Build your own ghost gun
Polymer80 kit gun (Travis Pike for TTAG)
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You’ll be surprised to learn that at no time during last night’s ’60 Minutes’ report on “ghost guns” was it ever mentioned that non-prohibited persons building guns for their own use has been legal in the United States since before there was a United States.

And that ’60 Minutes’ concluded that, since the ATF waved its magic wand to regulate bump stocks by fiat, it should be just as easy for the agency to do the same thing with “ghost gun” kits.

You can watch the full report here.

The only (LAUGH) people that are interested in [buying a “ghost gun” kit] are not enthusiasts into, you know, tinkerin’ around with machines. … They’re not hobbyists. These are people that should never have a firearm. And that’s how they found a way to get one. … We need national laws, or federal, from Congress that covers a total ban on the creation or the selling of these ghost gun kits.

– LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva in Ghost Guns: The build-it-yourself firearms that skirt most federal gun laws and are virtually untraceable

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  1. Sullivan act is about the only reason I don’t have a stack to tinker with.

      • Nope all of NY needs a pistol permit to buy, own, or touch a pistol of any sort including a black powder revolver when loaded (unloaded is still ship to door no problem). Concealed carry permit is a different permit. And New York City requires permits for rifles and shotguns as well. I don’t know how others work in the city but they got super popular in Upstate this year and really took off in the last few months.

        • Well, you get what you vote for.
          Sorry, couldn’t resist it. I get the feeling you didn’t vote for Cuomo. Don’t worry, Alexandria Occasionally-Correctis will run for Gov when she gets beat from the House.

          I would love to say its a Yankee thing, but my beloved Virginia will soon be no better.

        • Pelosi wants occasional-cortex *gone* from the house. Mouthing off in public to the house Speaker isn’t something that makes you friends there.

          Running the Amazon HQ off has got her hated in her own district…

        • We get what NYC votes for when it comes to governor and senators but we used to do better locally. I am curious how the current issues will change things but am not too enthusiastic with how increased monitoring of citizens seems to be the main point.

    • He’s an elected politicop whose only one step above the the appointed politicop cheifs of police. 90% of elected Sherrifs and Chiefs of Police (who represent 1% of “LEO’s) are pro gun control and 90% of street cops oppose gun control.

      • More than half the sheriffs in California are pro-gun and pro-2A. None of them live in heavily populated counties except the Sacramento County sheriff. With few exceptions (Yuba and Emperial), they have “virtual shall issue” ccw policies.

        The LA sheriff a couple of sheriffs back was of the opinion, unsupported by any evidence, that more guns means more gun crimes, and therefore it is important to limit the number of guns in the street. Nothing has changed. The only thing that this sheriff can say about “ghost guns” under current California law is that you have to pass a background check and get a unique serial number that must be engraved on the receiver (to the same standard imposed on manufacturers under federal law) before you can start milling, and therefore these home built guns–if you follow the law–are not “ghost guns.” the law was retroactive, so it would be literally true that “lawful” gun owners do not own “ghost guns.” There is no enforcement of the law, so it is also true that people caught with “ghost guns” (or otherwise illegally configured “assault weapons”) are being raided for something else besides the mere presence of an unlawful firearm. Kind of a self-fulfilling prophesy right there.

    • Villanueva isn’t a LEO. He’s a pure politician who squeaked by (his not much better predecessor) McDonell to gain the office. Wish he wasn’t my Sheriff, but I’m stuck with him for the duration.

  2. I’m glad I missed that report.
    I’d have thrown a brick thru my tv.
    60 minutes has never had any credibility with me. Well, maybe except for the funny stuff Andy Rooney used to do. But he’s dead, so…

    • “Well, maybe except for the funny stuff Andy Rooney used to do. But he’s dead, so…”

      Andy Rooney whiny voice mode /on – “Ghost guns. That’s another thing that bothers me…”

      You can bet your ass if we get a Democrat president, they will go balls-to-the-wall against guns, and banning home-made ones will be low-hanging fruit…

      • If we get a demotater president that wants to go balls-to-the-wall, we should put them up against the wall. We could then have a shooting contest to see who could hit those balls. The shooters would have to be Expert Marksmen, because the balls would be very, very tiny. 😉

      • I think it’s gonna be tough to maintain the videocamera system in every home in the nation to assure that no one is building a gun. I suspect the cameras will be prone to breaking every week or two, rendering the exercise rather expensive, especially given the hundreds of thousands of new employees required to monitor all those cameras. I think I shall simply ignore any such prohibitions.

