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The new KelTec P17 has more packed into a .22 than you’ve encountered before.

When most people think about what they want in a .22LR pistol, it’s almost always going to involve extra accessories, aftermarket parts, and a few customizations to make it perfect. It’s because most .22s are pretty run of the mill, especially if you’re trying to keep the price down.

KelTec applied their expertise to this common issue and the resulting P17 handgun appears to be an excellent way to get the gun you want without paying dearly for all the extra bells and whistles.

The P17 is less than 14-ounces fully loaded and barely longer than a dollar bill. That makes it concealable for pretty much anyone. The threaded barrel, Picatinny-style accessory rail, ambidextrous safety, ambidextrous magazine release and three 16-round magazines come standard. To us, that’s a ton of value included in such a small package.

An exceptional trigger, fiber optic front sight, and adjustable rear sight help you extend the range and improve the accuracy of your shot, making the P17 an ideal training gun, introductory firearm, and reliable tack driver.

The MSRP KelTec is listing for the P17 is $199, and that’s about as good as you could imagine for a gun like this.

Find out more and see if the KelTec P17 is available at a gun dealer near you by visiting

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  1. “Find out more and see if the KelTec P17 is available at a gun dealer near you by visiting”

    Probably out of stock like their other cool products.

    • People whine about the availability of Kel-Tec products…and yet I’ve always been able to order whatever I wanted from large distributors and have them delivered to my LGS. I had a KS-7 in my hands less than 2mo after it was announced, after walking into my LGS and seeing it on the shelf. I had a KSG for way less than MSRP in hands from an LGS (no online order, just walked in and saw it on the shelf) about 6-9mo after release.

      If folks really want them and your LGS and/or their distributor is decent at all, any Kel-Tec is a few days or a couple weeks away from your hands.

      • I walked into Wichita gun club and some were in stock….by far my fave ever ..threaded barrel and a rail on the bottom for a laser sight and 3 16 round mags

  2. Ah, sponsored content.

    Well, it’s always interesting seeing something new from KelTec, even though I don’t own any of their products (though I’ve had the privilege of shooting some of them).

    As far as the MSRP goes, I thought the Leftist Elites labeled anything under $200 as the infamous “Saturday Night Specials”?

    • See above. Complete nonsense. Try harder than walking into one LGS, not seeing it on the shelf, and giving up.

  3. It looks like the threaded barrel extends only about 3/8″ from the front of the slide. I don’t know much about suppressors – is that enough length to properly attach one? Thanks

    • Oh sure. This would actually be a good pistol for a can. Can shoot this little thing about anywhere with limited disruptions.

    • It is common on 22 semi-autos for the barrel to require an adapter – ie most of the threads do NOT stick out at all (see MP 22 compact).

        • It’s all about the outside diameter of the barrel. 22LR is so low pressure and so slim in diameter that 1/2×28 threads don’t mesh well with direct thread onto the barrel. 1/2×28 works great for 9mm (0.35” diameter bullet). So rifle barrels in 22LR are generally thicker and can handle direct thread 1/2×28 because there’s way more barrel material to mill away. Pistol barrels are generally slimmer so some sort of adaptor to up-thread the barrel threads is common. My SR22 requires a similar adaptor.

          Overall, I like the setup. Every additional set of threads between the barrel and the suppressor introduces some source of error in POI, but in a pistol that’s a very small concern. A thread adaptor setup like this allows you to shoot a barrel that sits flush with the slide when unsuppressed, yet still allows suppressed fire with the adaptor.

  4. Yep, made out of Unobtanium. KT comes out with original products but can’t put them in the customers hands in decent numbers. Sad.

    • That hasn’t been the case for folks on SoCal the past few years. I’ve seen available their shotgun and 5.56 caliber bullpups, their folding 5.56 rifles and PCC’s. But not the handguns because we have a Handgun Roster. Maybe it’s a shortage based on region and/or sales volume?

      • “Maybe it’s a shortage based on region…”.
        I understand that is a typo caused by your spell checker.
        You meant to say”…religion”, right? ‘Cause I swear on the (add religious symbol of your choice) to the heavens above, them damned pistol snatchin’ californicators are freakin’ nuts!

    • I have the CP33 and if this gun is half as reliable and half as cool it is well worth 200 or even 250. The CP33 runs like a champ. I love kel tec products! I have a PMR 30 too. Also runs great. These guys are doing it right! Although it would be nice if they speed up the production process on these cool guns.

    • Nonsense. See above. Try harder if this is a product you actually want to buy.

      I have a slew of complaints against Kel-Tec, but availability is not one of them since 2011.

    • I was in PSA tonight waiting on a NICS check to through. There were 3 shelves of KT pistols, the bottom of the 3 had a CMR wedged in there. Also spotted 3 or 4 KSGs on the rack behind the counter, and I wasn’t looking for any of them. Just happened to see ’em. Own gen 1 & gen 2 sub 2k’s and an RFB, had no problem finding any of them when I was ready to buy.

  5. Have you shot it to verify the exceptional trigger?
    Oh – sponsored. So the company selling it says its exceptional.
    I’d still like to see this compared to the Taurus.

    And maybe compared to the gold standard SR22.

