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The State offers declarations from a number of other expert witnesses to address subjects other than historical analogues. In general, these are subjects that this Court has already addressed in its earlier opinion and is beyond the Court of Appeals remand order. Nevertheless, some of these opinions are mentioned here. …

Ryan Busse is a Giffords senior advisor and former firearm industry executive for a manufacturer and seller that specializes in pistols and revolvers, but not AR-15 platform rifles. The few rifles sold by his former firm are traditional-style bolt action models.

Busse opines that a firearm does not need any of the devices, accessories, or configurations listed in the “assault weapon” ban to operate as a gun as intended or to use a gun effectively for self-defense. It is not at all clear what expertise Busse has to support his opinion.

He does not describe any professional experience using AR-15 platform rifles for sport or self-defense. In any event, this type of opinion is not relevant to the question of whether the State may ban a firearm that is commonly owned by law abiding citizens for lawful purposes and does not fit the prerequisites for Federal Rule of Evidence 702.

— Judge Roger Benitez in his opinion in Miller v. Bonta

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  1. Once we get real president Trump back in office he can appoint this great jurist to the Supreme Court. That presumes that the 3 stupid broads on the court, Kagan, Jackson and Sotomayor, will resign in disgust. Probably won’t happen but we can dream.

    • I respect his inquiries, but no, Hizzonner is unqualified for the SCOTUS bench. He should be asking what Busse knows about rifles used for defense against tyranny, not hunting or self defense. That’s the sole reason for the Second Amendment.

      • “He should be asking what Busse knows about rifles used for defense against tyranny, not hunting or self defense. That’s the sole reason for the Second Amendment.”

        This has been settled previously over the last 100’ish years… the founders did outline ‘tyranny’ as the main point, but also for defense of LIFE AND LIBERTY, self/home/other defense (defense of life) is also a reason for the reason for the Second Amendment.

        Its why now the anti-gun is attacking with their contrived ‘in common use for self-defense’ arguments. They are admitting the 2nd amendment covers firearms in ‘common use’ but their take now is, basically, since the founders also basically said ‘for defense of LIFE’ that ‘common use’ must be limited to those firearms in ‘common use for self-defense’ rather than the ‘lawful purposes’ outlined and implied by the founders and the SCOTUS arrived at a long time before Heller.

        • on the tyranny aspect….Congress Member Shocked After Learning The Second Amendment Is About Tyranny & Not Hunting.

    • Too old. Ken Lee would be perfect though. 25 years younger, and responsible for
      1: Also part of striking down the magazine ban
      2: Striking down California ban on free speech that “targeted minors” (“First Amendment demands more than good intentions and wishful thinking to warrant the government’s muzzling of speech”)
      3: Took judicial notice that Disney “Star Wars” is terrible.
      4: At the very least lived in LA’s Koreatown during the Rodney King riots, and would have known some “rooftop Koreans” if not be physically present (he was 22 at the time).

      Plus Dims screaming and crying to keep the first Asian man off SCotUS would be hilarious.

      • Too old??

        (sends keystrokes up to the Interwebs…reads results…)

        Wow. I didn’t realize Benitez is 72. The oft-used photo of him in robes makes him appear twenty years younger. But yeah…I suppose he’s too old for SCOTUS and is better positioned where he is for maximum effect in the overall cogworks.

        The one who plants the seed is just as important to the process as the one who harvests.

      • The next GOP SCOTUS nominee needs to be Fifth Circuit superstar James Ho. He’ll be the next Clarence Thomas (whom he clerked for).

    • the 3 stupid broads on the court, Kagan, Jackson and Sotomayor, will resign in disgust.

      How dare you disparage those esteemed women, they were all appointed by legal scholars (Obama was a Constitutional professor, Braindead was top of his class with two degrees 4000 credits and honors) who ONLY wanted a fair and balanced court that would treat the Constitution with respect and uphold the intent of the Founders…

  2. I love it. That kind of finding nuking a “junk expert” under Federal Rule of Evidence 702 / Daubert should be lethal to any further attempts to use Busse as an expert in other cases.

