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Anderson Manufacturing announced the Kiger-9c 9mm pistol back in October. It’s affordably priced and compatible with loads of GLOCK 19 Gen3 parts, accessories and doodads. At SHOT they announced the new, Kiger-9c Pro model with upgrades like suppressor height sights and an optic-ready skeletonized slide, among other details.

Here’s their press release . . .

The Kiger-9c Pro from Anderson Manufacturing made its debut at SHOT Show ‘23, it offers several upgraded features that add to the Kiger-9c’s versatility. The Kiger-9c Pro is a striker fired, locked-breech, short-recoil operated semi-automatic pistol, chambered in 9mm.

The Kiger-9c Pro was developed with consumer feedback in mind. This pistol features the Kiger-9c Polymer Frame with an optimized beaver tail, aggressive texturing, undercut trigger guard and forward-underbarrel picatinny rail. The updates on the frame come in the form of enhanced controls, the Pro features an extended magazine and slide release.

The Kiger-9c Pro’s billet slide is manufactured from 416 stainless steel and is Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coated. The slide is skeletonized for weight reduction via three ports on either side and one on top, all frontside. The rear sides of the slide feature serrations to optimize handling.

Atop the Kiger-9c Pro’s slide are the steel, blacked out, suppressor-height front and dovetail rear sight flanking the Ruggedized Miniature Reflex (RMR) pattern optic cut. This pistol features a 416R, 3.91’’ fluted, DLC coated barrel with a recessed crown, chambered in 9mm with a 1:10 twist. With features to minimize weight, the Kiger-9c Pro weighs in at 1 pound unloaded and 1.6 pounds fully loaded (15+1). It is 7’’ in length, 5.5’’ tall and 1’’ wide making it compact and discreet enough to be your everyday carry.

The Anderson Kiger-9c Pro will hit the market carrying an MSRP of $539 and comes with (1) PMAG™ 15 GL9™ Magazine, carrying case, target, cable lock and Anderson Owner’s Safety Manual. For more information and specifications, please visit


Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 15+1
Barrel Length: 3.91 inches
Barrel Finish: DLC
Overall Length: 7.35 inches
Width: 1.26 inches
Trigger Pull Weight: 5.5 pounds
MSRP: $I 539


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  1. I bought a Kiger 9c Compact when they first came out. its actually a nice gun. I like it. The new Pro model here though, its probably nice too just don’t have a desire for it and doesn’t have anything that makes it especially attractive to me.

  2. Addendum: Called 2 nearby Illinois Gunshops. Nothing is changed no matter what Boch sez…

    • I drove to three to see lines out the door and they are “awaiting clarification.”
      The fourth one wasn’t even open at 1PM and they used to open at 10AM.
      They rolled back their hours after the JB nonsense until noon.
      For the weekend it looks like people are spooked, Monday “might” be different.

      This Kiger looks “interesting” but I don’t care for the nubs on the trigger guard.
      Besides I might have have my M&P slides milled and then stamped “Hello Kitty”.
      You cant be running around in Illinois with a “weapon of war.”
      The M&P logo kills people deader.

      • Yuh, finger grooves or stippling, or both for me. Weird texturing feels weird man.

        No factory fiber or trit option? Hmm…

  3. Buy outward appearance I prefer the standard model 9c and like its original trigger design better than the less costly PSA Dagger hinged trigger. The Dagger seems to be winning the popularity contest however firearm popularity contests often rely on people seeing what they want to see. In the last few years I’ve seen nothing in the price range better and with more potential from mere sweat equity than a Sar9 or Sar compact.

    • I never realized the Dagger had a hinged trigger. It amuses me that someone is making a Sigma Trigger for a Glock compatible pistol now.

  4. This is the 9mm Luger, the most powerful handgunm in the world. It’ll blow a man’s lungs clean out.
    What you’ve gotta ask yourself, Punk, did he fire 14 or was it 15? Well Punk, you feel lucky?

  5. Everybody with fantastic plastic is going this route and I think it looks horrid.
    Space gun.
    ARs went this route where you’d add every accessory known to the universe and look rediculous with a 20# rifle.
    KISS dad nab.
    Everyone has to be John Twit now.
    Does it come with 80 mags?

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