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By Mark Scolforo, AP

Thirteen people who are accused of committing crimes while participating in a civil disturbance in Lancaster on Sunday night sat behind bars Tuesday, with bail for seven of them set at $1 million.

The eight for whom charging documents have been made public are accused of being instigators during demonstrations over the fatal police shooting of an armed man. Authorities said the protests degenerated into rioting that damaged Lancaster’s police headquarters and produced an arson fire that blocked a downtown intersection.

Police in Lancaster, a diverse city of nearly 60,000 in the heart of Pennsylvania Amish country, said Tuesday that they arrested five others on similar charges, a group that was awaiting arraignment and to have bail set. The 13 defendants range from 16 to 43 years old and live in Lancaster and surrounding communities, as well as in York, Camp Hill and Mercersburg.

Among the eight for whom charging documents were available, not all face identical charges, accusations that include arson, rioting and institutional vandalism. One has been charged with carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.

The father of Kathryn Patterson, 20, an undergraduate student at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, said she was acting as a medic, as she has at other protests in the recent past.

Chip Patterson called Kathryn Patterson’s $1 million bail, set by a magisterial district justice, “obscene.”

“Everything that I know so far, which is not a lot, indicates that Kat is not guilty of those charges. But then again, we’ll have to wait and see,” said Chip Patterson, who lives in Mercersburg, about 100 miles (160 kilometers) west of Lancaster.

He said he has not been able to reach his daughter since her arrest.

“I cannot tell you how long this night has been,” he said Tuesday afternoon. “I think regardless of what these people did or didn’t do, the bail amount is just outrageous and clearly against the Eighth Amendment,” which addresses bail.

The protests concerned the shooting death by police of a Ricardo Munoz, whose sister had called authorities in hopes of having him involuntarily committed for mental health treatment.

Police have made public the officer’s body camera video. It showed Munoz, 27, approaching the officer with the knife in what appeared to be a menacing manner, before the officer, who has not been publicly identified, shot and killed him.

Munoz had been out on bond, awaiting trial for allegations he stabbed four people last year, including a teenage boy who was stabbed in the face.

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  1. Kenosha Kyle. Million dollar bond. Backlash is well and truly under way. Trump will get his second and probably a third term out of this in which to continue appointing justices.

        • Nope, not in favor of Trump’s big wet dreams. There is not the support in either house of Congress. The possibility of such a thing in his favor is laughably remote.

          Some great Americans set the tone for this. From tour Founding Father George Washington to the great Theodore Roosevelt.

          Then came Franklin Roosevelt, who did some good things and some bad. But four terms? That was amended away with justification aplenty, and a firm recognition of Presidential history.

          Two terms, monarchies and legacies are a bad thing.

          And about those family legacy ideas others are posting about … “Read My Lips, No New Taxes” and “WMD’s in Iraq” should have taught us something on how lousy a plan that is.

          Nikki Halely, real strong possibility there.

        • It takes 2/3 of each House of Congress to propose an Amendment and 3/4 of the States to ratify it. I don’t think the votes are there. Besides, Trump will be 77 in four years. How old is Obama? Be careful what you wish for.

        • More likely Nikki Haley. No Jew will be elected President because there are too many anti-Semites on both sides of the political Spectrum.

        • tdiinva you are probably right. But that’s what they said about a Catholic President.

          But then again the CIA took him for a ride in Dallas.

        • You had me until you went tin foil hat. A communist killed Kennedy. The left went all conspiracy theory to obfuscate that fact.

        • I’m thinking Don Jr. with all the campaigning he does. Maybe not 2024, but probably 2028. He sounds like a good candidate for me. Just like Trump when he always appeared on Fox and Friends every week.

        • I’ll reserve judgement on Pence until I see him “debate” Harris. If he’s learned some real toughness and the ability to speak the truth in language Joe Sixpack can readily understand despite his opposite’s gender and “minority status”, I’ll gladly back his future candidancy. If he goes all George Bush 41 in true Washington Republican fashion, he can go seek office elsewhere as far as I’m concerned. I’m hoping he, and a lot of other republicrats have learned something, if not from Trump, then by just being aware of what is actually transpiring outside of the idiot Beltway.