    Benitez’s recent opinions have gone out of his way to take out the trash. Bravo.

    • IMO…The judge drew a much needed line between the criminal misuse of firearms and law abiding citizens exercising a Constitutional Right.

      On one hand and for far too long the Roots of Gun Control has been omitted from being used to Defend the 2A by those supposedly on point defending the 2A. And on the other hand the criminal misuse of firearms has been allowed to be mixed in with the 2A by the media and drum roll…those supposedly on point Defending the 2A. The results of such failures are an America full of Gun Control History illiterates and knee jerk Gun Control stampedes that Blame the firearm, the NRA and joe blow gun owning citizens all across America…Say it ain’t so.

    • “Benitez’s recent opinions have gone out of his way to take out the trash. Bravo.”

      And that’s what we need.

      As for nuking Busse, they have an endless bench of other fake witnesses we will have to ‘Whack-A-Mole’ as time goes on… 🙁

  3. Firearms don’t require laxatives to function either but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t both needed in the human condition. I don’t see why I should consult Ryan Busse before understanding that.

  4. This argument by Busse strikes me as grasping at straws. It’s not important that Busse grasps at straws; what is important is that the state is doing so in this litigation.

    What interpretation may we give to grasping at straws? Lawyers in court are accorded precious little time to make their arguments. The farther up the chain (to SCOTUS) the less time they are accorded. They know very well that they have to take their best shots and not waste their time grasping at straws.

    Therefore, when they DO grasp at straws, we may reason that either:
    1. they are incompetent at using their time on the best shots they have; or,
    2. they have no good shots and they are left to grasp a straws.

    • Particularly in the bright light of Bruen, your Number 2 is the real answer. Benitez has made it clear, and the bedwetters can’t deal with the tide being turned to original intent of our Founders.

  5. Judge Benitez Wonders What the Hell Ryan Busse Knows About AR-15 Rifles

    Yeah, been wondering the same thing…. No wait, I already know what that gun grabbing moron knows about he AR platform… Just like about 98% of those “Hell yes I’ll take your AR15 and your AK47” Kommies, he knows absolutely NOTHING about the AR… Well except that it looks scarry… OBTW: Who the fuk is Ryan Busse?

  6. Garish has a knack for ‘interesting’ color and pattern combinations in his wardrobe. Hence, his nickname. He also loves to build crazy contraptions. Once, he mounted an AR15 in the hands of a 15 foot tall Halloween skeleton. He rigged a periscope to aim it and some pully and rope system to have the skeleton pull the trigger. No bullets, just blanks. Garish is nuts but not stupid. Anyway, we are all waiting….he promised something interesting for Thanksgiving.

  7. Match Lock = Military Weapon
    Flintlock = Military Weapon
    Percussion = Military Weapon
    Revolvers = Military Weapon
    Repeating Air Gun = Military Weapon
    Breach Loader = Military Weapon
    Metallic Cartridge Firearms= Military Weapon
    Lever Action Rifles = Military Weapon
    Bolt Action Rifles = Military Weapon
    Semi Automatic Firearms= Military Weapon
    Machine Guns = Military Weapon
    Laser/X-Ray Lasers = Military Weapon
    Particle Beam Weapon = Military Weapon
    Microwave Weapon = Military Weapon
    Rail Gun = Military Weapon

    Every Weapon Listed Above is 100% Protected under the 2nd Amendment

  8. Ryan Busse used to be a Far Right Fanatic who believed in zero gun control laws but after having a heart to heart conversation with his wife after yet another mass murder of children in a school both agreed the blood and carnage and mass murders with these weapons of mass destruction has gotten so far out of hand something has to be done to stop it.