        • I’m sorry, I thought I had a can of raid when I was spraying that wasp what was flying just above the camera. I must have accidentally grabbed a can of Marking Paint ! What a mess !

        • KenW, if the situation gets to Big Brother’s cameras in every house, what stops Him from making it a crime to obstruct the view in any way?
          That’s like believing that the “terrible boat accident” excuse would fly with gun grabbers.

        • Just snap a photo of the room and duct tape it in front of the camera. Problem solved.

    • I can’t believe I missed the obvious –

      “Well, maybe except for the funny stuff Andy Rooney used to do. But he’s dead, so…”

      Rooney whining mode /on :

      “Being dead. That’s another thing that bothers me…”

      • Another thing that bothers me. Being dead, I’m having a hard time getting my mail-in ballot with my Democrat votes recorded. I guess somebody will just have to take care of it for me….

    • I happen to catch it on accident because the outside TV that hangs by the garage door was on and I was sitting outside. I wasn’t paying any attention to it until I heard “guns” It was typical anti-gun sh–

    • 😀 Yeah, I’d have done the same. I avoid the brain eating box as much as possible.

      From the article: “These are people that should never have a firearm. ”

      Really Villanueva, you’re going to stoop that low?

      News Flash nimrod; I have several “kits”, and I’m not a prohibited person. Neither are the 2 or so hundred others I know personally. Most are CWL holders, and a couple hold Class 2/3 SOT status. Prohibited persons indeed. Even a perfunctory check, that even an intellectually bereft shill like you could figure out, blows that disinformation campaign out of the water.

      We all know you’re a Com-bot peon beholden to your masters, but that vacuous statement is ludicrously easy to poke holes through. Come correct with something fact based, or like cheddar, I’ll put you through a shredder.

      CBS, I expect no better from the likes of you, promoting this fact-less bottom tier scum masquerading as the truth.

      • I’ve been a lifelong Angelino, while Villanueva was born in Chicago and bounced around Illinois, New York, and Puerto Rico before coming to Los Angeles in his quest to tell others what to do and how they should live their lives.

        He’s the first L.A. Sheriff to get the Democrat Party’s endorsement in well over a century, largely due to his pro-sanctuary view on immigration. And per the linked article piece on him, “Being in command is a totally new experience for Villanueva, who in his 32 years in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department had never risen above the middling rank of lieutenant.” This is the reason why so many of us were surprised. Similar to Obama – who also didn’t possess the leadership experience normally expected before being catapulted to the White House – Villanueva has been relying on connections to run the department. In fact, to garner favor shortly after his election win, he marched in the L.A. Pride parade.

  3. Not even close to being true…but say it often enough and ignorant people will believe it… sort of like saying a developing fetus is not alive… or just a parasite.
    If that parasite was discovered on another planet it would be the greatest discovery in the history of mankind.
    Just sayin’…
    Saying things does not make them true.

    • If I kill a pregnant woman on the way to the abortion clinic to kill her baby why am I charged with 2 counts of murder?

      • Because conservatives wrote the law about the taking of a life, democrats pushed the law to make abortion legal. Just like since abortion became legal an estimated 30 million unborn children have been killed in the united States, some folks would call that genocide. At the same time we have 30 million illegal aliens living in the US. All these women rights organizations don’t seem to care that half the aborted babies are female. These are the same people who say release prisoners to avoid the covid-19, so they have dumped violent offenders back on the street early. Liberals. Go Figure.

        I believe that gun ownership scares many liberals, because they know deep down inside they wouldn’t trust them selves to own them. Hence no one should. Like my neighbor, who doesn’t want to own a gun, but doesn’t mind going t the range with me every so often said, ‘If something goes wrong, can I call you for help? You’re closer than the police.’ And I told him yes, but tell the police you called sasquatch from down the street also.

      • Agree…double standards and hypocritical…
        Like suicide…your body…your choice…right? Why would it be illegal?
        Why would a personal choice be counted under “gun violence”?
        NOT talking murder suicide…ONLY suicide,.,.,.

