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It’s been a while since we checked in with Karl Lippard, maker of the 400-yard 1911. Even as Karl’s JMB-based supergun┬áremains in the running for a military contract, he’s moved on. Here’s a list of Captain Karl’s future military projects from his website, although we suspect it may be an episode guide for some sort of firearms-related reality show.

– The WS: Weapon Surface, Ship Surface, and Ship Subsurface Weapon Systems. Ship/ Shore Defensive Strike, Safe Zone Protection, Battlefield Isolation. Manned or Autonomous. Mobile.
– The SWS: Spider Weapon System. Tactical, Safe Zone, Defense, Offense. Battlefield Isolation, Manned or Autonomous. Mobile.
– The ATCW: Anti Tank Battalion Weapon. Offensive Incapacitation.
– Clara: Civilian Weapon System. Defense, Anti-Pirate and Personnel.
– Mariposa: Anti Personnel Device. Tactical, Defense. Mobile.
– AMGW: Anti ICBM System. Defensive Strike.
– AAGW: Anti Aircraft System. Defensive Strike.

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  1. Maybe this was posted on his website on April Fool’s Day. One of the pistols promises gas operation and hypersonic ammo. Correct me if I’m wrong, but hypersonic is Mach 5+. That’s a pretty quick round and it might not be a 45 but a needle-shaped bullet smaller than .22 caliber.

  2. ” A3 Pistol Model
    All pistol parts identified with “A3” nomenclature are derived from this advanced model of a 1911. Parts are upgradeable to the 1911 A2 model pistols today.
    This model pistol is not available at this time and considered KLD Classified. The key feature of this new pistol is advanced technology functionality with ammunition exceeding 4,000 feet per second.
    A4 Pistol Model
    All pistol parts identified with “A4” nomenclature are derived from this advanced model of a 1911. Parts can upgrade the 1911 NCO A2, and A3 model pistols. The key feature is that it is gas operated and will function with all ammunition to Hypersonic speed without alteration. The pistol is not available at this time and considered KLD Classified
    A5 Pistol Model
    The A5 model system is not part of the 1911 platform. Slated for military use in 2100 it is the most advanced offensive pistol ever conceived and has no civilian use. Its key features are classified except it fires over 400 rounds a minute. The term “A5″ in the name is to hide its design capability from view. It can be introduced today as a Close Quarters Battle Machine Pistol. It is one of the experimental weapons of Karl Lippard Designs that are highly classified.”

    Pppfffftttaaaahahahahahahaha…. AHA… AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    If I didn’t know better I’d think some 12 year old wrote this garbage on a Call of Duty blog. I mean seriously, does anyone actually go for this shit?

  3. How many of these ‘Weapon Systems’ involve psychic powers, death days, or communing with the spirits of the dead?

    Whenever I see the phrase ‘KLD Classified’ I smell a steaming pile of horseshit. If Lippard had a working 5000fps pistol that fired anything bigger than a grain of sand, he wouldn’t be working in a small Colorado shop and spouting delusional hyperbole PR missives.

  4. Ahhh, working off the idea from Lethal Weapon that a pistol is superior to a rifle in long-range accuracy and power. And his website is really, really stupid.

  5. Cool leopard, with some interesting improvements to the 1911.

    Given the spelling and grammatical errors throughout the website, I’m doubting that he can create a super weapon without first fashioning sentences written beyond the 8th grade reading level.

  6. For those of you that doubt, it’s unfortunate that you don’t know Karl and haven’t seen some of the ‘behind the scenes’ things going on. Get ready.

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