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Brian Moynihan, Chairman and CEO of Bank of America (AP Photo/Michael Probst)
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From the CCRKBA:

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms has launched a public campaign alerting gun owners about businesses and their CEOs who push for increased gun control and prohibition, identifying the culprits.

The “Don’t Feed the Gun Prohibitionists” project has developed a dynamic list of businesses and CEOs who have been pushing for new legislation designed to impair the rights of law-abiding firearms owners. The list may be found at

Whitney Wolfe Herd
Founder and CEO of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

“Many brand name businesses and corporate leadership have a nefarious agenda to limit gun rights,” said CCRBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “Their current and potential patrons should have the knowledge of what their hard earned dollars are actually funding.

“A free market dictates the right of consumers to know about the products they purchase,” he continued, “and we encourage people buy products from companies they can count on to not support efforts aimed at curtailing constitutional rights. By providing this information, we hope gun owning consumers make reasonable decisions about which businesses to patronize. This might convince some businesses to re-think their core values.”

Intuit CEO Sasan Goodzari
Intuit CEO Sasan Goodzari (courtesy Twitter)

CCRKBA’s list includes such recognizable names as Costco, Burger King, Delta Airlines, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Hallmark, the Hard Rock Café, Levi Strauss, Microsoft, Progressive Insurance, Sara Lee and Yelp. There are nearly 200 businesses and their bosses on the list. The roster represents companies and corporate leadership that have made donations and/or advocated on behalf of gun control organizations, including sending an open group letter to the United States senate urging additional restriction and firearms bans.

Dara Khosrowshahi
Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi (Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

“Businesses and the people who own them can support whatever kind of philosophy they want,” Gottlieb said, “and gun owning consumers can likewise not spend any money with those firms. Let the marketplace decide.

“Businesses that advocate or take a position of opposition to gun rights should recognize that the gun rights community will vote with their wallets,” he concluded.


With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

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    • I have done “copy / paste” of the actual list , plus site link, in emails to all my POTG friends. We should all do the same to start a sh!t storm for these entitled entities.
      It will take you less than 5 minutes.
      Action beats reaction.

  1. How about a list of businesses that promote and support gun rights? Sitting quietly in the back of the room is not an endorsement, especially if they suddenly declare themselves BLM supporters of disarmament. I’d like to know which stocks to sell now.

  2. Costco is very anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment. They have it on the sign at their entrance and on their website of rules for customers.

    It amazes me that POTG, people I know, still spend money at Costco for any reason. What the hell is wrong with you people? Pouring your hard earned dollars into a blatantly anti-gun corporation?

    Sam’s Club, on the other hand, has slipped some in the wrong direction (as has Walmart to an even larger degree) but is not yet full-tilt Hoplophobic. Sam’s “respectfully requests” no open carrying of firearms by non-law enforcement. But I still see open carry in Sam’s in Arizona with no bother from store management.

    • enuf…Compared to your POTUS slander and libel and back stabbing those who pulled the wagon to get DJT elected and made it possible for your sorry self serving behind to boast about buying hundreds of rounds of ammo Costco is Pro Gun and licensed for Class 3.

    • The Costco in Prescott took down their sign two years ago. I asked the associate at the door and they said gun policy is stated in the membership terms and conditions. My neighbor who is a retired Orange Country Sheriff who also served in the sheriff’s academy for many years he was not allowed to bring in his gun. Policy states only active le is permitted.

      • Wolfe, thanks for clearing that up. Now it makes sense. Sometimes I don’t know if people mean what they say or say what they mean!

    • It’s a question of “law enforcement”, is it? I carry a gun everywhere, including into Sam’s and Costco, solely in order to prevent crime against myself and my family. I applied for the position and was accepted. So, I *am* law enforcement, am I not?

      And, if there is a sign about firearms at my Costco (Austin), I have never seen it. Pretty sure there is none.

      • In Austin Costco doesn’t post the Texas required 30.06 sign, so their own no guns sign is a suggestion.

    • If you look at the Firearms and Ammunition Guidelines under their Walmart Policies and Guidelines they do support Everytown. Firearms and Ammunition Guidelines state, “Walmart is a charter member of the Responsible Firearms Retailer Partnership, organized by Walmart and Everytown for Gun Safety.” Here is the link. Walmart has been partnered with Everytown for years now.

      There are not many alternatives for us to buy from these days. Cabelas and Bass Pro only sell so many things.

    • Interestingly enough, I occasionally see someone open-carrying in Costcos here, specifically in Lacey and Tumwater, both in Thurston county where the capital (Olympia) is.

  3. Already recognize many of these names, and don’t do business with most of the others (that I know of). But always good to see an updated “report card” to allow me to make decisions with my spending.