    • Additionally, since the Democrats and BLM have a national slush fund to pay rioter’s bail for them (and they HAVE been doing so) $1 Million each ceases to be “obscene”. Besides, they get the money BACK as long as they abide by the rules – showing up to court dates, not committing additional crimes, etc. So the question is, does BLM think it’s worth it to possibly lose $1 million per “protestor” that makes bail and runs, or that decides to join another “protest” as their cases make their way through the legal system..

      The Democrats and BLM have set the rules, we’re just playing by them.

      • “Besides, they get the money BACK as long as they abide by the rules – showing up to court dates, not committing additional crimes, etc.”

        But isn’t that really the main problem with low-set bail? It’s easier to just forfiet the bail and not show up for trial. The city grabs the bail which generally covers the hand-slap charges upon which the bail has been set and then lets the charges go if for no other reason than to clear out the docket.

        I have relatives who are paid anarchists- they are arrested fairly regularly under the condition that the paying orgs will pay their bail. They’re long gone from the locality by the the “trial” date. To my knowledge none of then have ever spent more than a short night in holding lockup and they’ve always made more money from their criminal activities than any fines or “forfieted bail”.

        Setting a high bail amount does wonders to emphasize how serious such activities are.

    • A second term remains possible on the Electoral College. Remember, he lost the popular vote by some 3 million the first time. There is no polling, including the GOP’s internal polling that shows an improvement there. So it is up to the Electoral College and one of its original purposes to give Trump a second term. That being to assure that any president would have support across the country not just in a few populous states.

      Which was a very real concern back then, so much of the young country being rural and sparsely populated, against those few states with large cities.

      A third term would only add to the Treason to the Republic and the Abandonment of his Responsibilities of which Trump is already guilty. Attempting to hold onto power would see him removed by force. This wouldn’t take much, Trump is a self revealed and defined coward.

      • “…a self revealed and defined coward.”

        Oh, Heck, I thought you were referring to enuf, the self revealed and defined coward, who issues libelous comments all day from behind the anonymity of his on-line persona(s). Your “Orange is Bad” kvetching is tedious.

  2. This is how rioters ought to be treated. Perhaps this judge ought to teach continuing education courses for his counterparts out west.

  3. HA , HAAA,,,
    Their probably really mad because they got caught….
    Don’t worry, b l m will shurely come too their rescue,,, right???
    “””FREE KYLE”””

    • Yeah! How many millions has blm raised? Make all rioters bails $1,000,000. Put up or shut up bitches!
      That’d empty their coffers but quick.

  4. It’s about time some people started to do something about those outer hand criminals, but it won’t do any good if they don’t prosecute and convict them to the fullest extent of the law.

  5. I’m confused. They were protesting (and rioting) over the killing of an unarmed man.

    The article said Munoz had a knife.

    Which is it? Or is there another person whom the police kilt?

    • Munoz had a knife and was chasing the police officer with it. The proof is the officers body cam, which was release to the public. Munoz was previously charged with attacking 4 other people with a knife this year.

    • They’re protesting for black and brown criminals to assert their God-given right to fight or murder the police without consequence. That’s what it means to be woke.

      • It was arguably justified. But, WTF calls the cops because their kid hasn’t taken their medicine? “911? Little Junior won’t take his cough medicine, can you send an officer to shoot him a couple times?”

        Time and again, we read of 911 calls for stupid crap like that. I’ve refrained from calling the cops for much more justifiable reasons, because I DON’T WANT to see anyone get hurt. Idiot drunken brother in law broke the window out of my house? Sure, I’m pretty upset – but let it go, we’ll sort it out tomorrow, FFS!

        • He was off the meds that were helping to prevent him from stabbing more people, which is what put him on the meds in the first place. This was considerably different than Junior refusing his morning handful of Flintstone vitamins.

        • “It was arguably justified.”

          The dead stabber was chasing the officer with a knife in his hand. The dead stabber had stabbed four people last year. At 2:16 you can clearly see a knife in the dead man’s right hand.

          “But, WTF calls the cops because their kid hasn’t taken their medicine? “911? Little Junior won’t take his cough medicine, can you send an officer to shoot him a couple times?””

          The dead stabber was on psychiatric medicine, not “cough medicine”, and neither was he a child.
          The officer was called because “…Lancaster County-Wide Communications received a 911 call for a domestic…”, not because the individual would not take his medicine.

          I question if you actually read the link or watched the video.

    • yes he had a knife , and stabbed 4 other people last year ,waiting for trial ………we just saved PA. 100K , NOW U GUYS CAN BUY A NEW QUARTER BACK ?

