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In 2012, Kansas reformed its concealed carry law. People exercising their Second Amendment rights would no longer be excluded from public buildings – unless the building took active measures to ensure that armed criminals would also be excluded. Active measure included guards and metal detectors on entrances. From . . .

The law would allow the University to secure the campus against guns by using metal detectors and guards, but it would cost more than $20 million to secure all 237 campus buildings, according to a 2013 report that the University gave to the Board of Regents.

If the University did not implement that security, anyone would be able to bring a concealed gun into any University building at any time.

The Kansan is a university newspaper; still I think that even a student writer would understand the irony of that statement. It’s a truism. If you do not have protective measures in place, anyone could bring a concealed gun into any university building. What the law changes: people who are legally carrying guns, would no longer be subject to prosecution for doing so in areas on universities that are unsecured. The law does away with numerous illusory “gun free zones”.

A task force is being formed to educate people on campus to deal with the changes in the law. It appears that one of the major concerns is to prevent the “swatting” of people legally carrying firearms. In discussions about people exercising Second Amendment rights, anti-gunners often suggest that police be called, and the danger to the public be lied about and enhanced. Some hope to start a gunfight between legal carriers and police. From the Kansan:

“We’ll discuss what it will mean for the University and how to best deal with the situations that may arise so that no one calls 911 every time they see a gun because we can’t learn and work in those conditions,” Williams said.

This is a good item to focus on. There are seven other states that allow concealed carry on campus. There have not been any significant problems in those states.

Kansas law already prevents local governments from prosecuting legally armed people for openly carrying firearms. The law allows local units of government to ban openly carried firearms from buildings if proper signage is posted; but no criminal penalties are allowed. From

(c) It shall be a violation of this section to carry an unconcealed firearm if the building is posted in accordance with rules and regulations adopted by the attorney general pursuant to subsection (d). Any person who violates this section shall not be subject to a criminal penalty but may be subject to denial to such premises or removal from such premises.

It appears that it is already legal to openly carry firearms on Kansas universities, as long as they are not carried into buildings that have the proper signage. I have not seen any stories of disruptions of Kansas places of higher education due to the presence of firearms. Perhaps the task force will not face such a difficult problem after all.


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  1. “If the University did not implement that security, anyone would be able to bring a concealed gun into any University building at any time.”

    Are they not already able to do this? Are there magical rainbows and fairy dust that prevent it now? Will Unicorns still be allowed in?

    People who believe that their obliviousness equates to a magical barrier of protection are not allowed to share their opinions with me.

    I’m not stupid enough to listen to people like that.

  2. A Task Force in search of a Problem to Task itself upon?

    Liberals pulling the same old tactic as always. Remember when your little sister would pretend that you hit her, and her reaction alone would get you in trouble even though you didn’t touch her?

    This “Task Force” is the immature liberal academic version of that.

    Did I wear my gun at a liberal by accident? Grow up…

    • “A Task Force in search of a Problem to Task itself upon?”

      I think that’s supposed to be “A task force on search of a task to force itself upon.”

  3. I went there for a year in 2010-2011. All of the school buildings had no firearms posted on all of the entrances. Was a strange thing to see being from Mass.

  4. Law sounds like a good start. Also needs a requirement for storage lockers to hold the guns while inside. Otherwise you are disarmed while getting there. A requirement for a REASON would be too much to ask.

  5. Remember, these are the “educated elite” educating? brain washing? poisoning? twisting? perverting? destroying? the minds of our youth.

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  6. The problem seems to be people not understanding what lawful carry is and calling the police on law-abiding behavior / citizens.

    The issue is not that concealed carry is posing any credible danger to the public — just the perceived threat to those with low IQ and warped perceptions of reality.

    • I doubt many of them have a low IQ. After all, they’re teaching or attending college. Obviously, however, someone with a average to high IQ can still have a warped perception of reality; good call on that note.

  7. it would cost more than $20 million to secure all 237 campus buildings

    That’s four years of salary for Bill Self and Charlie Weis. I understand — student safety should take a back seat to winning a basketball game.

  8. I would just like to point out that the newspaper referenced is the “Kansan” which is a paper produced by KU while the picture shown is a picture of my alma mater KSU. BIG DIFFERENCE in culture and attitudes. Go Wildcats!

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