Screencap by Boch. Via YouTube.
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In Detroit Sunday evening, cops say an armed robbery convict on parole pulled out a gun and shot three people before the first one hit the floor. His rounds killed two of those men and he went on to kill a third man outside to steal his car to make a getaway.  Fortunately he wore a face mask so as not to spread the Chinese virus.

The video below shows just how quickly the scene unfolded. And frankly, it is very graphic.

Viewer discretion is advised…NSFW.

Something obviously happened between these people, either at the restaurant or before that evening.  Either way, it looked like something out of Chicago.

After shooting the three people on the left side of the window, he started shooting out of the door as panicked customers tried walking under his gunfire. Talk about a Chinese fire drill.

From FoxDetroit.

At approximately 11 p.m. in the 9100 Block of Dexter, four men in the Eagles Coney Island on the city’s west side were shot. Three of them sustained fatal injuries while a fourth was last reported to be in critical condition.

An employee said they didn’t hear any argument or fighting that led up to the shooting. All they heard were gunshots.

Detroit Police arrested a suspect in connection with the shooting at an alley on Tennyson near Oakland Parkway.

During an afternoon press conference, Police Chief James Craig said a 25-year-old man with an extensive criminal history was arrested for the shooting.

He said it appeared the suspect had a brief conversation with one of the victims before pulling a gun but didn’t appear to be agitated.

“We just don’t know why, another senseless shooting,” Craig said.

He didn’t release the suspect’s name but said he did time for robbery and that he was currently parole.

Craig said three men, 34, 24, and 20 years old, all died in the shooting. A fourth man, 28, was critically hurt.

Mickey Douglas. Michigan Department of Corrections image.

Click on Detroit identified the accused killer as Mickey Douglas, a parolee who had been serving 5-20 years for a 2013 armed robbery.


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    • Every single new article I’ve read today – from all sites – regarding shootings and murders have all had black suspects and/or arrestees. And nearly all in Detroit and Chicago.

      But don’t say anything to the MSM or your nearest white college student. You’ll be tarred and feathered as a racist xenophobe.

      • Non-Hispanic Blacks are about 14% of the total population. They account for 52% of ALL crime. The 17-24 year old demographic account for some 40% of ALL crime.

        Seems that the increased attention to Black men as suspects is warranted both by the Police and Society in general.

        White Lives Matter.

        • This is a complete lie and retards spreading disinformation like this is a poison used to keep the greatest country in the world from changing what to what it needs to be.



          CRIME BY BLACK


          CRIME BY ASIAN

          DO THE MATH! Where do you get 52% retard!

    • Pretty much. Most blame the bad guy, some blame racist Dems, a few might even blame the cops, but you rarely see judges and law makers in the news for their failures to society. Less police on patrol, no-bail policy, early release, this is on the Dem Politicians. Folks, keep prepping before Nov!

      • Yup. Don’t think it’s gonna matter who wins the election, the shit is gonna hit the fan.

        • @Dude

          It was pretty calm under Obama. Less gun control too. The economy was better even when we had pandemics. The military were not on the streets and they didn’t kill any lawful gun owners. There wasn’t as many supremacist mass shooters either. There was less non gang related mass shootings. I think suicides were lower as well, same with the national debt.

          Even when Obama complained about the police there wasn’t national unrest for months and mass property damage. There wasn’t out of control looting nation wide.

          We got arm braces and bump stocks, but lost some imports through executive orders. That’s with low gun ownership compared to today. Yet back then the gun industry said Obama was the greatest gun salesman ever.

          Under Trump people feel less safe… There is much more preparing for complete societal breakdown. It’s so bad most new gun owners are first timers and lefties. I don’t think Hillary could have created such a reaction considering how Obama was the worse yet things were good back then.

          Hence why Trump is doing a 180 on a lot of things in the last few days, which makes Republicans look very dumb. The man was not loyal to his own fans. According to the NRA he has been the best president ever for the 2nd Amendment. Under Trump’s betrayal the NRA collapsed into total irrelevance.

