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(courtesy Moms Against Cars Facebook page)

TTAG tipster SS sent us a link to the Moms Against Cars Facebook page. As Ron Weasley might say, it’s brilliant Harry! (How that guy ended up with Hermione is a question for the ages.) MAC’s memorable memes make the Moms look moronic. Make the jump to peruse two more of my favorites. Check out the page for awesome posts on car violence. Meanwhile, well played sir. Well played . . .

(courtesy Moms Against Cars Facebook page)


(courtesy Moms Against Cars Facebook page)


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    • The amount of clueless comments from people oblivious to the actual message is painful. How could this many people be so ignorant or hell, just plain old stupid? These are the same people that say we need to ban guns, how could they not make the connection? This whole thing while terribly funny, saddens me so much. This is how far our dear country has fallen.

      It reminds me of the youtube guy going around telling people that Hitlery thinks the Bill of Rights is outdated and needs to be done away with for America to move forward. People actually said that if she says so then she must be right and that they agree with her. Damn, I need a drink. Unfortunately it’s too early, I’ll just have to wait till tonight to drown my sorrow for our once great country in a nice bottle single malt.

        • Brought to you by the Department of Indoctrination . One of the first battles Ted Cruz will wage and win if we can get him in the White House .
          Good by – Dept. of Education – good by .
          I personally would like to go all the way back to the ‘ One Room Schoolhouse ‘ .
          These tiny wonders of education , where 8 year olds learned beside 17 year olds produced ‘ the greatest generation ‘.

  1. Bad parents are a pet peeve of mine. I am still in shock how close a child came to getting killed in front of me today because of an inept, careless parent. I don’t understand how a parent can back up without watching or leave a child in a hot car. Should the right to procreate be taken away from some people? You know, give them the ole Burdizzo?

    • The “right” to procreate HAS been taken away from some people, although they may not be aware of the fact. It is a reasonable conclusion that a significant percentage of the 50 million babies aborted in the U.S. since Roe v Wade were from Progressive/Liberal/Democrat mothers.

      Social memes that make the institution of motherhood an optional, but undesirable life choice (other than to enhance the welfare payments) have destroyed the concept of procreation as a normal and natural condition and have therefore deprived several generations of American Liberals the right to procreate without facing feminist derision.

  2. Figures I like guns and I carpool as often as possible. How rude of me to support such murder tools. Such is the life of a white male. I always forget to check all of my privileges.

    • Your post is extremely progressive! I suggest we tax the rich so as to be able to heavily subsidize more anti gun/anti car crossover privilege checking

      #feelthebern #gunsense

  3. So if I have one of those “top of the car things that goes down” is that better or worse than the “shoulder thing that goes up”?

  4. Unfortunately mom’s against cars exists, it’s called M.A.D.D. – they helped invent for profit policing.

    • I dunno about invent, but they certainly showed them a new source of revenue.

      The funny thing is that the people generally arrested are the same shit-faced alkys that were always tagged and bagged – people with a BAC of .14 and above (or .014% if you’re using the new nonsense to try to make every drink scary). Even though the law is .1/.08 (.010/.008) pretty much everywhere these days.

      The scary part is the poor people that get caught at .08 in a (no matter what they say unconstitutional) road block. Anyone who drinks at all is fine at .08, but they will be tested “drunk” and it’ll cost them thousands to get out of. No problem passing the FST, but the poor guy blew .08 so he gets crucified. Despite the fact that he could operate his motor vehicle just fine. I’ve seen it happen, it’s a ripoff.

      • I’ve got 15 years of police work that would strongly disagree with the “everyone is ok at .08% BAC.” With that being said, I don’t agree with checkpoints. I can probably pass FST’s at .08%, but for me to get to a .08 I have to drink quite a bit, and I only weigh about 180 pounds.

        • I recall reading something to the effect that the medicos say that pretty much everyone starts to be effected at .04. Not necessarily visibly, but with such things as some impairment in reaction time, that sort of thing.

        • Accur81, If you look again, I used a qualifier “drinks at all”.

          You’re completely correct, there’s some lightweights out there who shouldn’t get behind the wheel after 2 drinks. But they usually are pretty self-aware, in my world. The people you see are different.

          To get you to .008? Only takes about 4 shots/beers/whatever…

        • ” such things as some impairment in reaction time, that sort of thing.”

          If such things are such a big whoop, why don’t we start testing people’s reaction times, that sort of thing? Lots of people’s licenses would disappear forever, overnight. The elderly usually lose reaction time, and lots of people do not have real quick reactions in the first place. More to the point, if that is what we’re looking for, let’s test that, not BAC. Currently, there is no chance I could pass a FST, as I have an equilibrium problem which will not be getting better. Laws on DUI could be much better, more realistic, but that would not be as profitable.

