Miami-Dade Police Det. Angel Rodriguez food truck shooting
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You know those firearms that people like Florida’s Ted Deutch are working so hard to eliminate from civilian ownership? Well not far from Deutch’s district, the operators of a Miami food truck are awfully glad one of them was armed last week when a man walked up, pulled a gun and demanded their cash.

Here’s the story from

The incident started around 10 a.m. when an armed suspect approached the truck in the area of Northwest 35th Avenue and Northwest 65th Street and pointed a gun at a woman inside, demanding she hand over money and get on the ground, Miami-Dade Police said.

The driver of the truck heard the commotion and came around and encountered the suspect, who pointed the gun at the driver. The driver was handing money over to the suspect when he somehow was able to arm himself and shoot at the suspect, police said.

That wasn’t the end of it. The wounded stick-up man tried to get away, but was held by a bystander. That’s when two apparent accomplices opened fire from a white car nearby.

The food truck owner returned fire. A short time later, a white car with a wounded man turned up at a local hospital.

The lesson: it’s never over until it’s over. An attacker could have one or more accomplices who could continue the fight just when you think you’re in the clear.

“We are very fortunate that this incident was not any more tragic than what it turned out to be. This is not something that we condone and we don’t ask anybody in the community to do this,” Miami-Dade Police Det. Angel Rodriguez said. “Please do not confront any individual that is armed.”

We suspect the food truck driver — who found himself staring down the barrel of a gun — would disagree with Detective Rodriguez.

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  1. Yeah…please don’t defend yourself, you could get hurt…just let criminals do whatever they please. Then let the authorities further restrict you, you know, for your protection.

    • Just close your eyes, it will be over soon.

      Bite the pillow.

      Don’t aggravate him, he might kill you more.

      Just kneel facing the ditch.



      • Cruzo and Nigel put it perfectly. Like the Podesta emails proved: they seek an “unaware and compliant citizenry”.

    • Yeah, please don’t upstage the police. We’re professionals and don’t like being made to look incompetent or ineffective. Just hand over the cash and if you get killed anyway, rest assured, we’ll probably catch the guy, when we get around to it.

  2. You know the cops are highly trained…….SARCASM.

    We don’t have that kind of training to defend ourselves.

    What a Jackass comment from the Det.

  3. Detective Rodriguez’ comment is for the sheeple. Free-thinking Patriots know otherwise. I bet I know how he votes.

  4. I’m like, totally sure, y’know, that Det. Rodriguez would totally follow his own advice if in a similar situation! I guess if the serfs do their own policing he might be out of a job. What a maroon! /sarc

    • Right — according to the Detective, we should not confront armed criminals who seek to do us harm.

      That was, of course, exactly the thinking of the Broward Coward. And of course the po-po argue that there can be no lawsuits against them when they fail or outright refuse to do their job.

      So to sum up this genius’ position: “don’t defend yourself” + “you can’t complain when we’re either too incompetent or cowardly do so so.”

  5. Detective Angel Rodriguez should be ashamed of his-self.

    In no world should an American with wherewithal and under threat just roll over and play dead for a criminal.

    This guy only wanted to rob the truck because….reasons??? Guy points a gun at my face and I get a moment to react, i’m taking it.

    How am I suppose to know this “upstanding citizen” doesn’t want to end me as some kind of gang initiation.

  6. “We don’t have to protect you and we don’t want you to protect yourself” – The new Miami PD motto. They should put it on the doors of the squad cars.

  7. Yes, just trust your life to the good will of some stranger whose character you can only judge based on their pointing a gun at you.

    Meanwhile, the police are free to open fire on anyone they think may be reaching for a weapon or otherwise causes them to fear for their safety.

    Police state mentality at its finest.

  8. This is more proof that the police force needs a massive purge. If you support a statement like that, you need to get your walking papers and lose any benefits.

  9. That’s right light it up in a heavily populated urban area like it’s the Wild West. What could go wrong?

    • Nothing. The violent crime and homicide rates of the “Wild West” were a fraction of those in any major Demokkkommie run city today.

        • Suicide rate is a non-topic.

          Texas has a largely unguarded border with a failed narco-terrorist run country.

