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Actor Kevin Costner’s wife number whatever bought the actor a shotgun for his most recent birthday. Good for her! Good for him! Only Kevin is very clear that the long rifle’s for shooting Bambi, not bad guys. Which makes his new shotgun, and the rest his “heirloom” firearms OK. As for other guns and gun ownership in general . . .

Kev’s for stricter gun laws (of some sort). But he’s not “black or white” about it; which, coincidentally (I’m sure) is the name of his new film.

In this case at least, I don’t think that phrase means what Mr. Costner thinks it means. In fact, his equivocation evocation makes Costner a Fudd – a hunter who’d gladly relegate other gun owners to the back of the proverbial bus. Or, throw them under it. Nice.

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  1. What a shock–another Hollywood idiot is anti-gun. Specifically he’s “anti-gun for you”. Not for him. Because he’s one of the good guys.

  2. Oh well and he seemed ok before. I guess it helps to be RICH and have the means to hire armed security…I’m not surprised either.

    • And to be able to leave your compound and travel to another continent to shoot something driven in front of you by the native beaters. Or maybe shoot the native beaters. I dunno.

  3. Yeah. Watch how quickly he’d change his tune if one of those heirlooms were suddenly legislated into a “scary gun” that he could no longer transfer.

  4. Leftists-Hollywood types want rights the “regular citizen” does not have, because they are elitists. They often believe in other imaginary things such as “Utopian socialism” and other chic things au jour.

  5. Costner is an actor and a libertarian. However, to get jobs he can’t say what he thinks or he would get black balled. Similar to how Alan Greenspan is advocate of the gold standard however he can’t state too publially or on record.

  6. Kevin….it is OK, Crazy Uncle Joe Biden said you should get a shotgun for self defense, “fire two shots”. It is a double-barrel, right? No pumps or semi-automatics, they are too dangerous.

  7. Why would you want to chase off and alienate the one person who is kind of, sort of, on your side? Way better to have an ally that accepts firearms possession and use than to turn this into a strictly for us or against us debate… Gun owners need to do a lot more to win the middle, who are guys like Costner. Guys like Farago are not who we need to be preaching too… This would be a much easier fight if the left were populated with guys who think like Costner… This is exactly what conservatives do not understand about social issues. You all would rather charge up your base and alienate two thirds of the population, than to claim some small victories that normalize more firearms for more people.

    • First, “… shall not be infringed”
      Second, read up on what this whack job does with his political affiliations. With “friends” like this, we surely wouldn’t need any enemies.

    • Probably as good a place as any to mention this. The guy came out and said straight up that he wants to see stricter gun laws–his phrase, not Farago’s. What stricter gun laws would you like us to join Costner in supporting? The odd thing is, there probably isn’t a high-profile gun-grabber out there that doesn’t either own a gun or two him/herself, or, more generally, have a brother or a dad or an uncle or a granddad who is an “avid [they are always “avid” ] hunter”, and who–quelle surprise–is perfectly OK with mag restrictions, scary-gun bans, licenses to buy ammo, background checks for any and all transfers, and on and on. And obviously, some of those brothers and uncles and such are not entirely fictitious. One of the scariest things I ever heard, gun-rights wise, was the twice-elected President of the US (Bill Clinton) saying we could have private ownership of firearms in this country, not because of the Second Amendment, not because we have a right to defend ourselves, but because there was a “national consensus” that private ownership of firearms was OK for hunting purposes. At best, Costner seems to be espousing that view. What do I want to ally myself to that for?

    • So, in short, you think we should compromise? Because the antis will accept compromise and then leave us alone, right? Despite what you seam to want to believe, there is no middle ground in gun rights. I have literally NEVER known someone who favored “reasonable restrictions” that wasn’t either terrified of ALL guns or an elitist prick (like Mr. Costner). If you truly support gun rights, you support them all (because you understand logic). If you support any kind of “reasonable restriction”, you are anti-gun and you’re lying to yourself if you believe otherwise.

    • Jimbo, let me speak to your straw man rhetorical question, just in case you arent just assuming we are all the same monolithic block of thinkers here, who have the same motivation, of “charging up our base”, which you would know if you have read any of TTAG for a month or so, is obviously wrong.