        • If a woman wants to murder her baby, it’s not the baby’s body, it’s the woman’s body, so her choice according to the courts.

          But if I don’t want to wear a motorcycle helmet while riding, or a face mask while shopping, or smoke/vape in a certain setting, it’s suddenly not my body or my choice anymore. Because reasons, I guess…

      • If you murder a pregnant woman *anywhere* WTF difference does it make how many murders you are charged with? Are we going to hang you twice?

        • Because every human life matters, and if someone commits an act that results in two human lives ending, then two counts of murder should be applied.

      • Typically, you are only prosecuted for murder if the fetus is viable outside the womb. Embryos, which are when most women get abortions, are not viable outside the womb. The reason for the rule is that many many women suffer miscarriages before delivering a full term baby.

    • If a pregnant woman dies what happens to the fetus without immediate medical intervention? How about if the woman was say five or six months along. Do they transfer the fetus to a surrogate or artificial womb? Life begins at first breath.

      • Yes, that’s with the holy Bible says in Genesis.

        But don’t expect the Christians to be consistent, most of them are cafeteria Christians who will take a little of the hate the queers but will ignore the don’t eat shellfish part.

        • Ah, yes…Miner’s classic Christian-bashing on display again. Not so sure why he hates on Christians so much (as compared to neutral like most who profess no faith in God and just live their lives), but his diatribes are entertaining.

        • Sorry, Haz, but what Miner says is classic orthodox Judaism, precisely because of what the Bible says, and that is as true today as it was a couple thousand years ago. The belief is that the soul is received with that first breath.

          Can you explain why the modern Christians reject the teachings of the Old Testament?
          but let’s not go there. This is a gun blog, not a forum for debates about religious doctrinal differences.

        • You’re correct, Mark. This is a gun blog, and a comprehensive answer to your (rather common) question would lead to a bit of a back-and-forth in a very non-gun direction.

          But you missed my point regarding Miner, and addressed only the first sentence in his comment above. If he had simply written that single statement, it would have been sufficient to make the point you seem to believe he wanted to make. But he instead tripled with length of his comment by adding a derisive and personal strike against Christians in general, a group that wasn’t part of the preceding conversation until he drove his bus over them. My response to him was for that.

          Almost two decades ago, the movie The Passion of the Christ was released in theatres, resulting in box office viewership (and controversy) we’re all aware of. I recall, however, a very intriguing statement made by someone addressing the vitriol being thrown at Christians at the time, and the largely unsuccessful attempts by believers to persuade non-believers that the movie was worth watching. He said, “Watershed events in the matters of faith – such as this movie – seldom act as catalysts to change the mindset of non-believers, but instead highlight the reality that people will typically leave (after viewing the film) with the same mindset with which they entered.”

          In other words, healthy discussion is good, but endless argument and dissension serves no one. So back to the topic of guns we return…

        • “Yes, that’s with the holy Bible says in Genesis.”

          I just *love it* when atheists drag out the Bible in an attempt to impress us POTG.

          It’s a lot like a virgin trying to describe a sexual experience with another person… 🙂

        • “It’s a lot like a virgin trying to describe a sexual experience with another person…”

          Yep. Lewis called this looking at instead of looking along. They are not the same thing, and different conclusions are drawn.

  4. I suppose that makes me a prohibited person in the eyes of this cretinic bureaucrat.

    • Only if you live oin California or one ot he other states that has banned ghost guns.

  5. “Ghost guns” are a genie that cannot be put back into the bottle. They get easier and easier to make every day.

  6. First…LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva is not what I call a Sheriff. He is what I call an ignorant, self-serving tyrannical POS that needs to be thrown out of office.
    Second…Like the KKK was the military wing of the democRat Party, 60 Minutes is the candy factory for the democRat Party…60 Minutes takes democRat Poop and rolls it around in sugar and feeds it to gullible, milquetoast Americans. The kind of Americans who stand for nothing and fall for anything like slanderous libelous demoCrap. Late night funny guys, SNL, 60 Minutes, ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS, PBS are instantly zapped with my remote.

  7. Maybe 60 minutes should have brought up the inconvenient fact that 80% lowers don’t fit the federal definition of a firearm even when they’re 100% completed.

    • Please elaborate. We all know the arguable points relating to AR lowers, but how does this apply to P80s?