          It only took three years to ruin all kinds of things under the leadership of the Liberal Republicans and their leader Trump. Obama tried so hard for 8 years yet couldn’t get anywhere near that much destruction and division. Heck, Black Lives Matter was started during Obama but had power nor influence. Antifa sprouted up once Trump came around, prior to that was Occupy and the Tea Party.

          I doubt Trump wins again because everyone in their sane mind knows it will make the country collapse in on itself. If he does win, I can’t wait to see the end results of 8 years of his unconstitutional behaviors. Maybe we will finally get a reset on the American government like the founders said.

        • “It was pretty calm under Obama.”

          Censor, the absolute lack of any sense of how “politics” actually work by you, and a fair number of worthies around this site is amazing for people who claim to be “for” the US Constitution, personal protection, privately-owned firearms and the traditional American system of life.

          obama’s actions over his 8 year reign set all of this up, plain and simple. We are now experiencing the desired results of his policies, from the constant MSM drum of “guns on the street” for enhanced gangsta murders such as this article reports, to the anarchist rioting for nothing but the dedicated end of America, as well as the hatred of the police in general which is also often-fostered on TTAG by some posters. obama, eric holder, loretta lynch, lois lerner and his other minions; egged on by the MSM dolts placed these counter-culture tenets deeply into the fabric of those who have only been indoctrinated into the progressive counter-culture and have attempted to make them main-stream. Those of us who cherish life and freedom can only hope and pray that they were not totally successful if we desire our rights to remain God-given.

        • Chief,
          I believe you just proved Hillary’s point. Republicans are much more civil than democrats. The current civil unrest wasn’t caused by Trump policies per se, it was caused merely by democrats not being in power. This civil unrest movement was planned before Floyd’s death. They were just waiting for the right moment to take advantage of the millions of useful idiots in this country.

        • It is now my belief that President Trump is (in spite of his great intentions) just a speed bump on the downhill slide to Hell for this country.
          Unchecked illegal aliens, sanctuary cities, a fundamental shift to the far left in the criminal justice system, and more Americans are living under Harsher Gun Control now under Trump than at any time in the past. The last Admin sued the pants off any state or local gov that passed a law they did not like. Blue States/cities have all but disarmed the the largest and most populous in the Union and nothing but crickets from the WH, why is that?

          Mr. Trump can’t do much that will last with out useful majorities in da house&senate. Good luck with that, and better add another half dozen GOP senators to make up for all the RINOs and never Trumpers there.

        • “It was pretty calm under Obama.”

          Yeah, ferguson and baltimore riots, Chicago murder rates were very high throughout obama’s terms.

          The economy was worse under obama than trump, unemployment of all groups is much better under trump than obama.

          Obama created ISIS with his asinine withdrawal from Iraq, obama allowed millions in Syria to die through his cowardise.

          And obama started the blame other Americans crap. He told a group of hispanic voters to “punish your enemies (republicans)”, used the IRS to target conservative issue groups, had the FBI spy on the GOP campaign in the 2016 election.

          obama was a garbage president and the US is better off he’s gone.

          And look at the mayors and governors in these violent places The governor and mayor in chicago are significantly worse now than in 08 to 16, ditto seattle, portland, SF, NYC etc.

          The violence and anarchy is the direct result of liberals running those places. The violence is almost only in liberal cities, it’s not happening in GOP areas. Liberals created this violence, they own it.

      • Chief Censor, you are full of shit.
        When you put on your kaleidoscope glasses you begin to scribble. It is not worth discussing points as it is your perception that is skewered. No room to reply to you, how convenient. Your rant disqualifies you as an authority on everything in it.
        Don’t forget, you’re burning down Seattle Saturday, make sure to bring your new shield.

    • “Systems’ working as intended.”

      “During an afternoon press conference, Police Chief James Craig said a 25-year-old man with an extensive criminal history was arrested for the shooting.”

