Kris Kobach Replica Gun Governor Machine Gun
courtesy and AP
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“We might use it more frequently than we otherwise would have,” Kobach said of the jeep-with-gun. “My reaction is, ‘No, I’m not going to apologize.’ I’m going to make a point of using it and not standing down.” – Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach in Kobach enjoys outrage over his use of replica gun in parade [via]

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  1. Good for him! Nice Jeep too.
    Too many politicians tip-toe through the tulips with their avoidance of anti-gun legislations or support of the second amendment, so it’s refreshing to see one that refuses to be controlled by the absurdity of the left wingers. Keep standing Mr. Kobach. Maybe it will catch on with some RINOs.

    • It’s not just on the 2nd that they tiptoe on, it’s everything. Every politicians speech is so guarded that the slightest slip of the truth is considered a big deal, making headlines, or at least a post on their opposition’s websites. That’s part of why Trump happened, he is far less guarded on his speech, sometimes to his detriment, but people appreciated that because they can relate.

  2. That is the only tact to take. Never apologize. Never explain yourself. Never engage the lunatics in anyway. Just do you and ignore the haters. The moment you engage, explain or apologize they smell the blood in the water and it won’t end until you are ruined or get tired and give up. Just ignore them.

  3. He should get a real machine gun and film himself shooting it at the range. At appropriate targets, of course! And a flamethrower! And then work that into a campaign ad!

  4. FYI, that’s a jeep CJ-5.
    Made from 1944-1985ish.
    Anybody else grow up watching The Rat Patrol?

  5. If Tom Petty was a live he’d make a stink about the use of his song by a non-progressive. Gambling with fentanyl, oxycodone, temazepam, alprazolam, citalopram, acetylfentanyl and despropionyl fentanyl at the same time has removed that option for him though.

  6. The left might want to open up on this guy and label him just another hokey, dopey, provincial gun nut from from flyover country. However, he does have a pedigree they can’t deny:

    JD, Yale Law School, 1995
    PhD, Political Science, Oxford University, 1992
    MA, Oxford University, 1990
    BA, Government, Harvard University, 1988

  7. This guy is playing right into the Leftist memes. The optics of a Jeep with a machine gun mounted in public will be used to haunt Conservatives for a long time. Think about the PR implications before you do something to hurt your own cause!

    • “This guy is playing right into the Leftist memes”….And? Who cares? Haven’t you learned that anything a person does that represents support for ANY individual liberty will be directly attacked by the globalist left?

    • No. That nonsense is akin to apologizing or explaining. Pussyfooting around hasn’t gotten anything for us. Damn the optics. Full speed ahead!

    • Need to disagree Surf. I don’t give a Fock about what the Leftists “feel”. They will never be happy with Conservatives.

    • I don’t think this will hurt his career in Kansas, I’m pretty sure even the Dems in that State are pro 2a. And as his tweet stated 99℅ of the Shawnee Mission day parade attendees were waving and giving him the thumbs up.

    • Not much downside to pissing off the people who would never vote for you in a million years.

      Substantial potential upside to energizing the people who would love to vote for a real American.
      But enough to overthrow the sitting Governor in a primary, while pissing off all the Party Stalwarts who blanch at the idea of somebody breaching Party Unity by running against the Party’s Own Incumbent? That’s the real question, isn’t it? Has the Governor done anything to merit getting thrown out of office, like the Scotts of Florida and Vermont have done?

    • “.. Think about the PR implications before you do something to hurt your own cause!”


      But also no.

      The Left is always going to try and set up the Heads-I-Win-Tails-You-Lose situation. If he rides in the jeep they are going to attack him for being TOO Right-Wing. If he backs down and doesn’t ride in the jeep they are going to attack him for not being Right-Wing enough.

      Yes, pay attention to the PR so that you don’t get surprised by much. But being aware is very much different than changing what you are/were going to do just because it might look bad to your opponent.

    • “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

      Winston Churchill

  8. Kansas has the biggest whitetail deer, the prettiest women, the most beautiful country, conservative values, low cost of living, and Is the best place to raise a family.
    Keep flying over. Secretary Kobach will be the next governor.

    • Absolutely wrong, Kansas sux ass, ugly wemon, ugly men, everyone is unfriendly. Nothing to see but grass, nothing to do but watch the grass grow. And skinny deer covered in ticks trying to survive eating fescue. Cost of living is astronomical. My advice don’t move to Kansas.,,,,. Shhh, don’t brag about where your fishing, they’ll ruin the fishing hole.

      • Lol, I was there loading soybeans into railcars when Carters military boondoggled the Iranian hostage rescue.
        That morning walking in to work is forever etched into my mind.

        I didn’t like having to go to the top of a silo every morning to measure how full it was. You could see the curve of the earth and reminded me every day how far away I was from the East Coast where I grew up. I didn’t last more than a year.

  9. Interesting, I haven’t heard his “comment”. I live in Wichita, and the Eagle said things along the lines of “many people were shocked and concerned” (during the parade) and there were “literal gasps of surprise”, and that his campaign had received a lot of flack about it. Comments from parents that it wasn’t something “appropriate” for their kids to see. Enough flack apparently that his campaign issued an apology and wanted to insure that everyone’s safety was their top concern. My thought was, this is Kansas, no one cares. People open carry everywhere and no one bats an eye.

    • Wichita here too. My only thought is that it’s Shawnee Mission? A LOT of money around there, so if anywhere is gonna be a little more liberal…..

  10. Who the **** really and truly give a ***** what the easily outraged leftists think? They need to start minding their own ***** business and leave the rest of us, the people who actually work for a living alone.

    • He might have to wear the pink hat to win them over, Prius with factory Obama/Hilary stickers might not be enough.

    • Another real lefty seller would be to put on a brass catcher and emphasize how he really supports recycling and how Gaia friendly armor peircing bullets are since they don’t have lead as it’s core metal. Then put on a sound suppressor and talk about how it protects the ears of unicorns and Bambi from the loud bangs of the cartriges firing. Oh, and paint everything pink, including the ammo belts and ammo cans. Do this for all 2nd amendment supporters, I bet we would have lefties lining up to vote for progun canidates.

  11. What’s his opinion on NFA repeal? He’s running for governor but he may need to make a senate replacement and he’ll be term limited in 8 years, plus he could be endorsing people for federal office.

  12. That CJ makes me want to sell my YJ and start all over!!
    Also, this dude seems like a keeper in a sea of cowards. Hopefully he keeps it up.

    • Kris Kobach and I were buds when we were kids. Turns out our dads went to H.S. together. Haven’t touched base with him in over 15 years. Most likely, he’s the real deal.


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