  6. Is “medic” code for something?
    Seems like the default “I was at the riot but I swear I wasn’t rioting” excuse is LARPing as a “medic.”
    One wonders what training they have undertaken.

    • Gaige Grosskreutz, who apparently pointed a Glock at Kyle Rittenhouse, and merely had that arm destroyed by Kyle’s return fire, was also allegedly a medic.

    • @Shire Man

      They watched multiple re-runs of MASH and Emergency?

      “Rampart – starting an IV w/ D5W slow drip and transporting”.

      It might be interesting to check if these AntiFa “medics” have any training or hold any certifications…it would be hilarious if the AMA would press charges for practicing medicine w/o a license (yeah, I know, not gonna happen).

      • Actually, a simple first aid course will qualify a person to pass himself off as “medic”. As a Boy Scout leader, we had a designated “medic” in the troop.

        Next step up, “EMT” isn’t that bit a deal either. In 1980, it took me three months at a community college to get certified, going to class two evenings per week. Requirements are a bit higher today, but still – it’s no great deal to get certified.

        I read a couple articles that suggested Grosskutz is actually an EMT. I wouldn’t swear to it, but it appears that he may be genuine.

        I’m not making any guesses regarding the percentage of “medics” who have actual training. It could be almost zero, it could be 100%. Either way, they are enablers.

        • He may be an EMT but he’s been trying to pass himself off as a Paramedic, which is a step above, and he’s not entitled to that.

    • Labeling them medics turns them.into victims and above reproach. Like they are wearing white with a red cross. Complete bullshit and another game they play.

  7. Need Bail Fast? Phone Soros & Bloomberg Bail Bondsmen LLC. Phone 1-800-GET-FREE. Open 24/7 To Better Serve Criminal Dirtbags Everywhere. With Soros & Bloomberg You’re Back On The Streets Quicker Than Joe Biden Can Remember Where He Is. Once Your Credit Is Approved And Your Assets Are Verified Soros & Bloomberg Will Meet Any Bail Amount Up To $25.00. So Go Ahead and Bully, Loot and Burn All You Want With Total Peace Of Mind.. Soros & Bloomberg The Bail Bondsmen Criminal Scumbags Rely On 24/7. Phone 1-800-GET-FREE.

        • And one-trick-pony ‘yuck’ just repeats the same tired tripe as always.

          A whole lot like another TTAG’er who would just not stop parroting anti-vaxx crap, and was told to leave and not come back… 🙂

        • Geoff the Goof has never know the pleasures of a woman, even one as nasty and desperate and Debbie W. Goof tries to be her white night and she habitually ignores him.

        • “Geoff the Goof has never know the pleasures of a woman,.. ”

          One-trick-pony insults by an incel?

          That’s rich!

          Why are you even here? We told you go away, you offer *zero* to the conversation about guns. Doesn’t it bother you you’re just embarrassing yourself?

          Or do you like bashing your head against a concrete wall?

          Dance, troll, I order you to respond… 🙂

  8. Though I appreciate this judge ‘throwing the book’ at them, 1M is a bit excessive considering there was no loss of life or anything (that I’m aware of). The Constitution provides equal protection for all, including those we don’t like (which these morons clearly qualify as) so the 8th still applies to these pieces of crap.
    Besides, a1/2M should be more than enough to convince Mommy and Daddy to take their phones away and ground them till Christmas. 🤣

    • I would conditionally agree – unless there is some extenuating information that hasn’t been divulged to the public or reported on. But really, next thing you know, the next crop of rioter masquerading as a protestor will all be wearing PARAMEDIC caps too.

    • They’re charged with instigating a riot in which many people were injured and property damage went into the millions. A million-dollar bail seems appropriate.

    • Considering the precedent in other cities where minimal bails are immediately paid by the BLM/Antifa slush fund, and the protesters are peacefully burning stuff the next day, I think setting a seemingly-outrageous bail is wholly appropriate.

      • And if I’m not mistaken those people were charged with Arson, a first degree felony. It’s a serious charge (up to 20 years in prison), not jaywalking. I’m proud of how Lancaster Police and the DA have handled things thus far, looks like they nipped it in the bud.

        • “nipped it in the bud”

          What should have happened with the first riot this year. Instead, the people in charge encouraged it because it hurt Trump’s poll numbers. That’s all it’s really about.