    Not so long ago back in the 50’s and 60’s the only semi-auto military rifles I saw at gun shows were an M1 or M1 carbine along with a few very rare semi-auto foreign made designs of WWII. Yet in those halcyon days we very rarely ever saw a mass murder by an out of control nut case. Yes there were a few but they were very rare, not the carnage of blood any mayhem running down the streets on a daily basis as found in today’s U.S. of Capitalvania where life is still considered cheap and expendable and the only God worshiped is blind greed and selfishness.

    It’s no accident that the more people you have in a country the higher the rate of mental illness that is why you have seen strict gun control in nations like Japan, Russia, China etc. which later were copied by most civilized countries including most of Europe.

    One classic study we learned about in college way back in the 60’s was a study done with an abandoned automobile to study the people’s behavior when the population was increased. In the countryside with a lower population the people reported an abandoned automobile and no one touched it or vandalized it. When an automobile was abandoned in the suburbs that naturally had a higher population people the people stole things off of the abandoned automobile. In the a big city people actually attacked the automobile in a maniacal out of control rage and deliberately destroyed it.

    Since the year 1910 we have gone from roughly 92 million people to a population now of over 330 million people and it has been found that the increase of mentally ill people does not rise at the same mathematical ratio as the increase in population, rather it rises at a far greater rate. It’s easy to see that when you mix in the unchecked availability of firearms of mass destruction it’s like pouring gasoline on an already out of control raging fire. This is why since 1900 when places like Europe had so few gun control laws that there was then gradually an avalanche of new gun control laws as the population exploded in Europe. It’s no accident that the overabundance of war in Europe has been directly linked to overpopulation and a fight over land and resources by the various warring states.

    Overpopulation contributes not only to mental illness but excess violence and crime, along with excess pollution causing disease and the destruction of the planet, increase of diseases and pandemics, shortages of food, lack of decent paying jobs, an increase of out of control wealth for the elite of society and a lowering of the standard of living for the working masses, and of course an increase in crime and senseless wars.

    Lack of easy access to abortion in Capitalvania U.S. only makes overpopulation a certainty and the Far Rights maniacal obsession to ban it only proves the Far Right are always their own worst enemy as it causes an increase in taxation by the millions to care for unwanted children and destitute mothers.

    Nikita Khrushchev once was totally misquoted when he did not exactly say “We will bury you” rather the correct translation meant that Socialism would triumph over the blind greed of heartless Capitalism and history proved Khrushchev correct as all of the civilized industrialized countries adopted most of the Social Programs that were instituted both in Germany and Russia in the early 1900’s.

    It’s only been the U.S. that has lagged far behind in sane Social Programs as well as in the passage of sane gun control laws that the entire rest of the world has had now for decades and their success is irrefutable proof they are now long overdue in the U.S.

    The lack of sane Social Programs now has resulted in other nations having happier, healthier people and in some countries like Western Europe the average worker is making more money than his counterpart in the U.S. Unskilled labor in France pays the equivalent of $33.00 an hour on Sunday and its full time work not part time to avoid paying benefits like it is here in Capitalvania where the worker gets screwed big time.

    • why you have seen strict gun control in nations like Japan,

      Maybe they should require background checks for gasoline and knife purchases, seems to be the weapons of choice in “gun controlled” Asian countries… I would much rather take a bullet than be stabbed or burned alive (first hand experience with being shot and stabbed, fortunate to have not been burned alive…)

      Nikita Khrushchev once was totally misquoted,

      Not misquoted, just fake news, Khrushchev was not referring to the US at all:
      Khrushchev was quoted making the following remarks at a final reception for the Polish politician, Władysław Gomułka, in November 1956 in Russia: “If you don’t like us, don’t accept our invitations and don’t invite us to come see you. Whether you like it or not history is on our side. We will bury you.” Poland was not a “Capitalvania” country at the time.

      Your disdain for MY country is obvious, just move to one of your ideal utopias, we’ll all be much better off..

      • To Booger Brain

        Your reading comprehension is at the 5th grade level. Have your wife explain my post to you. I did not state he was speaking to the U.S. but Kruschev was indeed speaking about Capitalism, that was the whole point of his statement. Again your reading comprehension is at the 5th grade level.

