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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
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Don’t worry about the doomsday scenarios propounded by opponents of the right to bear arms. The right is already respected in 42 states, and that data show that licensed carriers have a minuscule crime rate, approximately the same as law enforcement officers. If the rights of the people of New Jersey are restored, there’s no reason to expect that the people of that state will behave worse than the people of Pennsylvania, where the right to bear arms is already enforced.

— David Kopel in Luttig versus Kopel on the right to bear arms

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  1. Yes some of the states like New Jersey passed some unnecessary gun laws but lets face facts and that is the people in power whether they are Democrats or Republicans seldom overturn previously passed gun restrictions and bans. Republicans talk pro-2a but act the opposite once a ban is passed.

    • It’s a wonderful thing when the people just take back “the power”. Iowa used to have a structure in place nearly statewide where a person had to go to their sheriff and “prove” a need for protection in order to legally carry, and often the permit would cover only “hunting and target practice”. Most of the sheriffs in highly-populated counties, or those with colleges and universities fought tooth and nail to maintain this hold but we ended it. Took time and came in increments but we’re now about where we should be. It’s possible in NJ as well, but not until its citizens decide to help themselves. Progressives always tend to vote for Santa Claus….

      In Iowa at the time of our “rebirth”, it was not a political party thing and we used to have quite a few democrats who sided with us. It’s a pity there are few left- they might regain some of their “power” if they’d side with the voters once-in-a-while.

    • Dacian, that is what we have the courts for. To overturn your dumb “gun control” law which do nothing to stem violence.
      Have you ever heard of a gun that was convicted in a court of law for assault, murder etc? If a law is passed the chance of having it repealed is negligible as the same dummies who passed the law will be the ones we want to repeal it. Once a government makes a mistake, it keeps on making the same stupid mistake. We call it socialism. Admit it, All your gun control laws are all about controlling people from having a meaningful means of self defense.

      • To Walter Jed Clampett

        quote————Once a government makes a mistake, it keeps on making the same stupid mistake. We call it socialism.———quote

        Like most of the ignorant Far Right you know zero about the history of Conservative Justices and how they often stabbed gun owners in the back more than the liberal Judges. As a matter of fact Trumps appointed Far Right Nut Case Supreme Court Justices in 2020 turned down requests to overturn 12 ant-gun laws that were previously blessed by Conservative Justices.

        The few times the Courts did overturn anti-gun laws it was never to give back the right to own weapons or high capacity magazines rather it was over more mundane civil violations. Right to carry may qualify for this upcoming decision as it has nothing to do with restoring the right to buy and own restricted or banned guns or magazines, proving the right to own weapons has always been avoided by the use of smoke and mirrors with the courts.

        In conclusion your wild paranoia about Socialism fails in the light of the true history of the courts and the gun hating justices both conservative and liberal. Yes your gun rights are being trashed from both sides of the political isles.

        I find it amusing that some East Coast Republican Governors last year passed anti-gun laws restricting both weapons and high capacity magazines. So much for the Scalia decision.

        And by the way it was covered right here on T Tag along with people shouting in the isles and yelling “traitor” at the Republican East Coast Governor that shoved the hairy penis right up their rectums. So much for the lying Republicans claiming they always uphold gun rights. So keep telling me about how bad the Socialists are when your own Republican henchmen stab you in the back.

        • Dacian, for your edification there is a case now pending in the Supreme Court called NYSR&PA v State of NY. The court will be rendering a decision which will decide whether or not the State of New York can arbitrarily decide who can carry a firearm concealed. This case will be monumental. Just because a case is submitted to the court does not mean that it will be heard. Thousands of cases are submitted that are not heard. Your perverse interpretation of what the Justices have decided to hear or not is just that, perverse to fit your own agenda. IT is part of your divide and conquer tactics.
          It is hardly “wild paranoia” about socialism when you figure that there has never been a successful socialist economy. NONE, NOT ANY. Capitalism may not be the best possible system but it is way ahead of whatever is in second place.
          Your buddy, Sleepy Joe has been a closet socialist for a long time hiding claiming to be a “moderate(sic).” He and your other buddy, Obuma the Phony have been caught in more lies than Bayer has aspirin tablets.

    • darcy dd…Much to democRat objections Republican POTUS G.W. Bush sat back and let the clintoon/gore/biden 1994 Gun Control Filth sunset without renewal. Poor poor disgruntled democRats and their sicko racist based Gun Control agenda…But hey, it’s a just democRat Party Family Tradition. Ain’t dat right?