      • The same logic that says AR lower receivers don’t meet the federal definition of a firearm, is the same logic that would say pistol frames don’t meet the federal definition of a firearm. It must contain the all three of the hammer, bolt/breechblock, and firing mechanism. Most modern handgun frames do not meet that definition.

        “Firearm frame or receiver. That part of a firearm which provides housing for the hammer, bolt or breechblock, and firing mechanism, and which is usually threaded at its forward portion to re- ceive the barrel.”

        The ATF has repeatedly settled cases in order to avoid Judges setting this precedent.

        • Are you intentionally misreading the statute or is it a simple reading comprehension mistake?

          “That part of a firearm which provides housing for the hammer, bolt or breechblock,”

          The word ‘or’ means that only one of those three items needs to be housed within that portion of the firearm in order for it to be considered the ‘frame’.

          If it holds the hammer, it is a ‘frame’ under the statute.

          That is true for both pistols and rifles, so your AR lower, holding the hammer, is the ‘frame‘ of a firearm.

          The same is true for the AR upper, it holds the bolt, so therefore it is the ‘frame’ of a firearm and that’s also regulated under the statute.

          You know, I was in about the third or fourth grade when I was taught the difference between ‘and’ and ‘or’.

        • Look more closely at the commas friend.

          “the hammer, bolt or breechblock, and firing mechanism, and which is usually threaded at its forward portion to receive the barrel”

          A frame or receiver as defined in the law is the part that holds the:
          -Bolt or breechblock
          -Firing mechanism
          -Is usually threaded at its forward portion to receive the barrel

          See this article for a summary of recent court cases that have hinges on this interpretation.

        • You might learn the difference between “and” and “or” in the fourth grade, but you needed to stay for high school to get to sentence diagramming…

          Sorry, couldn’t resist returning a little snark. All the best!

        • “The same is true for the AR upper, it holds the bolt, so therefore it is the ‘frame’ of a firearm and that’s also regulated under the statute.”


          There are no serial numbers on an AR upper.

          You can buy it online, and have it shipped to your front door…

      • Any serialized (or in this case unserialized) semi-auto pistol frame fails to meet the federal definition of a firearm for the same reason an AR lower does. The modern pistols with only a removable serialized chassis fail as well.

  8. will be even easier as 3D printers get better and better and offer more durable materials to print with
    but probably easier and quicker to rent/borrow/steal an existing gun
    and is it a real problem? how many have been confiscated from criminals so far?

    • 3D printers that use a laser and powdered metal already can produce firearms. Most people just can’t afford the machines.

      • You can make plenty of on a $200 printer…
        Follow the link for Glocks, Rugers, Tec-9, AR’s, AK’s, and more.

        The FGC-9 goes so far as to use a 3D printer to rifle high pressure pipe for a homemade barrel (electro-chemical machining).

      • You can blend technologies. Use the 3D printer to product the model for the receiver then use the lost pla method to cast it and a wee bit of time with the mill to finish it and gasp you now have a ghost receiver. Boo!

  9. We 100% federally outlawed/criminalized drugs 50+ years ago…they all disappeared after that…right?

  10. Has any presstitute ever asked one of these ghost gun prohibitionists how far back on the manufacturing line would be acceptable?

    Raw ingot? Block o plastic? Straight ore?

    Gimmie the politician approved starting point and Ill make something go bang. With hand tools if I have to.

  11. I saw 60 Mininuts last night…yer telling me homie the gangbanger in Chiraq is the main ghost gunner??? Duh😕

  12. Amendment 2
    A well regulated Milita, being neccessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to Keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    What part of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, dont they understand? What part of being Neccessary to the security of a free state, Do they not Get? What Part of, The Right of The People to keep and Bear arms, do they not Get?
    What part of this section do they not Get?
    WE the people of the United States, in Order to form a more a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
    What parts of the United States of American Declaration of Independence dont they seem to understand..??
    Abe Lincoln even Said, ” that these dead shall not have died in vain (U.S. Soliders) —that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.
    When the Government fears the Peope, that’s Liberty. When the people Fear the Government that is Tyranny!- Thomas Jefferson

    Our Government works for us because we allow it. 1st “Advocate”.. grow strength in numbers, petition the government by email, snail mail, and peaceful protest. 2nd could go higher up, or include Lawyers.. 3 IMO is Media, let your Vocie be heard, be tactful, use all Sources of Media..
    If all else fails, file a Non For Profit organization, build an Organization of like minded individuals who will do a Grass Roots Movement to make Changes … lobby or get elected if neccessary but get the government to see the people wont be ignored.