        • *initially hurt Trump’s poll numbers. Then the dems tried to reverse course when the poll numbers began changing. If that isn’t a clear indication that these are not caring people, then I don’t know what is. It’s never about right or wrong, it’s about a political class gaining power through any means necessary.

    • Justice wasn’t being served by letting the deceased loose on the street while awaiting trial for stabbing 4 people. Justice is to protect law abiding citizens from criminals, this fact has been lost.

    • I’ll argue against that “excessive” theory. They are rioters. Just how much rioting is necessary to inflict a million dollars worth of damage on a community? Left unimpeded, these rioters could easily have turned the town into another Kenosha war zone. Why wait for their “Riot Kitchen” microbus to show up with supplies for molotov cocktails?

      A million dollars per rioter sounds about right to me.

    • !00,000 bail would be reasonable, it will cost Daddy 10 thousand to get his darling daughter out of the clink.

      His wallet taking a 10 grand hit would ‘get his attention’ and generate an interest in where his little Princess was going at night…

      • People always seem to pull thousands of dollars out of their butt to get bail bonds, but when it comes time to pay the attorney’s fees they’re broke. :X

      • ” His wallet taking a 10 grand hit would ‘get his attention’ ”

        His wallet taking a $100,000 hit gets everyone’s attention even more. “Well, snowflake, that’s your tuition money. You’re on your own now.”

    • Burning people out of jobs, businesses, livlihood and homes is worth 3 million dollars bail IMO…………


    • Risk of flight and risk of re-offending are both grounds for high bail. If you are from out of state you are certainly a risk of flight. If you are organizing a riot you are high risk to re -offend.

      Plus in PA , in-line Wisconsin , you can get a bail bondsman. So you can put up 10% and get out. 100k costs you 10k and 1 million costs you 100k. Of course for a million they are likely gonna want mom and dad to put a lien against their house.

    • Perhaps the judge was looking at the totality of circumstances. Maybe he thought these ruffians weren’t just a few, random kids caught up in the moment, but rather part of a larger criminal enterprise. A criminal enterprise running rampant across this great nation, rioting, looting, battering, murdering.

      Perhaps the one thought running through his brain while he was contemplating the bail amount was, “Enough!”

    • Not that I find a use for a bump stock, but there needs to be some wins here to start establishing precedent and get these illegal “laws” or policies voided. Otherwise 2A will die the death of a thousand cuts.

      • From day one Bump Stock Contraptions were an accident waiting to happen. From bump stocks to NRA issues the squealing like overly sensitive stuck pigs and taking the football and going home crybaby style is worse than the end of bump stocks, etc.
        Man up go to court, man-up fight harder for gun rights, etc. The 1994 Crime Bill Banned cosmetics, mag capacities, etc. and they returned because people stood up and fought back and got their rights back and a thank you includes POTUS G.W. Bush.

        On both sides of my screen are ads from Franklin Armory for 9 Binary Trigger Models for the AR Platform. At this point all the squealing and holding a grudge does is put a sht grin on Jim Crow Gun Control Joe’s Face.

        It’s time to set differences aside, and get ready to vote come hell and high water.

        TRUMP/PENCE 2020.


  9. RE: “Chip Patterson called Kathryn Patterson’s $1 million bail, set by a magisterial district justice, “obscene.””

    Perhaps if the inmate was not a Chip off the old block she would not be sitting in a jailhouse. Instead of complaining Daddy Chip you should have done your part to stop your airhead daughter from traveling on the behalf of a criminal scumbag that chased after Law Enforcement with a knife. If a pos can chase after a police officer with a knife just imagine how he could slice up your daughter and you daddy chip.

    Some people are better off in jail and by all accounts your spoiled brat, scatterbrain daughter is one of them. Increase the damn bail your honor.

    • Does daddy know his daughter was the ANTIFA and BLM commune’s entertainment?

      Each to their ability and each to their needs.

  10. I’m sure in time the with an appeal the bail will be lowered.

    In the mean time the message was sent and they sit in jail.

    Will this be the same Judge who will try the cases? If so I would expect the maximum sentence upon conviction.

    • This may be the only time they serve, so let’em sit. Maybe the judge can divvy up the damages and present each defendant with his or her share of the bill.