        • I’ve actually personally explained it to you many times, binder. And you refuse to read anything I put forth and refuse to even respond to my comments. Because you know I’m right and you’ll hope I just go away, and people just forget why crime in NYC is so low. Hint, again: criminal justice experts resoundingly agree it had ZERO to do with gun control laws. If you wish to know more, the information is out there, and I’ve posted it here many times before.

    • The “wild” west is a myth invented by anti gun psychopaths, who want to force you into submission, so you’ll comply all the way up to the point where you cease being useful, then you get recycled too, just like the conservatives you wanted the state to kill off.

    • We saw what could go wrong, at least from the perpetrators’ view. 2 of them were shot by their intended victim and caught.

    • The Wild West was a myth created by eastern newspapers and publishers and furthered by Hollyweird. It never existed.

      • No problem…the food truck driver has a much better hit / accuracy average than the typical New York City PD officer in a gunfight…!!

        Disclaimer: I have no love for the NYPD. I attended several Police Week national observances in D.C a number of years ago ….the drunkest, most obnoxious, ARMED people there had NYPD badges / credentials around their necks. At least in my part of the country when an officer is described as a “cowboy” it’s probably because he really is one…not like one of the dipstick Rexall Rangers so prevalent in the larger cities.

  10. This is a good example of why carrying a spare mag might be a good idea. I believe it was not needed in this incident. Some BGs work in teams.

  11. An alternate moral of the story is that criminals really need to get more time in at the range.

  12. Monetarily it may have been cheaper to hand over the cash. Unless he was using white box those premium hollow points are expensive

    • How do you know they only wanted cash. Clearly they we’re perfectly willing to murder him.
      I hope you would count your life as worth a few hollow points. Hell, I’d throw the gun at him if it kills the fucker. Yes even my nice ones.

      • She said he said, ” gimme your cash”. She didn’t say he said ,” gimme your cash, a hamburger and an order of death, to go.”

  13. Before I retired and was still teaching CCW classes on the side I not only encouraged citizens to arm themselves I told them the job description of an LEO is that of a historian and a janitor. We write down what happens and clean up the mess. You are responsible for your own safety. That detective in Miami is full of shit.

  14. Bureaucrats find it easier to count bodies and then use the tragedy to push for more control.

    When someone successfully defend themselves, it makes it much difficult to play the “the government will protect you” bullshit. You are your own first responder.

    Well done, food truck driver. You delivered an appropriate response.

  15. Them: “I thought he had a gun”. (No indictment, qualified immunity)
    You: “Because you didn’t do everything possible, including giving up your wallet, get on your knees and beg for your life first, “Guilty, GUILTY GUILTY!!!!

  16. I really hate the phrase anti-gunners use “took the law into their own hands”. As if it’s not the cops responding then no one else can uphold the law. Self defense is not vigilanty justice.

    • I love the fact that demokkkommies always imply that “taking justice into your own hands” is a BAD thing. Justice is inherently a personal issue.

  17. Cop say’s “clearly could have gone worse.” I’d say couldn’t have gone much better. The couple didn’t seem traumatized or anything like that and two of the bags got hurt and caught, even if they probably won’t be put away for long due to their youth and the prisons being full.

  18. I’m a fat guy. I’m walking down the street and I see a Brinks truck under siege I call 911 and fade away.

    A food truck under attack…….Hulk Smash! (Hope my fat ass don’t get sued for copyright violations)

    • I can see the headline now.

      “Local hero saves taco truck but leaves kittens in burning building and nearby bank hostages to their fate”.

      Later in the story “The man who has not yet been identified told police ‘Priorities'”.

      • Hostages? That’s actually the one time a SWAT team is called for.

        As for kittens. Ir’s a taco truck. They had to get that tender taco stuffing from somewhere.

        • Hey, witnesses said “Superman” saved the taco truck guy. Just figured he might swoop by for the bank folks and the kittens.

          No such luck since the dude was busy getting his well deserved discount on Mexican food.

  19. This demonstrates some of that awesome college vocabulary. Confront? If you’re being robbed or assaulted, the damned confrontation has already begun.

  20. I think if I could stomach living in leftiville, I would run for office, and if I won, I would disarm Detective Rodriguez. You know, I have heard that the lefties in Portland Oregon have disarmed some of their scary police too. And Detective Rodriguez seems to think that other citizens should just lay down and willingly take a lead enema, then so should he. His memory should be a shining example to everyone on how to handle such a situation. Geez Louise, leftists are idiots, especially leftists in government.


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