    If all else Falls ^*^& ^#@&

    • Another cafeteria constitutionalist, ‘I’ll have some of the ‘shall not be in fringed’ but I will ignore the ‘well regulated militia part’.

      The amendment must be viewed in their entirety, qualifying preface and all.

      • Read a dictionary from the late 1700s, you know, when that document was written.

        Well-regulated means ‘in proper working order’. “A well regulated militia…” A gang that can shoot straight. Another example – The voltage regulator in an automobile – keeps the proper voltage on the vehicle’s electric system. Needed, because vehicle engines don’t run at a fixed speed. The regulator ‘adjusts’ the charging voltage from the alternator…

      • “well regulated” Meant trained and armed in a similar manner. All people are the militia.

      • I cannot claim credit for this, but it does highlight that the militia are not the ones whose rights were to be protected.

        A well balanced breakfast being necessary to the start of a healthy day, the right of the people to keep and eat food shall not be infringed. Who has the right to food, a well balanced breakfast or the people?

      • Hey, Miner, I’ve heard your shit before. So try this; I am retired military, absolutely, officially a member of a “well regulated militia”. So can I have a machine gun now? And if not, why the FUCK not? You already know your stated argument is bullshit, but you vomit it up anyway, because you think you are just so damn *sly*, nobody will notice.

      • A well-regulated militia, being necessary to a Free state, the Right of The People to Keep and Bear Arms, Shall Not be Infringed.

        This does not confer the Right of the “Well-regulated Militia” to keep and bear arms. It confers the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms.

        So, explain, oh great Constitutional Scholar, Miner: If the 2nd Amendment were to suggest that the Right to Keep and Bear arms was to be “Regulated” (as in, with lots of regulations, including taxes), explain the reconciliation of “Shall Not Be Infringed”. Because if the Government can Regulate something, than it can kill it.

        Of course, The Constitution also allows for the Government to form an Army and Navy, and that Congress MUST provide for ARMING the Militia (Article 1, Section 8).

        So, if Congress MUST Arm the Militia, why would the 2nd Amendment need to be written at ALL if the “Shall Not Be Infringed” was related in any way, shape or form, to the Militia?

        QED, “The People” have an independent right to “Keep and Bear Arms” and that cannot be infringed upon by the Government. Taxes and other regulations are an Infringement, and therefore, unconstitutional.

  13. California would not have so much of a gun problem if they were not so anti-gun. They create their own issues.

    • Yes, the Californian Republican should’ve never written the Mulford act, and Ronald Reagan should’ve never signed it into law.

      But hey, that’s Reagan for you. He also outlawed carrying firearms on hundreds of thousands of acres of federal lands but Obama corrected that in 2009.

      • Yes, he did that, and another Republican, the Governator, was responsible for signing the bill that was all the microstamping law, a law that has had the effect of banning any new semiautomatic pistols in the State since 2013. Nobody is perfect. As to the latter, Armie was sold a bill of goods: they told him that it was to give another tool to law enforcement to find killers. The idiot bought it.

  14. There a lot of law abiding citizens who enjoy assembling guns for their own use from 80% lower receivers. Some of them pretend that they are “building” a gun and imagine that they are firearms experts. They remind me of my toddler sons who proudly built spaceships out of Lego. They were not rocket scientists. When these “gun experts” can drill and rifle a barrel, then they can claim that they are gun experts. Until then, they are just pimple faced punks playing with an erector set.

    Unfortunately; there are criminals who are in the business of “building” guns out of lower receivers then knowingly selling them to felons who are prohibited from owning firearms. None of these criminals have FFLs. None of these criminals engrave serial numbers on the receivers or conduct the necessary background checks.

    Obviously; we don’t need to ban “ghost guns.”. However; we do need legislation to resolve the confusion with defining an upper or lower receiver as a firearm. We also need actual enforcement to punish the criminals who are exploiting the confusion to knowingly sell guns to violent criminals.

    • There’s a heavy helping of anti-gun bullshit in what you wrote. The only useful statements are about enforcement. Claims of what drives the typical home builder, opinions on what they think of themselves are all hogwash.

