When Your Son Comes Home From His Freshman Year at College for Spring Break . . .

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  1. ….is he objecting to the ‘killing machine’ part, or the ‘impractical’ part?

    The ambiguity is kinda amusing. 😀

  2. None of my children returned from College that way. They had strong minds and saw thru the liberal BS

    • I was going to say that if your kids are that weak minded when you sent them to college you may want to consider your parenting skills.

      • Obviously true and obliviously too late for those “doubts”. Very very few 18 old males will survive clearheaded 4yrs at a US “college”. Typical CCollege is not much better.

        Young females are more likely to survive the brainwashing. IF they are strongminded enough to withstand the feminaziation, lesbiabanization, infanticide reprogramming. A big IF they are white a huge that’s a huge maybe. Make sure she is heading into a REAL major. Trust but verify by unannounced inspections (the same as the CQ/Staff Duty Officer’s inspection of the barracks). See what she is doing. Hold the financial strings over her head. DON”T just sign off on the BS gov financing. Misbehaving and the money is GONE/GO GET A JOB.

        1. Don’t send your sons directly from HS into one these marxist indoctrination center. Also it is obvious, at present, sending your sons to spend a period of time with Uncle Sugar’s school for boys and misguided utes is NOT an option. See that they get a productive job for a couple years. A REAL job doing/making something useful with their hands. Farming, welding, machining, wrenching, fireman. (I have 3x sons 19-24). Two will be going for a BS at age mid 20s (with GI Bill). Not leftwing wacko is going to reprogram them then.

        1990 is long gone.

    • My son was seeing through the Progressive BS while he was still in primary school. He picked up on illogical views and blatant hypocrisy.

    • My younger son came back from his first semester at college and said “hey dad, there’s a guy like you in history class, he sits in the back and waits for people to say stupid liberal stuff then pounces! I think he was a sergeant in the military.” He carried through out college getting his permit at 19 per Missouri CCW law.

  3. They’re apparently being taught that farming is the number one driver of climate change.

    How or what they’re expecting to eat I don’t know. So many of their complaints and ideas essentially boil down to suicide at varying levels of delay. My question is why are they so hell bent on homiciding those of us who don’t want to be part of the Jonestown coffee break?

    • Where do they think their food comes from?

      The “Food Factory”? And full of that chemical goodness.

      Their game is for the voluntary extinction of humans, but for most of us it won’t be voluntary.

      • Food comes from behind that door by the meat counter, Electricity for the Apple POS comes out of that thing on the wall.

        • Over 20 years ago now when I met my wife. Her 2 sons were big city boys 5 and 7. They had no idea that food came out of the ground and milk came from a cow. They believed it just magically came from the grocery store. It didn’t take long for me to educate them otherwise.

    • “They’re apparently being taught that farming is the number one driver of climate change.

      How or what they’re expecting to eat I don’t know.”

      They’ve spilled the beans on that one.

      They intend to make you eat insects to get your protein, instead of meat… 🙁

      “If we want to save the planet, the future of food is insects”


      • Yes–and where do THOSE insects get their protein? They’ll likely get it feasting upon the carcasses of all the animals that are euthanized to save the planet. And possibly those dumb enough (or made depressed enough?) to commit seppuku.

  4. I always tried to convince dad that he needed a much more practical killing machine. Like an AK or AR. He stuck to the old .270 bolt, and .243 lever. They were always practical enough killing machines. Filled the freezer every year with extra to give away.

  5. If your children go this route, you have to question your parenting methods. It’s one thing to have an opinion, and learn from your children, but if they are questioning self defense and the value of the 2nd amendment, you effed up. You never actually taught them anything, you just created biasness in your own household and when they got their “freedom” from the house they turned it into anger and hatred due to your methods.

    • True. IF you have young kids TAKE them to a Project Appleseed (each year). Unless they are morons they will absorb a good dose of US civics/founding history. Buy a 10/22 for each kid.

      If your woman objects to that or guns in the home then YOU are the problem/YOU chose poorly. Tell her to STFU.

      • Yep. I’ve dated multiple women who said “I grew up around guns” and such… but when it came to actually carrying it was always “why do you ALWAYS have to carry… we are just going to the movies…” etc etc and the final one tried to use it as a threat in her failed TRO over a custody battle – judge dismissed that bullshit without any questions. Funny how quick they turn into “I felt threatened” when they thought it would benefit them… And was never even close to actually threatened. Sad really… but nice to see judges not just blindly taking women’s side anymore in custody battles etc etc.

        Put it this way… if they shit bricks over someone wanting 50/50… then you know they are full of shit. And I got 50/50, so the judge knew it too.

  6. Banged my hand against a shelf at the pet food store, today. Bleeding started immediately. My daughter opened her purse, pulled out a pack of alchohol wipes and a pack of band-aids. Fixed me right up. I also noticed her mace cannister was readily available. All my preaching about being prepared was not wasted.

    Now, if I could only get her to dump that sissified, left-wing-nut boy (well, kind of) friend of hers, all will be well.

    • No one could tell me what to do many years ago. I wish I’d listened(women were my weakness). Sometimes your kids need to make mistakes. At least your daughter was prepared for your accident🙂 Then again I have 4 son’s & no daughter’s as far as I know🙄

      • When I was 7, my dad knew EVERYTHING. When I was 17 my dad knew NOTHING. When I was 27… well, I couldn’t believe how much he’d learned in ten years.

    • Would be a lot better if the OC was not in her purse and on her body instead, but I guess something is better than nothing.