        Here is a brief synopsis of what happened,

        “We will bury you” (Russian: «Мы вас похороним!», romanized: “My vas pokhoronim!”) is a phrase that was used by Soviet First (formerly General) Secretary Nikita Khrushchev, the de facto ruler of the USSR, while addressing Western ambassadors at a reception at the Polish embassy in Moscow on November 18, 1956.[1][2] The phrase was originally translated into English by Khrushchev’s personal interpreter Viktor Sukhodrev.[3] The phrase was received very negatively by contemporary Western audiences, but modern translators have suggested the phrase was mistranslated.

        Try again Booger Brain you failed.

        • to Booger Brain

          quote———-Your disdain for MY country is obvious, just move to one of your ideal utopias, we’ll all be much better off..—–quote

          Typical Far Right nonsense, “How dare you educate me as to what is reality in the rest of the Socialist World, I wish to remain patriotically ignorant, I am happier that way.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, You can call it a “typical Far Right nonsense” but the fact remains you do not support the US Constitution as written. You think (sic) you can make your own meaning for the words there. That DUNDERHEAD constitutes hating the USA.

        • Okay dumbassian, let me help you out with this one more time… Khruschev was talking to a Polish politician in 19 fucking 56, POLAND was a Communist country (Eastern Bloc) in 1956, Khruschev gave half a dozen explanations over the next several years about what he meant, and the main theme was that Poland was leaning toward conversion to National Soshullism (still far from YOUR Capitalvania) and moving away from the Soviet “Stalinist” model which hurt Khruschevs feelings… You can’t rewrite history all by yourself no matter how hard you try… And my invite for YOU to get the fuck out my country still stands.. I’ll even assist you financially for a one way ticket to the shithole of your choice with a signed and notarized statement that you will never return…

        • That whole “synopsis” was obviously copy and paste, perhaps you would like to share the source so we can determine the context you pulled it from and the veracity of the source… Hopefully not Wikipedia that stalwart bastion of misinformation… I assume your reading comprehension is adequate enough for you to comprehend what I said…

    • If you have a valid point why do you feel compelled to lie, dacian? You were never at a gun show in the 50’s. You were not born then. You were doxxed here.

      jerry p. of canton ohio. Your facebook page tells another story.

    • “The lack of sane Social Programs now has resulted in other nations having happier, healthier people and in some countries like Western Europe the average worker is making more money than his counterpart in the U.S.”

      To quote the great Thomas Sowell: “At what cost?”

      Typical leftist nonsense that doesn’t consider the economic and human costs of large government social programs. European workers must earn more than US workers since they give about 50% of their income back to the government in taxes.

      Those generous social programs did little to reduce the suffering of people in countries like Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain during the 2008 crash. I remember seeing a few Greek farmers commit suicide in front of banks when they couldn’t pay their mortgages.

      European socialism seems to implode and cause Europe to destroy itself every 50 years or so. It’s not the panacea some claim it to be.

      The next time Europe devolves into self-immolation, we should not save them.

      • to Zero the fool

        quote———-To quote the great Thomas Sowell: “At what cost?”——–quote

        The stingy. cheap ass and greedy Far Right are always their own worst enemies. Fools like you want to save a penny in taxes and then go bankrupt when you need government social programs that pay for expensive life saving drugs and medical treatments. That penny you squeezed until it screamed for mercy does not do you any good in the grave.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, can you tell me where in the Constitution it says that the Federal Governemnt is supposed to support people who are too lazy to work for a living?
          What you describe is the job of charity, not the government. It seems though that you Leftists are too stingy to contribute to charities and expect the government to pick up your end of the log.
          If a state government wishing to provide the lazy with sustenance, that is the pervue of the state as per the 10th Amendment? It seems you know as little about the Constitution as you do about firearms.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, somehow you think that is you write a LONG missive that it will somehow make a “difference”. All of what you wrote is gobbledygook and basically meaningless! While this is not really new for you, you make some points that are totally ludicrous when one realizes that you are talking about a time when we had the draft which took miscreants out of society and forced discipline on them. Seems you could use some of that discipline.
      The main reason that we have as much violence we do is because you Leftists have made putting bad guys behind bars to be like sending a criminal on a sabbatical rather the punishment it is supposed to be. You Lefties have all but wrecked the family unit in the poor both Black and White with your welfare state and permissive attitude toward miscreants.