      Yep- Thank God a convicted felon/domestic abuser can’t purchase or be in possession of a firearm or this could’ve really been a tragedy…

    • The “Hood” Refers to the mentality of the people involved. You can take the Thug out of the Hood. You can’t take the Hood out of the Thug.

    • “The location of the crime isn’t the issue”

      The hell it isn’t… When things like this happen in a place like Maple Grove or Plymouth, MN, it makes national news for days. When it happens in a hot dog joint in MoTown, NFBD as far as most of the nation is concerned.

    • Yea right. That is their mentality.

      As soon as it was all over they whip out the camera and start recording instead of giving first aid. These people are the same types who shout defund the police and black lives matter. Apparently, they don’t matter enough to help each other.

  1. Wait a frikkin’ minute. This is unpossible! He’s a convicted felon and the law says he cannot have a gun. Therefore this cannot have happened. The “gun safety” crowd have repeatedly assured us that their “common sense gun control” actually works.

    So no one died here. This video is Photoshopped.


    Seriously, I’m tired of the stupid, irrational Left in this country.

    • What should happen:

      A trial that answers the question, “is the defendant the murderer in the video?” If yes, death by firing squad, with the entire process completed in less than 2 months.

      What will happen:

      Millions of dollars wasted on trials, appeals, reappeals, “free the idiot” protests, decades of free meals, and possibly not even dying in prison.

      This is what “No justice, no peace” looks like.

      • Back in the 1800’s, a ranger captain in Texas was arresting cattle thieves and when he took the to the sheriff, he would let them go. The local judge told the ranger that if he wanted justice , it would have to be administered in the brush. That’s where we are headed again.

  2. We need to pass more laws prohibiting convicted felons to own hand guns, it is evident the exiting laws failed.

    • No, we need more laws preventing good guys from having guns. There that will make the Leftards happy.
      Really, this is merely more BRAND enhancement. It’s not about skin color, it is about what is between one’s ears and in one’s heart. Skin color is merely a BRAND indicator……like the NIKE SWOOSH. If one doesn’t like how others view them, classify them, change your damn brand….you created it. Stop being featured on the evening news for negative brand enhancement segments. Build a positive brand. Be featured on the evening news for positive reasons.
      But, NOooo, there never is any personal responsibility in their “swoosh” brand. It’s always someone else’s fault they acted as they do.
      What a shame. Poor Mickey Douglas was just “coming up on plane” in life. Somebody made he do bad.

    • He was disrespected by the comments which belittled his manhood. So there was a cultural imperative to regain his respect and manhood by murdering those who caused the disrespect and ridicule.

  3. Remind me again how long Democrats have held complete political control at every level of government in Detroit?

    • I would give you an answer but my memory doesn’t go that far back.

      In fact I might not have even been born when the last Republican was Mayor of Detroit.

      • Last Repub in Detroit was Louis Miriani (1957-1962). Democrats ever since for the next several decades, or in other words, three generations’ worth. Nearly all those who live there now don’t know anything different, or that another option exists for the next election.

        • I Haz a Question,

          If any large city in the United States could migrate away from rock-solid Democrat control, I would say that it is Detroit. First of all, the Detroit Police Chief actively, vocally, and publicly supports licensed open and concealed carry. Even better, no one in local politics ever scolds him for it. Along the same lines, a ton of residents have concealed carry licenses and no one (either within or outside of Detroit) ever seems to publicly harangue the residents for being armed. You won’t see that anywhere in Coastal California or the Northeast.

          And while the Mayor definitely has a “D” next to his name, he is unlike the Mayors of most/all other big cities. As yet another example, when agitators thought they could riot, loot, and burn Detroit during recent unrest, the Mayor and Police Chief did not entertain tolerating it for one second. Instead, they nipped any such activity in the bud. The result: no rioting, looting, nor burning in Detroit — which is quite the contrast compared to other large cities that are Democrat strongholds.

