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With the news coming from places like California, Washington, and even Nevada, the news for those of us who value our Second Amendment rights isn’t always good. But as the NRA-ILA helpfully points out, you have to keep your eye on the bigger picture:

With a propaganda machine that only a billionaire can buy, Everytown for Gun Safety and its affiliated organizations continue to spread the falsehood that the anti-gun movement is gaining ground in the state legislatures.  As part of this “story of success,” they also attempt to argue that the tide of public opinion is shifting in favor of so-called “common-sense gun reform,” and that a majority of Americans support further restricting a fundamental right.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

One need look no further than Missouri this week where Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of NRA priority legislation – Senate Bill 656 – was overridden by the legislature.  

In addition to allowing law-abiding citizens to carry a firearm without a permit, Senate Bill 656:

  • Expands Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground protections;
  • Adds additional permit options to include extended and lifetime permits;
  • Specifies that with the exception of credit card fees, no additional fee beyond $100 may be charged to process concealed carry permits;
  • Allows members of the military extra time to renew their permits.

The passage of SB 656 makes Missouri the 11th state in the Union to enact permitless concealed carry, joining Idaho, Mississippi and West Virginia in enacting similar legislation this year.

Importantly, Everytown had engaged in a very aggressive campaign against Senate Bill 656, including airing misleading television ads, to derail the bill at every point in the legislative process. In the end, the legislature stood firm with Missouri’s law-abiding gun owners and against outside pressure brought to bear by Everytown and its affiliates.

The propaganda will continue, of this we can be sure. So let’s cut through some of Everytown’s nonsensical chatter with a short reality check.  

Everytown claims that they defeated 64 “gun lobby priority bills” in 2015. The problem with this claim? Everytown is cooking the books, plain and simple.  Many of these bills were neither brought up for a vote nor supported by the NRA. 

So far in 2016, 44 pro-gun bills have been enacted across 24 states and 13 anti-gun bills have been enacted across only 4 states. 8 of the 13 anti-gun bills have been enacted in California.  Coupled with 2015 totals of 93 pro-gun bills enacted across 33 states and only 6 anti-gun bills across 3 states, the argument that the anti-gun movement is gaining momentum is based on a flawed political calculus that has nothing to do with reality.

And the battle in Missouri reminds us that Everytown’s “gaining ground” and “building momentum” claims are meaningless when it comes to a significant legislative proposal that has a clear bearing on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

Moreover, recent polling shows that Americans continue to support the right of Americans to own guns over passing more gun control. This despite Bloomberg’s attempts to influence the public with millions in expenditures to force his brand of anti-gun thinking on the public and the mainstream media pounding away at the false idea that gun control is the answer to violent crime.

Kimber Gun Rights Bulletin: Moms Demand Action and the Agony of Defeat">Previous Post
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  1. The defenders of freedom need to win every time. The gungrabbers, like the terrorists, only need to win once. I don’t like it, but that’s the way it is.

    • There’s a story about the ‘Blind sheik’ who was responsible for the first WTC garage bombing in the early 90’s.

      The sheik was being moved by helicopter in NYC and one of the prosecutors told the sheik the tower was still standing.

      The sheik reportedly smiled and said: “You have to be lucky always. We only have to be lucky *once*.”

      • That may be true about the sheik having said that but I believe the original is attributable to the IRA when going after Thatcher and her cabinet at the Grand Hotel in Brighton England in 1984.

  2. I’m just amazed that the state legislatures actually overrode the veto. I would have thought that they’d get cold feet at the thought of young black men now being free to carry concealed guns w/o going through the ringer would scare them, but I guess they figured out the gangbangers are already doing it so at that point they said “what difference does it make?”

    • The rumored cold feet was all Bloomberg false advertising. No defections. Two legislators who had left for other employment.

    • I know what you mean about black men with guns. One came into the range the other day; dreadlocked, about 6’5″, tatted, a weightlifter. He went to the rifle side (I was on pistol) and I kept an eye on him. He pulled his AR out of the case, and the guys on the rifle side moved on over toward him, as if they were one man.

      They asked him all kinds of questions about his build, how he liked the custom engraving in the dust jacket, talked about optics.

    • Nixon is the most overrided governor in MO history, its now just a drinking game to the repubs in the legislature.

    • That’s how I think about it. Anyone who would be (more of) a threat to public safety while armed will carry if they want to, whether it’s legal or not. And, even in constitutional carry states, if you can’t legally own a gun, you can’t legally carry one.

  3. Living, scratch that, existing in California is bad enough, but reading about how the rest of the nation isn’t having any of the gun control kool aid is heartening.

    With a little luck, we can get some more of this billionaire off of our collective shoes. What the best way to clean off dog mess again?

  4. The problem with the Missouri example is that that is a very right-wing state. Not saying the other information is irrelevant, but I mean a pro-gun bill passing in Missouri is not exactly big news. Now if it had passed in say Michigan or Ohio or Pennsylvania, more purple states, that would be big IMO.

    • “The problem with the Missouri example is that that is a very right-wing state.”
      Sorry, Kyle. I live here and I only wish we were a very right-wing state. The population centers of St. Louis and Kansas City are far from right-wing. Any question check out our very prominent Obama lover Senator Claire McCaskill and our even more Obama loving Representative Reverend Emmanuel Cleaver to name two. It took a grass roots NRA push to get this override over the hump.

    • “How can we make even more money from our readers?” “Let’s put an annoying as hell, bottom-up popup ad on every page, and we’ll make it expand when those shaky-handed old f’ers try to click on that x. Hilarity will ensue! They will think it is a manual dexterity test.”

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