    At the end of the day, we all know we can’t completely eliminate our footprint (digital online presence or $$ spending), but we can minimize what we don’t want, and maximize what we do want to some degree.

    I have a feeling that our country will be a highly balkanized and politically divided society ten years from now, with leftists businesses and conservative businesses servicing either slice of the customer spectrum. That’s actually a logical outcome of a truly free capitalistic market, but my concern is that too many of the big players (Alphabet [Google, YouTube], Microsoft, Disney, Cisco, et al) control the flow of information.

    • The balkanization is underway and will be complete next year. We are never going to be as United as before. It’s a matter of who holds power and what they can do with it.

        • I fear you/he are right. Hard to imagine the social fabric being repaired at this point. I can’t co-exist with someone that resents my very existence.

    • So much this. However, there are some that are simply unavoidable. Instanced here, M$ & Crapcast. Personally, I hate them both with a passion. Albeit, for the moment, Comcast is the only real ISP in the area. Century Link is the other half of the duopoly, but that’s not even an option. Though that be a changin’ directly. New company had crews out flagging utilities last week for fiber to be laid. \o/

      Avoidance of Microsoft entirely, is akin to trying not to breath carbon. There are some things that there is simply no viable alternate for with any other OS. Tools I make use of daily. Certainly it can be done by some, given no predisposition to certain tasks I do.

      • I’m in the exact same situation. I’ve despised Comcast for years, but they have a monopoly unless you want to use the phone company, which is an inferior product. I live just outside city limits, so I’ll be one of the last to get an alternative fiber optic line, if ever.

        I have to use MS as well.

        • I feel ya. Outside of the city as well, but fortunately I live on a trio of pond & lakes. One is very popular, so expensive housing is just around the corner. Prioritizing means I’m in the zone for early adoption.

          As to the reasoning of staying on Windows primarily:

          Wine/Crossover/PoL, even VM’s with direct to metal hardware access, still intro a measure of latency due to schedulers, which is a no fly area with me. I need every bit of the performance I paid for. Indeed more, which is why everything is overclocked to just this side of the bloody edge of stability. Temps are low enough that throttling is not an issue. Topped off with super minimal OS background processes, OS timer @ 500 ns, all cores unparked.

          Only thing running above & beyond is Process Lasso, real time managing power, affinities, & priorities w/o having to run batch/powershell scripts to launch anything important. All of which are run on a hardware RAID 0 pair of Gen 3/4 NVME, aside from the OS which has a separate dedicated. Homebrew BIOS for lowered VRAM timings, better power curves, higher voltage, power, & clock limits. That’s the daily driver.

          I need power, all of it. And it’s never enough. Never.

  4. Since Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide and is clearly a racist and nazi based agenda I do not do business with those engaged in such filth and neither should you.

  5. Seems the list of pro 2A businesses is getting to be a lot shorter than the other list! Be interesting to see if their policies change at all after the election. Contrary to real figures, they still view us as the minority. Big mistake!

  6. I don’t vote for Leftards and I don’t do business with them either, when I discover they are anti they are off the list. I haven’t bought anything with the Levis tag on it for the last 35 years and won’t.

  7. Sorry, I need more detail so I can make my own decisions. Otherwise, this is simply “cancel culture”, which abhor.

    • I agree, more info needed.

      Also, there is a difference between official corporate policy and a CEO who simply opens his own mouth and wallet for a cause as he sees fit.

      • Yeah because they are in charge of the company and their personal policy and beliefs won’t carry over. This is sarcasm since I am.sure it went over your head.

        • He’s right though. There is a big difference between a company saying, for example, “Please don’t OC in our stores” to shut up the harpies, but really not bothering anyone about it and not saying a word about CC, like Subway did compared to what Dick’s and their CEO did, removing and destroying MSRs, not selling to under 21, and hiring an antiguan lobbyist to lobby for gun control.

          Hell some of the gun shops around here prohibit OC in their stores (Shyda’s, I’m looking at you)

    • Agreed.
      Also, I’ll need more than “said no to open carry” to start avoiding an otherwise exceptional place like CostCo.
      Bank of America richly deserves to be on the “shun” list but IMO CostCo et al haven’t sunk to that level.

  8. It would be helpful to know who some of these brands are, particularly the holding companies. For example, Yum Brands owns KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and The Habit Burger Grill.

  9. You can add to that list, large and small, every media outlet everywhere which characterizes criminal violence, as so called “Gun Violence” as if somehow guns (inanimate objects), and not violent criminals themselves as the problem.

    Any organization which deliberately perpetrates the outrageous lie that criminal violence is attributable to “gun violence” or anything other than the criminals directly responsible, is without question anti-2nd Amendment, an enemy of the truth, the American People, and US Constitution.