      Its a pretty diverse group here. And not on a quota basis, you are free to come and go and share ideas, left, right, and join the debate, male female other, all colors, all persuasions. The common ground is guns.

      You will notice there is not a lot of patience with fools… facts and reason go a lot farther, especially if you talk about YOURSELF, and your experience, or an idea, and cite facts and references to prove your point.

      And its not some political movement here, or community activist campaign trying to persuade anyone,
      just trying to tell the truth as each of us sees it, and push back and forth on ideas.

      Eventually you learn something, or you dont. Try to imagine it this way-

      TTAG is a come as you are, barbeque and the food is free.
      You dont have to like it, or the other diners, and you can always leave- the door is over that-a-way.

    • “Why would you want to chase off and alienate the one person who is kind of, sort of, on your side?”

      Because 99% of the people who feel compelled to leav comments here a) don’t watch/read the linked video/article and b) actually do see this as a “black white issue”–you’re either against all regulation or your no better than all the “antis”.

      “You all would rather charge up your base and alienate two thirds of the population, than to claim some small victories that normalize more firearms for more people.”

      This is the truth. However, it’s a strategy that has worked very well for the NRA and is not likely to end until it fails.

      • OK, I’ll ask you–which elements of the “stricter gun control” that Costner says he wants to see should we join him in supporting? From the quote in the vid (yes, I watched it), it’s reasonable to conclude that he’s on his own side. He has his “heirlooms” and everyone else needs to be more strictly controlled. Just a little observation would tell a thinking person that the mere fact that someone owns a gun does not necessarily put that person “on our side”.

    • Sorry jimbo old son.

      We haven’t got to the point as we have today from almost no states that had legal CC in the eighties to now almost every states has legal CC and 5 states with Constitutional Carry by compromising and trying to meet in the muddle.

      Most of those people in the middle are in the middle because they have no real passion about much of anything. They aren’t the ones to get out to vote.

      It’s the passionate people that would rather be dead than be a slave that have made the changes that have brought us to this point of burgeoning freedom in the regaining of our gun rights.

      We aren’t going to gain anything except contempt and loss of what freedom we have gained by going to the squishy middle .

  8. Betcha he’s thinking, no guns for those saggy-pants wearing minorities who can’t afford to eat at Spago like decent people.

  9. I’m thinking he says whatever is popular and will be seen as PC with people would might employ him. Would be better if he had the balls to stand up, but he won’t. Just another wealthy person who is completely disconnected from the majority or average people, the people who have made his life possible. Thanks Kevin.

  10. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: I don’t ever pay attention to these people unless they’re on the silver screen (or the big screen at home) entertaining me.

    There are only a handful of actors (if that) that I ever had any kind of real respect for, and Costner is not one of them.

    • “but” – when I hear that in a sentence, just remember what it stands for “b-ehold the u-nderlying t-ruth”, and listen close to what comes next,
      Cuz that is what they really want to say…
      all the rest up front was trying to make it look fashionable, or politically correct.

      I dont mind that Costner wants more gun laws. I just remember what James Lileks, a blogger said awhile back:
      “the only difference between actors and circus dogs is, the dog has enough common sense to get off its hind feet when the show is over”.

    • PS: where is Dan Baum, anyway?

      I heard he was moving a little toward the center, having been disappointed by the progtards, when they went nuts gun-grabbing there for awhile, DiFi in the Imperial Senate, and all.

      I liked Dan’s book, “Gun Guys”. He was wrong on a couple things, and maybe we were a little hard on him, but all in all he was a good story teller, and most of it was aimed at how to explain things to liberals so they could understand the POTG are not all nuts. I expect he changed a few minds.

      Come back, Dan!

    • Well, he did star in a movie once where he, in the role of the “hero”, ran guns to the Red Chinese. But truthfully, somehow I had gotten the impression that as Hollywooders go he was relatively conservative. Wondering how I ever got that idea.

      • ‘…as Hollywooders go he was relatively conservative…’

        As Hollywooders go, relatively conservative = batsh!t crazy liberal for those of us who live in the Mississippi watershed.