    • Social programs or social pogroms? Stalin was quite famous for the latter, pogroms that attacked the Jews and the intelligentsia and killed uncounted millions of Russian citizens. In fact, as monstrous as Hitler’s crimes were, Stalin is one of if not the greatest murderers in the 20th century, believed responsible for as many as 60 million Russian dead. Another communist leader, Mao Zedong, during one of his various overhauls of the Chinese society, starved more millions to death and millions more in the cultural revolution. So you want to talk about the heartlessness of the capitalist society?

    • In the 1950s there were 40 workers for every retiree.
      Today, it is 2 workers for every 1 retiree.
      In order to maintain social programs like SS, you need more workers aka larger population.
      And that is not happening. The birth rate has fallen below the needed replacement rate and it is not just happening in the US. Other countries like Japan, Italy, China and many others are having the same problem.
      Mental illness has nothing to do with overpopulation. It has to do with 1st world increasingly mechanistic society, detachment from people via so-called social media, detachment from nature, and the Big Pharma Medical Industrial Complex to Rx pills for everything.
      The reason why we have so many shootings in the US is soft on crime DAs, no cash bail, and the defund the police movement, all progressive Democrat policies.
      We have seen how well progressive policies have worked for immigration not only here in the US where Sanctuary cities are crying about their Sanctuary status has not worked at all, but also several EU countries like Italy, the UK, France and Sweden. Sweden used to be one of the safest EU countries. Now it is one of the most dangerous, so much so they are calling in the military to help police.
      That is what so-called Sane social programs get you.

      • to Epstein and his slave girl harem

        quote———–Sweden used to be one of the safest EU countries. Now it is one of the most dangerous, so much so they are calling in the military to help police.

        Spoken like a true Far right racist. Here is the truth and that is that Sweden’s crime rate had zero to do with immigration Herr Hauptmann.


        • For someone who claims to be so educated, you have to consistently resort to childish name calling. A clear indicator of an immature mind.
          Leaping to the conclusion that I am a Far right racist when pointing out the fact Sweden was once one of the safest countries to the most dangerous, again is a clear indication of a immature mind and ignoring the facts.
          “The gun death of a popular Swedish teen rapper Einar has reportedly heightened “outrage” over gang violence in Sweden where organized criminal gangs have intensified shootings and even bombings, mostly in predominantly immigrant suburbs of large cities.”
          Even though Sweden has some of the “world’s strictest” gun control laws, it is faced with increasing gun-related violence because of illegal firearms smuggled in from countries in the western Balkans, according to a 2019 paper in the journal Forensic Sciences Research.”

          “Much of the drug dealing, gangland activity and even murders are carried out by young people recruited from Sweden’s deprived recent immigrant communities,”

          Sweden has failed to integrate the vast numbers of immigrants it has taken in over the past two decades, leading to parallel societies and gang violence, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said on Thursday, as she launched a series of initiatives to combat organised crime.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, this is RIGHT OUT of your vaulted atricle: “According to a press release by the authority, the vast majority of people, regardless of their background, are not suspected of any crime, based on one of the studies. However, the Ministry does confirm that people with non-native backgrounds are suspected of crimes more often than the rest, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

          The most recently published study reveals that people born outside Sweden are 2.5 times more likely to be registered as crime suspects compared to people born in the country to two native-born parents.”

          Maybe before you put one on these links in one of your missives, you should read it?

