Kinetic Concealment’s New Tactical Gun Cleaning Kit

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Kinetic Concealment tactical gun cleaning kit

From Kinetic Concealment . . .

Kinetic Concealment, a leading manufacturer of premium holsters and accessories, is proud to announce the launch of its new Tactical Gun Cleaning Kit. Designed for gun enthusiasts and those who demand the best in field cleaning supplies, the kit offers a comprehensive solution for maintaining and cleaning firearms.

Utilizing the highest-quality supplies from Wolf Premium Oils, the kit includes a high-quality cleaning cloth, a cleaning brush, 100 cleaning pads, and a 1 fluid ounce bottle of Wolf All-in-One Gun Oil and Cleaner. In addition, the kit comes with a special tactical pouch, designed for easy storage and transport. The pouch features extra pockets for added convenience and versatility, making it the perfect solution for on-the-go gun cleaning.

The Tactical Gun Cleaning Kit from Kinetic Concealment is available to purchase for $29.99 at Whether for personal use or as a gift for the gun enthusiast in your life, this kit offers the ultimate solution for keeping firearms in top condition.

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  1. “Tactical,” lol. We all want our gun cleaning kits to be “tactical,” right? I’m going to consciously avoid buying this just for the stupidity of labeling a gun cleaning kit “tactical.”

  2. I get the “tactical” thing. Back in the day we used to say, “Paint or black, call it tactical, they’ll buy it.” Not today. It has to be the latest camo. I always liked rip stop OD, unless we were someplace cold.

      • Glorfindel, I found that out because my field gear was all I had in the rear. We’re you trying to be an ass, or did you just sound that way?

      • Glorfindel, if you would like to get together, shoot, compare notes, etc. I can be anywhere in the lower 48 in about as many hours. Locked and loaded. Got a little cash and nothing else to do. Let’s shoot. Or, you shut the fuck up. Doesn’t matter to me.

        • Ralph, no I’m not Rambo. I never wore a Green Beret, or carried a Jimmy Lyle. I have a good friend that has a couple of Jimmy Lyle knives. They are all hunters. Sorry. I did wear a beret. And airborne wings for four years. Just a different color. Then a badge for 25 years. Make fun of me if you want to. Seen a little shit. Have you?

        • muck, I know. I just like to piss people off that know little of which they speak. I guess they read it somewhere. It’s funny. Do you think I hurt her feelings? That would make me feel bad.

  3. Wolf oil is okay, in my experience. But you can get a 2oz bottle – versus the 1oz in the kit – for under $20 on Amazon, or as low as $12 with a little shopping around. The rest of the stuff in the kit sounds pretty generic, and is not a full cleaning kit by any means.

    I’m just not seeing a value proposition here. There’s no jags, bore brushes or rods / pulls so they’re not targeting a complete newcomer. And if you have experience enough to either already have those or know what you need, you’re knowledgeable enough to put the rest of the kit together pretty easily. so who’s the target market for this?

  4. After Wolf ammo I would choose another name.
    I carry some Mobile 1 European oil 0W40 in a Hoppes 2.25 oz bottle.
    It’s in my range bag for extended shooting sessions.
    This isn’t really a cleaning kit, just oil, patches and a toothbrush.
    I don’t care what wondrous oil you use, you aren’t beating a true Exxon Mobile
    pure synthetic Euro oil, Porsche and Mercedes factory fill. $6 a quart.
    They perfected synthetic oil and then Castrol came up with one.
    They fought it out in court and the Mobil was 100% synthetic, Castrol was not.
    If it’s good enough for a $100-200K car then it should work fine with a firearm.

  5. “Tactical”, one of the most over used and misapplied marketing hype words in the gun community.

    “…the kit comes with a special tactical pouch, designed for easy storage and transport. The pouch features extra pockets for added convenience and versatility, making it the perfect solution for on-the-go gun cleaning.”

    There’s nothing “special tactical” about it. Its basically a fanny pack kind of thing.

    Gasp! Oh the horror! Heretic! Shame on you! You don’t have a “special tactical pouch” for your gun cleaning supplies. Repent ye sinners! Accept the “special tactical pouch” as your gun cleaning savior or be doomed!

    But if you non-tactical pouch gun cleaning sinners are really concerned that your present cleaning kit arrangement is not “special tactical” then for around 1/3 the price you can fill, for example, any of these with your own cleaning supplies that you most likely already have… >

    or for about half the price you can get something a little larger and maybe a little more useful like this….

    … or ya know, you not “special tactical pouch” gun cleaning supply sinners … any of hundreds of the same “special tactical pouch” things already on the market for half to 1/3 the price and fill them with your own cleaning supplies you most likely already have in that not “special tactical” thing you use.


  6. No, back in the day, it was Heavy Duty or Commercial. Now it’s tactical. I wonder when one of the big tobacco companies is going to come out with a cancer stick called Tactical
    Instead of a cancer ridden camel or dead Marlboro man on a horse, we can have some square jawed stud muffin he-man strapped up with firearms smoking Tactical Brand cigarettes.

  7. Seems like adding Molle straps and a Velcro patch turns anything into “Tactical” in modern marketing strategy. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot to this kit (patches, cleaner/lube, toothbrush and case with space to spare, but it’s hardly a complete Care Kit. I suspect one’s paying more for the case than the supplies.
    I’ll stick with my old Otis “Whole Kit & Kaboodle,” it has the pull through, bore brushes and jag for both 9mm and 5.56, space for patches and a 1 oz bottle of cleaner/lube. it’s about the size of a cuff case, and snaps on any belt or webbing.
    Maybe I’ll add a “I’m here for the violence” patch and make it look Tacticool.


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