Kimber’s Rapide Black Ice 1911 Gives You Custom Looks and Performance That’s Well Within Reach

Kimber Rapide Black Ice

The first thing you notice about Kimber’s striking Rapide Black Ice is how good — and fast — it looks. The stair-stepped slide serrations, graduated lightening cuts, multi-textured G10 grips, and uniquely skeletonized trigger make this a pistol that will stand out at the range. But you won’t truly appreciate the Rapide Black Ice until you shoot it.

AdvertisementKimber Rapide Black Ice 1911


The fast-cycling Rapide Black Ice‘s stainless steel slide and frame has a two-tone silver/gray KimPro II finish and feels solid in your hand. The faceted grip panels along with Kimber’s Stiplex™ front strap texturing ensure a firm, sure hold on the pistol. And its checkered magazine release button and ambidextrous safety levers mean quick, sure actuation when you need it.

Kimber Rapide Black Ice 1911

The exceptional TruGlo TFX tritium and fiber optic sight system ensures a quick sight picture in any lighting conditions. And the Kimber Rapide Black Ice‘s black 5-inch DLC-coated match grade barrel imparts accuracy, letting you put round after round right on target.

Kimber Rapide Black Ice 1911

Best of all, the Rapide Black Ice gives you choices. It’s available in .45 ACP, 9mm, or 10mm so you can choose the load and capacity that works best for you. With the looks and features of a custom pistol, the Kimber Rapide Black Ice is a compelling premium 1911 handgun priced well within reach of most shooters.

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