        • to Epstein

          Your own post proves your racism. Guns being smuggled into Sweden does not prove they went to immigrants but to criminals and it also proves that Sweden’s gun laws are not to blame or a failure either because Sweden has no control over other countries and their failure to prevent gun smuggling into other countries.

          You seem to promote the idea that all gun smuggling cannot be going to Swedish Criminals but only to immigrants, again blatant racism, the hallmark of the Far Right

        • dacian the DUNDERHEAD, The man said there were guns being smuggled into Sweden. He did not say they went to “immigrants”. He did say that Sweden has been trying to assimulate UNSUCESSFULLY I might add into theisr society.

          For a change why don’t you leave your race cards at home.

        • T Tag lets Walter post everything but I am not allowed to post a rebuttal.

          to Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

          Walter you racist ignorant HillJack once again you prove you have zero reading comprehension. “Suspected” does not mean guilty you moron racist and prejudice is often what puts a person on a “suspected list”. Now Herr Hauptmann what part of this do you not understand

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. Poor Baby! Tell us, oh “firearms expert”, what did I write that was “racist”? You don’t have the intelligence of a gnat. I think I am giving you far too much credit. By any change did you get dropped on your head as a baby?

          We are still awating your answer to the question: What is the firing sequence of a cartridge?

      • The hand grenade WAS the preferred weapon of choice… Now it’s plastic explosives and AK47s, explosions are becoming more common or more severe in Sweden. Up until September 15th this year, Swedish police had noted 60 explosions classified as ‘endangerment of the public’. Of those, most occurred in the police region South (26), followed by Stockholm (20), and West (10), with two each in the Central and East police regions. These numbers don’t include a further 49 police reports of preparations for explosions, and seven attempted detonations. These figures suggest a slight decline from last year, when there were 107 detonations according to police statistics, and from 2019 when the figure was 133. The term ‘detonations’ is used instead of bombs because this covers a range of explosive materials. But even despite signs of a dip in the number of detonations, the Gothenburg incident is part of a trend towards bigger, more dangerous explosions.
        The most significant explosion of 2019, in Linköping in June, was described as 30 to 40 times as big a charge as previous attacks, with police saying it was a “miracle” no one was seriously hurt.
        Many of the detonations are linked to criminal gangs, including biker gangs and newer street gangs. Criminologists have previously told The Local that Swedish gangs are becoming more reckless and willing to use violence, with blasts getting more powerful over time.
        “If previously they maybe fired one shot or shot someone in the legs, today it’s more about AK47s, using more bullets, hand grenades and explosions that we didn’t see before. Sweden is the rape AND explosives capital of Europe directly coinciding with a massive increase of immigrants…

  9. What these people know about AR-15’s and other so called “assault rifles” could not cover the bottom of a thimble. IT’s about the same amount of knowledge that dacian the DUNDERHEAD and MINOR49er have about firearms in general.

    • Says Walter the Beverly Hillbilly that actually claimed you should use a pistol to kill terrorists by shooting for the head when they had assault rifles capable of blowing you away from well over 300 yards.

      • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. God you are a blitering idiot. I did not say use a pistol to shoot a terrorsist in the head (although that would be a PERMANENT SOLUTION”). In fact DUNNDERHEAD, I said that when someone is suspected of wearing body armor, you use the Mozambeque technique (i.e.: two to the center of mass and one to the head). I guess that makes you a liar, again.
        For your further edification, while an “assault rifle (there is no such thing)” is capable of hitting a target out to 500-600 yrds, a pistol’s effective range is only 100 yrds anthough hitting a target at 100 yrds with a pistol is pretty close to not possible. (Can you tell us the what “maximum effective range” means? I doubt it.)
        Heck you can’t even tell us what the firing sequence of a cartridge is.

        • To the abject Liar Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

          You damn well did claim the Israel’s would have been able to survive by shooting it out with the terrorists with pistols.