      I’ll agree with and amplify one statement though taking it further. Hell yes we should have targeted enforcement enshrined in law and well funded against repeat offenders and career criminals. They create the great bulk of crime. We should also have the same methods used by the US Secret Service to detect, assess and plan intervention against perpetrators of mass violence.

      All while we rescind laws infringing upon what honest people do!

    • Screw your “laws and enforcement”.

      We need TAR, FEATHERS and FIRE!

      It is WAY, WAY………..WWWWAAAYYYYY past time to strip politicians naked, tar and feather them, set them alight and turn them loose in the streets.

      We are following the path of Germany in the thirties. If it is not stopped resoundingly we will be F’d.

      What is the line in the sand?????

      If the demonRATS steal the election with cheat by mail…….what then?

      Are we a nation of P*SSIES???

      • Hitler said, in 1939, “The easiest way to conquer a nation is to first disarm its citizens.” It seems that this is exactly what’s going on here in this country today and that, my friends, is why building your own gun, that’s untraceable, is so popular today. Some see the writing on the wall and are getting prepared.

    • Other than the first sentence, the entire first paragraph of your post is total bullshit. Because someone is unable to rifle a barrel doesn’t mean anything. The vast majority of professional gunsmiths have never rifled a barrel as it requires an expensive special lathe and specialized tooling. It’s not cost effective when you can buy better barrels from a manufacturer who specializes in making them. Would you consider someone an auto mechanic if they had 30 years experrience in the field, but were unable to build a car battery for your car from scratch? Also I take offense to your statement about 80% lower builders being pimple faced punks. I enjoy building AR’s, and I haven’t had a pimple for about 50 years. Lighten up man, we’re all on the same side here I think.

      • Barrel making is a skill simply not required and not financially rewarding to the typical gunsmith today. Not when specialist manufacturers can turn out high quality barrels at far lower cost than anyone could make a barrel one at a time for these days, in their small shop.

        It’s an impressive skill to make a quality rifled barrel by hand.

        I recall some time ago seeing a video on a gunsmith making a mid 18th century Pennsylvania Long Rifle. He used period tools and forge to make a target shooting capable rifle of that flintlock era. Including the rifled barrel, which was the single most difficult part to make. He made all of it, lock, stock and barrel. He also made a loading tool to protect the barrel crown and precisely introduce the ball and trim th epath with each loading. In the end he demonstrated shooting tight groups at 100 yards. The gun was a work of art, absolutely gorgeous.

        Making a gun totally from raw material to well performing and durable shooter is a rare skill set and not a fair measure of the typical Do It Your-selfer’s efforts to put pieces parts together.

    • You are advocating the passage of a law (outlawing the private building of firearms) in order to prevent people from breaking another law which already exists. Bullshit. Enforce the law which already exists, and if you cannot, then repeal it.

    • I see that I stirred up a shitstorm amongst the Tacti-Cool folk who disparage “Elmer Fudds.”. There is virtually no skill and minimal tooling required to finish the machining on an 80% lower receiver. Actually assembling all of the trigger group parts requires more skill. I concede that drilling and rifling a barrel is an extremely high standard of expertise. I have actually done it. No specialized tooling beyond a lathe, a long drill bit, and patience is needed.

      There is an honest disagreement about the Constitutionality of prohibiting felons from possessing firearms. I reluctantly agree that it is a Constitutional as well as a reasonable regulation. If we are going to agree that felons should be prohibited from possessing firearms, then we need to consider how to implement that prohibition. Prosecuting felons in possession of a gun is the most obviously effective and least onerous policy. Background checks for sales from licensed dealers is more burdensome and problematic. If we are going to accept background checks from licensed dealers, then it is reasonable to prosecute people who circumvent that process by buying 80% lowers and other parts, assembling the parts, then selling the guns to felons without an FFL, serial numbers, or background checks. The difficulty is how to regulate and prosecute these people without infringing on the rights of people who are assembling guns for their own personal use.