        • I’m sure there’s some buttercup out there that is somehow negatively effected at .004. I’m sure they also get woozy after eating a few Sudafeds – AKA, they’re pathological lightweights….

          The reality is that alcohol is a stimulant, until which point that it isn’t – which is usually way past .005…. So yes,. most folks who can drive will do better lap times when imbibing, until which point that they don’t. Look at the old 1930s race films – 200 MPH with nothing but a leather ‘helmet’, in an open car with no belts. Oh yeah, pretty much everyone drank the entire race.

  5. No fully automatic sports cars anymore. All vehicles will be manual three cylinder engines with a 25mph Governor. Only police need V-8s.

    • and how do you suppose manufacturers are going to meet the EPAs fuel efficiency targets in the future?

      I’ll give you a hint, you are unfortunately very close in your example above.

      • It goes farther. The real goal of MADD, EPA, etc. is to force people into public transportation. I just heard a report on the TV news that NTSB is lobbying to drop the BAC standard to 0.05%, which would make a glass of wine with dinner a crime. Forced use of public transportation has been a long term “urban planning” goal for decades, at least since the 1960’s and I dare say longer than that. You are to be disarmed and clustered with criminal types and homeless people for your own good, to save the environment and make you a kinder, more understanding, more liberally-minded subject. Meanwhile, your betters will be tooling about in chauffeur-driven limos with armed guards at the ready.

  6. Getting behind the wheel of a car has been proven by research – proven I tell you! – to change the driver’s personality. One minute they are a thoughtful, responsible citizen and as soon as they grab that steering wheel and hit the accelerator, they change into a mindless, hyper-aggressive misanthrope!

    It’s the cars, you know. It’s that vibration and reverberation from the engine that is presumed to be the personality-changing culprit. Research shows this to be true – I know because I heard all about it. Some suggest that by quieting down the engine – reducing the frequency and volume of the exhaust gases – the degree of personality impact is dramatically reduced.

    At least let’s all agree to make cars quieter – for the children and for the tiny critters that would otherwise be squealing bumps in the road.

  7. My great grandfather was killed by a car while crossing a street. The fact that the drunk that ran him over was the son of a local judge might explain how he got off without even a slap on the wrist, either that or he blamed it on that evil car that forced him behind the wheel.

  8. I know lots and lots of people killed in cars, hit by trains in cars, jack slipped and smashed by cars, two of those actually, rolled a car in a parking lot and killed themselves and the list goes on and on. I know of only one person who’s died by a gun and that was an actual murder.

    • Electric motors are unbeatable when it comes to the horsepower band – 100% rated HP from 0-max RPM – there isn’t a gear-head on the planet who cannot appreciate that prospect.

      However, as an engineer in the electrical industry, I have to be realist in the prospect, as well. And with that, say we are probably a few generations removed from the electric motor be effective and efficient enough to beat out the internal combustion engine in everything other than the HP band.

      I love electricity, but it is not cheap and you cannot put it in a barrel.

      • My biggest problem with electric cars is the fact that battery tech isn’t there yet. Batteries are considered “dead” at 80% charge… not discharged 80% but with 80% of their initial charge left! That’s like having a 10 gallon gas tank that’s “empty” with 8 gallons still in it. Or, for this site’s readership, a 10 round magazine that only shoots the first two.

        • It’s not only that, the electrical grid and current infrastructure cannot sustain millions upon millions of cars being plugged in daily…

          There are currently power quality issues in large sprawling urban centers when everyone has the A/C or heater blowing full blast, now add, plugging in two or three cars to every home, every single night. Let alone adding commercial and industry vehicles into the mix.

          No Bueno, my friend.

  9. I don’t want to look stupid here, i realize this is a satire site, but does that last statistic hold any water? If so, that would be a good one to keep in the back pocket when trying to explain logic, however hopelessly, to the ignorant masses.

    • I believe it because it says, “More than half of all children KILLED IN THEIR DRIVEWAY…” (emphasis added) This very narrow specificity is what gives the number so much power. The other side “cherry picks” their stats this way all the time.

  10. When are we going to see a Moms against Being Moms campaign? Oh wait, we already have that, it’s called feminism and/or pop culture.

  11. So how does running over a dog make you a racist? That right there should tell everyone that these women are morons with too much time on their hands.

    • It doesn’t, the people who made those are pro-gun with a satirical emphasis on making fun or MOM’s.

      In short, these says MOM’s are dumb.


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