted. (Note, not corrupt but rather corrupted. Which is to say victims rather than assholes.) I did this around ~8 years old.

      A funny thing happens when you do that; you stop giving a fuck what “they” think, most emotional attachments are removed and you can actually study people with some clarity. Sure, people see you as aloof and strange at first but pretty quick you end up with a group of people who are true friends and that relationship is based on mutual trust and respect, which in turn means hard truths can be examined in the cold light of day without the participants getting emo and pitching a fit because you said something that caused an involuntary knotting of their panties.

      • “Sure, people see you as aloof and strange at first but pretty quick you end up with a group of people who are true friends and that relationship is based on mutual trust and respect,…”

        My daddy uses to say, the only friends you got are the dollars in your pocket; more dollars, more friends. Also, the only money you have is that which is in your pocket, the rest is just a promise.

        • Jackson, Grant and Franklin aka The Dangerous Three.

          Which is hilarious because there’s a song for them.

          • “Jackson, Grant and Franklin aka The Dangerous Three.
            Which is hilarious because there’s a song for them.”

            Wonder why the musical “Hamilton” hasn’t been “cancelled”?

            Or is it just a matter of liberalism being a mental disorder?

      • strych9,

        And you hit on the underlying mental condition that characterizes most Progressives:
        1) Their emotional pain tolerance is effectively zero.
        2) Their emotional pain response is hugely overblown.
        3) Isolation/rejection is extremely emotionally painful.

        Thus, they will go to great lengths to eliminate emotional pain — and hence to avoid isolation/rejection.

        Look at everything that they do and you can always break it down to those three characteristics as being the core impetus for their proactive and reactive actions.

        • “Look at everything that they do and you can always break it down to those three characteristics as being the core impetus for their proactive and reactive actions.”

          I.E. The result of three generations of raising children to remain children. (with the fourth being incubated)

      • strych9,

        Expanding ever so briefly upon your and my comments:

        People are social creatures.
        All people want to be part of a large group.
        A large group provides emotional fulfillment and security.

        Cohesion is necessary to maintain a large group.

        Where emotional people (Progressives) go awry is how they try to maintain group cohesion. Instead of trying to discover what is most constructive and productive and convey that to the group (e.g. persuade group members with facts and reasoning), emotional people pull out their emotional club and emotionally bludgeon their members into compliance using the manipulation tactic that I stated in my first comment above. The problem with that tactic is a lot of animosity and chaos as they are forever fighting among themselves to see which “ideals” bubble up for mass acceptance.

    • What’s the difference between God and a doctor.

      God doesn’t think he’s a doctor.

  14. And another thing: I have almost no fear nor anxiety at all since I armed myself effectively for both human and animal attackers.

    I can guarantee that unarmed Progressives who are fully aware of the probability of animal or human attack — and willingly accept/acknowledge that probability — are significantly more fearful and anxious than I am.

    • Just be sure to think large and real. When crowds gather, they can be overwhelming. I lived in Iran during the 1978-1979 revolution. One minute the streets would be empty, and 10 minutes later there would be hundreds and hundreds of people there, armed to the teeth. It’s can be fast and scary!!!

      • Jeffry,

        What you describe is beyond “animal and human attacks”. Rather, you are describing a civil war. Many posters on this forum have stated many times that firearms are not magic talismans which guarantee that you will prevail over every conflict. Rather, firearms give you options and an excellent chance at prevailing.

        When it comes to warfare (including mass engagements in a civil war), all bets are off and you could easily die in spite of being armed to the teeth. In that scenario being armed to the teeth gets you a seat at the table — which you would not get if you were not armed.

  15. The Lancet editorial rests upon the foundational cognitive failure that long ago defined human violence as this special form they call “Gun Violence”. The gun causes the human act, the human act is not caused by the human. That is the illogic, the cognitive cancer caused by Hoplophobia. Now with many decades behind it, this cognitive cancer has taken root, metastasized and is widely spread.

    Only living beings create violence, or peace, or the daily hum drum of common existence. None of our countless inventions force a behavior upon us. We either are or are not predisposed to behave in a certain way in certain circumstances. If a person behaves wrongly, they have only their self to blame.

    Gun sales are up due to fear and uncertainty that is widespread. That much is true. But in looking to this trend as an indicator of future a rise in violence where guns are used, again cognitive failure takes over. History tells us that over the last thirty years all forms of violent crime in America have made a dramatic, even massive decline. All while the numbers of guns in circulation has doubled or tripled.