      I am rather harsh about this issue because of my experience with my marijunna bootlegging tenant who shot at my son in retaliation for our efforts to evict them. Their corrupt bastard of an attorney put the bootlegging tenant’s marijunna bootlegging grandson on the witness stand as an alleged “gun expert,” to offer perjured testimony in support of the Elmer Fudd defense.
      He is allegedly a “gun expert” because he has assembled over 100 ARs from 80% lower receivers. (The moron implicates himself for selling the guns without an FFL, a serial number or background checks as well as thefts from a local gun shop.
      Can you say “Federal Felonies?” )

      According to this “gun expert” our marijunna bootlegging tenant could not have been shooting lethal slugs rather than “harmless” birdshot because he had a full choke barrel. Any Elmer Fudd could explain to you Tacti-Cool folk that both the Breneke slug and the Foster slug were specifically designed to be fired safely through a shotgun with a choke. Their corrupt bastard of an attorney actually got caught editing the Wikipedia page to cover up his BS. Interestingly, it turns out that the corrupt bastard of an attorney is married to a Deputy District Attorney for Columbia County Oregon.

    • “Unfortunately; there are criminals who are in the business of “building” guns out of lower receivers then knowingly selling them to felons who are prohibited from owning firearms.”

      Arrest those people, then, and leave the good citizens alone.

      Problem solved…

  15. Used to be my family gathered in front of the TV for two shows, without fail. One was 60 Minutes, the other was Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. Both did terrific work over the years.

    Well, the first ran it’s course of side splitting hilarity and the other degraded in quality and honest factual analysis over the years. While there were opinions expressed in this hit piece on the legitimacy of building your own guns, the quantity of anti-gun lies, exaggerations and distortions were given the most time and went unchallenged by the 60 Minutes team.

    There is NOTHING WRONG with building your own gun. Nor is it a big deal with criminals, because it is too much work and added expense over just getting guns the old fashioned way. Criminals steal their guns or buy them on the black market. For them thee sources are easy, quick and routine.

    I’m not into building my own from an 80% lower or 3D printed frame. I’ve built up a shotgun and an AR from commercially available and conventional frame and parts, either bought for the purpose or because they accumulated from other gun customizing. That’s the extent of my desire to “make my own”.

    Just the same, it is my natural born right to make whatever weaponry I am inclined to make, to keep it and bear it as I desire in defense of my self, my family, random good people as I see the need, .my State and my country. Any and all laws that infringe upon that are unconstitutional, based upon bad logic, ignorant fears and a nanny state attitude divorced from the reality of both history and the current times we live in.

    That’s about it.

    • “One was 60 Minutes, the other was Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In.”

      “Well, the first ran it’s course of side splitting hilarity and the other degraded in quality and honest factual analysis over the years.”

      You probably didn’t intend to, but you have posted the funniest comment I’ve seen today!

    • I just binge-watched all six seasons of Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in on Amazon Prime while quarantining here in Northern Virginia. It’s still hilarious, even if some of the jokes are dated. I picked up a lot of “Dad Jokes” to share with my grandson.

    • I also watched 60 minutes religiously until about the mid 90s. I started to see the liberalism become the focus and the stories all seemed to have an agenda.

      Haven’t watched a single one in 25 years.

  16. Ripsnorter said;
    May 11, 2020 at 09:00
    The problem with your beloved Virginia is that it is overrun with Yankees.

    I take offense, Virginia is more overrun with North Easterners, New Englanders.. I’m originally from Ohio, I’m Considered a Dam* Yankee cause I’ve lived south of the Mason Dixon Line over 15 years. I have Family in Ohio whom hunt, Fish, and Own Guns.

      • No one NEEDS pointed kitchen knives!! Only criminals seek out these lethal weapons hidden in our housing goods stores! Reasonable citizens only own blunt tipped kitchen knives because they care about the lives of their fellow citizens.

        Ban pointed kitchen knives!!! If it only saves one life, it will be worth it!!

        (Sarcasm, but also legitimately there are people in the UK making this argument)

    • I’ve got a Louisville slugger in 34 oz that is unregistered and even the logo is taped up

  17. hmmm, let me see…
    *consults Constitution…*
    It says here: “…shall not be infringed…”
    No language about prohibited persons.

    • “The liberty secured by the Constitution of the United States does not import an absolute right in each person to be at all times, and in all circumstances, wholly freed from restraint, nor is it an element in such liberty that one person, or a minority of persons residing in any community and enjoying the benefits of its local government, should have power to dominate the majority when supported in their action by the authority of the State.”

