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Recently we announced the launch of a 2A-friendly ecommerce site, Uinta Trading Co. Things have apparently been going well at Unita, and to promote the site they’ve put together an awesome giveaway.

At the center of the giveaway is a custom rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor from Alamo Precision. If you want a chance to win, click here.

Uinta Trading Co

From Uinta Tradeing Co:

Uinta Trading Co Launches With Mega Giveaway

Salt Lake City – Online marketplace for the outdoorsman, Uinta Trading Co launched its sales platform with a mega giveaway.  

Customers can enter for free to win a custom precision rifle with premium match barrel chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, Timney trigger, Grayboe Renegade stock, on the new APR action built by Alamo Precision Rifles. The rifle is topped with a Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24x scope in Seekings rings, supported by a ZRODELTA DLOC-SS bipod. Additional giveaway items include Black Rifle Coffee, Cerus Gear cleaning mat, Colonel Blades knife, Dark Energy battery pack, Kuhl Clothing, Lalo Tactical boots, LRS Precision custom load development, Pig Lube cleaning kits, Prime Ammo, Savage Gentleman leather wallet and notebook cover, Soflete supplements, and Warfighter Tobacco cigars.

Customers can enter for free and will be able to earn additional free entries here: ttps://

About Uinta Trading

Uinta Trading Co is a veteran owned company that is focused on maintaining a simple and reliable place to buy and sell products that are relevant to the outdoor enthusiasts. The marketplace is a platform where customers and brands can buy and sell any federally legal product without fear of being shut down or adversely affected by arbitrary rule changes or shifts in the political landscape.  


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  1. I find it rather annoying that anyone without a Twitter account can not get the daily bonuses. It’s not like I choose not to have Twitter, I can’t because I do not have a landline or the “right” type of service. I simply can not get a Twitter account. I get that it is an attempt to spread the recognition of the e-commerce site, but it’s not like the Twitter users are required to tweet daily about it to have to get the daily bonus.

    • I don’t have a landline and for now I’m on Walmart’s Family Mobile service. I can get a Twitter account, though I choose not to.

    • Or those who require that you sign into FakeBook. I have never had a FakeBook account, and I seriously doubt that I ever will. FakeBook/ABC hates the 2A.

      • This and I don’t conduct business that that is the method of transaction,they can keep their products.

        • If a company wants to give a discount, then why don’t they just give it? Why should I have qualify in some way, faceless book, twitter jitters etc? In short, either give the discount or don’t!

    • Well I CHOSE to NOT be a twit or a FAKEBOOK or Google. And do not submit my DNA to a faceless corp/fed govt. Extend the middle finger of friendship to the progtard statist left.

    • I have the same beef about entering the contest. I will occasionally go to a Twitter or Facebook page, but I refuse to give up my privacy for someone else’s profit so I refuse to sign up for these “services”, especially with social media so anti-2A and/or anti-conservative. To make matters worse, Uinta Trading has no phone number or alternate method of contacting them offered or mentioned on their website. Apparently anonymity is OK for them but not for me.

    • There have been quite a few contests and promotions that I have been locked out of due to a lack of a Buttbook or Twitcher account. For me, it’s a choice, as I gave up all social networking over five years ago. I have notified the responsible advertisers of the fact that there are millions of us who see absolutely no good reason to be a part of that crap & madness (phrased slightly differently, in a more civilized manner, of course).
      Their response, without exception, has been…

  2. Two thoughts.

    First, I don’t much mind the extra entry thing, but do mind that they’re generally obtained by supporting / using anti-2A organizations.

    Second, winners are notified by email. Great … but is there an email service that won’t likely flag a “Congratulations! You’re a winner!” email right into the spam folder anymore?

  3. I quit entering these contests where you earn extra entries a dozen ways. I’m not sure how they do it but there’s always people who can rack up insane numbers of the bonus entries making it almost impossible to compete. Turns a simple contest/giveaway into a competition where most folks are at a big disadvantage.

  4. Chalk up another gun other who doesn’t have any of these disgusting “social medial” accounts. Also, for a company that claims they want to be 2A friendly, I can’t think of anything more 2A unfriendly than Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Contests (or other promotions) are intended to promote customer good will. Requiring participation in some left wing social garbage promotes customer ill will. Can’t do business with you guys.

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