    Such deliberate misdirection, and carefully calculated and formulated lies are not free speech, are tantamount to shouting fire in a crowded theatre, and should be dealt with both as willful criminal acts.

  10. Never mind where you shop and blow smoke about open carry like the self server enuf it is Your vote that determines if you support Gun Rights or not. You don’t vote to get DJT reelected means you voted for the Jim Crow Gun Control democRat lowlife Joe Biden. No time for butt scratching, whining about tweets or acting like a spoiled brat. VOTE.

      • Only if you vote Trump 2020!

        BTW, it is my understanding that in TX there will not be a “straight party ticket” vote ability, and we have not had had party affiliation on ballots for a long time. You will need to know the actual NAMES of those you wish to vote for.

  11. Seems as if the number of those who sign up are so low that the number of people who would boycott those companies will be also low. And what’s the point? Many of them are such that they are difficult to avoid patronizing them.

    Then there’s also the fact that sure maybe those companies will have reduced profits but will that change their policies or will it just directly affect the workers at those places while the actual policies makers will give a shit less?

    Some things that are optional can be avoided say like Professional Sports and the Infotainment industry. Others are much to difficult to substitute another (and are they of the same attitude or just more silent about it?) and go elsewhere.

    Yet how many here don’t watch any sports at all because all of them are now fully leftist and donating money to causes which are trying to destroy the country? And they have to do is NOT turn a switch.

    Everyone does what they can and virtue signaling works both ways and is probably mostly useless in affecting attitudes with any degree of success.

    Best to SPEND some money and time with those who are able, willing and have succeeded in stopping those people from having laws passed that do nothing to make anyone safer and all of us a bit less free.

    • Dick’s has taken a big hit on its bottom line because of its anti-2A policies, but since the CEO is the majority shareholder, has has doubled down and will not be swayed.

  12. Money is power and when you hand over your money you are forfeiting your power.
    Stop consuming. If you absolutely must consume consume with purpose.

  13. We need to check this list and find out exactly what the policy is.

    At the same time I’d like to have a list that showed a pro gun or at least neutral alternative. That way it can help make decisions. Some are hard to avoid ( alphabet ) but post mates is an easy switch to grub hub etc.

  14. That’s the beauty of Concealed Carry, no one but you knows you are; so signs on doors that say NO Firearms are not noticed. I’ve actually looked on some stores people say are NO Carry Places, and I’ve never seen any signs on them. If it’s not like some BiG Visible StAnD oUt Sign, well, its not my fault. I’ve even been to PO’s that Do NOT have the posted No Firearm signs. The only place I really have seen them: School Property and some National Park Buildings.

    • I’ve been to some places with so many large signs prohibiting this or that you could barely find any door, and still walked right in past them. (For those not aware, to prohibit firearms in your establishment in TX, you require a separate sign consisting of 20-30 words, a precisely worded statement and a certain size font, prohibiting concealed carry, another prohibiting open carry, and both in Spanish as well as English, total 4 signs, at every entrance (includes doors not accessible to customers and doors marked “exit only”.) Makes for a LOT of signs! Looks very stupid.)

      • The way the 30.06 and 30.07 laws are written was clearly an attempt at malicious compliance; too bad that from what I’ve heard the police aren’t interested in the actual law if management catches you carrying.

    • Arizona requires a specific sign to ban firearms from a store, restaurant or any place of business. Many that put those signs up have since removed them, but maintain policies on their business websites that are anti-gun.

      Arizona Mills Mall is one example. Owned by Simon Properties, guns are banned but the signs that had been at every entrance are gone.

      My guess is the public relations impact was too negative to keep the signs up, but they keep the written rule in case they need to enforce it on a case by case basis.

      • Probably has way more to do with liability than anything else. If some words in a policy statement that no one is going to look at or enforce (unless they are dealing with a dumbbell) can shield them from a lawsuit, why not do it?

  15. What will all these companies do after blm and antifa are wiped out and the country is completely run by conservatives? Democrat govenors,, mayors, liberal city council members, all the people who think these protesters are peaceful.

  16. I am surprised that I don’t see Amazon on the list. I remember a few years ago they caved to pressure and removed a ton of firearm related accessories. Something like 10s of thousands of items were gone.

    • Interesting. Amazon still sells: magpul (no mags of course), weapon lights, slings, cleaning kits, optics and sights, stocks, Crap ton of holsters, gun belts, paper and steel targets, shooting ear and eye pro, re-loading equipment, dry fire training kits, bipod, and 2A t shirts.

    • Like SoCalJack said, they actually still carry a lot of gun related items. In fact I’ve bought AR parts from them back when the supply was tight. It looks like what they removed was anything that was regulated *anywhere* (muzzle devices, grips, tactical slings? I think, etc.).