          There are other interesting factors as well. For decades, people would go around setting several hundred vacant homes (and probably even some occupied homes) on fire on “Devil’s Night” (the night before Halloween). People in Detroit cried out for the City to stop the mayhem. Of course the City punted. So, the residents of Detroit took matters into their own hands and 100s/1000s of residents began patrolling the streets on Devil’s Night. As a result, for the last 20 years or so, there seems to be ZERO fires on Devil’s Night.

          You add all of this up and it points to a populace that is anything but hardcore Democrat. Given the right circumstances, I can see Detroit in the near future going solid middle — Democrat in name and somewhat conservative in practice.

  4. Which criminal coddling democRat let another nitwit with a mile long rap sheet out of his cage? Step forward and identify yourself you dirty Rat.

    • Oh, that’s an easy one to answer. Two reasons why:
      1. Stupidity
      2. Incompetence

      The argument was for paroling non-violent offenders. Some of that argument makes sense.

      Now who is the idiot (or idiots, as in “committee”) that creatively redefined a convict serving prison time for armed robbery as “non-violent”?

      Those are the people who should now have to serve time for being criminally incompetent.

    • Who’s that ‘we’ you are talking about? I did not release any convicted violent criminals prematurely. Did you?

      • “Silence is violence”

        LOL! You don’t feel guilty? Huh… that’s weird. Maybe they just need to surround you, block you from moving and escaping then shout at you and beat it into you? I mean, that’s how it works, right?

  5. A Reverend and cousin of one of those killed said……..

    “We are going to continue to see violence until systemic issues surrounding everything from poverty and the proliferation of guns to education, joblessness and health/mental health disparities are addressed.”

    Not a peep about black familes missing the black father approaching an 80% rate.
    Zero courage.

    The only people that talk about it are a handful of black conservatives that are slandered as Uncle Tom’s and blacklisted by the MFM.

    • That Rev also said this: “Black lives matter is not just a slogan that should be utilized for our anger against bad policing. Black lives matter is also a slogan that ought to be used inside of our community and we’ve got to believe that,” he said. “We have to have a certain amount of humanity and respect for each other if we want others to have the same amount of humanity and respect for us.”

      Sounds reasonable to me

      • The Rev is a fool if he thinks BLM is about helping black people. This goes back to raising moral children. You can’t fix anything until you fix the family problem. Even Obama mentioned that back when that sort of talk was still tolerated. BLM is actively seeking to destroy what’s left of the family.

      • Welcome to Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes.

        “Hereby it is manifest that during the time men live without a common Power to keep them all in awe, they are in that condition which is called War; and such a war as is of every man against every man. In such condition there is no place for Industry, because the fruit thereof is uncertain: and consequently no Culture of the Earth; no Navigation, nor use of the commodities that may be imported by Sea; no commodious Building; no Instruments of moving and removing such things as require much force; no Knowledge of the face of the Earth; no account of Time; no Arts; no Letters; no Society; and which is worst of all, continual Fear, and danger of violent death; And the life of man solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”

      • “That Rev also said this: “Black lives matter is not just a slogan”

        Whenever I hear this type of statement, especially in regards to this type of absolutely senseless violence, I want to ask the person “to whom do those black lives matter?” Since the vast majority of murdered and wounded blacks are the result of the actions of other blacks, those lives certainly aren’t worth a damn in that community. This is especially evident when there’s a rallying cry from the leadership to end police monitoring, arresting of the well-known bad operators and the like.

    • Precisely on point. NEVER any personal responsibility found in that segment of society. Always someone else’s or something else’s fault why they did bad.

  6. Good thing a white guy didn’t do that, it be all over the news. Instead business as usual, I guessing the ones on the ground will still be voting by mail this Nov.