        • I off body carry my spray in my laptop bag (Drago gear) where I’m not allowed to carry my firearm, 99% gov buildings. I’m not a sworn priest of the gov a/k/a police/agent so I have safe in vehicle.

          Leaving spray in car is never an option because of heat and possibility of explosion.

    • “Now, if I could only get her to dump that sissified, left-wing-nut boy (well, kind of) friend of hers, all will be well.”

      Between you and her, she has a good shot of converting him (if she keeps him) to our side… 🙂

  7. So you think you are safer with a gun in the house??????

    I Remember the now defunct “Gun Week” printed newspaper that told of a paranoid cop who saw a man in his house at night and shot him dead. He turned out to be his own son who had come home early from college. The idiot cop used a tritium night sight and to use such a sight and actually be able to see it , it has to be too dark to identify your target.

    Gun Week was an outstanding news publication because they often told the truth about guns. They published many Glock tragedies and were not afraid to print how dangerous the gun was to the user or bystanders. Gun Week also was not afraid to publish stories about the defects in guns either that often led to early parts or frame or slide failures.

    I might add the majority of College Students, if they attend an accredited university, become liberal and remain so the rest of their lives because they are taught critical thinking which is the terror of the Far Right. They are also taught how wrong racism is. They are also taught about the world’s religions from an Historical viewpoint not a brainwashed religious one. And they are made aware of how much of U.S. History was withheld from them at the secondary level because of the fanatical right wing school boards.

    • dacian the demented dips***,

      So, you still haven’t learned to properly handle striker-fired pistols, I take it???? Because I’m a ‘giver’, I’ll put ya some knowledge – KEEP YOUR FRIGGIN” BOOGER-HOOK OFF THE BANG SWITCH!!!! It ain’t rocket surgery, ya idjit. Now, I personally prefer a manual safety . . . but I friggin’ learned to handle a striker-fired, trigger-safety pistol, and how to choose a proper holster that protects the trigger, and to KEEP MY FRIGGIN’ BOOGER-HOOK OFF THE BANG SWITCH.

      I am reminded of the wisdom of Forrest Gump, when he admitted “I am not a smart man.” How long is it going to take you to become as smart as Forrest Gump, dacian the demented???? We’re WAITING!!!!

    • If they attend an accredited university, they are not taught critical thinking.
      They are indoctrinated.
      They are indoctrinated to believe it is okay to mutilate young teens, or chemically castrate them.
      They are indoctrinated to believe biological males should be allowed to compete against biological females.
      They are indoctrinated to become anti-women’s rights, in favor of trans rights.
      They are indoctrinated to believe socialism is good.
      They are indoctrinated to believe America and the Constitution is bad.
      They are indoctrinated to become evil.

    • When do they take that Critical Thinking class you’re yammering on about? Is it right between Gender Studies #101 and “Your Pecker Doesn’t Define You #101? Or is it between Phallus the Fallacy #201 and VaJayJays For Everyone #201?

      Of all the ridiculous, outlandish, verifiable Bull Schit claims you’ve made, that one, “Liberal Arts Majors Graduate With Critical Thinking Skills” takes the prize for for Indoctrinated Stupidity.

  8. Impractical killing machines? I’ve always found them to be very practical and capable.

    • That single barrel break action in the illustration is suboptimal in efficiency. A SloJoe selection.

      • I guess it depends on what you’re hunting/shooting at, dunnit?

        For hunting pheasants, or shooting snakes, a single shot (or double-barrel) shotgun works pretty well. Other than that? Not so much.

  9. What is totally amazing is how stupid young people are today. Have you ever attempted to have a conversation with a 20’s something person. Granted not all, but most are not capable of even counting change back on a simple transaction. 70% of new applicants for the military can’t pass a simple physical agility test. So yea, America is f*%ked.

    • “not capable of even counting change back on a simple transaction”

      Too true. I carry change for the sole purpose of minimizing change back, and generally pay an amount that will result in the fewest coins. Often this results in puzzled stares, and it’s all I can do to not say “Just push the little buttons and do what the nice machine tells you.”

    • “What is totally amazing is how stupid young people are today.”

      What blows my mind is how, even with their full control of the education system, kids continue to grow up roughly 50-50 politically.

      I’m starting to think that the kids today see through that attempted political indoctrination…

  10. Hey sweetheart cook up this chicken for dinner I gotta go bury a dog. Coyote? Nah that stupid sum bitch son a yores.

  11. His freshman year? He better have a fall back plan to pay for any further education because I wouldn’t.

  12. I went to college from 2007-2011 and despite being raised around firearms, only really got into target shooting and buying my own guns while in school. Anyone who has kids coming back after the first year in college acting like the meme need to evaluate how active they have been in parenting.

  13. My daughter went to an uber liberal college back east, and some of it (fortunately much less than all of it) rubbed off of course. But she learned to shoot well before she went away, and has gleefully accepted the multiple firearms I have sent her way, including the 1911 I sent her last week. She always carries when she goes out at night, even when she has her dog with her. My son kind of wandered around through four colleges before finishing, and he wants to go on his first hunt this fall.

    When either of them visit(ed) the question was/is always “when are we going shooting, Dad?”

  14. It gets worse:
    When Dad said: “Well, this ‘impractical killing machine’ just saved your future chicken dinner from a coyote.”
    The son retorted: “Chicken dinner! DAD! I’m a vegan now! How could you even suggest such a thing!?”

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