“My Kind of Place”: Florida Gov. Hopeful Likes Guns

Florida Adam Putnam Governor Likes Guns

Florida Gubernatorial hopeful Adam Putnam is the guy whose signature is on my Florida carry license. Mr. Putnam posted this photo on his Twitter account late last week. He tagged it, “My kind of place.” Indeed. Putnam has shown himself to be strongly pro-gun throughout his campaign for Governor.

While the 2018 race continues to heat up, Putnam’s post gained the attention of the mainstream media. The Orlando Weekly commented on it.

Imagine you’re a fully-armed Adam Putnam, Florida’s current Agriculture Commissioner and a strong contender for governor, where do you go out to eat? Well, for starters you tell your staff to take you to a place where you can pack heat and simultaneously eat meat.

Yesterday, Putnam, who isn’t shy about clearing the way for open carry in Florida, posted a photo to Instagram of a sign reading “You pack the heat, we cook the meat,” with the caption “My kind of place.”

As good “journalists,” they sought out a comment from another contender.

Other Florida gubernatorial candidates, like Gwen Graham, don’t seem to share his enthusiasm.

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, also weighed in Putnam’s open carry stance, stating that he has shown he’s clearly on the side of the NRA.

The 2012 election showed that the people of Florida side more with the NRA than anti-gun rights candidates like Hillary Clinton, Tom Perez, Keith Ellison and others.

Sometimes the truth hurts.


  1. avatar former water walker says:

    Can we get him to run for governor in Illinois? My kind of carpetbagger 🙂

  2. avatar stateisevil says:

    Florida will never have general open carry or permitless carry. The Republicans who control the government here are extremely anti gun. The Republican party of Florida does not care about the 2nd amendment at all. At best, they believe the CWFL satisfies any right to bear arms.

    1. avatar NorincoJay says:

      Yes and no. Florida will not anytime soon have constitutional carry or open carry. Never is too strong. To say Florida republicans don’t care about the second is an over reaction. The gun laws in Florida are fine. Yes they can be better, but they could be a hell of a lot worse. I’m content and I have no problem with the course people have to take to get a CCW in Florida. It proves we have some training and aren’t just rednecks with a gun and no training.

      1. avatar The Gray Poseur says:

        I don’t recall the Constitution saying anything about rednecks with no training not being allowed to bear arms. Your statement is very revealing.

        1. avatar J says:

          By the same stsndard, free speech should be restricted to 18th century printing presses

  3. avatar Timothy says:

    Pack heat and eat meat? There’s an inappropriate pun in there somewhere

  4. avatar jwm says:

    2012 election?

    1. avatar justin says:

      Beat they wish Romney had won now.

      1. avatar sagebrushracer says:

        hehe, you slay me sir!

  5. avatar Alan Esworthy says:

    If Putnam plans to run Florida’s executive branch as he has been running the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, then I’ll not only vote for him but also do some campaign volunteering.

    I was very pleasantly very surprised at the service I received when I applied for my concealed weapon license. I didn’t want to use snail mail, so on a Friday I made an appointment at the nearby local office for the next open slot, and that was Monday. I did my homework and showed up with all necessary documents, including my DD 214, and the application process was a breeze and took about 10 minutes. I received my permit in the mail that Friday. From zero to CWL in five working days. Govt bureaucracies should all be that quick and easy.

    I understand getting a CWL before Putnam’s appointment was not bad but nowhere as good as it is now.

    1. avatar Jay in Florida says:

      Every thing to do with the Agriculture office has been much smoother sailing with him in office. I didnt even make an appointment. I just showed up signed in and in 30 minutes a new picture and renewed CCW was in hand. A smaller check signed then before too. I have almost nothing to complain about other then the open carry issue. Time will take care of that .

  6. avatar The Gray Poseur says:

    You praise your government overlords for efficiency in “allowing” you to exercise a a Constitutional right? Also very revealing.

    Very interesting, as my experience was quite similar. But the state employees involved received no praise from me. Only my check and fingerprints.

    1. avatar Jay in Florida says:

      Tis the way here. For now. We have to accept it or move on for now. No one has to like it.
      We have time on our side.
      Things will change here for the better in the GunShine State.

  7. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    I am more then satisfied with Putnam at this time.
    I also hope and would like to believe that Dade County will throw out the current RHINOs that the Cubans keep voting in.
    They are the ones who have been largely responsible for killing any gun related debates in our states houses.
    Once they are gone in 2018 or by 2020 and with Putnam as Governor. Id bet dollars to doughnuts we get our way.
    Time and local politics Id like to believe are on our side. As a CCW holder Im OK with the way current things are. But. I would like the option of open carry to be available to those who choose NOT to get a CCW. As is their right. Id like to think anyone who chooses open carry over getting a CCW is a little crazy to draw attention to themselves. But it is a nice option to have and should be as it is a right denied us. There is no doubt in my mind about it.

  8. avatar Geoff PR says:


    1 – Grab beer.

    2 – Run!”

    Hurricane emergency preparedness kits in Florida regularly have alcohol by the *case* down here.

    And the roll of duct tape they recommend is for taping your mother-in-law’s mouth shut for the duration… 🙂

  9. avatar Johannes Paulsen says:

    Heh. “Meat”.

  10. avatar Ing says:

    Students arming themselves in the face of progressive leftist resistance to all individual rights IS an achievement.

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