      Jacobson v. Massachusetts

  18. At the 8:00 mark: “These guns make up the minority of firearms used in crimes.” Then why are you bitching about them retard? You can’t even keep the Ulta regulated super serialized 10 day waiting period guns out of the hands of criminals, why even bother with this non issue. Furthermore, I love this notion that having a “serial number” somehow makes something safer or “traceable” as if it matters after a crime has been committed.

  19. Does anyone even watch 60 Minutes anymore? As controversial as gun control is their twitter posting about this article has 60 comments posted on it. Legacy media is beyond dead.

    • I used to watch “60 Minutes” literally every week, requiring me to be home at that time each week as there were no recorders. Now, I don’t think I’ve seen it in over 20 years, I didn’t realize it was still on the air. It became useless, apparently has not improved since.

  20. “Bill Whitaker: How does a 16-year-old get his hands on a gun? He’s– he’s underage.
    Alex Villanueva: Underage, but his father was a gun enthusiast and was in possession of a lot of weapons. They were ultimately confiscated because he was detained for psychiatric evaluation.
    Bill Whitaker: So he– the father was not supposed to have guns.
    Alex Villanueva: And all the weapons were removed legally at the time.
    Sheriff Villanueva suspects that’s when the father turned to ghost guns and his son got his hands on one. Six months later, the Saugus investigation is still ongoing.”

    And yet, according to the LA Times:

    “Sheriff Alex Villanueva.
    He said investigators found several firearms during a search of the teen’s home, and some were not registered. [translation – the rest of them WERE] Villanueva did not specify what types of guns were recovered.”

    Gotta fit the facts to match the desired narrative.

  21. SAFEupstateFML: The Sullivan Act in NYS, came from Tim Sullivan, a Tammany Hall corrupt politician. During the early 1900’s there were many gun murders and the newspapers were screaming to stop the carnage. Sullivan was really a gang member and brought the permit process in so he could give his compatriots guns but not his enemies.
    Under the guise of stopping violence he got the law through in 1911.
    Sound familiar? This description used to be on Wikipedia, I can no longer find it. Back January 16, 2012 the NEW YORK POST had an article entitled “The strange birth of NY’s gun laws”
    Interesting article, sound familiar?

    • It was truly a fun read and realization that an Italian immigrant who dared to defend himself from an gangster/political goon is the root of NY’s overbearing handgun laws. The irony of our current governor who complains of his Italian immigrant grandparents mistreatment by a corrupt state government is not lost to me.

  22. LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva: The guys an out and out liar. Whats he doing with a badge? Every time he testifies in court, he should be asked about his public statements on this and those statements should be compared to the known facts.

  23. Where’s the Stats to back that claim Sheriff? Without statistical evidence supporting your hypothesis, it remains just an ignorant Liberal Accusation. Why don’t you have statistical evidence? Because the Statistical Evidence doesn’t support your claim, that’s why. Hopefully, your constituents will realize you’re just another Liberal Gun Grabber, and vote you out of office.

  24. Another claim not backed by ANY facts. In my oath of allegiance I swore to uphold the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. Who did he swear his oath to?

    • Think he had his fingers crossed during oath taking? That appears to be a problem common to many elected things.

  25. Last nights 60 Minutes show, which I viewed, was the usual media anti gun, anti gun rights claptrap.

  26. Was able to test out the Poly80 today and it ran flawlessly…it begs a question though. The grip angle and undercuts are nice.

    What are the legal ramifications, if any beside the usual, of using a ‘ghost’ in a defensive encounter? I’m not sure I would change my factory EDCs for one. Wondering if it’s ever happened though.

  27. Seems to me criminals use “non ghost” guns a lot more often than self builds. In fact some even use guns lost by LEO from time to time. Ask the Steine family about that.

  28. Another Government over-reach attempt. This sheriff needs to go over the oath that he swore to. I know a whole lot of ghost gun owners who are law-abiding citizens. It’s no business of the government to know what the people own!

  29. “ripsnorter” said: The problem with your beloved Virginia is that it is overrun with Yankees”
    Excuse me?. The problem is BLOOMBERG’S CARPETBAGGER CASH…and they are setting up to do the same thing in Texas and Arizona!!!…Stop the hate and blame game (like you all do to California, they win because of voter fraud there to beat gun-owners at the polls!) AND GET INFORMED before it’s too late!!!

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