  7. Thank God he had a mask on, otherwise he might really be prosecuted by the public overseers!

  8. I am just a bit surprised by this. Although Detroit has a higher murder rate than Chicago, this kind of out in the open random shooting shit just doesn’t happen here often like it does in Chi Town. Most of the murders here are more discrete and happen away from prying eyes. There was another similar incident here on Tuesday
    Shit is starting to pile up…luckily no one has turned on the fan yet.

  9. The ole non supporting hand in the pocket technique – this guy is a top notch pro. /s

    • Look for democrats in congress to take a knee and have a moment of silence, and for Slow Joe to say a few words at their funerals while they’re laid to rest in golden caskets. Oh wait, this won’t help them politically, never mind.

  10. Looked like the KungFlu took another three lives at the Detroit Conney Island this evening…

  11. Please defund cops in areas like this and you get an instant self cleaning oven!!!!!!

    the murder rate will soar and good citizens will move out or get armed up and kill off the bad even quicker!

    • Good citizens will hunker down and wait while the not so good citizens settle their scores.

  12. obviously some people enjoyed their prison stint enough that theyre ok going back
    maybe steps should be taken to change that

  13. Lesson number one: Getting ambushed suuucks.

    Lesson number two: Social justice (a form of leftist progressivism) is a progressive, thought destroying disease. Even the family of a victim is more concerned about some abstract measures of social health than the fact that a feral human was released by a specific set of people and a specific policy to run amok and commit murder.

    • “Social justice (a form of leftist progressivism) is a progressive, thought destroying disease.”

      In some ways yes, in other ways no. It depends on whose mind you’re discussing. The planners or the victims?

      Go look up the AAR for Minneapolis Precinct 3. That wasn’t orchestrated by idiots or “soy boys”. That was well planned and executed. It failed to accomplish what was probably the real goal but it came frighteningly close. That was some Al-Aqsa type shit mixed with shades of RAF out of Germany.

      The more I look at this the more parallels I see to various revolutions in Africa post-1960. The major difference here is that the “other” side is armed, unlike the Moscow backed revolutions tended to be in Africa. But in our case I’m not really sure that’s an advantage, which is the part that worries me to some degree.

      • Thanks for that heads up. It was an interesting read. I to have been telling people in my “circle” not to underestimate what we are up against and that it is unwise to leave the fight up to others and squander our time and resources not preparing.

        • Dunno what version you read but I’m curious what jumped out to you?

          For me it was that the obvious escape route, a electronically controlled gate at the back of the building, was locked by someone outside the compound using a bike lock, which is a major factor in the cops having a very disorderly retreat from Precinct 3.

          Combined with the use of “sappers” in other areas this tells me the whole thing was orchestrated in a manner designed specifically to trap the officers in the building. That suggests rather strongly the plan was murder or hostages. Given what is known about the contacts that these groups have outside the US they probably are aware that creating a hostage situation is 1) suicide and 2) not politically advantageous to them. That effectively reduces their options down to murder.

          Let your mind wander down the road of “why” on that topic for a bit. Smart as you are Vic I doubt you’ll like where that road leads.

        • In the piece I read I was most interested in the dynamic between different groups especially those protesting vs those carrying out an insurrection. This, while obvious, is still disturbing “We have learned that dozens of structure fires are not enough to diminish “public support” for the movement—though no one could have imagined this beforehand. However, those who filmed crowd members destroying property or breaking the law—regardless of whether they intended to inform law enforcement agencies—posed a material threat to the crowd, because in addition to bolstering confusion and fear, they empowered the state with access to information.” It takes me longer to digest information like after action reports than I’d like.

        • It is indeed foolish to underestimate the capabilities of the “other” side. History tells us that something held in common by the BLA, FALN, Weather, and the IRA was a public or above ground organization and others who were organizing away from the eyes of the state. It is prudent to assume that right now there are forces planning, organizing and working from the warm embrace of clandestinity.

        • Pretty interesting; if police had used live rounds, played for keeps, the “siege” would have ended quickly. This is enlightening, but we have yet to see what happens when bottles are answered with bullets.