    • My understanding is there are two different terms that often get confused:

      FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

      Fudd: Named for Elmer Fudd, indicative of someone who believes the 2A applies to hunting guns, or only fancy guns, or something like that. Since it’s a proper name, not an acronym, only the first letter should be capitalized. So we have FUD as opposed to Fudd.

      I have no clue why Robert chose to all-caps Fudd. It’s pretty clear from context he meant the Elmer kind, not the Fear kind.

    • Someone who is okay with civilian firearm technology prior to the 1930’s who supports gun control to the hilt as long as he can still hunt or shoot skeet with his SxS or O/U.

    • I think you’re on to something there. Maybe Farago used all caps because Costner sounds like a “Fudd” writ large.

  11. I thought it was odd that Costner took that opening question and went on a long, obviously scripted explanation of why a shotgun was good, but he thought more gun control laws were needed. He stumbled quite a bit on what should have been a simple explanation, like he needed a help remembering his lines,
    and you could see him look to the bottom of the screen- I wonder- teleprompter? Cue cards?

    The host carefully listened and nodded his head, smiling. In other words, the fix was in. Maybe his new wife has his nuts in a jar, or maybe Costner has to suck up to some one for political points, maybe a coveted part in a movie, or money for dibs on production slot.

    His star is fading a bit, and this didn’t help him one bit, with his action movie fans. Kind of a Liam Neeson move there…

    Costner looked genuinely ashamed of himself at the beginning, and finished up weak, too. He definitely proved he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

    Pretty sad to see, actually. I used to like that guy.

    • “He stumbled quite a bit on what should have been a simple explanation, like he needed a help remembering his lines,”

      it was the chip…

      “and you could see him look to the bottom of the screen- I wonder- teleprompter? Cue cards?”

      exactly. it was the chip that the Antis implanted in his brain…

      “The host carefully listened and nodded his head, smiling. In other words, the fix was in.”

      no. the host was just high.
      oh good lord. conspiracy much?

  12. Funny. I was going to go see this movie this weekend. (Mostly because Bill Burr is in it, even though he is slightly libretarded; but at least he admits it.) but I guess it will be just another movie weekend me, and millions of other regular Americans choose to ignore.

    • At least Bill Burr likes gun. In one of his stand-ups he pointed out how stupid anti’s were about guns being more dangerous in the house and he trotted out the pool statistic we use as well as the stupidity of keeping your gun separated from the ammo especially during a break-in. He also realizes the fragility of society saying that if you prep but don’t arm yourself all you are doing is getting supplies for the big guy on the block to take them from you.

      So I would say he is much smarter and funnier than the rest of his comedic brethren.

  13. It’s amazing to think that because someone gets their prettiness up on the silver screen that anyone would care about, much less listen to, their opinions on anything other than the cost of makeup. Most of these pretty boys and girls are dumber than a sack full of hammers.

  14. Too bad I already hate Kevin Costner movies. Which means my avoidance of this one will have little measurable effect.

  15. One of my favorite movies is “The Postman” in which Costner plays a reluctant “hero” in a post apocalyptic setting. I like the movie for various reasons, one is that it portrays some strong noble characters, including a great performance by Olivia Williams. The other reason is that it is a story about what freedom is and why it is important to fight for it. In the movie Costner plays a character that is basically a directionless loser/survivor, who is forced to become a somewhat better person by the painful examples of good people around him. I did not realize that there was so much in common with that character he played and the real person Kevin Costner.

  16. who really gives a rat’s ass what these nut jobs think or say?
    what scares me is this clown that obama is putting up for AG and listening to her answers about illegals and other questions, and then hearing that the senate will probably confirm her, makes me wonder why we bothered to give the rebublicans a majority in the senate.

    • A point I keep making, and people call me a nutjob. What is the real point of voting for these a$$holes when they trot into Congress and do exactly the OPPOSITE of what they say they will do when campaigning. Until we can punish these f**king people they will continue to f**k us at every turn. And no, them losing an election is not punishment, it is their route to lifetime pension and healthcare on OUR money.

  17. Kevin Costner is dumb as rocks his toddler granddaughter wife Christine baumgartner buys her daddy a gun for Costner how stupid…the Costner’s think there above us…NOT


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