    These trend lines are moving in opposite directions, and yet the Lancet editorial claims they move together and will do so in the future.

    A failure of cognition, generated by an unreasoning and emotionally based fear of firearms.

    Or, Hoplophobia, clear as it can be.

  16. Fear?? Yeah, fear motivates me to keep and use firearms. I’ll admit it. Fear of left-wing fanatics and fear of the various “minorities” the Left uses to assault decency, minorities that still haven’t integrated into civilized society. Also, fear of soy boi and sexually confused academics and HR bots that advocate the overthrow of everything this nation stands for, that judge people as “cis” or “white” or “Christian” and seek to deny them their God given rights.

    I’ll admit it. I fear them all. And you should, too.

  17. Blah, blah, blah! Other country heard from, pun intended. We’ll defend our country and our bill of rights anyway we see fit! Sounds like a case of jealousy to me!!!!

    • That’s pretty much my response to Brits when they go foaming on and on about our “gun culture.”

      I try to listen politely, then I ask:

      “Did you not get the memo? We sent it twice…”

    • This from a country that has its citizens cowering in their homes, and occupied home invasions happening with regular frequency.
      Thanks but no thanks Lancet, we’ll keep our 2nd A, and you can keep your heads planted in the sand.
      Enjoy the home invasions, and all the associated “stabby stabby” that comes with it.
      You can tell the criminals what AWESOME people you are, because guns are “banned”, as you bleed out of course.

  18. The Lancet beclowns itself by trying to pass off scientism as science. Hanging a few scientific sounding words and phrases on your poorly reasoned twaddle as a way of convincing yourself that you’ve said something important is the last step before the intellectual abyss. Lancet’s recent articles have pretty much reduced a once respected publication to the status of a supermarket tabloid.

  19. Racism?

    FBI crime data reveals that while Blacks are only 1/8 of the US population, Blacks commit over half of all homicides and nearly 2/3s of all gun homicides. The vast majority of people murdered by Blacks are other Blacks.
    The vast majority of Black people who are murdered are murdered by other Blacks, not the police or the KKK. Exactly who is the problem? Of course the same FBI crime data documents the fact that about 99% of Blacks will never commit a homicide or other, serious, violent crime. Perhaps it is time for the vast majority of Blacks who are not violent criminals to step up to condemn the criminals in their own community. Perhaps it is time for the vast majority of Black people who aren’t criminals to stand with the vast majority of White people who are not criminals to support the vast majority of cops who are not criminals.

    Of course it is also time for all Americans to stand together to reject the interference of foreigners, especially of diseased Eurotrash who infected Americans with the most virulent strain of Covidvirus.

    • “Of course it is also time for all Americans to stand together to reject the interference of foreigners, especially of diseased Eurotrash who infected Americans with the most virulent strain of Covidvirus.”

      You forgot to mention that it came through Europe via China. That said, Burn Loot and Murder aka BLM is responsible for much of the situation true Americans find themselves in at the moment and it could get worse if Pedo Joe Biden gets elected. Puppet master Barack the Muslim is pulling the strings hard to get his bitch in office so he can systematically destroy this country and start his white genocide a la the Rwandan warlords who butchered and raped their way to 500,000 or more murders. The Tutsis be damned.

      We need to work hard to get Trump reelected. But we also need to be very prepared if he doesn’t. Stock up and train for the day of reckoning and pray it doesn’t come.

      • “Puppet master Barack the Muslim is pulling the strings”

        Q says “Jade Helm is real!“

  20. When any Surgeon or Physician gets uppity with me. A bit too big for their britches, I remind them of a time when the Doctors went on strike in LA County California. All Doctors were involved. and Some nurses.

    The death rate went DOWN during the strike.

    • If true, it means 2 things: 1. Too many people go to the hospital when they don’t need to. 2. The hospital can be a very dangerous place to be.

      • Hospitals are very much like beds; More people die in hospitals, and in beds, than anywhere else. Logically, then, the two things to avoid to live a long life are hospitals, and beds. Especially a combination of the two.

    • Medical malpractice kills 10x more people per year than all firearm deaths including suicide. And that is a conservative estimate.

  21. This is the same supposedly “peer-reviewed” journal that was taken in by the Surgisphere “study” on HCQ that was dissected and found to be a fraud in about an hour’s worth of time?