        • “…we have yet to see what happens when bottles are answered with bullets.”

          Nothing you want to see.

          Hence the “mostly peaceful” shit going on here (though that seems to be waning, a la Chicago’s little statue battle). The actual protesters, so much as they exist at this point, are human shields. If the cops are perceived to be ready and willing to gun down “protesters” to get at the agitators that kind of plays into the agitators’ narrative, eh?

        • Point being, if these guys who think they “won” in Minny get close to any objective, if they get traction toward what their end game is, then all bets are off.
          What this account (which has been made public for a reason) makes me think, though, is how will people line up? Doesn’t sound like the Boogies, 3%ers, whatever, are in opposition, really. A lot of different factions are interested in the same thing, still hard to envision them working together.
          It did take some doing if the gangs indeed had a moratorium, who brokered *that*?
          Good time to be rural….

        • Hugh:

          As a starting point look at what the French got themselves into in Algeria from ’54 to ’63.

        • Interesting comparison, and there are some similarities. Pretty brutal, that was. Rough stuff. But a major difference was there were clearly defined goals, and a geographic component, geopolitical lines to be drawn, etc. Maybe these “rebels” would settle for Newark?

        • “Maybe these “rebels” would settle for Newark?”

          I wish. This is for all the marbles. Just look at the rest of Africa from 1960-1985 or so and pay attention to the timeline. Commies got better over time. They learned quite a bit from Algeria, which was really a religious issue, but they rapidly applied what they learned.

          To think that Communisits or Leftists in general are stupid is a truly dangerous underestimation. That’s exactly how Idi Amin came to power, by being underestimated.

      • I still stand by my assertion. Progressive Marxism is a mind poison.

        Most people under its influence — those who weren’t strong thinkers to begin with or who lack a Christian moral base — become stupid slaves, unable to think in unapproved ways, unable to process reality or reason outside the Kafka Trap they live in. (A brilliant analogy; thanks to GeoffPR for tipping me off to it.) These are the useful idiots, hoi polloi, and clueless voters. The marchers and protesters you see everywhere — functionally stupid, and dangerous only in large groups.

        Then there are the organizers and manipulators, who we mostly never see because they don’t stand on the front lines like the idiots. The diabolically clever progressives whose ability to think has been warped beyond all recognition — their intelligence remains, but the “be a decent human” part of their thought process has definitely been destroyed. Most of them are stuck in the Kafka Trap, too, although a few of them are smart enough to have deployed the mind virus on purpose. These people are incredibly dangerous, as you’ve done a great job of pointing out. They’ve been outmaneuvering the rest of us in nearly every way for a long time now.

        • “…but the “be a decent human” part of their thought process has definitely been destroyed.”

          You assume that it existed to begin with. I don’t. I’ve actually taken Nietzsche’s suggestion and “gazed into the abyss”. I’ve also seen things that would turn most people’s stomachs and (for the “I’ve seen some shit!!” crowd) I don’t mean interwebz videos. Some people just go to dark places naturally. I know, I’m one of them. Others learn this behavior. It’s a place I try very, very hard to stay away from because I’ve seen it in action with my own eyes. But I have taken the time to study it well enough to know how to control it to a large degree. Most haven’t bothered and so either they like it or they come to like it because that’s how our brain is programmed.

          As I’ve said here for a long, long time. We’re not a nice species. We’re a highly intelligent, tribal, predatory, violent, territorial semi-arboreal ape. We are no more or less prone to “evil” or “savagery” than any other beast on this planet. We’re just more devious about employing these things because we don’t have big teeth, claws or the kind of raw power most animals have.

          The combination of how our brain works, when mixed with tribal thinking and envy brings out the predator in us. Always has, always will. And we’re like piranhas in certain ways, notably that we will engage in intraspecies predation if we perceive it to be a benefit to our group.

          “They’ve been outmaneuvering the rest of us in nearly every way for a long time now.”