      • Missed the edit window… actually all the stuff I listed there is still on sale. In fact I *almost* pulled the trigger on some of the even more AR stuff they have. Damn but they make it easy!

      • Exactly, Amazon sells everywhere and it is just not worth it to sell an item that can be a liability to them.

  17. Bain Capital is on the list. You know, the company that snake in the grass Mitt Romney founded.

  18. I don’t know about that list. A quick perusal shows some obvious gaps like Starbucks, Facebook, and Twitter.

    If one were to seriously boycott anti-gun corporations, you’d pretty much have to cover every movie production company and tv content producer based on the private actions of the “stars,” most products coming out of silicon valley, and company which imports products made in countries that don’t have anything like 2A protections, as well as banks since their leadership is notoriously biased toward contributing to democrat candidates.

    So, not a terribly useful list.

  19. I have shares in several of those companies. Was doing well with them, prior to Covid. No time to sell, would turn paper loses to real loses.

    Going to wait…DRIP the dividends (use them to purchase additional shares at these low prices). Eventually, use some of those profits to buy a gun and some ammo.

  20. I do what I can ro avoid the anti-2A scum. And avoiding gun companies & countries antithetical to MY freedom. Vis a vis Springfield,Rock River Arms and Turkish crap. China is a lot harder. It’s pervasive…

  21. I’m surprised to see Costco on that list. One time I went in and they had a bunch of ammo cans on prominent display.

  22. Lots of companies not on that list that should probably be on that list…. Amazon and T-Mobile come to mind.

  23. So, the march to use the same strategy as the anti-smoking campaign marches on. Work hard to make us into pariahs so we;ll feel left out and quit our ugly ways. Yeah, let me know how that works for you liberals, especially when the mob turns on you, as it most assuredly will, and you come scrambling for help and safety.

  24. It’s funny that eBay is on that list, though that company will allow the sale of just about any gun part or accessory. So, like may others on this list, they have no qualms about selling to the 2A community and accepting our money, they just abhor us. So their politics are Left, but their business practices are purely Capitalist, therefore Right. I can live with that. I don’t really care what strangers do or don’t like me, nor do I care what they think about my likes and hobbies.

  25. I didn’t see Nike, Walgreens, Kroger, CVS, and WalMart on the list. All give money to gun control lobby groups.
    Didn’t even bother looking at the list.

    • We lived in Omaha, Nebraska for more than 40 years before retiring to the mountains of eastern Arizona last fall. All that time, a local supermarket chain, Bakers, dominated the market. About 25 years ago, the family sold out to the Kroger chain. The only changes I noted were that bag boys taking your groceries to your automobile became optional rather than standard practice and that Kroger house brands began appearing on the shelves.

      Nebraska was late to legalize concealed carry and No Guns signs have the force of law. I searched carefully around the entrances to several Bakers stores and never found a sign. If a concealed carrier was detected and banned from their stores, it never made the news.

      Another Omaha company, Nebraska Furniture Mart, is the biggest home furnishings retailer in the country. (Wikipedia has a fascinating article about the company and the Jewish lady from Belarus who founded it in the 1930s.) When Nebraska’s concealed carry law was new, NFM posted No Guns signs. They took them down a few years later and I couldn’t find any at their store. In my opinion, that makes them deserving of my business whether or not they are actively pro-gun. If you don’t live near Omaha, they also have stores near Des Moines, Kansas City and Dallas. One warning about the Omaha store and, maybe, the others: Don’t shoplift! Their security people will and have chased shoplifters across the parking lot at a dead run and taken them down with flying tackles. They aren’t worried about getting sued for excessive force by the thief or his relatives.

  26. Thanks to TTAG for this list, even if it is not comprehensive.

    I was watching some financial analysts discussing bank stocks today, and they began to say “ESG this” and “ESG that.” I know what an EBITDA and an ARPU is, but what the heck is ESG??

    ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance issues. Big banks are now supposed to promote or propagandize various ESG issues. Here is BofA’s list of their efforts and spending.

    I didn’t know how far down the rabbit hole we have descended.

  27. Edelman Richard Edelman President and CEO? Rick Edelman financial advertises regularly in the DC area on WMAL105.9FM and does a weekend finance call in. This is a Conservative radio station.

    Unless it’s a different Edelman.

  28. Evil YouTube isn’t on the list…maybe covered under alphabet inc. Since they own it. Also didn’t see starbucks on the list.

    • And yet youtube has probably done more for the second amendment by providing a platform for pro gun channels than TAG or the full 30 ever will. Kind of funny how that is.

    • I just ignore their silly signs and do what I want….just keep a low-profile..[CC]..and don’t draw any attention to yourself and things will be fine….

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