    • Kel Tec makes exceptional triggers , the PMR and CMR are very good triggers and the can’t buy one anywhere is way blown out of proportion.
      Sure , when they make something that has people everywhere talking , wanting , seeking , begging , crawling and clamoring for it , it’s safe to say , it might prove hard to get , and when they make something as sought after , as revolutionary as the PMR they don’t want to sell a million of them and some problem crop up where they have a bankrupting recall , so they put a few thousand out and wait for the feedback , which wasn’t all that great in the beginning with the PMR , the barrels were changed and a few things tweaked and now , with the proper ammo , the PMR is a very reliable and quite formidable cc weapon. It’s so fun to shoot that many regular old fuddydeduds have become very efficient marksman with a very fast and potent little 40 grain bullet that can deliver nearly as much energy as a 9mm. You would not want to assault my wife and her PMR in hand , she’ll place a few of those little 40 grain rockets square between your eyes. I’ll be looking for this one to put in my jacket as a backup pistol, I love the light weight and 51 round package .
      I’m all in .
      Keep it going Kel Tec

    • The triggers on the PMR and CP33 are very very good. I assume this is the same trigger as both of those guns.

    • I endorse the comments above. On hammer-fired Kel-Tecs, such as the KSG/KS-7/PMR/CMR, the triggers are excellent.

  6. MSRP 199?

    Means we should see it for $150ish. Which, for a 16+1 plinker .22 pistol, is a good price. Even with a “nothing special” trigger. For poor folks, this might be a self-defense piece too.

    If we can get a couple of them, I could see Guns Save Life giving away a pair as one of our monthly “gun” drawings we have at each of our meetings every month.


  7. Looks cool. Had a P-11. Heavy trigger and recoil, but accurate and never misfired or malfunctioned. Had a P-32, also flawless; better trigger. My P3AT had to go back to factory twice at first-then flawless except steel cased rounds would turn it into a single-shot.
    This .22 might be a winner.

  8. Guess they can’t make a .22LR like the PMR-30? Not the over size CP33. Just the same print size as the PMR-13 about the same as a 1911 with 30ish rounds of .22LR.
    I have no idea about the engineering needed, so why can it be done with .22MAG and not LR? Taurus TX22 hold 16 round mags of .22LR. If I am packing 22 for carry I would like 30 shots…

  9. It will be interesting to see the magazine design. Taurus’s new-ish .22 the TX22 holds 16 rounds as well. I’m guessing a staggered magazine of some sort?

    In any case, I might pick one of these up. Looks like it could be a fun little plinker.

  10. Mr. Thayer, SIG uses “stamped” steel When the term sheet metal is used it can mean steel up to 1/8″. Check that against the wall thickness of a 1911 A1. One heck of hiking or trail gun.

  11. A 22lr semi auto pistol for under $200. Sounds like a winner to me. Of course, if Kel Tec does manage to produce them in large numbers they still wont be available to us here in California because our rulers believe fire arms are evil and we have no right to them. They believe if there were no guns nobody would ever have to die.

    • Wait a minute! Just wait a friggin’ minute.What do you mean, “They believe if there were no guns nobody would ever have to die.” Who died? When? Why wasn’t anyone told? In Cali-friggin’-fornia nobody is supposed to die. They just move along, with no forwarding address. Nuttin’ to see anymore. (I disappeared into the safety of South-side Chicago.)

  12. At that price, this is one of those guns like the Heritage Rough Rider or Ruger Wrangler that you can just pick up on a whim, play around with, and not worry about it a whole lot. If it’s reasonably accurate, a nice gun to teach your kids on.

  13. Euro mag release paddles WITH raised and extended lines on grip areas: Yuk! Overall appearance makes a Glock look like a work of art by comparison.

  14. The real question is whether or not the gun actually works more often than not? I’m no keltec hater by any means, my first carry gun was a PF9, I also own a Sub2000 and RFB. I’m split with my Keltec experience, both the pistol and PCC work fine, the $1400 RFB is 50/50 (most I’ve EVER paid for a production gun too).Withholding the PF9 I had to search far and wide to find the other two.

    I respect their willingness to try new things and innovate, just wish their execution was a bit more on point.

  15. First thing a reviewer needs to do upon getting one for T&E, is drop test it with a chambered round. Wondering how safe it is. If it passes drop tests, I want one.

  16. I’m not in California, but might as well be as far as Kel tec is concerned. They release new hardware, but getting your hand on it is impossible. Maybe in 3-4 years it will start to show at the retailers. I pre-ordered “a,” Cp33 in June…… Still a no-show….. Sad as hell

    • New guns, the very best ting you can do is let every one else be the Beta Testers for a few years. I learned this a long time ago. Never trust the Gun Rags about anything and let the kinks and bugs get worked out at other’s shipping expense…if it is even still in production after a few years, it might be ok. I still have my doubts about all the Kel Tec plastic guns I have, as the polymers they are made of have not even existed all that many decades.

  17. As far as the magazine is concerned…I wonder if it is essentially a CP-33 mag cut in half? That would give you the 16 rnd stated capacity (gotta love the CP-33’s quad stack mag).

    Texted my LGS to bring one in for me as soon as he can get one. If it is as much fun as the PMR and the CP-33 it will be a hoot to shoot!!

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