          I’ve been talking about this, in detail, and how to counter it for quite some time now. Years. It mostly fell on deaf ears. But then that’s hardly shocking. As I noted the other day, Boomers and Millennials would rather fight each other than their mutual enemies, and that has driven a division that I’m not sure can really be healed at this point unless we’re damned lucky. That’s a microcosm of the problem, merely a symptom rather than the actual illness. People fight the enemy they see or have been taught to see.

  14. To be fair, every coney place I’ve been to has had a “somebody got shot by hang member” vibe to it.

  15. Geez, you mean nobody was carrying a cop? Guess they were all busy guarding statues & BLM graffiti.

  16. “…man with an EXTENSIVE criminal history was arrested for the shooting.”

    Same ole story different day. Stop letting these animals out. You can consider it when they’ve aged out of violent criminal activity. Yes, that’s a thing.

  17. All jokes, snide commentary, and legitimate commentary aside, I can’t imagine much of anything more terrifying than suddenly seeing the muzzle of a firearm thrusting towards my face, and then suddenly, light’s out. Assuming that those murdered were just ordinary folks wanting a bite to eat, I do feel very sorry for them.

    This event also shows how quickly a bad situation can develop. As volatile as these times are, don’t be afraid to quickly depart the “X”, even if you’ve paid your money and are waiting for your food or whatever. A hot dog can be replaced. Your cranium cannot. Well, although viewing some of our legislators and thought leaders, the cranial/hot dog replacement may actually be an improvement.

    • On the plus side it’s not terrifying for long.

      I’ve warned against magic talisman thinking for years. Not too many people listen. But videos like this one (and a boat-load of others) show the problem with such thinking.

      Whatever. Not my problem.

  18. “Something out of Chicago”…you’re hilarious Boch. Chiraq hasn’t lost 60% of it’s population YET. All I hear is “prison reform”. Yeah bring back public execution,hard labor and chain gangs. That’ll reform the scum😏

  19. Either way, it looked like something out of Chicago.

    No, it looks like something out of Detroit. Chicago isn’t the only sh*thole overrun with feral animals in this country.

  20. I see nothing of use lost in this video….. carry on….. nothing to see here lol…

  21. Damn, look at that sow in the pink at the counter, don’t these people have any self-respect?

  22. I’d point out that if President Obama had a bastard son, he’d look just like Mickey Douglas, but that would be racist.

    • I posted a news story about a shooting in Florida. Whoever controls the comment section on this article deleted it because it was a triple homicide that involves a different demographic and state than this one. For some reason we can only post about a certain demographic when Boch is around.

    • Not really. Chicago has a much higher population, so their total numbers are higher.
      But Detroit’s high levels of violence coupled with low population make it more dangerous on a per capita basis. Chicago doesn’t usually make the top 10 dangerous cities, Detroit has been in the top 5 for ever. Michigan usually has 2-3 in the top 10…

      Sometimes I miss home, most times I don’t.

  23. “We just don’t know why, another senseless shooting,” No, it made perfect sense to the shooter and that’s the problem. Is he gang trash and his victims more trash from a rival gang? Or is he a lone sociopath who responded with murder to a trivial, if thoughtless, comment that a civilized person would have ignored?

  24. Tribalism with guns. You cannot bring egalitarianism to a tribal mindset. Some groups are just not ready for “democracy” they have a tribal, hierarchal, mob mindset. The two conflict, it always brings violence.

    Makes me think of the poster of an Indian siting on his horse with full head-dress, silhouetted by the waning sun, one arm extended high holding an AR-15 instead of a bow.

    What if?

  25. So as an educated person, is there a reason you had to add the racist comment “Chinese virus” to a story that would have been good without it? Bet you did not know the 1918 Spanish flu was only called Spanish because all the other nations were at war and their propaganda machines would not allow them to print stories of all the deaths from that year’s flu. Spain was neutral and published so many articles the US press gave it the Spanish flu nickname.

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