    The same journal that was promoting the anti-vaccination fraud for years before they retracted it?

    Yea, OK, whatever.

  22. If the left were not going off the rails lunatic, most of this would not be a thing. It’s at issue due to the levels of insanity that the left of has created. Created mostly out of their own delusions and quest for more political power.

  23. Curiously, the article speaks of rational decisions about self defense but illustrates with pictures of apparently distressed and angry armed men in the streets.

    Rational people who are soberly prepared to defend themselves and loved ones with ARs are not necessarily the same as those parading around with ARs.

    The latter scare me; the former is me.

    • AR15 or any thing at all

      Public display of firearms is nothing to fear. It is infact a positive thing. The people to fear are the ones that so obviously have no regard for human life. It does not matter if the tool used is an AR15, a $150 revolver, a knife, a scalpel, an ice pick, a motor vehicle, or any one of a million other things. Dead is dead.

      In many states, open carry of long guns are perfectly legal. Texas for example allows for open carry of long guns WITHOUT a license. Concealed carry of handguns however does require a license.

      The question is NOT are they carrying a long gun openly. It’s what they are doing with it that should make you notice. THAT’s where the difference is made. It’s really no different with cops.

      All this has been said so many time before by all kinds of people yet it’s like no one has ever said anything.

    • I agree to an extent. When they are wearing a BLM shirt and supporting a marxist movement, it should “scare” you. It’s all race baiting typical left wing manipulation. But you shouldn’t fear the gun. The person who is holding it is another story. You’ve always been armed because they are also armed.

  24. Ok, the Brits have a point. Enough with the loathing part. That is reserved for woke people on the left. You can’t have it. You can justify your gun purchases with the other two criteria, but not the loathing.


        • I honestly don’t know what’s going on here… I just know the british never have a point 😉

          Sorry for the confusion and poor attempt at sarcasm.

          • Agree, the British never have a point.


            England suffered end of empire in 1945. After a thousand years, the biggest, largest, most far-flung empire disappeared, leaving a burned-out hulk. We should take note of what England became after. It does appear we are seeing the end of American empire unfold before us. The decline began at about 1988. (some would say 1975, and I wouldn’t argue with them)

  25. The Lancet ceased to be a scientific journal a couple of decades ago. Even the “peer-reviewed” studies are paid-for pharma propaganda. Real science that does not please the advertisers or which is not politically correct, is either heavily edited or not published.

  26. I huge lie in these hypocrites theory, the legal law abiding gun owners aren’t the ones behind the rioting, looting, destroying, assaulting, mugging….and never were. It’s the lawless thugs encouraged and enabled by the democratic race hustling machine and the democratic racists blm

    • “I huge lie in these hypocrites theory, the legal law abiding gun owners aren’t the ones behind the rioting, looting, destroying, assaulting, mugging….and never were. ”

      Not the point. Guns make people crazy. Without guns, people would all peacefully get along. A gun makes a person feel they are so powerful, they can dispose of any opposition with the flick of a finger. Makes people feel like they are exempt from the norms of polite society. Guns are directly related to love off money as the root off all evil. If there are no guns, people cannot be killed as a result of a gunshot. No guns, no gun violence. Guns reinforce bad attitudes, and anti-social behavior, indeed, guns are the source of all anti-social behavior and bad attitudes. Guns make otherwise calm, gentle people belligerent and unreasonable. Guns make people believe they are the king of the world (an attitude that sunk HMS Titanic), and can settle any disagreement with a bullet. Guns are bad. Orangeguns bad. Orangeman bad.

      • Yep. That’s why giant mobs of people who didn’t have guns ran amok, causing all that violence. Because somewhere, guns exist.

        • “Yep. That’s why giant mobs of people who didn’t have guns ran amok, causing all that violence. Because somewhere, guns exist.”

          There ya’ go, now yer woke. Ain’t it fun?

  27. fter attacking gun owners, The Lancet changes it up more by attacking the guns themselves: “We can be confident that . . . guns will play a primary role in pushing higher the US’s already high preventable death rate.”

