Anderson Kiger 9c Compact 9mm
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From Anderson Manufacturing . . .

Anderson Manufacturing, the leading producer of AR-15 lower receivers, has put decades of experience in precision firearms manufacturing into their first handgun, the new, 100% American-made Anderson Kiger 9c. Inspired by the wild mustangs of southeast Oregon, the Kiger is an independent, bold and powerful take on a compact, 15+1 capacity, 9mm semi-auto pistol.

Built on an original polymer frame, with over-molded front and rear slide rails, the Anderson KIGER-9c is a striker-fired handgun with strong lines from its serrated stainless steel, DLC-coated slide and barrel to its aggressive grip texturing and extended beavertail. Thumb and forefinger texturing has also been mirrored on each side of the frame and the trigger guard undercut for enhanced handling and ergonomics. A short, crisp trigger pull allows for confident, quick and accurate shots on target while an integrated, beveled magazine well with improved channel allows for reliable magazine changes. Under the barrel, a forward Picatinny rail provides easy mounting of weapon lights and accessories.

Anderson Kiger 9c Compact 9mm

Designed for modern versatility, the Anderson KIGER-9c is compatible with most GLOCK 19 Gen3™ aftermarket components, providing unlimited opportunities to customize the KIGER-9c to fit the needs of any gun owner. Its popular and familiar profile also affords the shooter a discreet, every day carry while maintaining 15+1 rounds in one compact package.

“For almost 70 years, Anderson Manufacturing has been a leader in precision manufacturing and innovation,” said Anderson Manufacturing VP, Charles Anderson. “While known for our lower receivers and rifles, we saw an opportunity to apply our unrivaled engineering and technology to a new design and deliver a high-quality, ultra-reliable and value-priced handgun to the market. The Kiger is the next step in our continued commitment to developing exceptional firearms at an affordable price, and we’re proud to offer gun owners a handgun that is 100% American made and 100% Anderson.”

Anderson Kiger 9c Compact 9mm

The Anderson KIGER-9c carries an MSRP of $429 and ships with one magazine. To view a full list of firearm specifications, please visit


Anderson Manufacturing is the largest U.S. producer of miscellaneous firearms four years running. Founded in 1955, Anderson Manufacturing has taken groundbreaking innovation to entirely new levels, operating a 60,000 sq. ft. manufacturing campus in Hebron, KY. Charles and Carl Anderson, grandsons of the company’s founder, have an unyielding commitment to excellence while developing exceptional firearms at an affordable price. Many top firearms companies also rely on Anderson’s precision machining and rigorous quality standards to supply parts for their own products. Today, Anderson Manufacturing designs, manufactures, sells and supports their customers with complete AR-15 and AR-10 rifles, rifle uppers, lowers and parts, and their first handgun, the Kiger 9c. Learn more about our 100% American Made, 100% Anderson firearms at

Anderson Kiger 9c Compact 9mm

Kiger 9c Specifications

·Caliber: 9mm
·Capacity: 15+1
·Overall length: 7.35″
·Overall height: 5.175″
·Overall width: 1.26″
·Barrel length: 3.91″
·Empty Weight: 23oz

Price: $429

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  1. Mossberg also started making a handgun as well. And it makes perfect sense for these long gun companies to do so. There aren’t as many people hunting anymore. So the demand for long guns is going down. But the demand for self-defense handguns is going up.

    • Why? Whats wrong with Anderson, or is it that its a first outing for a pistol for them?

      I’ve got several of their lowers and uppers, never had a moments problem with them

      • Once they dropped out of the 80% market there was no reason to grab one. Oh, and their forgings were almost always out of spec. Not to mention shipping bent drill bits, they have no qc and it’s dangerous to their customers.

    • Anderson is literally the go to of value and comparison. They are the standard of the industry.

      If it’s a complaint about a rifle company making pistols, that’s a P80 Glock pistol. They didn’t create anything new, just something else with their name stamped on it.

  2. Now that’s just to neat. A polymer framed striker fired pistol with high capacity.
    And all that for only $500.

  3. Sorry Anderson, Palmetto already out-Andersoned you with their poverty pistol and they did it better and cheaper. Too slow.

    • there are two flavors in that lettering aspect, without the white, just the engraving sorta like the view in the first top pic with the article, and with the white like the other pic.

  4. I would buy a PSA Glock 19 clone over an Anderson Glock 19 clone; at any price.

    This one just happens to cost $100 more than the PSA clone; with less features.

    • I purchased a G3C from psa and received good service, etc. Sold the firearm in a day because mods are limited on such a what it is-it is firearm.
      Based on the good service I returned to psa for a LR .308 receiver set. Since detailed .308 receiver photos are not on their site I emailed tech some simple questions. I must have got a hold of stupid because multiple e-mail exchanges turned into a who’s on first skit concluded by the receiver photo I supplied per psa request showed a crack and for me to return the rifle…WTF.
      Well WTF turned into me purchasing an Aero Precision receiver set on sale from Primary Arms for around a $100.00 less. All thanks to a stupid psa guy whose now appreciated incompetence save me money, etc. As far as I am concerned if you want beef, fit, etc. in .308 receivers shop around and go with Aero Precision.

      • My G3C:
        – Lakeline ported barrel
        – KeepTinkering trigger – great
        – SS Guide rod
        – SS Striker guide

        Solid, 100% ignition and ejection on all types of 9mm, accurate, fun to shoot.

  5. it’s actually built on SCT manufacturing lower which I just purchased which was originally manufactured by strike Industries. I’m assuming strike Industries gave SCT rights to manufacture the lower or perhaps sold them the molds. there is very few minor differences between SCT and strike Industries. strike Industries actually makes a Magwell that’s compatible 100% with SCT and Anderson. I’m assuming Anderson has a deal with SCT they just put Anderson logo on it. the lower just came out about 3 weeks ago and Brownells had a sale for $45! that is dirt cheap that’s why I bought one but it is however phenomenal lower.

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