      • Debbie W. There was absolutely NO REASON for the Clinton/Gore/Biden 1994 Control. Cudos to G.W.Bush for letting that dumb law sunset.
        These dummies we refer to as DEMONcRATS bring clueless a whole rand new meaning.
        To you Socialists who call yourself Democrats, since when has a gun ever killed anyone? Last I heard, a gun is an inanimate object incapable of doing anything without a human.

      • To Debbie She Wolf of the SS.

        No Bush did nothing of the sort. It was put into law from the beginning that the law would sunset if crime did not decrease substantially because of the law. Bush had no power to do anything one way or the other. Bush was not known to be pro gun either. He just rode along with politics and pretended to be.

        • dacian, that’s BS

          it would sunset anyway, not matter the crime rate. It had a limit of 10 years, it would end automatically regardless of crime conditions and Bush didn’t do anything because of the way it was passed to end in 10 years. That was the agreement to get it passed, that’s what limited Biden back then, basically that it had to be very tailored and could not wholesale ban and it would end in 10 years. It did not decrease overall crime to any significant degree as it was touted to be able to do that was overall distinguishable from the normal cycle of crime increase then decrease that happens normally. In other words it had no effect on crime overall.

        • Dacian, well, my Communist enemy, I see you are at it again. Calling people who differ from your vaulted opinion members of the SS? It is a well known fact to reasonable people that the ban on “assault weapons” (which the civilian AR-15 and similar rifles are not) was allowed to expire under the Bush Administration. I will admit that Bush was not a very strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, he is better than your buddy criminal, William Jefferson Clinton and Billery.
          You have no clue what an assault weapon actually is.

    • Lil’d, you’re talking out your ass. Like many other states, in 1990 Texas law did not allow carry of any kind, and hadn’t since Reconstruction, in an attempt to keep blacks disarmed (laws were not enforced against whites before about 1980). Since 1990 we’ve achieved concealed carry, then open carry, then campus carry, then open carry, and finally Constitutional carry beginning tomorrow, I believe. If you looked out of the basement from time to time, you’d notice that we went from exactly ONE Constitutional carry state to something like 21 in the same period. I’m pretty sure not one of those states had a Democrat government at the time the change was effected.

      • to Cowboy Hat Larry

        Once again you are talking out your ass. The Supreme Court and most of the State Courts did not overturn gun laws banning the right to buy assault rifles and high cap magazines. Weapons bans usually always stand as permanent law and that is what 2A was supposedly about according to the ranting’s of the Far Right and that is the right to own or buy all types of guns. Have you seen Reagans machine gun ban overturned? No of course not and it never will be. Have you seen the silencer restrictions overturned? No and you never will. And by the way your Republican back stabbers were responsible for refusing to even discuss the last “over the counter” silencer bill that never was even given consideration.

        Yes there is an ongoing case in California right now that banned Assault Rifles but it appears as usual to be going nowhere in the gun hating courts.

        • Dacian, my Communist “friend”, I beg to differ. It seems you have not read the Heller decision or the McDonald v Chicago cases? The fact is that the “definition” you Socialists give to the AR-15 and the AK-47 (civilian versions) is erroneous and are not “assault weapons” in any way shape or form.
          Tell us the truth, my Communist “friend”, this is all about your attempt to a) disarm the American people and b) gain complete control over the populace and make us little more than sheep in your little socialist utopia.

        • To Walter Jed Clampett

          Once again flunk out I am a Socialist not a Communist.

          And genius boy the difference between emptying an M16 and and AR15 is one of a few seconds at most i.e. the same amount of people get slaughtered in a mass shooting with an assault rifle. Now what part of this do you not understand?

          And quit being cute trying to play the semantics game. The dead people from mass shootings will not be relieved to hear that they died one or two seconds later from a semi-auto rather than 1 or 2 second sooner from an M16. Really are you that crass and depraved and of course totally ignorant? Obviously you are because your bizarre statements prove it.

    • Oh my GAWD!!! Is it possible that our resident ultra-Leftist/authoritarian moron, dacian the dim, actually expressed a (semi) coherent thought???? Quelle surprise!!!

      dacian, I realize this would be an even FURTHER stretch for you, but, just imagine for a moment, and contemplate the ramifications of . . . not everyone credentialed/elected/annointed, is ACTUALLY intellectually superior, or even an ‘expert’?? What is normal, everyday people are quite capable of researching, contemplating, weighing costs and benefits and (quelle horreur!!!) making decisions for themselves???