    • The Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution and Section 9, Article I of the Ohio Constitution, and Crim. R. 46 (C) provide that a Defendant is entitled to reasonable bond in all criminal cases except those that involve a capital offense. The primary purpose of bond is to ensure the appearance of the Defendant at trial. State ex rel. Baker v. Troutman (1990), 50 Ohio St.3d 270. The test to determine bond is whether the amount of bond is reasonably calculated to assure the Defendant’s appearance at trial. U.S. v. Beaman (Sixth Cir., 1980), 631 F.2d 85, 86.
      “The amount of bond should not be used as an indirect, but effective, method of insuring continued custody.” U.S. v. Leathers (1969), 134 U.S. App. 38.

      The Constitutional rational behind the entitlement to bond was stated in Stack v. Boyle (1951), 342 U.S. 1, 4-5:

      “From the passage of the Judiciary Act of 1789, 1 Stat. 73, 91 to the present Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rule 46(a)(1), federal law has unequivocally provided that a person arrested for a non-capital offense shall be admitted to bond. This traditional tight to freedom before conviction permits the unhampered preparation of a defense, and serves to prevent the infliction of punishment prior to conviction. Unless this right to bond before trial is preserved, the presumption of innocence, secured only after centuries of struggle, would lose its meaning.”

      This is from Ohio, but PA probably has similar rights outlined in their state constitution.

    • That’s a nice sounding theory. In point of fact, I was a qualified and certified EMT when I carried an M-14 out into a riot, and sent the rioters scrambling for shelter. It’s unusual, but not unheard of, for a Navy Corpsman to use a weapon to defend his patients and/or position. Many police are certified EMT’s.

      Medics with any sense won’t get involved in riots, but not all medics are super geniuses.

    • What Mister Patterson did inform us was that his crotch fruit “medic” was charged with:
      Charged with: Charged with:

      Arson (F1), Institutional Vandalism (F3), Riot (F3), Failure to Disperse (M2), Obstructing Highways and Other Public Passages (M3), Disorderly Conduct (M3) and Defiant Trespass (M3).(additional counts of Criminal Conspiracy for all charges is included on the complaint)


  11. I have no love for these rioting scumbags, but this is BS. My regard for the 8th Amendment is not less than my regard for the 2nd. Excessive bail shall not be imposed. A government that will tread on one right could tread on any of them.

    • As I said above, these people were arrested for inciting a riot that injured many people and caused millions in property damage, and for crimes including arson. There is also ample evidence that these people, as a group, won’t obey any pretrial stipulations, and instead would be rioting somewhere else in the meantime.

      A million-dollar bail is absolutely appropriate.

      • I’d be interested in seeing this evidence. Do you mean to tell me others who have been arrested in similar recent riots have had bail set at $10k, $100k, $500k and nevertheless went out and rioted again while awaiting trial, or didn’t show up for trial at all? And that there are enough of these occurrences to constitute a pattern?

  12. Hell with all those medics practically falling out of the sky like they were dumped out of a giant pinata and getting arrested I think I should be allowed to frame the label off of a jar of pickles and use it as a medical degree.

  13. Now give these turds the long prison sentence they DESERVE. It’s all fun & games until bubba reams you nightly😏 And daddy your precious princess is a dumbazz…

  14. Honestly with there being organized slush funds for bail put up by the mothership I’m not objectionable to this. IMO they’re capable of anteing up. Truthfully I would have rather had it be something where they had to post say 20-50K cash so that they’d be able to trace where the bail money came from…….

    Regardless releasing people on their own recognizance or something ignorant like that should be avoided too. It’s probably one of the problems with Chicago and Portland.

    • It’s the entire problem in Portland. Virtually everyone who gets arrested in those riots gets let out without bail, and only a handful have even been charged with a crime. The worthless “progressive” DA just lets them all go, and they’re back on the streets doing it all again.

      If the residents of that city had their shit together, they’d have run the mayor and the Multnomah County DA out on a rail long before now. But I guess they’re getting what they voted for.

  15. were witnissing some extremely rare acts of effective law enforcement in a largely blue city
    lancaster has had a republican mayor for only 8 out of the last 30 years

  16. “The father of Kathryn Patterson, 20, an undergraduate student at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, said she was acting as a medic, as she has at other protests in the recent past.”

    Yeah, they’re all medics or press.

    Just like every stripper under whose garter I slipped some cash was working her way through medical school or law school


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