    Has this person bothered to LOOK at the gun deaths in America over the last twenty odd years? The same people who decried Concealed Carry, declaring it would be Blood in the streets,, and were demonstrably Proven WRONG,, again,, just wont stop with their dire predictions. Look at WHERE the gun violence is,, Its predominately in Democrat controlled cities, where Gun Control is the foundational mantra of peace and love,,
    Where the Law doesnt make a criminal out of good people for having and carrying weapons, amazingly, the simple fact that MOre Americans are peaceful, law abiding people than the criminal element,, it seems to work out that when more regular citizens are carrying, they suppress crime,, Exactly the Opposite of what we were told would happen,, ( Now wheres my Shokkt Face? I know I had it here just a few minutes ago,,)
    So now, after record after record of Gun Purchases being set and reset in recent years, NOW we are gonna get our comeuppance,NOW these new gun buyers are gonna get those guns that theyve never really wanted and decide to go do something theyve had a desire to do.. Go rob someone,, or shoot someone,, or both.. OHH, Give me a break,,

    Its a Preventable Death when someone who isnt armed gets killed by a bad guy.. Or when a victim doesnt get protected by an armed stranger.. So far, all the evidence points to the most common sense expectation of what happens when a higher percentage of the citizenry is armed,, Ya get Less violence,, because when the bad guys KNOW that on average, 10 to 15% of the people they encounter are armed, and they dont know who,, they hafta weigh into account the odds that if they start something and start waving a gun around and/or shooting,, theres a fair chance someone in the vicinity is gonna plug their sorry ass,, Thus Stopping yet another Preventable death,, Its not that hard,, maybe its blindness from being so involved in a belief system that has been proven false,, and they just cant take the pain of admitting that Theyve been duped, and have been used to dupe others,,
    Round Two,, Global Warming anyone?


  29. I guess I would flunk an ink blot test also. Would spend all my time looking for the 10 ring

  30. “Even the local news, which is typically aghast at public displays of civilian gun ownership, gave them a pass because the logic of wanting to defend oneself is unassailable, in these current circumstances.”

    Good landing, wrong airport.

    The armed black people on the BLM side have been given a pass by the media not because the logic of self-defense is unassailable, but because they’re simply better people in the eyes of the Left. The believers and their footsoldiers/stooges get a free pass because the utopia must be achieved by any means necessary.

    • The English prof I had said utopia doesn’t come from a known word. But…. “utopit” is Czech. It means “to drown.”

      • I thought utopia came from the ancient Greeks as a word to describe an idealized but mythical placem

          • “The book was written in Latin and compares actual life to “utopian” places that don’t exist. “.

            Good call. Been a long time since I thought of “Utopia”.

  31. 1. The FIRST thing any eliminationist regime seeks to do is to disarm those whom it seeks to eliminate, be they Blacks, Jews, or Uighurs.
    2. Maybe The Lancet would better occupy its time by taking a deep psycho-social dive into:
    a. Islamist acts of mass terror in the UK
    b. Large scale rape and “grooming” gangs in the UK

  32. As a U.S. licensed mental health counselor, the Marxist ideology is even worse in England than it is here and in the universities. So this doesn’t surprise me. I am embarrassed for my profession that has succumbed to the Marxist “narrative.”

    Funny another mentioned WWII. American citizens donated guns to English citizens who were in the home guard because they did not have any near the time when there was fear of Nazi invasion. Today, history has repeated itself. They’re “not allowed” to have them, except for the criminals of course. In London, the Muslim mayor outlawed knives because in the rise of knife violence. Of course, now the criminals have the knives and knife violence has skyrocketed.

  33. The Lancet is a British publication. I’ve noticed that the British are mentally blind to the concept of people to whom human life is less important than a big screen TV. They think that, if confronted, a home invader will apologize and leave without harming the homeowner. That may be true over there but it’s not true here and the difference is beyond their comprehension.

  34. British academics belonging to the medical & psychiatric “professional” class, a more limpwristed, prancing, ankle-grabbing cabal of insufferable cob-cobblers one could not meet. The tea and trumpet crowd commenting on the USA and firearm ownership can go “F” themselves (which they probably do with their index finger before sniffing it). I’ll bet not one of those contributing to the smear piece has ever soiled their dainty hands touching never mind firing any type of gun.

    • They’re still mad at the fact they got their collective asses kicked 200+yrs ago…
      Like liberals everywhere, they just need to “get over it”…

  35. You’re right….
    I say let’s get it on!
    Some people need a refresher on what a superior intellect gets you in this world! 😉

  36. That’ s right you ignorant bigoted race baiting ratbassturd. You keep blowing smoke and be on the lookout for black. Perfect for some lily white perp to sneak up on you and make you their b*tch.

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