          And you are a coward for refusing to answer your own question. I have asked you many times to explain the firing sequence of a cartridge since you claim to know everything there is no know about firearms and what you do not know is not worth knowing but you refuse to answer your own question because you know I will make a fool of you if you do answer the question.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. NO, DUNDERHEAD, you are lying like a rug. If the people at this concert had been allowed to be armed, with a pistol, they just might have been able to defend themselves from your buddy terrorists.
          You claim to be a “firearms expert”. And yet you can’t tell us the firing sequence of a cartridge. I do not claim to “know everything about firearms” but I certainly do know far more than you do if I forgot half of what I know.
          Now let me explain to you that it is you who is the foll who can’t even answer a simple question. If you are the “expert” you claim to be asnwer the question or shut the hell up!

  10. “He does not describe any professional experience using AR-15 platform rifles for sport or self-defense.” describes at least half of the so called firearms trainers running around charging $600 or more for a days MSR training.

  11. Have never understood how a federal agency that regulates firearms has any authority to regulate non-firearm parts and accessories.

  12. Any gun manufacturer dumb enough to employ an idiot like Busse as a top executive doesn’t get my patronage ever again. I’ll never buy a Kimber of any kind. There needs to be consequences.

    • So you are going to blame Kimber for a change of heart of one of its executives who quit and joined the gun control movement? Why is Kimber responsible for what this idiot did AFTER he left Kimber? Especially when Kimber has never espoused any of his opinions? That is utter nonsensical thinking.

      • “That is utter nonsensical thinking.”
        Not so sure. It is called “cancelling”. The gun control mafia loves to hold lawful gun owners accountable for the crimes of others. Why not hold Kimber accountable foe making a company-endangering hiring of this former CEO? There was no personal trauma causing a change of mind for the former employee, i propose he was anti-gun all along, but the CEO gig was financially beneficial. After the former CEO got all the benefits he could, he outed himself.

        “Cancelling” Kimber could send a signal to all the firearm manufacturers that they will be financially damaged through loss of sales, if they, or former employees, do not are not 2A absolutists.

        • Bingo.

          There need to be consequences for the antis and for those who aid and abed them. The Firearms Industry has been weak tea when it comes to the RKBA and has bern pandering to the antis for decades. S&W worked with the Clintons and stabbed us in the back with their trigger lockout “hillary holes” and other anti-2A concessions while Bill Ruger supported the ’94 AWB and magazine capacity limits for non-LEO customers.

          Today the NSSF supports Redflag Confiscations and safe-storage laws that make firearms in the home useless for personal defense and punish the victims of theft for what thieves do with the guns that are stolen. Larry Keane himself writes on this very site while pushing for these anti gun laws from his NSSF office.

          The industry has been terrible when it comes to our full 2a Rights and cares only about their bottom line. I say hit them in their bottom line when they sell us down the river or throw their customers under the bus. Busse is a “Kimber Product” and they are at least partially responsible for the damage that he has done to our gun rights.

        • @Nikita Tesla
          Holy SHIT, that was beautiful. Well done brother! I hope and pray everyone reads that and goes along with it. And fuck Larry Keane and fuck the NSSF.

  13. It doesn’t matter what a gunm grabber knows about gunms it only matters that they have reasons to ban those gunms.
    The Second Amendment isnt about hunting game animals, it’s about protecting ourselves and our country from another kinds of animals.

  14. Busse is the same as all of them, expert liar. Anyone that parrots the line for gun control is showing their ignorance.

    Wake me up when someone on that side decides that it is people that are the issue and not inanimate objects. I don’t mean once they fully implement their wet dream and the majority of us are dead or in camps, and then these useful idiots are lined up at a trench and shot.

  15. It sure would be nice if Benitez quit putting stays on his rulings. I’m still waiting to be able to order 16 round mags for my Springfield XD 9. I went to the Springfield website to order them, and they said nope, ain’t happening. So at this point, none of this impresses me. Until it’s all finally said and done in about 10 more years, I’m not going to hold my breath.


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