      Dogs and cats living together!! We would have to actually think for ourselves, instead of relying on our alleged ‘betters’ to think for us (I will acknowledge that, in your case, they may very well BE ‘better’, but the rest of us are doing fine on our own). Perhaps your whole world view is as f***ed up as your commentary????

      • To the Lamp that went out in his head

        That was one of the most bizarre rants of yours yet. You do realize sane people are reading your incoherent and bizarre rants. You need to see a shrink.

        Three paragraphs of shouting and ranting incoherently from the roof tops. Your neighbors are probably on the phone with the cops right now and putting their houses up for sale to get away from you as far as possible.

  2. I’d probably question whether or not New Joisians can handle firearms- they sure haven’t figured how to handle voting for themselves yet…. Just sayin’

  3. All you needed to know about the anti-right debater is his bad advice to VP Pence about not having the authority to reject the bad electors. The man was part of the cabal to defeat real President Trump.

    • That is very true. Just because someone is a scoflaw, or someone that plays hard and fast with rules and regulations, does not mean he may not want to participate in shooting sports, hunt, or be able to protect himself from those that would hurt him. There are many non-violent lawbreakers in this country(and in the world).
      The guy that gets caught for peddling without a license(when no peddler’s license is available), is a criminal. He is trying to better himself, maybe selling umbrellas or sunglasses on the street. Does this mean he has cooties forever and should not be able to protect himself from robbery?

  4. “People in New Jersey Can Handle Gun Rights”

    Bushwah. The only thing the people of the Landfill State can handle is New York City’s garbage.

  5. They can’t even pump their own gas. Those people are either stupid or oppressed, and as they voting the same leftists, I’d say the former.

  6. “The right is already respected in 42 states, and that data show that licensed carriers have a minuscule crime rate, approximately the same as law enforcement officers.” That doesn’t even account for how much of their crimes Police routinely cover p

    • that rationale is wasted on a state where control is the most important commodity…and personal freedom is secondary

  7. Similar to the old line that “The dark night of fascism keeps descending on the U.S., and landing in Europe”, the social chaos and “Wild West” shootouts in the street threatened by anti-gun Leftist/authoritarians every time a state proposes to ease our (unconstitutional) anti-gun legislation (usually in red states), keep descending on all us “gun-totin’ hillbillies”, and landing in Dimocrat/Lefist/authoritarian Blue cities.

    22 states have constitutional carry. Compare their numbers of violent gun crimes, overall crime rate, number of “mass shootings”, and general dysfunction against that of Blue jurisdictions. Even IN relatively “red” states, the crime and gun violence is clearly concentrated in Dimocrat/Leftist/authoritarian-run cities. Eliminate the general crime, and specifically gun crime, in Houston, El Paso, Austin, and Dallas (all Dimocrat-run), and the crime rate in Texas would be one of the lowest in the country.

    And the best the anti-gun zealots can come up with is that “all you redneck hillbillies, in places where you got all the guns, keep shipping your guns into our pristine cities, and harshing our mellow!” So, if we’ve got all the guns, and are causing all these problems for all you ‘superior’ folks, why are our crime rates so much lower than yours?? And if I wanted to sell one of my guns, I sure as hell wouldn’t sell it to some Blue city gangbanger.

    Why do we even keep arguing about this?? There is literally NO emirical evidence (at least that survives logical/statistical/methodological inquiry) that any gun law anywhere has prevented a single crime, or positively impacted crime rates. One migh almost conclude that the entire push for gun control has little or nothing to do with public safety, and everything to do with “control”. Nah, that’s just crazy talk.

    • To the Lamp that went out in his head.

      quote———— Nah, that’s just crazy talk.————-quote

      That is the only statement of your rant that was truthful and made any sense and was written in a coherent way. Your latest series of rants are so rambling and incoherent even a speed reader like myself had to slow to a crawl and attempt to decipher your diatribe that had so many broken sentences and jumbles of thoughts it was quite obvious you need to see a shrink or quit overdosing on Prozac. You really are in another world of your own.

      I might add you could not have been a college graduate as any of them could have written a much more clear and understandable post while on Prozac or even drunk.


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